Things have recently calmed down in the Trager household. All the conspiracies, shady villains and drama seemed to have come temporarily on halt during the summer. They weren't sure if it was because of what happened to the last LATNOK base courtesy of Foss, Kyle and Jessi or if it was simply the summer heat wave discouraging elaborate plots but for a while there was calm. So with no school, no LATNOK and with the whole family being banned from the waterpark due what was now known as " The Incident" they had a lot of free time

And it was enjoyable for all. They played outside, had barbecues, Jessi and Kyle did their sci -fi stuff and they all watched really really bad summer movies. Which reminded them all that Kyle and Jessi had never been to a movie theater. This was quickly rectified over the weekend. The choice of movie was the perfect pop corn movie experience. The new movie Battlship and both Kyle and Jessi enjoyed it immensely not just discussing the movie but everything from the new cinematic technology to the architecture of the movie theater. Kyle even offered that make a short film during the summer to explore the entire process.

Jessi was just as excited as Kyle though with her there was a side effect .The day after they saw the movie she starting eating…. a lot and pretty much everything in sight. Chocolate cakes, hamburgers, pizza . Both Kyle and Jessi ate quite a lot to keep up with their training but for two days after the movie Jessi reached a whole new level reserved only for competitive eaters

Nobody mentioned anything because the boys yes even Kyle knew that telling a teenage girl that she eats too much is pretty much suicide while Nicole and Lori just didn't know what to say exactly.

And then on breakfast on the third day the whole family was in for quite a surprise…

Nicole had just finished making pancakes. The whole family was already on the table and they were just waiting for Jessi to come downstairs and while Nicole was busy looking for the syrup when she heard the distinct sound of a glass breaking on the floor. She turned out to scold Josh only to see that he seemed to beparalyzed in place his hand still frozen in midair from where he obviously dropped his glass of milk. She turned around to see what he was staring at and her jaw dropped.

"Dear God" she heard Stephen say

"Jessi what have you done to yourself!" was quickly followed by Lori

And there she was. Jessi standing on the stairs with her usual white t-shirt that she liked to sleep with. Except her usual t-shirt now seemed VERY small and stretched almost to a breaking point by Jessi's currently sizable chest

" Hey guys" said Jessi brightly" do you like my new breasts? I just grew them yesterday"

There was a long long silence. Finally Nicole found her voice and asked the question they were all wondering about

"You….grew your breasts ?"

"Yes. I redirected all of my body's fat reserves to be concentrated on my chest. Then it was just a matter of acquiring fat which meant eating a lot and here they are" she said pointing to her chest which made it even harder for the poor males at the table not to stare.

Nicole was left speechless for a moment. Now that was NOT a super power she expected her super foster children to be developing. She really didn't know how to handle the situation so she went with what came naturally. Learn more about the situation


"When we were watching the movie Battleship Josh expressed the opinion that the actress Brooklyn Decker has "and here suddenly her voiced suddenly sounded exactly like Josh" the most perfect rack on the planet" switching to her own voice Jessi continued " and based on Kyle's increased physiological functions when the actress appeared on screen as well as those of all the males and 15% of females in the movie theater I determined that Josh was right . And naturally I too decided to acquire a "perfect rack"

She concluded this speech with a pleased expression. The reactions were mixed. Stephen seemed to be focused on finding an exit and not be a part of this. Josh was admiring Jessi's new assets while pretending to eats his cereal. And Kyle had that confused look of when he tried to grasp a new experience but couldn't quite get it. Lori looked very jealous while Nicole seemed to be trying really hard to think of something to say. She opened her mouth a few times but nothing came out. Finally she cleared her throat

"We will discuss this after breakfast" she said weakly

"Wait "suddenly Josh exclaimed and turned towards Kyle" if Jessi can grow her boobs does this mean that you can…'

He never got to finish that sentence as Lori slapped him at the back of the head. In the future the family would look back at this as the fourth strangest breakfast they ever had

Sorry I am so slow. Both my PC and my DVD player broke and combined this some my studies and I haven't had a long time to immerse myself into KXY again. However I am still working slowly but surely on completing my fics. Also I have outlined a really great story for an actual full fledged Avengers/KXY crossover which I hope I will have the skills to write soon