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Summary: HP/GW Crossover. SLASH. No longer a lost and hunted teenager; Harry Potter has grown into a young man attending the University of Cambridge in England. He expects to live out the rest of his life like any other person, peacefully. However that is soon going to change. But will it be for the better or the worse?

Pairings: Harry/Trowa/Harry, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC.

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I Make my Own Story

Chapter 12


"It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of truth."

John Locke, 1690 - Essay concerning Human Understanding.


The night swept silently down on the company camped out in the small forest room. The darkening sky stretching out above them, the stars spread out like tiny bits of sand haphazardly thrown out into the vault of the sky.

They had all retired for some well deserved sleep soon after Harry had surrendered to the sand man, though not before agreeing upon who would take the first guard shift. Even with Harry's reassurances, that it wasn't really necessary, Heero felt it prudent. That was how he, and they, was trained. They didn't bother adding the raven haired into the calculation, since it had been apparent the young male would not be up to it, out like a light as he was. A slurred protest being the last thing coming from him before sleep took him. Out of everyone there he needed to rest the most. Harry, whether some of them were a bit uneasy about it, acted as their advantage during the escape from their assailants. Both Wufei and Heero accepted the fact, one of them grudgingly. They all, willingly and unwillingly, acknowledged that Harry's, so called, magic was useful. At least that's what it had proved itself to be from what they've seen so far. Heero himself wouldn't hesitate using it to their fullest advantage either. Getting out of this mess and to safety was top priority.

When morning came they were quick to pack everything down and get on with their trek. Harry led the way with his wand, taking the opposite direction, south, of where it was pointing, while veering a bit west. Hopefully they were making their way toward Madrid, Spain, and judging from the position of the sun they seemed to be going in somewhat the right direction according to Wufei. That was assuming though that they hadn't 'landed' that far away from the safe house.

They struck upon a village four hours into their journey, Harry feeling the fatigue creeping up on him again, and it was decided that both Heero and Duo would enter the village to see if they couldn't find themselves some sort of transportation to ease and hasten their journey. Half an hour later they could see the two males come driving down in an old worn Volkswagen with a proudly grinning Duo at the wheel. The two had managed to get their hands on an old van that belonged to an aged farmer, on the condition that they were able to get it to work again. The old man had been so impressed with Duo's prowess, that he had even offered them a full tank of gas as a reward for getting the old piece of junk running again. Adding to that a somewhat dated, but hopefully reasonably accurate, map they had found and bought from the local store, they were now able to locate themselves to somewhere in the southeast of France, with some extra help from the farmer as to the roundabout location of the village on the map. Apparently it was too small for the cartographer to bother putting it on the map.

The youths climbed into the now crowded van and prepared themselves for the still long journey they had in front of themselves. Sitting in the middle back seat Harry watched the sandy road stretching out from the reach of the car's headlights into the black night. They'd been on the road for quite some time now. In the driver's seat Duo yawned lengthily and tapped the steering wheel, humming a low tune under his breath. To his right Heero sat also staring out into the pitch black darkness that stretched outside the light's range.

The male drew out the small map, the paper rustling with use and he squinted lightly at it, trying to make out the contours and lines through the dark. A small point of light against the yellowed paper, after a faint whisper, made the letters much clearer to see. Heero turned his head with a blank stare at the raven haired leaning slightly over the front seat, his wand poised to the side of the agent with the tip glowing faintly. Harry blinked at the male with a questioning look. The dark haired male eventually gave an, what must have been, appreciative nod before going back to studying the map. Harry gave a small smile in return. A small step, but a step still.

"Tired?" Harry asked quietly when Duo yawned for the umpteenth time.

The braided male flashed a reassuring smile fleetingly into the rearview mirror.

"Nah, I'm fine. Just, stiff." He rolled one of his shoulders, there was another yawn and he added. "And bored. How are the others?" He glanced fleetingly to behind Harry.

Harry turned around at the other occupants of the vehicle. Trowa and Quatre were on either side of him leaning onto the walls of the van for support in their rest, while Wufei was taking his turn lying on his side in the far backseat.

"Still sleeping." Harry said and directed his eyes back to the front.

"You should too." Duo retorted.

The raven haired frowned.

"I've had more than enough sleep since you left me out of taking a shift. Again."Harry murmured petulantly, earning himself an amused look from their driver.

"Well, you certainly needed it. You looked dead to the world, snoring louder than a Gundam going through the atmosphere." Duo grinned mischievously.

"I do not snore!" Harry hissed lowly in consideration of the sleeping occupants.

"You do to!" Duo said with confidence, less considerate of the level of his voice. "Doesn't he Heero?" He threw to his neighbor.

Heero was silent for a moment, seemingly ignoring them while inspecting the map, before he replied.

"Hn." It came out sounding neutral but there was a small smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he said this.


Duo snickered at the mildly offended expression on Harry's face, who huffed, choosing to ignore the other as punishment for his teasing.

Heero rolled up the map and put it away in the passenger compartment.

"Thank you." He said, going back to watching the blackness outside.

Harry blinked once, before retracting his wand, putting out the light and placing his wand back into his pocket.

"No problem." He murmured and leaned back into his seat.

The car went silent except for the dulled noises of wheels upon gravel and the low thrumming of the engine. Harry felt his eyes grew heavy despite his earlier comment, nearly nodding off twice before the light rocking of the van lulled him to sleep.

He woke up feeling warm and comfortable. His head lay resting on something firm but soft and he snuggled closer into it seeking out that wonderful warmth. His hand sneaked up to lie across what he thought was his pillow, rubbing his cheek lightly against the fabric and sighing contentedly when something stroked his hair. He frowned at the muffled noises that threatened his sleep; piercing through his now half-asleep state and bringing him unwillingly back from the land of dreams. And such a good dream he'd had too!

He'd been back at the university and in class listening to the professor's lecture. Sitting beside Harry, with his deep forest eyes concentrated on the raven haired, had been Trowa not paying any attention at all to the lecture or anything else except for Harry. He'd been delighted when Trowa had reached a hand over his, clutching it firmly in his slightly larger hand, then leaning in, uncaring of the students around them, to place a tender kiss first to the corner of his mouth then squarely on the lips. Trowa had then pulled away with a small, almost mysterious, smile before his face blurred out, the surroundings melting together into whiteness.

One emerald eye slit open, blinking once before both eyes opened slowly. There was confusion in them at first when he looked into grey. Since when did his bedroom have grey walls? Harry thought before insight of his situation came and he realized that he was staring into the back of the front seat of their car. The muffled noises he was now able to identify as snickering and he turned himself around onto his back.

"What?" He mumbled tiredly, rubbing a hand lazily to get rid of the last bit of sleep in his eyes.

"Morning sleepy-head." A sniggering Duo said.

"Morning…" He said, propping himself up from where he'd been lying down on the seat.

This time around instead of driving Duo was sitting in the back seat, leaning on the top part looking down on him, while Heero sat beside the braided male, apparently gazing at the scenery.

"Did you sleep well?" Trowa's voice said from behind him.

Harry turned around, moss green meeting his. He saw the auburn haired male sitting at the end of their seat while one of his hands rested against a knee. Harry was suddenly awkwardly aware that what he'd thought was his pillow, actually had been the man's lap. He felt his cheeks heat up when he connected the stroking on his head to Trowa and that Harry had unconsciously been grasping onto the other's thigh. This had, of course, not gone unnoticed by the rest of the passengers. He averted his eyes, trying to act nonchalant about it but it was obvious his blush was still visible if you were to trust the Duo's grin.

Harry couldn't help feeling a small amount of frustration over the situation.

The two of them, Trowa and Harry, hadn't had the opportunity to talk properly about what happened between them earlier, the others interrupting them before they could and the close quarters also interfering with that. Harry was feeling anxious, thoughts running wild in his head, and wondering what Trowa would say when they were left alone again. Or do, for that matter. Even though Trowa had been the one who initiated it, he didn't know why he had done it. What was the meaning of it? Did it mean anything? Dare he hope, even while thinking it incredulous, that Trowa fancied him despite him being a bloke? He wasn't sure though if he felt brave enough to find out the answer to that, Gryffindor or not feelings and emotions had never been his forte. Not sure if he was ready or prepared to face the questions towards his own sexuality.

"Yeah." He answered, pulling away and propping his arm against the car window, resting his chin in his hand, eyes glued to passing trees. He hid the redness of his face as well as he could beneath the fall of his bangs, angling it away from the others. He was well aware of the eyes nearly burning into him with a calm intensity.

Wufei had taken up the driver's seat while Quatre navigated. At the moment the sun hid behind some clouds, peaking out at the landscape here and there. In the back seat Duo went back to his content humming of that same melody from last night, but other than that it was mostly quiet inside the vehicle.

Harry's eyes trailed over the small hills passing slowly by and he shifted slightly at the feeling of eyes on him. In his peripheral vision he could see Trowa still observing him, not doing anything besides that actually, but that look, that look held something that made his insides jump with a mix of emotions, nervousness and exhilaration being the more prominent ones. Expectation is what he felt, expectation of what Trowa would possibly do the next time they were alone again.

He swallowed and stubbornly focused on the hills again. Trying to ignore the small shivers tumbling around inside.


"Oi! Ron!"

Ron looked up from where he'd been removing and placing the new batch of Giggle gums from their boxes and onto the shelf.

"What is it George?" He said, seeing his older brother come walking towards him from the back of the store.

It was the hour before opening and he needed to get all these merchandise unpacked before that. It would take longer since George was, conveniently, making himself occupied with other things, or so he said.

"Have you seen those small, blue boxes?" George asked, making small hand gestures while he said this to show the approximate size if the things in question.

Ron scrunched his eyebrows together, not remembering seeing anything that fit the vague description.

"What small blue boxes?"

"Didn't I tell you?" George sounded rightly surprised at first before smiling excitedly. "They're a new invention I came up with last night. I have very high hopes for these. Every witch and wizard will want to have one for sure! Thought I left them out here in the store somewhere though…" He trailed off and lifted a strange looking cylinder thing, that quacked, and peering under it. Coming up empty he sighed and hefted his hands on his hips. "Darn it…Where can they be? I haven't even tested them thoroughly yet." He murmured as an afterthought.

The younger redhead frowned unsurely, said frown turning disbelieving through his next sentence.

"Don't tell me you've left untested products lying around in the shop? Where any customer for that matter may accidently find them?"

George hesitated for a few seconds, thinking it through, before smiling sheepishly.


Ron shook his head. He deposited the last pack of gums he had in his hand with the rest on the shelf.

"I'll help you look." He sighed tiredly.

"Thanks Ronniekins!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Sure, Ronnie."

Ron grumbled under his breath. It might be for the sake of keeping a closer eye on George for the family, but that didn't mean he liked to be called by the twins' old childhood nickname for him.

"How's Harry?" George asked suddenly while they were in the process of lifting things and looking under various tables.

Ron halted for a short moment.

"Last I heard of him he was fine. Studies going fine." He said and sneezed when some dust got up his nose.

"I still can't understand why he would want to spend even more time in school than he really has to." George said with an exaggerated shiver.

"It's what he wants I suppose." Ron said offhandedly. "Hermione must have rubbed off on him."

"Surprisingly. Ron, how could you let him surrender to their evil clutches! I'm very much disappointed in you." He said with a sorrowful shake of the head.

"Ha ha, that's hilarious George. It's not like you did anything to stop him yourself if you're so concerned with Harry's aim for higher education." Ron said, throwing his brother a look.

"I admit it, I am ashamed to say that I wasn't there to do anything about it at the time, busy genius and all that you know, but you're his best friend. You have a responsibility as such!"

"Responsibility, huh?" Ron said with a wistful look. "He's had enough of responsibility, I imagine."He muttered.

George quieted down without offering a reply, smile dimmed.

They went back to searching, spending over an hour looking for the elusive small blue boxes and nearly giving up opening time drew near. As George was in the middle of pulling out some drawers, there was at the same time a miniature explosion in the other end of the shop. Blue smoke began billowing out from the opening of a cupboard and the youngest Weasley was seen fighting his way out of it, waving his hands about to clear the smoke and coughing harshly.

"George!" He let out, tears already forming in his eyes.

George came over but kept a safe distance from the smoke.

"You found them!" He exclaimed with a pleased grin and added. "It seems they work too. Excellent! I'll put them out for sale as soon as I've produced another batch."

"You've invented a smoke bomb that lets out blue smoke?" Ron coughed, while he held his hand to his mouth to prevent any more smoke to enter his lungs as he made his way over to his brother. "Not the most inventive invention." He pointed out.

George gave a small wave of his wand and the smoke stopped spreading while another flick of the wood made it disappear.

"That's not all it does." He said with a knowing grin directed towards Ron.

George's eye took in Ron's appearance with clear shown amusement that made Ron stop coughing, despite the irritation in his throat, as worry began showing in his face. Ron removed his hand from his mouth, afraid of what he would find and immediately wished he hadn't. His eyes bulged when he got a good look at the small body part.

"I'm blue! I'm seriously blue!" He shouted hysterically, then, turning to George, angrily. "George! What did you do?!"

The other red head was by this time already bent over, clutching at his sides and laughing for all he was worth while his poor little brother had a minor attack of hysterics.


Closing the door behind her, Hermione looked up and stopped short when she spotted her, blue(?!), boyfriend sitting at the kitchen table. The redhead was grumbling and making strange movements with his hands, tugging at his hair every now and then before he noticed her.

"Hermione!" He immediately called and rose to his feet, hurrying over to her. "You've got to do something about this! I can't go walking around like this, it was enough that I was made the laughing stock at the shop today since George said he didn't know how to cancel the effects but please you've got to do something about this. Even my hair is blue for Merlin's sake! And I mean all of it." He added with a horrified look.

There was a moment of silence after that as Hermione took a few deep breaths while she got over the quite sudden image shock. Ron really was almost completely blue, everything except for his clothing, strangely enough, his eyes and insides it seemed judging from his eyes and mouth.

"I suppose George has something to do about this." She said slowly. "One of his new inventions?"

"Hermione! I can't go around walking like this! I'll be made the laughing stock of the whole wizarding world!"

"Yes, alright! No need to shout. Just let me get my coat off first."

Ron sat down again; twisting his hands in front of him and eyes scrunched together in misery.

"Have you tried to remove it yourself?" She asked as she fished out the documents she'd gotten from the ministry.

"Of course I have! Nothing worked and I was about to try another scouring charm just before you got here."

"I'd doubt you'd get anything except raw skin if you used that." She replied dryly. "I'll go look in my books later on. Perhaps it will wear off with time."

"How long is that?"

"I don't know, no more than a few days I think."

"You think?"

Ron appeared horrified at the prospect of going around looking like that for days.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you've seen Hedwig." She continued without further ado. "I have something I want her to bring to Harry."

Meanwhile Ron was doing his best not to look down at his hands, rolling and pulling down his sleeves as far as they could go to cover them. He shook his head negative and Hermione left him to go look for the white owl in the small tower where they housed their own two owls. 'Really', she thought as she heard Ron's continuous low moaning sounds in the background, 'it's not like it's going to be permanent, I think.'


The day was well into the late afternoon before they decided to stop for a short toilet break.

Harry walked out of the woods, stopping to look up into sky, enjoying his free mobility before he had to climb into the car again. A lone bird soared in the sky and he smiled nostalgically, remembering his broom tucked safely away in a hidden closet in his apartment. What he wouldn't give for even a few minutes of airtime and the glorious feeling of air against his face and hair.

While still caught in the memory, he blinked when the bird drew nearer and he thought himself recognizing the bird, or rather owl, in question.

"Hedwig?" He said, catching the others' attention. The owl hooted. "Hedwig!"

Holding out an arm the snowy white owl landed effortlessly, wings fluttering briefly to find the right balance and clutched its talons carefully around his wrist to keep from falling off.

"What the- Is that an owl?" Duo said disbelievingly.

Harry looked startled for a short moment before smiling sheepishly and scratching the back of his head with his free hand. The surprised and dubious looks from some was a silent invitation for an explanation.

"This is Hedwig," Harry said, and a few seconds later added. "She's my owl." Hedwig hooted proudly, straightening herself and looking almost regal in her position.

"You own… an owl?" Duo asked unsurely, throwing glances between him and Hedwig every now and then.

"I've had her ever since I was eleven." Harry smiled fondly at the bird, scratching the bird and letting her nibble on his finger before he noticed the envelope attached to her leg.

"Who delivers letters?"

"Who sent me a letter?" He questioned and the owl took this as her opportunity to hold out her leg towards Harry.

Getting the string keeping the letter in place to loosen however proved difficult with just one hand to work with. Though before he was able to grow annoyed with his failed attempts a pair of hands reached out and easily enough untied the string. The bird made no attempts at protests as Trowa detached the letter and handed it over to Harry who gave a grateful smile in return.

"Thanks. You wouldn't mind taking Hedwig for a second? She seems comfortable enough with you." Harry said.

"Not at all." Trowa said and held out an arm for the owl to hop over too.

The owl eyed Trowa for a few short seconds before switching places between from the other to the other male's arm.

"What is it?" Quatre asked.

"I don't know," Harry said while gently ripping the letter open and shaking out the contents.

Two pieces of folded parchment dropped out into his hand. He caught the Ministry seal on of them and frowned, reading the first lines before his eyes widened and he hurriedly took out the other and read it. A small smile started out that grew bigger as he finished the letter.

"It's from Hermione, one of my best friends, and she's sent us a consent form. She must have immediately looked into it after I mentioned you guys to her."

"What is this consent form?" Heero asked, coming up to stand beside Harry.

The parchment was handed over to the Japanese agent with a single expectant look and cobalt blue eyes quickly took in the contents of it.

"Simply put, it's a document that will make sure that you won't get into any trouble knowing about magic. The ministry won't be able to do anything to you since you're, sort of, under the protection of the wizard, me, who applied and filed the permit."

"Nice!" Duo cheered.

"That is convenient." Quatre agreed.

"I just need your signatures to make the contract valid."

"Contract?" The Chinese agent asked dubiously.

"Well, 'while it allows you to know about wizards and such, it also demands a binding promise that you won't spread or speak of the knowledge to other people that don't belong to the magical community.' Or so it says in Hermione's letter." Harry read from the slip of paper he still had in his hand.

"Understandable." Trowa said.

"You're saying we can't inform our superior?" Heero questioned, eyes still glued on the document probably checking for any hidden conditions or the like.

"Unless she already knows about it, no."

"Already knows about it?" Quatre asked.

"I told you most of the higher ups knew about us didn't I? Though I'm unsure if the head of the Preventers is included, it's still a possibility." The raven haired shrugged.


"Heero?" Wufei called.

Heero finished his scrutiny of the document and gave a small nod.

"I find no problems with this contract." He stated calmly.

"I could have it sent with Hedwig right away." Harry offered, glad that they weren't making a big fuss about it.

"Of course." Quatre said with a smile, then he frowned slightly. "Does anyone have a pen?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" Duo crowed proudly, digging around in his bag and ripping out a rugged looking ballpoint pen.

"Why would you have a pen?" Wufei asked.

"Okay, let us sign then." Quatre interrupted, taking the pen from a pouting Duo. "Where do you want our signatures?"

"Uh…" Harry walked over to peer at the parchment before searching Hermione's letter and then pointing it out. "You guys should put yours here… while I put mine, over here as I'm the applicant." Harry explained slowly.

The pilots each added their signatures, Harry scribbling down his before taking Hedwig from Trowa so the tall male could do the same.

He accepted the folded parchment that Heero had put back into the envelope and with the help of Trowa they tied it back onto Hedwig's outstretched leg.

"Alright girl, you take this back to Hermione." Harry said to the bird before heaving his arm into the air to give her an extra push.

The owl circled and hooted at them once before flying off into the same direction she came in.

"Will she be alright?" Trowa asked, eyes still trailing the bird's flight.

Harry had a small smile.

"Yeah, I'm sure, she will be fine."

Meanwhile the other guys were already on their way back to the van as Duo turned around and called to them.

"Hey guys! Hurry up we're leaving!"

"Coming!" Harry called back.

The two males soon joined the others and they were off again on the rocky and bumpy road.


The whining of a door opening alerted the occupant of the room of the two new stepping into the small room. The room itself was sparsely furnished with only the necessary items; a chair, a desk with a small lamp. A much larger lamp stood to light up one of the walls where a huge board of various articles were hung. The most prominent was the six photos to one side and a large map of the world where several locations had already been marked out with several multi-colored pins.

A tall man stood appraising the map with an indistinctive eye when the two people came into the room. He eyed the man and woman, prompting them to report what they had found out.

The man stole one look at his partner before she stepped forward.

"Nothing to report, sir." She said.

"Nothing?" Repeated the man, hand to his chin.

The room descended into silence but the pair didn't make a move to leave.

"I see." He finally continued. "Well, I only had minor suspicions but it never hurts to be thorough." He murmured, more to himself than really aiming it to the other two people. "So he doesn't have any old connections to that pilot."

He averted his eyes back to the map, eyes seeming to stray towards the European continent.

"It seems our forces were unable to capture and dispose of our little pilots." He said calmly.

The pair tensed.

The man whirled around and threw with one hand most of the contents on the desk to the floor with a vicious growl. It looked for one second that he was going to grab and smash the lamp into the floor as well when he seemed to reign himself in before doing so.

He breathed heavily.

The woman slowly and hesitantly moved closer to the older man.

"Damian…" She tried carefully.

Shaking his head lightly, shoving his demons away for the time being, Damian focused his dark, nearly black eyes at the woman and held hers for a moment. The seconds ticked by and he appeared calmer now after that show of emotions. Something he only let show for these particular two whom he'd known and taken care of since they were ten years old, himself being only fourteen at the time. He'd picked them off the streets where they'd been abandoned by their parents and chased away by the local gang.

"I'm fine." He said, lowering his head into his hand. "I'm fine..." He repeated.

He rose to his full height again, shedding any of the weakness he'd been showing earlier.

"We have new orders." He said.

The woman frowned at this but held her tongue, the other man with her looking bothered for a short moment before wiping it off his face.

Damian moved to the map, picking up a pin as he went and drove it harshly into the wall.

"We strike here next." He said and their eyes followed his arm to the point where the pin had sat.

"There?" The man questioned, speaking up for the first time.

"Yes, any problem with that." Damian bit back.

"No, sir." The shorter male bowed his head.

Dark eyes went back to observing the large map, effectively dismissing the two and they left the room shortly after that.


Harry and the others weren't met with many other happenings or problems during the rest of the long trip, only stopping to refill the gas tank, picking up some fresh food for variation, water for parched throats and for toilet breaks.

During one of these breaks he excused himself, wanting some alone time to try and give his thoughts some rest and peace. He politely declined Duo's and Quatre's offer for company saying he wouldn't stray far and stay within earshot from them.

The small forest they'd stopped by didn't have many trees but lots of bushes that made out most of the vegetation. He ended up leaning against a wide tree, hiding himself from any views and closing his eyes, feeling the stray gusts of wind against his face that found their way through the forest.


He supposed and then acknowledged that he was feeling confused towards the concept of being romantically, and intimately he added with a small blush, involved with another male. The idea was foreign to him. Not that he was totally oblivious to the fact of same gender couples, just that he hadn't, to his knowledge, met another guy before that liked guys.

As it was he was a complete beginner with nothing to lean upon for support. It wasn't like he could go and ask Trowa now was it, without turning beet red in the process, when said male was the one person responsible for his doubt and questions. He didn't feel comfortable enough talking about it to anyone of Trowa's friends either.

He wasn't going anywhere with this, he realized, when he yet again came up short and thoughts only more jumbled than they had been before. What was that that Hermione had said once after Sirius's death? Oh yes. He needed to confront his feelings before they consumed him.

At the sudden noise of brushing leaves and twigs he jumped off the tree trunk, reaching for his wand and stopping when he saw who it was.

"Trowa." He breathed, returning the wand to his pocket.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Trowa said when he came into view. "I didn't see you at first." He added with a small quirk to his lips.

That was the point, Harry thought, as his eyes were unconsciously drawn to those lips. Averting them as soon as he caught himself doing it.

Light footsteps alerted him to Trowa's approaching form but he couldn't decide whether to stay in his place or follow his small urge to flee, whatever he was supposed to be fleeing from though was unsure.

"Is something wrong?" Trowa's slightly concerned voice brought his eyes back up.

"Wrong?" He asked, eyebrows bunching together in confusion, before they smoothed out into a small frown and he ducked his head again.

"Nothing's wrong." He mumbled.

"You're a bad liar."

Harry flinched but kept his head down, pressing himself tighter against the tree.

"Tell me." Trowa insisted at his silence.

"I don't even know myself." Harry muttered.

"Is it the kiss?"

He flinched again, feeling the now familiar warmth spreading in his body and the close proximity between him and Trowa didn't help either.

"I was completely sincere in my actions, then and now." Trowa's voice was steady and warm.

Harry's body tingled at the confession.

"Are you…?" Trowa's hesitant, almost uncertain; voice broke through the haze that had been building in Harry's head. "I thought you enjoyed it too, but if not, I apologize."

"What?" Harry twisted his head to stare stunned at Trowa.

What did he just say? Apologize?

Trowa seemed to battle what looked like a pained, hurt, expression from slipping onto his face.

"If I have interpreted your feelings," He frowned ever so lightly. "Towards me wrong then I apologize and promise I won't approach you again."

Harry kept staring at the taller male, the words slowly making their way through into his brain, and when the words connected he felt a painful tug inside. It prompted him to reach out a hand to clutch tightly around Trowa's wrist as the other made to leave.

"No, it's not that!" He let out, and rushed to say before he lost his nerve or lose the opportunity to ever do so again. "I-I do like you, but I was unsure if you were interested, you know, liked me too…" He struggled to say and stopped as those brilliant moss green eyes pierced into his, striking him, pain exchanging for hope in their depths. "…even though I'm a bloke…" he finished lamely, at a loss as to what to do next.

Understanding seeped into Trowa's features next and he smiled, larger than any other smile Harry had seen him do ever since he met him that first day, and it was great. That smile was so wonderful he could only keep staring at him and he was only distantly aware of his hand still clutched around Trowa's wrist. A wrist who's owner used it to pull Harry closer, free arm wounding around a thin waist and they stood there. Both keeping a firm hold of the other while they could but gaze at each other.

It was corny, Harry would admit later, how Trowa then quirked a small silly smile when he spoke again.

"You like me?"

"I said that…didn't I?" Harry said, letting out a small nervous laugh.

He couldn't believe he'd actually done that.

"It doesn't matter." Trowa said. "It doesn't matter if you're a bloke, a man." He continued, loosening his wrist out of Harry's hold, the smaller letting him and entwining their hands together.

Suddenly he was pushed backwards, his back to the tree trunk, hand around his waist now pressed against his hip and clutched hands besides his surprised face.

"Can I kiss you?" Trowa asked then, already halfway down and head tilted, coming even closer.

Harry could feel the puff of breath against his lips, swallowing, and licked them.


Trowa closed the remaining distance.

It was good, so good. Maybe he wasn't a fair judge, having close to none experience, but Harry thought Trowa was a terrific kisser. He moaned, startling himself but Trowa pressed further, response a low groan as he delved deeper inside.

Trowa retreated for a few seconds, eyes cloudy, and Harry used his free hand to grasp at the fabric of the man's shirt, pulling him back to him. Urges and newfound desires guided his movements as he, first hesitantly, pressed his tingling lips against warm ones. Before growing bold and searching out the other, then feeling overwhelmed at the pure hotness that met him as he explored Trowa's cavern.

A hand dived into his hair, sliding down behind his ear. He was pulled away, frowning ever so slightly at the loss, breathing deeply. Moss green eyes glinted and bent down. He shivered when something searing hot lapsed onto the side of his throat and he gasped, now clinging onto the shirt in his hand and eyelids closed tightly.

Merlin, this wasn't like anything else he'd experienced before!

Then almost as soon it left his throat, his eyes opening and Trowa's face came into view again.

"They're calling for us…" He said, sounding mildly breathless.

"…what?" Harry asked equally out of breath.

"Duo's coming this way." Trowa continued, stepping away and giving Harry some space.

That got his attention and he pushed himself off the tree, nearly stumbling but was caught by the arm by Trowa.


"No problem." Trowa smiled.

"Hey guys! There you are. What took you so long?" Duo said tripping up to them. "Wufei's about to get a permanent spasm from how his eyebrow's been twitching from annoyance at you taking so long."

He paused, looking from the one to the other before his eyes landed on Harry, and kept them there. Walking up to the raven haired, who threw a questioning glance in the male's direction, he came to a stop in front of the raven haired. Harry dimly noted that they were about the same height before Duo reached a hand out and tapped with his finger lightly against the male's neck.

"You might wanna cover that up, or do something about that if you don't want everyone else knowing about your little rendezvous." Duo said, smiling smugly.

Harry frowned, not getting it at first, but throwing a look at Trowa, who was holding a hand to his mouth seemingly mildly embarrassed, eyes averted, it clicked in his head. He immediately clasped his hand above the area, blushing furiously and stammering while Duo just smirked.

"That works too, but won't that be awkward if Trowa's wants to add another one?"

"Duo." Trowa said sternly, coming to stand nearly in-between the two.

Duo raised his hands.

"Okay, okay. I'll let the guys know you're coming back in a moment." He said while backtracking, still smirking, and then leaving the two alone again.

"You okay?" Trowa asked over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Harry said hurriedly, not removing his hand and unable to look the man in the eyes.

"You're doing it again."


"Being a bad liar." Trowa clarified, turning around and stepping up to him, enveloping the male in a firm hug. "If you're worrying about Duo, don't. He won't tell."


"You're not regretting it are you?"

"Of course not!" Harry protested.

"That's good." Trowa said, smiling and planting a kiss to his forehead.

They took their time, just standing there, Trowa's arms wrapped around his shoulders while he held onto the sides of Trowa's shirt. His forehead resting against the man's chest, trying to hide his blushing face.

AN: Really enjoyed writing the last part (for obvious reasons) and even had to restrain myself at some places, so as not to shock poor Harry with too much, too soon. I'll try and work on finishing SC's next chapter this weekend. /Lin