Ranma Saotome Doesn't Miyah!

Disclaimer: Heyas! Tigee here popping in to say that the author claims no ownership of either Ranma ½ or Tenchi Muyo. All characters and so forth are owned by their original creators though the situations that they'll be going through are a result of a rather twisted mind. Before you go, I've found this nifty little black hole the other day, wanna see? Its just right over…Hey! Don't ignore me! Get bac…

"Normal speech"

'Inner thoughts'


Sub-Dimension 1179 - 'Washu's Laboratory'

12:03 p.m. - Relative time based on emergence point of Sub.-1179

In one of the darker, less used sections of what is quite arguably the most advanced lab in the known galaxy, a travel-worn and masculine figure nervously crept towards the nearest light source. While most would scoff at such timidity the locals would have applauded his caution. That's not to say that the young man in question actually knew where they'd be 'local' to. That would just be silly. No, the young man, Ryoga to his friends, hadn't the slightest clue where he was(and probably wouldn't have even if you tried to tell him to his face). Ryoga did however know WHAT he was in.

A mad scientist's lab.

It wasn't all that uncommon really. You'd be surprised how many bat-shit crazy people are geniuses and have access to some sort of laboratory. Ryoga, with his ability to appear damn near anywhere in the world, had seen more then his fair share of strange places. This is why he looked rather nervous and absolutely refused to so much as brush up against any the complex equipment that surrounded him. Insane martial arts trained toughness or not there are just some things that a man was just never meant to be exposed to. Like horny female Troll guards.

Brrrr… bad memories.

Anyways, the Lost Boy, calling upon years of experience with the bizarre was making decent progress to…somewhere…when he heard…IT! A sound that bodes well for no one but the creator of said horror.


The evil cackle of a delighted mad-scientist/villain. Joy.

His gaze wildly seeking cover, Ryoga made a mad dash(Ha) towards nearest decent hiding spot he could see. Given his sense of direction it's really no surprise that that happened to be closer to the frightful laughter.

"Too predictable she says! I'll show her predictable!" Twitching Ryoga peeked around the corner of what he vaguely identified as a massive computer bank. At a well-light work-station, moving with a frenzied pace and a bone-chilling smile on her face was the owner of this particular lab. Absently, he noted that she appeared much younger then the standard oddball that usually puttered around in one of these places.

Looking no more then 12 or 13 at most the young girl wore an odd and darkly colored outfit that contrasted sharply with her plain white lab coat, pale complexion, and…pink hair? Oh yeah, definitely mad scientist colors there. Obvious to her observer the girl continued working on whatever it was that she was building. Some box-shaped thing from the looks of it. 'I'd better get out of here before she notices me. I'll need the stealth of a ninja for this. How does Kuno's manservant do it?'

"Oh right. Sneaky feet, ninja feet…" Feeling a little more confident that he was 'invisible' the Eternally Lost marital artist began moving towards what he felt was the exit to this nightmare waiting to happen. Unfortunately he didn't quite make it.

"One last adjustment and…there! Finished." Giving an evil giggle the project was quickly picked up and carried over towards a viewing and containment chamber that sat just outside Ryoga's line of sight. The Lost Boy was so terrified of being noticed by the lab owner that he failed to pay attention to the fact that she was flying. He did however listen when she started a monologue.

"'What are you going do about it mom? Turn me into a kappa? Embarrass me with story? Its all old news'" Despite the sudden urge to face-fault over what even he suspected was a poor imitation Ryoga managed to stay upright and avoid revealing his presence. Meanwhile the completed box thing was placed on a table, a pose able nozzle pointed at the tank. As the floating scientist dropped a pair of darkened safety goggles over her eyes he couldn't help but feel a small sense of curiosity. It wasn't often that he actually got to see one of these…people at work. Usually he wandered in looking for either Akari or Akane, the asylum escapee would spot him somehow, and then things would start blowing up as they cackled and he ran for his life.

'I wonder what she thinks a device the size of a shoe box can do. Then again, that nasty pervert and the creepy old mummy are tiny and they're about the only people in Nerima that even Ranma can't beat.' Ryoga briefly drifted off into fond memories of Ranma getting the crap kicked out of him by a shrunken pervert. By the time he resurfaced so to speak all the last minute preparations had been completed and the mad scientist-girl was ready to test her invention. Never taking her eyes off the target she leaned forward and pressed an oversized button on top of the device. With a second and a half to charge, the nozzle fired a thin grey beam towards…whatever.

Ryoga shifted a bit but he still couldn't see the result without going around the corner. It didn't matter much as the young lady started singing her own praises. As she started to repeat herself Ryoga's rather considerable skill at selective hearing (1) kicked in and thus was a certain pig-tailed martial artist soon-to-be screwed.

'Bah…she's even bigger blow-hard then Genma. How long is she going to go on about how great she is? It's like listening to Ranma talk about his 'greatness'. What makes him think he's so great! One of these days I'm going to take him down a couple pegs and see how he likes being the loser! Once that jerk is beaten Akane will be even nicer to me, just like Akari. Akane and Akari…Akane and Akari…Aka…wait, what was that last thing she said?'

Finally paying attention again the Lost Boy tried recovering the last few minutes of her speech/rant. 'Something about a transformation I think…wonder if that would do anything to a Jusenkyo curse.' That's when, as far as Ryoga was concerned, gold was struck.

"Watch yourself Ryoko, and tremble in fear of mighty Turn-you-into-a-cabbit machine! Mwa-ha Hahah! Might need to give it a better name though…" Looking thoughtful the lab owner stared off into the distance pondering on possible clever names for her new toy. Washu was debating the merits of 'Cabbit-o-matic' and the 'Cabbitinator' when off in the distance a sizable explosion could be heard. Groaning, the self-proclaimed 'Greatest Scientist in the Universe' turned to the sound and spotted the beginnings of a smoke column. "I can't believe this. I can bend space/time, rewrite D.N.A., and make physics do the Hokey-pokey(anything that embarrassing has to be universal) but I can't keep a blonde ditz from trashing my lab every month! Just brilliant Washu!" Absently she reached down to hit a button labeled 'Reverse' before heading towards the explosion.

Grumbling the scientist turned a corner and disappeared among her machines. She'd barely been gone at all when Ryoga popped out from his hiding place and dashed over to the table. With a gleeful expression the device was snatched up and cradled to his chest. 'I can't believe it! A box that turns people into rabbits, RABBITS!' (2) A quick celebratory jig later the now precious object was gently packed into his sturdy traveling pack. Satisfied that it wasn't going to disappear the martial artist slung his bag over his shoulder and marched off, whistling cheerfully. For far too long Ranma had mocked his curse, had 'taken advantage' of his weakness. Now the tables would turn and mister 'I'm the best' would discover what it was like to be small and helpless.

Distracted by happy thoughts of Ranma's suffering Ryoga didn't even notice the world around him fading away. Even if he had been paying attention he simply was just not Aware enough to notice the ancient and bored entity tweaking his fate and/or location for its own amusement. (3)

In the Nerima district of Tokyo it was a beautifully glorious day. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. It was warm but not hot, with a playful breeze to keep the air alive. There hadn't been a major explosion in at least a week. In the Tendo residence and dojo it was just as nice. The bills were paid, the house clean and in good repair, the occupants in good moods. Happosai hadn't been seen since the wedding fiasco and neither had any of the other unwelcome guests. It was the sort of day that anybody would have been happy to just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Therefore, Ranma had been panicking for hours and was quickly approaching his mental breaking point.

It was him after all. The walking chaos magnet, crazy shit personified. He wasn't supposed to be happy or peaceful, not since he got to this Hellhole called a district. In very close to 2 years he had seen, done, and heard things, a great many things, very few of which had been at all pleasant. Anymore it seemed that his days alternated between semi-normal and 'Sweet Kami! What's happening!' It wasn't AS bad as it sounded. He was use to/resigned to weird things happening now and having every other day to heal up was (these days) more then enough for him to recover from whatever beating he'd taken the day before. The part that was getting to him was that it had been a very peaceful week. 7 days. 7 days of relative peace and harmony in the house broken up only by a malleting or three. By now he wasn't all that far from losing it, wondering what possible nightmarish 'adventure' could have been building for all this time. Whatever it was it sure as hell was going to be a dozy.

At noon he walked in to gulp down Kasumi's cheerfully prepared meal all the while trying to conceal the nervous tic that had taken up residence on his cheek. Carefully, each of the other members of the house hold was inspected. It did not settle him that they were all cheerful and calm. 'Damn it, if something doesn't happen soon I'm gonna go pick a fight with Kuno. Can't let the weirdness build up anymore or it'll really be hell when it lets loose!'


Everyone at the table blinked repeatedly as Ranma nearly jumped through the ceiling at the sound of Kasumi's dulcet voice. "Ranma-kun, is wrong? You seem so tense this morning." Laughing uneasily Ranma let go of the ceiling tiles and landed without a sound in his seat.

"D-don't worry about it Kasumi, just feelin' a bit jittery this morning I guess." 'It's no good. I need to calm down somehow.' Frowning, the cursed martial artist stood up and started to leave, hands shoved in his pockets. "I'm going out to train a bit. I'll be back in time for dinner." There wasn't much response to his announcement, just a few mumbles of acknowledgment. Akane said something about womanizing perverts under her breath but since the other fiancées hadn't been around lately(and school was on break) her temper was on just a low simmer. Unfortunately, the lack of accusation only made him more paranoid then before.

In an empty lot not far away from an unsuspecting Ranma reality briefly weakened. It was a more common occurrence then an ignorant/lesser being would have thought. The universe existed in a perpetual state of entropy, after all, slowly heading towards a collapse of all matter followed by an explosive rebirth known commonly as 'The Big Bang'. Higher level planar entities who lived through one of these events found it to be a thing of great beauty and truly moving emotion. Too bad it's so rarely seen right?

Anyways, back in the everyday, the opening provided by this common happening was swiftly taken advantage of and as the near-rift (4) recovered a certain fanged and cursed Lost Boy stepped out. Paying no attention to his surroundings Ryoga began skipping as his sub-conscious took note of the natural sunlight he'd stepped into.

"Today's the day, yes indeed! Today's the day that Ranma falls!"

'I wonder how long it'll take to find the bastard. I wanna see the look on his face sooooo badly!'

"Wherever you are, prepare yourself Ranma! Your days are numbered now!"

After leaving the house Ranma wandered aimlessly on top the walls and roofs of Nerima. Out in the open where he could see everything happening around him Ranma felt a little better. Maybe he thought, he should just be happy that he got a break from it all. 'Maybe having to fight Saffron and deal with The Wedding so close together bought me some sorta karmic credit or something?' Thinking about it about like that it made some sense right? He couldn't suffer all the time(5). Finally relaxing into a more normal pose for himself the martial artist only walked a block more before he heard the triumphant voice of his most skilled rival.

"Wherever you are, prepare yourself Ranma! Your days are numbered now!"

"I guess P-chan's finally back in town. That's pretty good time for him actually." Curious, and more confident then he'd been in a couple days Ranma diverted off his path to check out what ever it was to make Ryoga so happy. 'New technique or cursed artifact. Either way it'll mean everything going back to the way it was.'

Several blocks from where Ryoga and Ranma swiftly headed to a confrontation Akane Tendo stormed down the streets, her infamous temper ablaze. After days of calm her fuse had been lit by an off-hand comment by Nabiki about how it was the first time in 3 days that Ranma had left the house. Akane wasn't quite sure how, but the innocent(for once) remark had convinced her that Ranma was in fact going to find out why his floozies hadn't come by in a while. Soon she came to a simple crossroad, offer a choice between going left and right. Absently she went left heading towards the Cat Café. Behind the temperamental girl the Snap-point(6) quietly faded away, the decision made.

Crouched on a fence Ranma regarded his best pal/rival/training partner with a well trained eye looking for some change in body or aura that would signal a new technique or power. When several moments of Ryoga skipping failed to reveal anything the pig-tailed martial artist unhappily concluded that pig-boy had found another crappy magic artifact. 'Fucking again! What is it with p-chan and the Freak finding all this damn junk! At least the Ghoul has an excuse, bringing all this shit over when she came to see what Shampoo's problem was.'

Ranma Saotome was not a happy man.

The relief he'd felt at the return of 'normalcy' was quickly fading at the thought of dealing with whatever the 'Great and Powerful' magic charm was supposed to do. No matter who was tossing them around the damn things always screwed up somehow and he'd FUCKING be the one to deal with it. Again!

Recalling Doctor Tofu's advice about stress and blood pressure Ranma did a few deep breathing exercises, something he had become alarmingly familiar with since he and the old man had shown up. Ryoga of course went right by him with out noticing, too lost in his happy place to pay attention. Briefly Ranma considered letting him continue on his way but chances were that if he did the other man come back at a much worse time for him and make him doubly screwed just as all the fiancées blew their collective stacks.

It's not paranoia if they're all really out to get you…

"So Ryoga, what's gotcha whistling and skippin'?"

Nearly jumping out of his skin at the suddenness of the question the fanged fighter whirled around, falling into a defensive stance. Seconds later he slid to something more aggressive seeing that it was only Him. "Funny that you should ask Saotome, because I've got something that will make sure that you never hurt Akane ever again!"

Rolling his eyes Ranma waited for the Lost Boy to dig through his enormous travel pack, tossing most of it to the side as he looked for…whatever it was. Minutes passed before Ryoga finally straightened back up clutching a head-sized box with a pipe sticking out of it. Blinking and scratching his head Ranma wondered what kind of magic box had a nozzle on it? From where he sat he couldn't see a line on it to mark a lid though it did have 2 buttons on the top that read 'Change' and 'Reverse'. What did he have now….

"Ryoga, do you even know what that thing does? I mean, it's got an instruction manual or something right? Even Pops doesn't mess around with magic unless it's got a booklet or…"

"Shut up, Saotome! I heard her talking and I know all I need to know about this, this, thingy!"



Ranma stared blankly for some time before the ridiculousness of the comment got to him and his head dropped down with a muttered curse. 'Why is it always me? What could I have possibly done to deserve this? I ain't the nicest guy but Kami damnit! (7)'

Ignoring Ranma's mumbles about shit-heaps and shovels, Ryoga finished aiming the 'box' at him and took a second to really enjoy the moment. 'I wonder if all vengeance feels this sweet…' "Ranma Saotome, prepare to be transformed into a fuzzy bunny!" Without hesitation the Eternally Lost Boy pressed the 'Change' button and fired the device.

If Ryoga had shouted anything else things would have happened differently. If he'd screamed 'Ranma Saotome, prepare to die!' or maybe 'Take your punishment like a man!' he would have dodged the beam on pure instinct. If he'd said nothing Ranma would have feel the hairs on the back of his neck go up and gotten the hell out of there. But no. Pig-boy had gone and yelled something about 'Fuzzy Bunnies'. What the kind of friggin' self-respecting martial artist names an attack after bunnies. Well, Konatsu might have but he was pretty fucked up mentally anyways. Living with harpies that ugly that long would have done the same to any man.

Anyways, the grey beam did its job and the world quickly shrank for our favorite pig-tailed martial artist (like you know any others…) as his finely tuned body under went incredible changes. When it was done everything went dark as his clothes collapsed on him. Struggling and screaming every curse he knew Ranma fought his way to freedom popping out clumsily in his new body. A quick hop managed to right him and a single look at Ryoga told him just how much he'd shrunk. Not Good. 'Ryoga! Change me back now or I'll 'spar' you to a pulp!' Getting altered wasn't doing his temper any favors and neither did what came out his mouth instead of a blistering threat.

"MIYAH! Miyah miyah miyahhhhhh!"

Both fighters froze, stock still, at the sounds being uttered. Ranma because of confusion and the slight resemblance to the dreaded cry of …the furry things. Ryoga because, because, well…

"Bwa-hahahahaah 'snort' hahahahahah! Listen to 'snicker' you! You sound like a magical girl mascot or something! Hehehehe!" With this Ryoga collapsed into a heap, unable to control his laughter. It was unfortunate for him; this meant he couldn't see what was happening right in front of him.

You'd think that even laughing he would have been able to sense the immense build up of power in Ranma's little cabbit body.

Sub-dimension 1179 - 'Washu's Laboratory'

1:27 p.m. - Relative time based on emergence point of Sub.-1179


Satisfied that the shrieking alarm had been well and truly silenced, one Washu Habuki drifted to one her numerous information stations. She wasn't particularly worried about what ever set off her alarm. Anything dangerous -by her rather lax standards- would've set off her REALLY annoying alarms. This was probably just a 'minor inconvenience'. "Lets see…bringing up the alarm log, scanning for registered dangers, launching localized sensors programs…ah-ha! There it is! Now, lets see what had the nerve to interrupt my nap…"

The residents of the Masaki shrine knew without doubt that today was going to be a bad day when they heard Washu scream…through a dimensional barrier.


"…and I'll never touch myself in naughty places ever again Kami-sama if you'll just let me get through this alive! I don't even have to even have to be in one piece, jus…"


"MIYAH!" ^Die you cock-sucking motherfucker! DIE! DIE! DIE!^

The residents of Nerima where used to odd sights and events. Why, even before that Saotome boy came along they'd never been a 'normal' district by any means.

This, however, took the cake, ate it, and then threw up in your toilet a hour later.

It just wasn't every day that you saw a master level martial artist (8) run the hell away from a flying, glowing, black furred jack-rabbit.


Yep. Definitely new.


"Nabiki, do you know where Ranma went? I looked at both of the hussy's restaurants and he hasn't been to them all day."

Lazily, the middle Tendo daughter looked up from her magazine to her baby sister. "You sure Akane, they might have just said that they didn't see Ranma to trick you." 'Not that its all that hard to trick you baby sister.'


"No. I asked some of the customers too and they didn't see him either."

"Weird. I guess its another one of those quiet days; we've had a lot of them lately."

Akane nodded happily "I know. It's really nice to have some peace for once. I hope it lasts." Nabiki snorted in amusement.

"As if little sister. Where ever Ranma goes, insanity follows like a lost puppy."


Both sisters looked up at that last explosion. "Hmm, seems like its coming closer." Both curious they stepped outside and headed to the gate, followed by Kasumi and even Soun and Genma. Quietly they lined up on the sidewalk staring at the far end of the street closest to the sounds. It was not long before the source came around the corner screaming like a little girl.



"Is that Ryoga?" Akane asked her sister "Is that rabbit glowing!" Eyebrow quirked Nabiki watched the fanged martial artist flee down the street, tattered clothes leaving trails of smoke in the air. Not 10 meters behind him said 'rabbit' fired a beam of red light from somewhere around its eyes destroying a property wall.


Smirking Nabiki lifted her trusty camera and snapped off a few pictures as the strange duo disappeared around the corner. "Well everyone. It looks like quiet time is over. Any one want to make a bet about how deeply involved Ranma is in this?" Barely audible over the fading explosions was the sound of pockets being searched for spare change.

Earth - 531, 796,710.95 R.5/TenMu-AU/C

Masaki Shrine, Japan

1:31 p.m. - Local Standard time

In the living room of the Masaki household a rare moment of cooperation took place. Carefully, the majority of the family members approached the entrance to Washu's lab. Though not off limits, Washu herself was really the only one who spent a great amount of time here. After a silent game of rock-paper-scissors Ryoko was picked to knock on the door.

"Mom? Mom what's going on it there, we could hear you screaming over the TV."

Seconds later the door flew open and Washu rushed out, unidentified equipment in hand. "Big news everyone! Huge news!" Waving a holographic screen over her head, the tiny scientist smirked in anticipation . "I found a cabbit here on earth!"

Ryoko snorted, unimpressed. "Yeah mom, Ryo-ohki is right here." Washu shook her head still smirking.

"Not Ryo-ohki, a second cabbit, some where in the Nerima district. It showed up on my scanners just a few minutes ago." Murmurs greeted her declaration.

"Are you certain Washu?"

"Absolutely Katsuhito. I've checked it 3 times. It's definitely a cabbit, and its been fighting something!" Ryoko's head snapped up at that comment thinking of her own incredibly sweet-natured partner.

"Fighting? Do you know what it's fighting?"


Ryoko's check twitched. "If there's a cabbit out there fighting for its life, don't you think we oughta do something mom?" Washu blinked briefly before looking sheepish.

"Err, right. Lets get going on Ryo-ohki shall we?"

Earth - 531, 796,710.95 R.5/TenMu-AU/C

A random dark alley, Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

1:59 p.m. - Local Standard time

It had been a long and very painful flight for Ryoga, constantly being hit by those red beams, crashing through walls, being pelted by cars and some of the less dangerous martial artists of the district. If Ryoga had ever heard the phrase Death March he probably would have used it to describe the 30 block run from the lot in which he'd transformed Ranma to this dingy alleyway where he'd finally been pinned down in. Wearily the Lost Boy eyed his tormenter as the man-turned-cabbit hopped menacingly towards him.

"Miyah, miyah." ^Give me the box Pig-boy.^

Ryoga stared blankly, unable to understand what his rival was saying.

"MIYAH! Mi-yah miyah!" ^Damn it Ryoga! Give me the box and I'll let you go!^

"I don't know what you're saying Ranma, but you probably want the box don't you?" Ranma nodded quickly, glad to see the other boy showing a little common sense(self-preservation). There was a long, quiet moment as Ryoga shifted his cargo to stare directly at the 'Reverse' button on top of the box. A single push was all it would take to turn Ranma back into his normal form. To once again be the best martial artist.


An all-consuming numbness sank into Ranma's mind as his only way to become human again was turned into scrap metal by Ryoga's incredible strength. Staring his rival square in the eyes Ryoga lobbed the newly minted junk at the other's feet with a loud clatter. "Fuck you Saotome. Lets see you be a man now."

Ryoga couldn't feel anything but a mild sense of satisfaction as he stared unflinching at increasingly enraged man/cabbit. There was no fear at the blood red rage aura forming. There was no regret about actions taken or not taken. Not even the anger and depression that were normally so deeply entwined with the image of his pig-tailed rival. There was nothing but a mild, pleasurably feeling.

'You'll probably kill me with that new beam of yours you bastard, but I've finally got my revenge.'

Flushed with rage and sorrow Ranma subconsciously super-charged the ruby gem embedded in his forehead. Thinking only of getting even with latest wrong in his young life the martial artist prepared to fire.

^Take this you…!^ As the energy beam compressed for release the world around him jumped and blurred and quite suddenly Ranma found himself someplace, else.

Back in the alley Ryoga stared silently for several minutes waiting for something to happen, anything at all. When nothing did and it became obvious that his attacker well and truly gone he dropped flat on his back and began to laugh. It was an ugly, broken laugh of a man who has just looked his own death in the eyes and has barely escaped with his sanity intact.

It would be hours before anyone worked up the nerve to see what poor soul would make such a sound…

(1) The only individuals better at this particular skill are Akane, the Kuno clan as a whole, and a mother-in-law; any mother-in-law. Moose and the fiancés come close. Genma, Soun, Nabiki, and Kasumi all hear just fine but choose to ignore things they don't like. Ranma? Who the hell knows man…

(2) He's never heard of a cabbit before so he thinks she's just mispronouncing it.

(3) The psycho from the 7th plane strikes again!

(4) A near-rift being a section of reality that is not a full-blown tear and thus easily accessible and weakened allowing for easier travel for higher plane beings.

(5) If you suffered constantly it wouldn't really be suffering anymore, just a facet of your life. Taking tiny breaks lets you remember what its like not to be in pain and thus suffer a great deal more for it. Sucks right?

(6) Snap-points are any big life hanging events, its just there are so many people only really track the 'What the Hell!' moments. Much easier.

(7) Actually, he'd been a literal saint in his previous life but his reincarnation paper-work had been accidentally switched with Al Capone's. What a twist!

(8) Watch the anime and TRY and tell me those crazy bastards aren't at Least master level. Just without the self-control that comes with years of focus and self-improvement.

Chapter One: Complete!

Author's Note;

I'm afraid I never really learned to type the proper way and it really shows in my work. Everything I put down has to be double and triple checked for the stupidest little mistakes and every time I do I see this or that little thing that could be changed or tweaked to try and make the story more enjoyable. Anyways, this is my first real story and if even one person enjoys it then all the time I spent fussing over it will have been worth it.

In the spirit of fun I've always enjoyed the omakes that pop up in this story or that. Its sort of like going to the theater and having a stand-up comedy skit during the intermissions. If any one thinks up any little quotes or omakes for 'Ranma Saotome Doesn't Miyah!' I would love to see them. I'll post the really good ones and cite you as the source for it. Of course this is only if you give me permission to do so. I look forward any response you care to make.


Tigee86 A.K.A. The Dire Teddy Bear.

Someone asked what would happen if the Cabbit Transformation box were to misfire as it was destroyed. Lets find out...

Submission by Kytranis: Yukinari of Girls Bravo.

"You Idiot!" Kirie shouted kneeing Yukinari in the face and giving the gynophobic boy what any other male would call a very nice view, he flew backwards towards the now glowing bathtub reflecting another bathroom entirely complete with a very cute girl on the other side, just in time for a red beam of light to blast through the window and he was gone in an instant.
"Yuki...nari? What happened?" Kirie asked concerned to the now empty bathroom.

A few hours later Yukinari came to feeling funny, that red beam had knocked him out. He was comfortable and very warm with a faint grape smell, absentmindedly he got up not realizing he had been transformed, or that he was now floating. "Oh wow! Cutie-chan can fly! Animals from Earth are amazing!" a girl with pink hair and eyes, pale skin and three dots on her forehead said excitedly.

"Wow, some girls have all the luck. Miharu, just remember little sister you have to clean up and feed the little fluff ball." what looked like a darker version (Tan and hair wise) and bustier version of the smaller girl said kindly as Miharu plucked Yukinari out of the air and gave him a hug. Thus began the new life of Cutie Sena-Kanaka, formally known as Yukinari Sasaki. Although gaining a mostly human form two years later and ending up marrying his 'owner' caused a hell of a stir. Needless to say the cabbit had lost his fear of women very quickly. Being pampered by them day in day out does that to you.