Not Another Cinderella Story

By: Facing the Storm

Summery- Every now and then, we find a special friend, that never lets us down. Who reaches out each time we fall, he's the best friend she's ever found. A different perspective on the dance scene. RXR

He stared down from the staircase to find Kat sitting alone, watching the other couples dance. She looked so lovely in his mother's dress and her soft brown hair flopped over her shoulder. There was a certain sadness about her that made his heart ache. He smoothed a few unruly strands of his blonde hair and descended the stairs.

Kat sat alone, not daring to look up, for fear her depression would show. Her date turned out to be a total jerk and now she wished that Casper could be with her now. He had been there for her, her only true friend, and she had ditched him for some fleshy jerk? She felt tainted, guilty. He was probably upstairs in his play room, wishing he had never laid eyes on her. Suddenly, a shiver passed through her. It made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She looked up at the most handsome boy she had ever seen. He extended a hand, and she took it without hesitation. He led her to the dancefloor and wrapped his arms around her.

He trembled slightly, not sure that what he was doing was appropriate and prayed that his nervousness didn't show. He placed his arms around her and linked her arms around his neck. He led her gently and the slow music played on, but he could barely hear it. He could only hear the frantic thumps of his heart against his ribs.

Kat stared up into his crystal blue eyes. "I've seen those eyes before..." She thought "He's a lovely dancer, whoever he is" She blushed slightly. He smiled. He cleared his throat, catching her in his gaze. "Told you I was a good dancer..." He told her with a grin. She stared at him with a confused and slightly frightened look. "Casper?" His smile faded. "Can I keep you..." His eyes pleaded her silently, deep blue, passionate eyes. She felt an odd fluttering in her chest and glanced down on impulse. She grasped at him. They were floating three feet above the ground. He leaned in when she glanced back at him, fear in her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll never let you fall." He felt her relax in his arms, somehow knowing that what he said was the whole truth. She laid her head on his chest and sighed. She listened to his heartbeat and felt a kind of ryhthem between the music and the beat. He kissed her temple. The room, Whipstaff, and everything else fell away until it was only him and Kat, floating on the dancefloor.

The gong of the Grandfather clock snapped them back to reality. Casper turned to it and a small panic shot through him. 10:00. His time was almost up. He turned back to Kat. It was now or never. "Casper?" Kat asked. He nodded and boldly kissed her. She sank a little in his arms. He felt his material body falling away, but he held on, burning the feel and smell of her into his memory, so he would never forget.

After all, this was not another Cinderella story...