Sakura's Guide to the Hatake Boys

Sakura's Guide: End


"You boys are going to be the death of me." Kakashi said as he rubbed his temples. You could see the disappointment in his eye, and even with his mask you could practically tell he was frowning. There in the basement sat his seven boys all ignoring each other in all ways possible, despite having to sit in the same room together and nearly touching (as it being they were all sitting on the same couch).

"But, dad-" Naruto started as he opened his mouth to interject, hoping to defend himself in any way possible.

"I don't want to hear it. Naruto you are the one I had least expected this behavior from. You're a fool, but I know you would be the last person to treat a girl like the way you had treated Sakura." the silver haired man reprimanded sternly.

The blonde looked away, his throat tight and the burning made it hard for him to swallow. "I'm sorry." he said softly, that was the only thing he could say really. He had no explaination for any of his actions, and that alone made him feel even more of a douchebag.

Kakashi just shook his head. "I really should beat the crap out of all of you for how you presented yourselves to one of my closest friends' daughter. You have no sense whatsoever. Not only that, you completely disobeyed me!" he nearly shouted, his hands flying up in the air for added imphasis in example for how pissed he really was.

The boys flinched at their father's words. Okay, so maybe hearing that coming from their dad was a little worse than they had expected it be.

"Dad-" Neji began, but was also cut off by his father's sharp stare.

"That's enough, stop trying to interrupt me. I'm trying to make a point." He all but shouted, what did a parent have to do to get his kids to shut up? "I understand it was different having someone move in, especially that someone technically being a girl. But you had no right to do what you did. You all are old enough to know better and make the right decisions, I expected more from all of you. But I guess that would mean giving you more credit than you deserve." he finished with a resigned sigh. Just by looking at him you could tell this whole ordeal had taken a toll on him. He didn't even have his precious book out this time.

The boys looked down, the words from their father lingering in their minds. Shame wasn't a feeling they were accustomed to, they rarely had a reason to experience it, but now it was weighing heavy in their hearts along with the feeling of guilt.

`This sucks.' Was the thought that ran through all their minds.

"Sasuke," Kakashi said. His dark haired son looked up at him emotionless. It had taken half the day getting Sasuke out of that shed, and the only reason why he had come out in the first place was because Anko had come out crying her eyes out and begging her son to come out. Not long after the dark teen had come out, Kiba had returned sweating and looking downtrodden. He never did explain where he had ran off to in such a hurry and Kakashi doubted Kiba was ever going to tell them. "I'm sorry." and that was all that needed to be said. What could he say? Nothing he could ever say would change what had happened, the damage was done and the only thing that remained was his son's saddened face to prove it.

Kakashi really didn't know fully what had happened while Sakura had stayed with them, but he did know that whatever it was that drove Sakura back to her parents, it wasn't because she was homesick. He may never know actually what had went on behind his back, most likely if he asked he wasn't going to get a straight answer, and calling up the pink haired girl was only going to upset her. He felt bad for not noticing things before they got too bad, and he wished things had turned out a lot differently than they had. But his sons could use this as a learning experience; ways on how "not" to treat a girl.

Sasuke just shook his head and looked down at the floor, not really having the energy to say anthing in response to his father's apology. He felt like he didn't deserve it, it was his own fault. Listening to his brother had been his decison, and choosing his family was what he had thought to have been the best thing for them. He missed Sakura, but that wasn't what had bothered him most. No, what bothered him was that his brother, his best friend, had done everything in his power to make sure Sakura was not welcome. Knowing that, Sasuke hated himself even more for not preventing the exact thing he didn't want to happen. And that was Sakura leaving, and possibly never coming back.

As Kakashi reached into his back pocket and pulled out his book he went on to say, "I guess I should start going over your punishment," he paused waiting for any objections. He was almost surprised by the silence that followed, he half expected some whining on Kiba's part, but decided that it didn't really matter anyway and continued.

"You're all grounded for a month, no parties, no TV, no games, everyone over sixteen you're to come home straight after school, no exceptions, unless you are dying. Those under, you know the drill." he said, eying the twins with scrutiny. Gaara and Kiba just nodded without complaint. "Good, also. Itachi being as it is, you are twenty and I have really no reason to punish you. But you are still held accountable for not doing anything to stop your brothers from making complete idiots out of themselves, and also I know you out of anyone was a lot more perceptive than you let on, I believe you could have handled things a lot more differently if you hadn't been so vain. On that note, you are banned from having practice in the garage and you aren't going to London."

Itachi opened his mouth to retort, not believing that his dad had actually told him he couldn't go to London. Of all punishments he could have gotten that was not one of them. Did his dad even have a say in whether or not he goes? "You can't do that!" he said eyes narrowing in on his father.

Kakashi smirked. "I can and I will. If I seem to remember correctly, I was the one that was going to be paying for your flight. Unless you have the money to pay for it yourself then by all means, you go right for it." he said. He never wanted to be driven as far as to be cruel to his children, but he was showing them that their actions were going to have consequences.

Itachi sighed in defeat. He should have moved into the college dorms when he had the chance.

"I'm not finished," Kakashi said when the boys had started to get up. "I had a long talk with Sakura's father and..." he trailed off, his one eye watching the reactions of his kids closely. "We agreed that you all are going to apologize the traditional way to Sakura. If you have any complaints about these rules and decisions then you can pack your bags." he said as he made his way towards the stairs. But paused halfway up. "You've really disappointed me. The least you could do is show some respect for me and do as I say. This time." With that he climbed the last bit of the stairs and closed the door as he walked out.

There was silence as the seven sat there in the middle of the basement, scrunched together on that ridiculously tiny couch, their father's words had hit a nerve. They really didn't know what to make of everything now. Shikamaru sighed and scratched his head. "Looks like I'm canceling my date with Ino tonight. I guess that's good being as she kind of hates my guts now. This is such a drag." he complained.

Itachi rolled his eyes and stood, not exactly wanting to go upstairs, but not wanting to be in the same room with his siblings any more than he had to. Decisions, decisons.

Naruto fidgeted as Sasuke stood up also, and then started to make his way to the door. The blond didn't know what to do, but he really needed to talk to his brother. "Sasuke..." he trailed off uncertainly.

The dark haired teen paused slightly but didn't turn. He was too tired to be angry at his brother, even if on the inside, his brain was telling him to beat the living snot out of the orange loving baka. "What do you want Naruto?" he said with a resigned sigh.

The nervous and guilty teen gulped unconsciously and stood, walking over so that he could face his brother. Well, more his back than anything. "Look, man. I'm sorry... I'm an idiot-"

"No kidding." Gaara mumbled as he rested his head in his arms. The whole situation had gotten out of hand, and not only that Sakura had left in her wake a lot of unresolved obsticles.

Naruto didn't bother with a comeback, he was too focused on the reaction of his other brother. Already just apologizing meant that they were starting to tread dangerous territory. And all of them could feel something nasty was about to start. Hopefully, Sasuke had enough sense not to start anything. The last thing the brothers needed was some more drama and punishment put on their already filled plates.

"Naruto." Neji said in warning, standing as he noticed the way Sasuke seemed to tense and his fists clenched in a way that meant he was about to hit something. And the pale-eyed teen really didn't want more blood on his hands even if it was from a nose. Shikamaru seemed to understand the reaction from Neji and also stood, but that didn't give him enough chance to stop Sasuke from getting into Naruto's face and looking as if he was about to put their blond brother in the hospital.

"Sasuke!" Itachi said, immediately coming between the two teens. "Stop." was all he said as he gripped the collar of the dark haired teen's shirt and pushed him back without trying to use much force. "Now's not the time for us to be talking like this. And you know better than to start a fight right after getting punished for this exact behavior." the twenty year old scolded with narrowed eyes.

"Come on Naruto," Shikamaru said, resting his hand on his brother's shoulder. "Don't start. Not now."

The blonde growled and clenched his teeth together to keep from lashing out at his brothers. It wasn't like they were just going to start throwing fists at one another, yeah they were pissed off but they weren't going to get themselves in even more trouble than they already were. "Come on, Sasuke. Please?" He asked. He wasn't too sure how he was going to word things without looking like a horses butt, but he could at least try.

Sasuke was still facing away from his brothers. His fists were still clenched, and he was still very much pissed off. The last thing he really wanted to do was talk to his retard of a brother and honestly he didn't feel like talking period. He just wanted to go back to the shed, lock himself up and not come out until he felt like the feeling of wanting to throw his guts up was going to go away. He felt mentally and physically sick and he didn't have enough sense at the moment to keep himself in check.

But honestly it was hard to get away with that way of thinking when his brother was practically begging him to have a talk. Of course he knew where their conversation would lead to, but he wasn't in the mood. It was already hard to look at Naruto when he was the reason he and Sakura broke up, but it was even worse when Naruto was the reason she was gone. Taking a deep breath, Sasuke willed every fiber of his being not to turn and curse his brother every name in the book. "Fine." he finally said, stuffing his fists in his pockets and walking up the basement stairs. Not wanting to have their conversation in the presence of five other people even if they were family.

Naruto let out a breath of relief, glad that his brother didn't refuse to talk to him. Sticking his tongue out at Itachi and Neji, he shrugged off Shikamaru's hand and made his way passed the two and shuffled after Sasuke. The five remaining sighed and decided it was just best to stay out of it and let the two handle everything on their own.

"You don't think Sasuke will snap do you? It really looked like he was about to rip off Naruto's head just a few minutes ago." Kiba said as he played with a fray string on the couch.

"I doubt it would get that bad. Besides Sasuke at least has the mind to not do anything until he's heard what Naruto has to say, only then would he really know whether or not he wants to use blunt force. Though I hope Naruto chooses his words wisely."

The five frowned. "Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea if one of us went up there after a few minutes." Shikamaru suggested. The four nodded and then proceeded to play rock-paper-scissors to see who would be the one to actually go up there.

"Crap!" Gaara groaned as he buried his face into the pillow to let out all his frustration. He always lost when it came to playing against his brothers, even at a game of stupid rock-paper-scissors!

"Haha, yeah!" Kiba exclaimed as he high-fived Shikamaru and Neji. He wasn't feeling one bit sorry for his twin.

"You guys are jerks." Gaara said as he made his way towards the stairs.

"Fair game bro', no complaining!" Kiba shouted, a big smile on his face and his canines gleaming in the light.

Gaara rolled his eyes, he couldn't believe he was the youngest to that buffoon, was the thought that ran across his mind as he made his way out of the basement. He walked down the hall that would lead to the living room and saw his mom and dad sitting on the couch watching TV. Well, more likely his mom was watching the television and his dad was reading that ridiculously perverted book. Gaara shook his head and went to climbing the other set of stairs in the house that lead to the second story.

From halfway up he could hear loud music playing from what seemed to be Sasuke's room. Most likely to make sure their parents didn't hear them shouting if they were arguing. On that thought Gaara stopped taking his time and took two at a time till he was at the last step and even then he didn't stop as he made his way quickly down the hall to his elder brother's room. As he stood in front of the door, he didn't really know what to do. He was debating on whether he should wait to hear if things were breaking or if he should just knock and make sure everything was okay at that moment.

He groaned at his own indecisiveness and scratched the back of his head roughly. The way his mind was working was just getting ridiculous! Finally making his decision, Gaara raised his hand to knock only to stop mid pound when the door opened and there stood a frustrated looking Sasuke. "Uh," was all he said before he was pulled in roughly by the collar. Gaara growled and struggled to gain his footing as his brother shoved him in. "That wasn't really necessary!" the red head ground out as he fixed his shirt.

"Whatever," Sasuke said with a roll of his eyes as he stood in the middle of his room. Naruto was sitting on the bean bag chair that was sat in a corner, his face looking downcast and his body slumped forward into his raised knees. "Glad you're here." Sasuke said without missing a beat.

Gaara looked up at his brother, cursing his slight disadvantage when it came to his height, a furrowed brow was all the reply the dark haired teen received before he took the time to elaborate. "What I meant by that was you being here gives Naruto a good chance at surviving." he hissed as he sent a glare over at the blond.

Naruto flinched and tried to look anywhere but at his brothers. This wasn't turning out exactly the way he had hoped it would, he still hasn't even told Sasuke what he wanted to tell him yet either. As soon as they walked through the bedroom door Sasuke had turned up the music and immediately started an argument that Naruto didn't hesitate in joining. Probably not one of his best moves but it was better than just standing there and taking it.

"Have you two even talked about what you were supposed to talk about?" The red head asked as the two continued to glare at each other.

Naruto shook his head at the question. "Of course not, that would mean I would actually have his attention. Oh, but no, he's so self-adsorbed I can't get a word in edgewise."

Sasuke growled and looked as if he was about to tackle Naruto. "Like you're any better, you didn't try to talk, you just went ahead and started arguing. If you're going to apologize you should just say it and get lost."

The blonde nearly had to bite his tongue to hold himself back from lashing out and cursing Sasuke into oblivion. With a deep breath and a resigned sigh he said, "Fine, no more arguments. If I'm going to apologize you have to let me say everything else I was going to say. And no interruptions. I don't anymore input on how much of a moron I am." he stated, crossing his arms and looking a lot more confident then he had a few minutes ago.

The dark haired teen sighed and sat down. He got the feeling he was going to need to sit for this. "Okay, talk."

Naruto spent the next thirty minutes talking about how he felt, his insecurities, his deepest concerns and how he had treated Sakura the day before. He told them everything that happened with Karin and the mistakes he had made. And by the time he was all done he was down on his knees begging for forgiveness. Sasuke and Gaara didn't say a word. Gaara wasn't really sure he should have been there in the first place, he knew how private his brothers were. Sasuke just sat there, processing his brothers words. He was feeling extremely conflicted, one side of himself really wanted to beat his brother until there was nothing left, the other half, the half that still saw the stupid blond as a best friend was telling him to forgive him and try to make things right.

He wasn't too sure on which one was winning out in favor, it was kind of a win-win situation. "Stop bowing, idiot." He finally said. He rubbed his temples and then dragged his hand across his face. "You've been told this a million times but I'm going to tell you again. You are a moron."

Naruto flinched at the harshness of his brother's words. "Yeah, I know." He agreed helplessly.

Sasuke slumped forward on his knees. "You are going to make this better. I don't care how you do it, but you are. I'm going to make sure of it."

The blond nodded, just sitting there and agreeing with whatever his brother threw at him. "I really am sorry." He said.

"Stop saying that, just fix everything you screwed up!" And with that, Sasuke stood and marched out of the room leaving a lost looking Naruto and a thoughtful red head in his wake. Minutes passed by silently after Sasuke left, Naruto was still on the floor, his eyes never leaving from the floor.

Gaara, for the first time, feeling slightly uncomfortable from the silence, finally spoke, "I think you and I need to make a trip to California."

That made the blond look up, surprise etched on his face. A blond brow arced up with regard, and then a smile Gaara knew all too well made its way on Naruto's face. "How much allowance have you saved up?" Was the only thing he said before he started to brain storm. Gaara looked up towards the ceiling in helplessness.

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