So since random ideas about scenes I would have liked to see are constantly popping in my head and for the most part they are too short for a real fanfic I decided to do this little thing. Each chapter in Unsaid will be a short story. If any of them inspire you feel free to take the idea

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Warning: This specific story is really NOT for Amanda/Kyle fans

Amanda was feeling nervous. She was once again going to try her luck in talking to Kyle. After she caught him kissing Jessi she was quite desperate but after seeing that he didn't seem to be with Jessi in the following weeks she gained new confidence. After all if he had indeed fallen for Jessi wouldn't they be going out by now?

And so gathering her courage and making sure that her cover in the form of a cherry pie was in order she rang the doorbell. The door opened and Amanda knew that Lady Luck was once again giving her the cold shoulder because she was staring in the scowling face of none other then Jessi

"You again ? Don't you have a family of your own to cook for?"

Amanda tried to ignore the sarcasm and her own burning desire to slap Jessi. As much as she hated to admit it Jessi intimidated the hell out of her. It wasn't just the fact that she was much taller, it wasn't even the fact that Jessi quite often looked at her and made her feel like a bug ,it wasn't even the fact that for some reason Amanda was sure that Jessi could break her in half without breaking a sweat. It was mostly the fact that she reminded her so much of Kyle. Almost like the both of them were from another special species.

"It's considered a polite thing to do. Do you know the meaning of the word polite?" Amanda knew she shouldn't get into a verbal fight with Jessi because the girl was too vicious but sometimes she couldn't herself

"Yes. It comes from the latin word politus meaning "polished". Do you?" Not really waiting for an answer Jessi grabbed the cherry pie and continued with " Kyle is not here if you are looking for him. So bye"

"So is this how it's going to be? Now you don't want me even near Kyle? God is there anything you won't do to get him?"

"Probably not. But why do you care? You left him" Amanda was pissed at Jessi's smug expression.

"Feelings change. Are you so insecure in yourself that you are afraid of me coming even near him?"

"Even if wasn't interested in Kyle I wouldn't want you near him. You will just make him miserable" Amanda grind her teeth at the ease with which Jessi answered everything

"Really? And what makes you think I'll make him miserable?" she really didn't want to hear the answer to this but she got caught up in this fight and was not going to back out now.

"You really want to know?" asked Jessi curiously.

No she really didn't

"Yes I do. Go on tell me oh wise one "sarcasm was not her strongest point but she tried using every weapon she had against Jessi

"Look over there and tell me what you see" said Jessi pointing out to the neighborhood

Amanda looked to where Jessi was pointing in confusion. What was she supposed to see?

"I see trees, a few stars, a raven what looks like an airplane… What exactly am I supposed be looking at" asked Amanda who had no idea how this has had anything to do with her relationship with Kyle

"It's about what you see not about looking at something. You see trees I see Quercus robur 'Fastigiata' also known as Cypress oak. You see a raven I see an American Crow known as Corvus brachyrhynchos. It means literally "short-billed crow". It comes from Ancient greek brachy- "short-" and rhynchos "bill". Do you know Ancient Greek? I do along with several dozen other languages. You see an airplane. I see a Boeing 757-200 F. It has a length of 47.32meters and a wingspan of 38.05meters. This is the flight from Boston to Seattle. You see a few stars. I see 296 currently visible stars. But from the light reflection and position I can tell that twelve of those stars are artificial human satellites. I can build a satellite by the way"

Amanda swallowed nervously. She hated feeling so stupid

"Why are you telling me this?"

"I am telling this because this is also how Kyle sees the world. What I can do he can do. But when he is with you he will always have to make himself appear smaller so you wouldn't feel threatened. You are weak. You couldn't handle a few months in an elite program in N.Y. Everything about Kyle is elite. You can't even begin to comprehend him. He will never be able to be himself around you because he cares too much for your feelings. He will squander his future, his potential even his happiness just for you.

"I…." Amanda tried to put an objection something to counter her words but she just didn't know what to say and Jessi didn't even give her a chance

"And this is not all. You abandoned him as soon as you felt threatened by me. Do you have any idea how much this hurt him? But you chose yourself. Chose to feel secure by retreating . Wise because you know I am superior to you in every possible way but when you truly care about somebody you are not wise. You go against all odds, you are ready to give everything you have for them. Your life, your honor everything . When you chose to cry and run away instead of going against me, when you chose not even to listen to what Kyle had to say I knew for sure you would never make him happy."

"Shut up. I don't have to listen to you. You are just a psycho bitch. What do you know about caring for somebody?" Amanda had never thought she could be so vicious herself but the way Jessi said all those things made her beyond mad. The way she spoke with such confidence and certainty as if those were facts. Amanda hated her for that. Especially because she didn't know how to respond .Because she feared this might be true

"I know a lot because nobody has ever cared for me before, when you have nothing you notice a lot more things. I know because I am ready to give my life for Kyle. And I know you are not right for him because I am the only person in the world who can truly understand Kyle. He and I are one. But I am not in love with you. And I can see all of your flaws"

Amanda walked away without even bothering to respond. She didn't dare to continue this because she knew she was on the verge of crying and she wouldn't give Jessi the satisfaction of seeing this. She never thought that a simple speech could devastate so completely the faith she had in her relationship with Kyle. She would have much rather seen them have sex with each then to hear this.

And she never knew that she could hate someone as much as she hated Jessi right now.