Chapter 13—We Fight, We Fall

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I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to go to the dance with Aaron. Sure he's cute, but baby cute, you know? Plus, you like Draco. Or did you forget about him already? –Bella, concentrate here. Anyway, reasons not to go to this dance; I CAN'T DANCE, secondly I'm dying to tell Draco and lastly this will most likely go bad. Uh, correction-HORRIBLE, this will most likely go horrible.

Did I mention that I can't dance? I did? Good. Well I can't.

I think the worst part is, Narcissa know I can't dance, and that I don't want to go to this stupid Spring Fling anyway, gahh. This is ALL IRIS' FAULT. But they're both excited for us to go to this thing. Cissa wants to "treat" us with getting our nails and our hair done, *gag*. It's like were her daughters that she never had, which in a way I guess we are. Mr. Malfoy stays put in his study for most nights, or he's off for work. Which leaves us girls to eat alone just the three of us, Iris and I probably enjoy those nights the best.

I was mid rant when the phone rang. I was with Iris sitting across from her, working on homework, while I was reading some book I pulled off the Malfoy's bookshelf. Some book, about this school called Hogwarts, sounds almost like a real place, just because of the detailed history. I guess it could be a real place with everything that has happened with me within the last few years, vampires, witches, wizards, elves, what's next happy ghosts, and werewolves?

"Hello, Malfoy residents."

"Is Bella there?" the person asked.

"This is her," the voice was vaguely familiar.

"Bella, please don't hang up, this is Remy I need to talk to you about Iris,"

"Oh, Jenn, I know I miss you too," I added a delayed pause, "Oh yeah, what about her?" I walked down the hallway into the small bathroom. Just so Iris wouldn't follow, or hear for that matter.

"She won't talk to me," Remy whined.

"Well you are friends with Ellie and she thinks you're not on her side. She's your sister Remy; you need to be on her side,"

"I am on her side, but she doesn't give me the time of day."

"And you want me to do… what exactly?"

"Talk to her for me,"

"Why else did you call, Remy?"

"Uh, she should come home. Mom and dad aren't doing good,"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Fighting, yelling, screaming, I need my sister, I can't do this alone,"

"I'm sorry, I can't make her be ready to talk to you, I've tired. And I'm not going to make her go back home," I explained. "Plus, I'm not sure you noticed the way she was treated at home,"

"Well, I need to see my sister."

"Remy, she doesn't want to talk to you, I'm sorry. That's all I can say."

"Try again for me, please? And one more ting, that was rude saying yes to Aaron. You know who he's dating."

Grow up! The real evil comes out…! "Well Rem," I didn't know if she'd react with calling her that, "For one, Ellie isn't my friend, two, they broke up months ago, and three maybe I like him," A little white lie never hurt anyone, "So Remy grow up," and I hung up. I walked back into the kitchen, my face flushed.

"Who was that?"

"My cousin from the states," it almost looked as if she didn't believe me. "She's having guy problems, image that," Iris laughed.

"I'm hungry," I said and opened the refrigerator only to close it seconds later. "Hey Iris," I said in this childish and immature voice, she glanced up from her boring history, "I'm cravin' some ice cream,"

"You do realize that it's winter and freezing outside, right?"

"Come on, please?" I begged, I gave her puppy dog eyes, or tired.

"Fine and only because you're going to stop making that hideous face at me," we both cracked up.

"I can't believe your going to the dance with Aaron. This is like such big news," Iris said after we sat down this little ice cream shop in town. Iris with her vanilla, and chocolate drizzled cup of ice cream, and my vanilla cone with sprinkles, like I used to get when I was a child.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into saying yes, I shoulda beat you for that one,"

"Nah, you like me too much," She gave me her superstar smile.

This was the truth, "Yeah…so who are you going with?"

"Dunno yet, no ones asked me,"

"Iris remember when you asked me if I was dating Draco?" even through she knew I was receiving letters from him and stuff, I didn't talk about him, ever. "Well what am I going to tell him?"

"Uh, are you crazy Bell, you don't tell him anything," my mouth dropped.

"'Ris you're the crazy one here, how do I do that? He's my boyfriend, we like each other, hell, maybe love," I smiled, and grabbed my necklace with his ring still on it, for it was too big on my fingers.

"How'd he ask you?"

"Ask me…?"

"For you to be his, his girlfriend?"

I thought back to our last days. "Well, I guess it wasn't ever really said, but it didn't need to. You know what he did?" I didn't give her the chance to answer, "He woke me up at two thirty in the morning, brought me outside, in the middle of winter to confess his liking of me," I don't mention the night before when I called him too self concerned and friendless, but I didn't want her to know that side of him because he's a way better person than that. "He gave me his jacket, like the prefect gentlemen, which he most defiantly was not when I first met him. He said 'Izzy,' Do you know how many people get the honor of calling me that? Him. That's it. 'I think I might have feelings for you,' and I thought to myself, right Draco Malfoy has feeling for me, this is joke. But he continued on, 'I can never get you out of my mind ever since that day I came home. The way your hair falls into your eyes, like your covering up this big mystery, this something shameful. Your eyes when you smiles and laugh, they glow, when you're amazed by something.'" Iris just sat there taking it all in. "He explained that he couldn't even sleep without dreaming about me. He said that I made him so, miserable. What an adjective. He told me that he'd never leave me. And what did I have to say to him? Nothing. I told him that I didn't know what to say, that I was sorry. We ended up kissing. The next day he left for school, he gave me this," holding his ring up, "And said to me 'Bye, my Isabella' and kissed my forehead, dropped my hand, and walked away,"

Iris looked at me and said, "I assumed that was his,"

"Of course, see this blue," I held it up for a better look, "This is about the color of his eyes,"

"Bell, what's he like? Blonde and tall like his parents?"

"Yes, and strong, like Mr. Malfoy, and sweet like Cissa," then I had a bright idea, "Iris why don't you go to the dance with Aaron?"

"We already talked about this, because this is just an evil scandal to make Ellie jealous. Plus, he didn't want me, he wanted you."

I looked at her, took a bite of ice cream. "Blah. Blah. Blah. I gotta ask him if he's fine with me going with a different guy. For one, 'Ris I wouldn't want him going to one of his school dances with the schools slut attached to his arm,"

She gave me a very confused look; I rolled my eyes and told her that it was a long story for another time. In which she gave me this begging look with her teal eyes. "Ugh, I just went to a party with him and some of his friends. Let me tell you, BIG SLUTS!" I made this gagging noise. "I did meet one good person but I can't wait for after this dance. Why am I doing this thing again?"

"Because you love me," she smiled. "Tell me more about him," I blushed a little.

"Well remember that first day when I came to school, when I told you that the Malfoy's are good friends of my parents?" she nodded. "Yeah well I've never met or even heard of the Malfoys before I came here."

"Bell why are you here anyway?"

"Uh, my boyfriend broke up with me…" I left the sentence open for a story she can make up, which she didn't and I knew she wouldn't.

"Elaborate?" and there we sat—her listening and me 'elaborating'.

"So, Bell which dress are you planning on wearing?" we were walking home by that point.

"Well 'Ris, I'm thinking about the ugliest one I own," –adds dramatic pause— "Maybe then Aaron will ditch me and then I can come home," I said honestly.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun!"

"That's what you think; dances are just another way for couples, -people who wish they were couples—to rub up against each other and not feel guilty about it. Iris they are nothing but drama."

"Are not!"

"Are too! What dances do you go to?"

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