The big Finale Chapter, the end of the story, and its dedicated to the promises un-kept, the plots final stage before I continue my other stories. And finally, the one time and only lemon of lemons that will blow your mind so hard….you might die. So lets get this party started, and get down to business, enjoy.


"Sounds like they made it ok, thanks Gaara I owe you." Gaara chuckled and spoke back. "It's a pleasure in itself just paying you back for all YOU have done for ME. In fact I'm still indebted to you for multiple things. Saving me from a life of solitude, giving me a purpose other than killing, saving Suna twice, and even my very life, not to mention giving your time to train with me when you were here a long time ago. I'd say I have plenty to owe you, so you don't owe me a thing."

Naruto sighed, he wasn't going to win against this one, he tried in a verbal affair and always lost. Well, better keep his mouth shut on that subject. "So, where are they? I'd like to see them." Gaara sighed even harder than him.

He smiled. "When it comes to words I found I beat you every time, but stamina muscle and the will to keep going, you will forever stay above me with that. I can't argue with you but I must warn you to not be so hard on yourself just yet, your still VERY injured even for a hanyou I might add."

Naruto knew his injuries when he GOT them, and the time that could have went by he knew he was in bad shape but he was healing rapidly so it was alright. He slowly got up on his feet and held his chest as he walked, following Gaara to the medical room on the other hall, Larxene was critical, and everyone was worried sick.

Naruto as well as he entered the waiting room to see his lovers. They seen him and ran to him quick, checking him thoroughly. He chuckled nervously before Hinata got in his face and kissing his cheek, pouting. "You idiot, you should have been more careful!"

Beikiju was none too happy either. "Yeah what if you hadn't had the power to defeat those people" he sighed, suddenly grabbing them and holding them close, smiling at the warm before kissing each one, making a three way kiss and tonguing them with two tongues before pulling back and seeing their dazed faces.

He smiled. "You know me better then that you two. I took down the Avatar with a bit of work, and Nakoyan even managed to slap the leader down a few notches before I went in, and thanks to Gaara and Lee the Leader was on my level, and I never back down from a fight till I am the winner."

They sighed, giving up and holding him before they all sat down, waiting for Larxene. Soon naruto grew impatient and walked in the doctors still stabilizing her in her screaming condition. He suddenly kidded her making her jerk and stay still, and they took the chance to finish their work in peace as she enjoyed the tongue inside her mouth, fighting her at every turn. It was Naruto's tongue.

He pushed his chakra made of lightning into her, keeping her alive as much as possible before stopping, letting the others finish and healing her. She was going to make a full recovery. He smiled. "Stay still and heal quickly, there's lots more where that came from." He pecked her and left quickly, leaving her in bliss. He returned and sighed. "She'll be fine, but otherwise I'd say this took its toll."

Gaara couldn't agree more. Naruto smiled. "This is why I'm ending this reign of war. As the lord of this world and dimension as it were, I'm taking back this chakra. And forcing it into my body. I felt what this would do to me in the world of white that I gone to at my final showdown against the Leader, it will bring us peace finally, and as a world we will be one united entity. But as for me, ill be human again, the kyuubi's power lost to the world to make it undestroyable."

Everyone smiled at this decision, and if Naruto was correct, it was the right one. They all needed their rest and tomorrow they would head back to Konoha. Final preparations until Uzi called. It was one hell of a year, for damn certain

Naruto went outside to savor the sunset, wanting the final warmth to clear his head and relax his body, hoping once for a miracle on his end it's not going to be an easy venture, but he knew one day it would all end and he would no longer be needed. As the light disappeared over the desert horizon, and the sun gone from his eyes, the warmth lingering only a second before the cold of the night hit, he vanished in front of Suna and ontop of the kazekage tower.

He bite his thumb and clapped his hands together. He summoned as much chakra as possible and summoned the Kyuubi in front of him, and thankfully she was clothed but asleep. He woke her up with a little shake and she smiled. "Naruto, I'm glad you're ok. We've been worried sick."

Naruto sighed and smiled back, sitting with the Kyuubi. "Yeah I know. First comes business though ok?" She nodded. "Shirohakumei is no more, and the world is safe once more. But at a cost. Nakoyan from another dimension sacrificed himself to give me the chance to kill off the leader, and Larxene is currently in critical fatally injured condition. She'll be fine, I helped the process along and the best of the best is helping her at the moment for medical treatment. One more sacrifice, Hie has died too."

Kyuubi gasped. She was not as shocked hearing one of them was injured and in need of medical attention stat, and didn't know this Nakoyan man, but Hie was the final survivor of Team Muteki. It couldn't be, but it was. She looked down sadly. Naruto smiled and continued.

"He's in a better place and with his old team again. I mourn his death but as his friend I will be happy he is with those he loves. Now onto some questions. You were the queen of this dimension. But now I am. How did you manage to control such a thing?"

She giggled. "I was just the residue power of the sage of six paths. I didn't control anything, I am power turned into a being, and now I am nothing but human, thanks to you. Kami gave me a second chance. Now you hold the power, and you can control it. All you have to do is concentrate on what you want and it is done, for the most part. But bigger things like other peoples will and whole power shifts, I must say require a bit more preparations. Something that can change this world hugely like landscaping or even building things from nothing will require everything you have. I can say this, you being the ruler you can make a wish for you and a few others to be immortal if you wish and it wouldn't affect any other changes."

Naruto took it all in before nodded. "Let's say I want to take away chakra as a power, making humans be more concerned with their physical abilities rather than easy solutions. And let's say I want to make me and my lovers immortal to a certain point in time that I don't even know, and when that time comes, we can age normally and be human completely. What can I do?"

Kyuubi thought on this. "The first part will require a fair amount of prep. Making a world filled with godly and weakly chakra powers into normal humans with only physical abilities and their own spiritual energy to live it's a large change, and I will help you prepare for that. The second isn't as difficult but if you really don't understand the time in which you need to be normal again then you will need qualifications. Or waypoints to become normal again. For example if I wanted to be immortal until I found a lover, and for just this example let's say I'm single, I'd put the qualifications as. A year of dating and we both love each other even more then when we first said the words, and when I knew with my heart AND mind AND body AND soul that it will last, then it would work. Doing it for others is the exact same just think on them not you."

Naruto nodded. "I think I get it but one more thing. Let's say I'm taking away bloodlines, can't I change it around so it's their own still and special to them but no chakra and no power in the least until they earn it themselves?"

"No doubt this is for Hinata and her family by the sounds of it. And Neji I am guessing. You can but I will have to think of a way it can be done before I can tell you for sure." Kyuubi smiled. "is that all?" Naruto nodded and Kyuubi sighed and got up. "I'm off then. Give my regards to your lovers. And Naruto, be careful." He nodded again and Kyuubi left. Naruto went to bed with his two current lovers as his other stayed in medical to be fixed.

In the morning it was so suddenly surprising… "MMMMMMMPHHHH" Naruto found himself in a wonderful position, one he swore would be the BEST morning he will have for a long time. Here he was on his back, tied to the bed like a torture victim with Larxene fully healed on top of him suddenly riding him like a bull and her lips planted against him and her tongue making short work of her large scale war and defeating his own without it ever noticing.

She never stopped that kiss as she reached down grabbing and rubbing his balls as she rode him harder the bed given to him breaking and the floor giving way to their fall to the living room floor where he looked to see Beikiju and Hinata grinning like jesters from ear to ear and he came in seconds, filling Larxene full of his seed and making her grin, stopping as she sat up and his withering cock still inside her.

She grinned ear to ear too. "Morning Koi-kun, I hope you rested well." He moaned in overload and smiled dizzyingly. "Yeah I did, but any more surprises today and I'll faint on you. Mmmmm damn." She giggled pulling herself from him and dressing up in the clothes the girls gave her. Naruto after a few jerks finally freed himself and put on at least a pair of undies and pants before getting off the bed with wobbly legs.

Lee suddenly barged into the room and saw the bed on the floor and the hole in the ceiling. "Gaara isn't going to like this." Naruto fell on his head and chuckled nervously. "Can he not know until I get rid of this mess?"

"Too late." Everyone looked to Gaara, ruffled hair and in her bath robe. "Please tell me you can fix this soon; otherwise ill have to use my sand against you." Naruto nodded, gulping as she looked at him angrily before she softened her look and sighed. "Fine, do it right this moment. I'll finish fixing my hair."

He and the girls burned the bed to ash, buried it in the sand and Naruto used his clones and transformed them into the ceiling, and then making them into the ceiling using his godly powers. He sighed. "Damn it, that'll take some getting used to."

After Gaara's surprise to find it fixed in such a short time, and breakfast everyone got ready. Lee, Gaara, Naruto and his girls, the trio of love Beikiju Larxene and Hinata, along with Temari and Kankuro, set off into the desert and went to Konoha.

During their travel Gaara asked what Naruto was going to do now. He smiled. "Fix the world. Goodbye Ninja, hello ordinary people with ordinary lives. Some people may still have special abilities that are all their own right now though like you and Lee, especially Lee since he's mostly Taijutsu, but other than that he'll no longer be a Ninja. He won't fly at the speed of sound, nor be able to open the gates and become hokage level, but he will be strong and fast and able to pick off most with his strength and speed."

Gaara smiled, clinging onto Lee, happy about how she would still have her strong man after all this. She'd be a normal girl mostly but for him she'd change to be normal, and do it happily. It would work out for the best.

When they got to Konoha Everyone greeted them. They went into the Namikaze Mansion. First up were Naruto's parents. "You did it, I knew you could Naruto. Your mom was worried sick and I was too but I had a feeling you'd come out without so much as a scratch."

Kushina sighed. "To tell the truth, even I was at my limits at your age, but you surpassed everyone in the blink of an eye. I'm so very proud of you son."He beamed at that and sighed wondering if TenTen or Ayame was next to speak to him.

Nope, it was Tsunade. She only had Kyuubi with her because everyone else was asleep. "Jiraiya once said that peace and understanding would come to this world forever, but ive thought it was a hopeless dream. He was confirmed with his toads who had an all seeing grand toad who told me it would happen. Tell me, did you figure out how to get it done."

Naruto smiled. "Yes I have. With the power of this entire world and dimension at my fingertips I've decided to erase the Ninja way of the world that the sage of six paths created. Create a normal world, how it once was with a few minor differences. Doing this would help everyone understand better. We been through war and used to have power, but I know in my heart they will see it was for the better to lose it and finally understand. But in order to do this I need to go to Uzigakure. Without its draining powers it'll be impossible to get rid of all the things that make us Ninja."

She was satisfied with that and then Tenten came up to him and slapped him. He looked away still waiting for her next hit, but she took his head and kissed him full on the lips, making it a passionate one that lasted a good while. "All I ask… Is you don't do something so stupid ever again. Please." Naruto smiled brightly.

She smiled too as he promised her. "I won't be that stupid again, but I won't let anything threaten you or anyone else close to me either." She nodded and Ayame joined in the big group hug. After the three elders left to get some preparations done Ayame cooked them all a giant feast of a meal. Three different types of Ramen, grilled pork and roasted ham with steamed and unsteamed carrots along with apple slices and caramel dip, even a beef stew mostly filled with potatoes and carrots and green beans. They all ate like royalty, filling their bellies.

Naruto grinned. "Ayame your cooking is still the best ive ever had. I wonder what a few hundred years of cooking will get you to do." She giggled blushing brightly. "I'd love to find out but it'll never happen." "Never say never." Now they were curious. "I am the god of this dimension, I can make certain people immortal if I want to. So stay alive with me."

They all felt like a great weight lifted from them. They thought one of them was going to die before the others leaving the rest empty without them. But this was incredible. Naruto grinned. "I'll make us all live for as long as we are needed alive and then we age normally. But since I know losing one of you will hurt the rest a lot, im going to make it so we die together at the same time."

This did it. They all pounced onto him and a six way kissing session between all of them begun. Naruto thought, what the hell, and went with it, all of them bundling about with eachother to show the love in their hearts.

After they were rudely interrupted by Kakashi, who came to pick them up, they found themselves in the Council room. Naruto sighed. This matter considered all of them, and he said so himself. What was he thinking!

"I order that this Uzumaki make my daughter pregnant for his bloodlines right now, otherwise this is mutiny against the village!" Naruto growled even further as Danzou talked. "I second it. This may be the Kyuubi, but he saved our village and the world from destruction, and not only that he has the bloodlines of his parents within him, and lastly from what I have learned he has the last dragons powers, and whatever powers it collected to an acute degree within him, making him the ultimate being, we need more of his children if we should ever come across this threat ever again."

That did it. "Enough. I am no longer a Konoha shinobi." Tsunade smirked. She made the transfer to Uzigakure's ranks while they played. "I am an Uzi Shinobi, and as such you have no say in my life. This council was called because I have news that deals with EVERYONE in the whole world. Sadly for you, it does not deal in your favor."

Danzou decided to listen, smirking all the while. "Well then, speak." Naruto smelled something fishy. Danzou never was this nice unless it was in his favor, and it apparently was. "As I have the godly powers of this world and dimension, I am able to change this world for the better. There are just a few loose ends to tie up before I can trust this change to the world. And guess what Danzou, this includes you." Suddenly Danzou was in shackles with Taki's Anbu upon him.

Danzou chuckled. "Do you not fear for your loved ones?" Naruto smiled. "I fear nothing." Danzou smirked wider. "Did you know Itachi was ordered to destroy his whole clan?" "Yup, and you took their eyes right?" This made Danzou lose his composure.

Naruto smirked, sending a wave of KI his way. "You forget, I have the power of kami. I already took away your Chakra, or did you not think about the loss of yourself when you came here?" Danzou growled, sweating but still trying.

Root attacked, stabbing with their swords, only to be stopped and decapitated by Naruto in one swoop. "Again you try? The only others left who can go against us from your root squadrons, are dead thanks to Lee and Gaara, they attacked you already. Your no longer part of this world." Danzou was decapitated in front of them.

Naruto smiled, letting go of his KI for the others to breath. "Now you know how serious I am. You no longer have power, Konoha, Kumo, Iwa and Kiri, along with all the other ninja villages and governments and councils of the world mean nothing now, and are from here on broken, no longer having a say in any matter. Only those who are good will have say in the matter, and if anyone goes against them they will be put to death. Leaders who are good, like currently, will stay in power, and now, you will see the brighter side of things in the world. I am taking my Wives with me to Uzi. Goodbye Council, have a pleasant life."

Naruto and the others left, and tsunade grinned. "Damn Naruto, to think you'd have a plan for everything. Good job. Tho I will miss you, I hope you come back." Naruto smiled turning to her. "I will be Hokage one day, I promised this. But first things have to stabilize. When it's done, we'll be better. I need to talk to Kyuubi again tomorrow; she needs to come with me to Uzi. I am sorry to have to take one of your lovers with me Tsunade, but it's for the best of this world."

Tsunade sighed. "I'll get over it… but let me have a chance tonight." "Never said tonight, I said tomorrow, till then do whatever you wish." "Thank you" "It's nothing. Have a good day Tsunade."

He walked out and smiled as the sun hit him. "It's a nice day." Kakashi came behind him. "It is. I'm sorry I disturbed you earlier though, seems you had alot of fun to have." Naruto chuckled. "Pervert... You did interrupt but it's alright. I have to go, away from here for now... i will come back and see you often. i promise Sensei."

Kakashi nodded. "You keep your word. Mind giving me a look one day? to how the world will be in the future. I know your gonna live forever... or at least till you want to pass on the power." Naruto chuckled, walking away a little. "Sure thing. But remember, just because you see the future doesn't mean it'll happen. it's not written in stone just yet, and i wanna keep it that way." kakashi smiled and nodded again.

Naruto went to his house and sighed. "Gladly. This is it. A final night of pleasure before a week of pain." He entered and saw his mates smiling. They went and hugged him in a group hug. "Naruto i want you to know, i don't need the Byakugan to see your body language. your stressed because of what your going to do."

Larxcene grinned. "So i say let's push you to the bedroom and give you the relaxing you need." "I second that, what about you Beikiju." TenTen gigled at Beikiju pouting. "I wanted to talk first. Sure, and Ayame is already there getting as sexy as she can before the big night. hehehe."

Naruto grinned. "You're the best girls a man can ever have. So, let's go see how sexy she is huh?" They agreed and giggled as Larxene started pushing him up. "You big lug, if i don't get you there who will?" He opened the door and the sight... blew their minds...

There she stood, tan and exotic with beautiful flowing hair, in a sexy dress to boot, it was a top and skirt combo that left NOTHING to the imagination in curves, and it was made from both Naruto's and Beikiju's favorite flavored ramen...

"Who needs a spaghetti strap? i'm wearing Ramen straps hehehe." She swayed her hips as she walked to them. "Dinner... is served..." That did it, the cloves were off, no more mr and mrs nice people, it was time to go all out. PING!

Naruto and everyone suddenly tackled her to the floor, stripping all their clothes off in an instant making them rip and be unusable as they wanted this so badly they could taste it. Literally!

Ayame moaned her head off as they ate the noodles from her breasts, licking them clean and giving them a nice massage to give her some greedy pleasure, making her head turn on itself as Naruto and Beikiju wanted to get this suit off.

The only way to do that? eat it off! and they sure did, slurping it all off her and then attacking her special spot, her pussy and they did it vigorously, Naruto sliding his long tongue into her depths making her scream in orgasm after orgasm, and Beikiju slurping and sucking and even nipping her clitty making those orgasms last longer and make them even stronger.

Ayame was screaming in desire, both Naruto and Beikiju at her core was making her lose it, too strong to stay awake, but too good to fall asleep, she was in heaven, and this would be the greatest night of her life.

Beikiju switched it up, thinking a little extra help would be best, and started slowly sliding a finger into Ayame's asshole, twisting it gently as not to hurt her but making it go deeper and deeper then ever. Naruto took this as a good chance to get what he wanted and gently nuzzled his way beside Beikiju and licked inside Ayame's core as well, two tongues into her pussy was making her scream even louder, if it wasn't for Larxene.

She came up and gave the girl a kiss her tongue sliding around in her mouth and playing with hers, swirling about and never stopping even to breath and TenTen got her act together, biting and pinching both her and Ayame's nipples as she tried to give the girl a new pleasure.

It was so unreal, her mouth, her breasts, her pussy and ass too? everywhere she could feel gentle pleasures were overloaded with it and she began to lose her mind, literally! she wasn't thinking anymore just releasing orgasm after orgasm, until she had a continuous never ending orgasm spilling her juices all over till she ran out and still cumming from the pleasure. Ayame fainted as the four lover separated from her on the bed, letting her calm down until she rested in peace.

Naruto gave the girl some water in her sleep and smiled. "Who's next?" The girls tackled HIM instead, and he was surprised... at first, but then he flipped ontop of Beikiju and fingered her pussy with almost his whole hand as he tried to take her himself, and was being jerked off by Hinata and Larxene, both needing to do it from his massive organ and tried hard to make him cum and knock him out.

TenTen sat on Beikiju's face, and getting the hint Beikiju ate out tenTen's lips raw, sucking her in as she screamed from the fist inside her core and TenTen moaning from the sweet tongue inside her and going down, biting and sucking on Beikiju's clit and taking as much of it into her mouth as possible.

Naruto groaned as his lovers tried to make him spray his seed, but kept his stamina as he fisted his sweet butterfly Beikiju, and fingered TenTen's ass too, making both of them scream harder in each others pussies from the pleasure and Naruto grinning as they started to cum together, spraying all over the room with their juices.

Naruto moaned louder as Larxene and Hinata bite and marked his shoulders sucking on his skin as they jacked off his big cock, making it throb in their hands. Naruto fucked Beikiju and tenTen faster in their love holes making them cream the room all over orgasming and cumming till they fainted on each other and Naruto turned around.

"You're gonna get it!" He tackled Larxene and slammed his massive organ into her pussy doggystyle, making her scream like a bitch in heat from the force he was moving inside her. Hinata got on her back and went under them, licking and sucking on Larxenes clit and on Naruto's cock as he fucked her harder and harder and started massaging Naruto's balls for him to give them both the greatest pleasure for each other.

Naruto grunted, sliding a finger into Larxenes ass and another and another stretching her ass as he fucked her and slammed his dick into her harder, their bodies humping like crazy as she started to cum, Larxene's juices almost drowning Hinata as she tried to drink it all, gently nipping at Naruto's cock to make him cum, but failing as he kept in inside.

Naruto slammed his cock so hard and deep into Larxene so suddenly she felt it all the way in her womb and fainted from the massive orgasm she suddenly had, her body becoming rigid in her fainting spell before falling limp, her eyes white and lifeless. She slept peacefully in bliss. Naruto groaned as Hinata got up and wrapped her legs around her lover. 'Im last, but i don't mind. i get all that cum. Now fuck me you horny monster, i want that big cock to fuck me so hard my hips break apart!"

Naruto was oh too happy to oblige. he grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard pinching her nipples making her scream in pain AND pleasure, her world going white as he slammed himself into her, his dick growing larger because he was about to cum. He smiled, slamming his hips into hers fucking her harder and harder her cream spraying all over his body, the bed and the room and the others too it was so much cum she was feeling so good she grabbed onto him, her nails clawing his back really hard leaving temporary scars as she bit down on his shoulder drawing blood in her orgasmic pleasure and marking him forever as hers too.

He fucked her harder as they screamed so suddenly, biting each others necks and marking the other as Naruto's cum overfilled her pussy, spraying as much as hers and covering everyone in the room and everything in the room, both of them fainting, and everyone snuggled in the giant mess of cum and love and slept peacefully together.



Kyuubi was screaming as Tsunade fisted her in the ass and her pussy eating her clit as tsunade was giving this demon woman the greatest night of her life. "Do it you bitch fox in heat, fucking cum and cum and CUM!"

Kyuubi screamed as she was fisted against the bed harder and harder, her holed stretched, her clit red and raw from the biting and sucking, everything was so good her body turned white from how tense she was trying not to cum just yet. Tsunade pulled her arms away and out of the girl, grinning as she slammed her hips against her now.

Tsunade started jamming their cunts together hard, making them kiss as she kissed her lover and both of them strarted to cum so hard the world turned white and then black, their mutual kissing orgasms made them finally slump together in blissful sleep.


Naruto and the woman turned up, each sad but knew it wouldn't be for too long. Naruto and Kyuubi were side by side looking at everyone. Hinata, Larxene, TenTen Ayame even Beikiju Tsunade and Yugito were there to say bye.

Naruto smiled, having kissed his lovers just before starting out the gate. "We'll be back, there's no worries at all. it'll take me awhile but trust me, ill be fine and we can have fun together soon." Hinata walked to him and smiled. "Just promise me. You and i will stay together forever through thick and thin."

Naruto hugged her tightly. Tsunade kissing Kyuubi. "You keep safe you sly fox. I want another round with you when you return." Both promised and left, leaving the lovers to get their abilities ready. They were going to be taijutsu experts soon, and only so. To help their lovers."

Naruto and Kyuubi took two days to get there, and thanks to Gamabunta the landing was smooth and perfect. He sighed. "Kyuubi. I hope you can help me as fast as possible. I hate being away from everyone." She smiled sadly. "I hate it too. so i'll make it the fastest possible."

Naruto sate and meditated per her instructions.

"Ok, now listen. You can control the power to some degree. You've done it to Danzou, and you could do it to a point in your fight with the other woman. but it's more then just adding on or taking away, its complete changes your asking for. So what you need to do is focus ONLY on this energy until you have grabbed it firmly, all of it at once."

Naruto took an hour, focusing his energies to unite and doing so greatly but in a lot of time. "Alright, now when you do that you have the power, all you need to do is tell it what to do. it will do the rest, but if your too vague it will backfire. So what you NEED to do is tell it everything, every detail of what you want, and then release it gently. you will know when enough is let out to complete the job perfectly to your desire."

IN a whole day Naruto finally made the Ninja world chakra-less. He took away everything about it and even the way to make more. He make everyone normal. He sighed, breathing in and out for a breather, since it took a toll on him his first time.

Kyuubi smiled. "I feel the energy of Ninjutsu vanishing. You did it. Now, the same goes for adding things on. Like immortality. But as i said before, make waypoints or special conditions for it to last. Try it."

He sighed, thinking of the conditions. "Me and my lovers, being Hinata, Beikiju, Larxene, TenTen and Ayame, will become immortal, living forever in lifespan, but still vulnerable, until such a time as to when the world does not need us, by which i include these conditions to not needing us; The earth is safe from ANY and all threats, be it Human and/or alien, and we are happily living in peace and not fighting for life for a consecutive total, not a total all together, of a whole year. When these conditions are met, from our age today we shall be this age when we are mortal once more and age normally from then onward till death, but no one of us shall die until all all six of use are to be dead, in which case, we die peacefully painlessly all at the same time in our sleep." And let the Energy loose, changing it to his will finally.

When that was done he sighed in relief. When he opened his eyes he saw it was a total of a week since he left Konoha and smiled. He knew he was almost done. Kyuubi smiled. "Almost there. I suggest, since i am part of you still, in power at least, and you can see the future with this power, we make Earth even safer. I want you to make people with Kami's approval, and make them reincarnate over and over again with the same political powers to keep the balance on earth even and peaceful. Got me?"

He nodded, making the conditions and then entering a realm with Kami. He Smiled at her. "Hello." She giggled. "Hello. For the record, i never hated you. I am thankful you see the true value you hold. Now, i approve this, because it will be needed and it helps in my own way with reincarnating a few people of my own. it will be best this way, so i agree. Let me help."

They both let their energies combine and let loose, finishing the entire order of the world in a flash and a second, before Naruto and Kami hugged. saying goodbye. "keep your loved ones safe. Be good." He nodded. When it was all done he smiled. "There... The world i created today... It starts here, and everything i made shall stay this way forever. Thank you Kyuubi."

She smiled. "No problem. Though the use of power where you never use it again and its returned to the Earth was risky to me, i lost about five years of my life, but thats ok. It's better then only living five. Let's go."

They both returned and smiled, finally being at peace and finally returning to their loved ones. It was over, the Ninja's died, but the Soldiers...the Orion will rise up to take their place.


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