Bobby Mercer was lying on the roof of his newly returned vehicle. He had worked out a self-defense plea with the detective in charge of his case, which had been a bit difficult considering Scott had skipped town and couldn't testify.

Still, the shooting of his father and a notebook belonging to Mr. Sundry, graphically detailing what he had done to Scott and what he wanted to do to Scott, was plenty of evidence for the police to conclude the respected guidance counselor was a pedophile.

Bobby himself got off with a month of probation and some community service, probably because someone at the precinct owed him a favor or two.

He laid his head back on his crossed arms and smoked a cigarette. Apparently, Scott hadn't told anyone where he was going, or that he was even leaving. Bobby was not too worried. He was pretty sure, one day, Scott would come back.

One day, he reminded himself.

The end. 11:53 a.m. 9/13/08.

Thank you my readers, faithful and ever-effervescent. Thank you. Sorry chap 14 was so short. Hopefully you'll read my next one, whatever it may be. Goodbye.