You've got front row seats to the penitence ball
When I grow up I want to be nothing at all!
I said yeah, yeah!
I said yeah, yeah!

No one moved. It was as though time had been startled into a standstill. For once even Séance seemed to actually be shocked. The word 'noise' seemed to have lost its meaning to the occupants of the room. Silence hung over them like a thick blanket, choking all of them.

Finally it was Vanya who broke the silence. What seemed like a half-gasp and a half-sob issued from her lips. Dr. Iero looked sharply up. He moved quickly to the hospital bed.

"She's hyperventilating," he hissed, "Can I have some help over here?"

Swallowing hard Dr. Bryar came over. The two orderlies were left with the small child, staring at each other helplessly. At long last the orderly swallowed and said;

"I'll…I'll take care of…her. You help out."

Orderly Toro nodded and moved to assist the other two. Shooting a sympathetic look at Kraken and Vanya he carefully carried their child out. Rumor walked up to Kraken, who had moved closer to Vanya's bed since the announcement had been made. She put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to say how sorry she was for him without use of her notepad. Almost immediately he shrugged it off.

At long last the medical staff finally managed to get Vanya breathing normally. Each of them then moved away, looking as though they wanted to be just about anywhere else. Kraken however moved closer. Vanya was looking straight ahead at the wall as if nothing else interested her.

Rumor grabbed Space's arm and leaned into his chest. She had been so involved in helping Vanya and had been looking forward to seeing her have a child of her own and being happy. Séance looked down at the floor. .05 looked out the window. Much as he had pretended not to care he had thought that having a new niece would be interesting.

Kraken sat on the edge of Vanya's hospital bed. Tentatively he touched her cheek and asked;


Tears spilled from her eye and sobs racked her body. Her hands were planted to her face, trying to wipe away her tears. Without saying one word Kraken wrapped his arms around her. He pressed his forehead to hers as the two of them mourned the loss of a child that could've been.




The orderly sighed as he entered the morgue. Carefully he placed the tiny child on one of the metal tables. She'd never even been alive. Almost angrily he ran his hands through his hair and walked towards the end of the morgue hallway. He didn't really have the heart to do this. He had to though.

When he first started working at the morgue he'd been shown the tiny cabinets towards the end of the hall. They were for young children and babies. At the time he'd shuddered inwardly. He'd worked at the Hospital for three years now, and he had been lucky enough to never be on shift when one of them had been needed. Well, not anymore anyways.

There was a separate key for them. It was like all of the hospital staff wanted to forget about that part of the hall they already despised. His footsteps clattered on the floor. There was something bothering him. At the back of his mind he kept thinking that there was something he was forgetting, something big. Shaking the odd and rather disconcerting feeling off and continued walking.

Children didn't come down here, and they didn't belong here. The cold climate was hard on the people who worked there, let alone a delicate child. If left unattended for awhile the child could actually die from that. He stopped. Where had that thought come from? Once again the nagging feeling came back. What was going on? What was he forgetting? And furthermore, why was it all so important?

Suddenly it hit him. At break neck speed he ran back to the front of the morgue. How could he have overlooked this? He only hoped that he wasn't too late.




"Everyone!" yelled the orderly as he ran in, "There's been a mistake!"

All of the doctors looked at their friend as if he'd gone insane. The Umbrella Academy looked up. Space narrowed his eyes.

"If you would mind," he hissed.

"Look, listen to me," he said, "Think about all of this. Who are all of you? Whose father is the child?"

"Me," growled Kraken, "Now I don't feel like wiping the floor with you so-"

"Exactly!" said the orderly excitedly, "The father is the one person in the world that doesn't have to breathe."

The entire room was once more silent as his words sank in. Only this time it was an eager, anxious silence. Vanya raised her head and looked up hopefully. The orderly walked out of the room and came back in pushing a hospital bassinet. He pushed it triumphantly up to the couple.

"It looks like she's inherited her father's talent," he said.

Curious and slightly confused eyes looked up at Kraken and Vanya. With a suppressed sob Vanya gently lifted the child into her arms.

"Helena," she murmured softly.

Kraken looked up at the orderly.

"Thanks Gerard."

Gerard looked surprised.

"You got my name right," he said.

"I won't make a habit of it," shrugged Kraken before looking back at his newborn daughter.

"She's got your eyes," Kraken said.

A chubby fist fixed itself around Vanya's finger and pulled hard.

"And your temper," she laughed.

Kraken smiled. The medical staff moved around Gerard, Orderly Toro patting him on his back. A few tears forced their way out of Vanya's eyes as Kraken placed his arm around her shoulders. The rest of the Academy moved closer, eager to see the new Hargreeve.