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Summary: HP/GW Crossover. No longer a lost and hunted teenager, Harry Potter has grown into a young man attending the University of Cambridge in England. He expects to live out the rest of his life like any other person, peacefully. However that is soon going to change. But will it be for the better or worse?

Pairings: Unknown at the moment. (Or I don't have the faintest clue. XP)

Warnings: The only warnings is that anyone affiliated with Cambridge University I would like to ask in beforehand to not be irritated at any facts I get wrong or misinterpret. Please see it as the free artistic will of a poor author. Nothing explicit or anything of that sort yet. I do beg for forgiveness for any inaccuracies concerning different facts though.

Author's Note: Okay, this is only the prologue and doesn't really have anything to do with the main plot. I just felt I had to have it. Tell me what you think?

I Make My Own History



"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Lord John Acton, Professor of History, University of Cambridge


My younger days for me were something I lived through and saw pass before my eyes as if I was the audience. It was not something I chose to delve too much into, because I would always get pushed back either way. Better to just listen and do what you were told. Resign yourself to your fate in other words.

I was used to being different but I never knew why I was different. They never told me, or rather they told me but I didn't believe a single word that came out of their mouths. It didn't sound right, what they said, and I knew there was something else beneath the lies, though I was unsure if I really wanted to know.

I had my assigned chores to do and I did them for lack of knowledge no to do them. It was something I did and nothing more than that. What did I know? I was only a child then.

You could say I had been through a lot, but I wouldn't honestly be able to answer that fairly. Because I never knew what the norm was or what common sense told you to do.

I suppose I had always kind of just tagged along when things happened and secrets unraveled themselves in front of me whether I wanted them to or not. Perhaps it was easier that way. At least it seemed to solve a lot of problems by not refusing the demands put on me and to just go with the flow, although I might have tweaked the rules to my convenience...Just a little.

I had gone through my life without anyone to look up to and when I finally found one, I lapsed onto them like an affection deprived child, which I guess I was. I needed a dominant figure in my life that gave me guidance and told me the right thing to do. Even if I more often was put through wacky 'guess the animal' sessions, I managed to do what they wanted of me. I was at peace with that. It made me feel like I had a purpose in life and that I did the things they told me to do because I wanted to do them.

I didn't see any fault in his ways of guidance, they were just that, more wacky and possibly senile, in some sense, but all the same done in all well-meaning. Although I was almost always confused by his antics during school, I've come to realize and appreciate it later on in life for what it really was.

But then I met him and the rose colored dream I had conjured began to crack despite the support of my newfound friends. Apparently he had an issue with me and my existence, because something that happened when I was barely a year old. I have heard of grudges but this was just ridiculous. I would have probably thought the whole ordeal very amusing had it not been for the fact that he wanted me dead and was prepared to do practically anything to succeed in making that happen.

We met a few times and I always managed to get away, however the price for doing so kept growing and I found myself wondering if I should just let him kill me. Wasn't that better than to have him hurt the ones that I held close to my heart? Of course it was never that easy and now I had to worry about me instead hurting them, my friends, for even thinking like that. Not to mention that I kind of did not want to die either after close consideration in the end. So I threw that temporary idea quickly into the trash bin.

Like every story it had to come to an end at some time. Fortunately it was not mine, not yet, but I lost some close friends that day. Earlier I had lost the most prominent guiding light I had in my life and I found myself confused at what I should do. Thankfully I had some trustworthy and reliable best friends that pulled me up by the neck. I might very well had lost my mind long before if it hadn't been for them.

When things were crashing down around me; I only had eyes for one figure that I swore to make sure disappeared from this life forever. He had been leeching onto this side of the realm for too long and it had to stop now. I don't exactly know how I managed to go through with it, or if it was even me that did it, but somehow he had finally gone back to the darkness where he came from.

It was over. I could for the first time take time to look up at the vast blue sky, the white and grey clouds that enveloped the earth I was standing on. Isn't it strange how we appreciate little things like the feel of the cool breeze on our cheeks when we know how close we got from never feeling that again? My only wish was that everyone that had died that day hadn't, and they could like me stand here despite of the rubble and burned earth, relishing in what we call life.

So I held out my arms and closed my eyes, drawing a deep lungful of air and smiling when I heard my name being shouted by familiar voices.

I was still alive, and I was free.

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