We Fight, We Fall - Chapter 1


Four months. That's how long it took Charlie to realize that without Edward in my life I was lifeless, and limp. It was over winter break, he snapped. I was used to the quietness, I jumped, high.

"Bella, you're leaving. I can not stand you like this anymore!" I was confused. "You're going to a better place, you'll fit in more." Was I dying and going to Hell? Because that's the way he made it sound, you'll fit in more, what did that mean? If I do die that's where I'm going, I just happened to ruin everything: first with meeting Edward, then the rest of his family. Oh, I almost died because of his brother, my fault again. I was the one who made them leave, my entire fault, I had pushed Edward away. I have pushed him about, because I loved him, or he left because he loved me. It didn't matter, we loved each other and they still left. Then my friends and family got pushed away because I was upset, I mean who wouldn't be? The love of my life just walked out on me, who knew if he'd ever come back. Every time I thought of him my heart would quicken in speed, and my breath would get cut short. I was tempted to pull out my hair, it didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted it gone. Random I know. "You'll be living with some friends of mine. Go start packing you leave tomorrow." Tomorrow? My jaw dropped.

I walked into my room, muttering under my breath. Where was I going? I had no idea. I trusted my dad, but I don't know if I do now. My clothes were to fit in a trunk that Charlie gave me, I wondered why. I kept glancing at the unlocked window hoping maybe he would come tonight. I knew he was gone, he was in sunny California, far was from here.

"Thank you Renee for helping," I hear Charlie on the phone later that night, speaking in a hushed voice, to my mom. I stayed hidden on the stairs. "Yes, tomorrow in Seattle," There was a pause so she could respond. "That Cullen boy. Yes, Edward." He said it like the devil's spawn. I knew Charlie didn't like him but I thought that he was trying before they left me without saying goodbye. I wasn't apart of their family anymore, and Edward didn't love me. It became an everyday thing, repeating that, it was so I knew fact between fiction.

It had rained the night before; the sun was hidden behind thick layers of gray clouds, nothing out of the ordinary. As Charlie drove us to Seattle, I watched the trees but only in the puddles. Though it seemed like I'd only arrived to Forks yesterday, I didn't but now I was leaving. If Edward came back, would he know where to find me? I took my eyes off of the puddles for a moment and glanced up into the deep green forest, something brown ran through them, it caught my eye, maybe a bear.

We stepped inside the bright ticket station and I glance at Charlie. His face was grave. When we walked up Charlie spoke.

"One ticket to London, saved under Swan," he said.

"One? What? Cha-Dad? You're not going?" I screeched.

"No I'm not, thank you," he said as he responded as the women passed him the ticket. He passed it to me, "You'll be in safe hands over there, no one to hurt you." He ushered me to the security.

"So this is what this is all about," I swung my arms in the air. He glanced down, to chicken to answer. "Well, good bye then, Dad." How mad I was that he was leaving me, sending me off with a family I didn't know, a family that would probably not even want me. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, anyway. I stalked off in the way of my gate, I turned to wave. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall guy in the back of a crowd. He was staring straight at me, he was mad, or frustrated, I could feel it. I glanced back to him and he was gone, just like that. I looked around into the crowd, searching for him, I seen him down the long hallway, almost to the door. "Go on, you'll be late," Charlie's voice ushered me along.

"Ticket, thank you, next, ticket…" I was waiting for the few people in front of me. I turned back around, making sure that I didn't over look that guy and that he was still in the crowd. He wasn't. "Next, Miss, Next," I glanced up at the young blond lady. "Ticket," I handed it to her. "Thank you, have a nice flight. Next." She gave me a big, fake, commercial grin, and then set me on my way. To somewhere that I didn't even know about.


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