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Sakura's Guide to the Hatake Boys


"Sakura, we need to talk."

Sakura Haruno looked up from her breakfast, her eyebrows arched and her mouth parted mid-bite her fork hanging mid-air. She tried not to focus on her egg that was hanging precariously on the edge of her spoon. She looked between her parents and decided that she didn't like the looks they were sporting. She knew what these kinds of "talks" meant. Either she had done something to make her parents mad, or this had something to do with the company... And knowing her parents it most likely had something to do with the company.

"Is something the matter?" She asked curiously as she placed her spoon down.

Sakura's parents exchanged looks with each other, they weren't exactly sure how they were going to explain their current situation to their daughter. They knew how high strung their little girl could be. "Well," Sakura's mother said. "You're father has gotten promoted to transfer to a different company."

The pink haired girl paused and her eyes widened perceptively. "What?" She asked in shock.

`Here it comes.'

`Please, don't tell me...' Closing her eyes she prayed it wasn't going to be as bad as it sounded. "Where have you been transferred to?" She finally asked after taking a deep breath.

Sakura's father cleared his throat. " America."

"What?" She whispered blankly. "America?" The young girl suddenly stood from the table, her chair crashing back against the floor from the sudden movement. "You can't be serious! Why all of a sudden?"

Sakura's mother sighed. "It's not all of a sudden sweetie. Your father has actually been discussing this with the board for a while now. We can't get out of doing this."

"Why am I just hearing of this now? How can you decide something as serious as this without me?" Sakura asked in frustration.

"Now, Sakura, don't get so upset. It's not as bad as you're making it seem." Her mother eased gently, her hand reaching out to take Sakura's.

The rosette couldn't believe this. "Not bad. This is horrible! How could the company do this. I thought you had made it clear to them that you didn't want to be transferred to different companies until after I graduate." Sakura stood from her seat, the chair skidding on the tile as she did so. She gripped on to the edge of the table like her life depended on it as she stared at her parents.

Sakura's father frowned and slammed his hand against the table, shocking both his wife and his daughter. "Sakura you should know better than to raise your voice at us like that. Now sit down an lets talk about this like mature adults. You're not making this any easier on yourself"

Having no choice in the matter, Sakura reluctantly picked her chair back up and sat down quietly. "Yes. I'm sorry." She apologized, biting her lip and twiddling with her fingers as she waited for her father to talk.

Sakura's father nodded while wiping his mouth with a napkin. "Moving to America isn't as bad as you're making it out to be. This is a new experience for your education. Plus, I heard there is a great medical school in the area we'll be living in." Her father reasoned, looking over at his wife for affirmation. "I've already talked to the higher ups and they have looked into some schools that might be good for you. They've even set you up for tutoring with one of the finest English tutors in America. You might not want to leave now but you'll learn to get used to it."

"That's just it! I don't want to get used to it. Do you know how hard I worked to get that scholarship, it may be nothing to you but I poured my heart and soul into that. And what about all the friends I've made so far. We've been here for three years already why do they want you to go to America now?"

Sakura's mother breathed in deeply and exhaled. "Sakura your father and I tried to get out of it, but their CEO had just died and it was short notice. Plus your father has more experience in the business than most."

Sakura gawked, this couldn't be happening. Not now, not when she had finally found a place to call home. They couldn't honestly be doing this to her. She had a scholarship, and friends. They promised they wouldn't do this. "You promised me no more moving until after I graduated... Y-You're breaking your promise you know that?" She was on the verge of crying now but she refused to let them see her crack.

"Sakura you know I can't disobey a direct order from the President. We know we said we wouldn't go anywhere until after you graduated, but that's not a possibility now. They need me there." Sakura's father said, reaching out to take his wife's hand.

Tears formed in the corner of Sakura's eyes. "I'm not going! You can't make me. I have a life here I'm sick and tired of moving mom. I'll stay with Winry in that cramped bedroom of hers if I have to!" She exclaimed, stomping her foot. Okay, so she was being a bit petulant now but she wasn't going to concede with something as important as this.

Sakura's parents exchanged looks. Sakura's father sighed while her mother fiddled with the tablecloth. "Sakura," her father started. "Your mother and I. We have to leave, but we figured something like this would happen so we made some arrangements with an old friend of mine from school –I'm sure you remember him and his wife– I asked if they would mind you boarding with them until you graduate. They'd be happy to have you." He said, looking over at his wife as she continued to look solemn.

`I have hope.' "Wait, who is this couple? I know them?" She asked curiously, her fingers itching at the news. She didn't care what happened now. She had a chance to stay.

"It's been a while but you should remember Kakashi and Anko. You used to play with their sons when you were younger." Her mother said. "I know it's probably been a few years but you had stayed with the Hatake's during the Summer when you were younger."

`Oh, well ain't this just brilliant.'

`Oh no...' "Wait, are you saying for the next two years I'm going to be staying at the Hatake's house... With their sons? … How many of them were there again?" She asked as she took a long gulp of water. Her memories of spending the Summer at the Hatake's were vague. The last time she had seen them was when she was five, and what memories she had remembered were like nightmares.

Sakura's father hummed under his breath. "I think they have about seven now last I heard."

"Kakashi's always wanted a big family. I guess he's finally gotten it." Sakura's mother laughed behind her hand.

Sakura waved her hand in front of her face. `Seven? Who would want seven monsters? The memories I have of those terrors are horrendous and they expect me to live with them? I was bullied mercilessly by those brats and they want me in the same house as them? Are they crazy?"

`I wouldn't be complaining about this if I were you. I think this is the only chance we're going to get.'

"Why can't I stay with Winry?" She asked all of a sudden.

Her father shook his head. "Definitely not. Takashi's already got his hands full, you have no business being there. You'll only make it more difficult."

"But dad, you know how those boys were to me the last time I was there!" Sakura tried to explain. "They did horrible things to me."

"Oh, Sakura. You're overreacting. Those boys are all grown up now, most of them are older than you. I'm sure they aren't into bugs and mud anymore." Sakura's mother teased. "Besides, all young boys tease the girl they like. Oh goodness, they were so adorable back then, I wonder what they look like now." Sakura's mom gushed as she thought about the boys. "They only had four when I had seen them last. Oh goodness."

"Mom–" Sakura started getting a little annoyed.

"That's enough arguing Sakura. Either you stay with the Hatake's or you're going to America with your mother and I."

`Like I even have a choice...' Sakura slumped into her seat and poked at her food.

"You're what!"

"Ugh, please stop screaming into the phone. I'm not deaf you know." Sakura sighed as she readjusted the phone on her shoulder, packing her clothes into her suitcases as she conversed with her best friend Winry.

"That's not what's important right now, Sakura how can you just agree to something like that. I mean, yeah, okay so you're not going to America but Konoha's not all that great either. You're still leaving!"

"Ah, Winry, stop making this into a big problem. I can still keep my scholarship since I'm staying in Japan and I'll be able to visit you more. You should be happy." Sakura stated.

"But Sakura-chan!"

"No buts. I'm going to Konoha."

"Ah, why do you have to be so stern about it? Anyway, so they have kids?"

Sakura nodded. "Yeah, seven."

"Woah. That's quite a lot."

"You're telling me. Ugh, I'm dreading seeing them again." Sakura shivered at the thought of it.

"Oh come on, they can't be that bad. I mean, they're a lot older than they were now aren't they?" Winry asked. "I bet they're pretty hot too. Oh, Sakura you're so lucky."

"Yah! Weren't you just now saying that you didn't want me to even leave? Ah, I see how far your loyalty goes, you're pushing me into the lions den you know that right?" Sakura clucked her tongue.

"What are you saying, you're the one who said, "I'm going to Konoha,". Trying to pin something on me you little turd."

"Don't be so mean, I'm older than you remember? Show me some respect." Sakura chastised teasingly.

"Meh," Winry grunted. "Still, it will be pretty interesting. I mean, just imagine all you're going to have to do just to adjust. I mean living in a house full of boys, that's gotta be something that will take some getting used to." Winry said thoughtfully her voice sounding all too cheerful.

"You're enjoying my situation aren't you?" Sakura drawled as she sat on her bed. All her stuff had been packed all in two days. She was ready to leave for the next morning. She didn't know what to expect to happen when she got there, but she knew it was going to take some adjusting. She was an only child and she was never really experienced with the opposite sex. What was going to be in store for her during her two year stay in Konoha was a mystery.

"I'll miss you Sakura. Just know that. You'll be fine I promise. And if they're mean to you; just tell them I'll be there to skewer their insides!" Winry exclaimed loudly.

Sakura smiled at her friends protectiveness. "Thanks Win. You're the best. I'll call you after I get settled in."

"You better! Bye, Babez!"


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