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Chapter One: Cast Out

My name is Kaisuke and I am eight years old. In fact, today is my eighth birthday but I am not at home, getting gifts and loving words from my parents. I am wandering alone with nothing but the clothes on my back and my first name.

Confused yet? I know I am.

I was shaken awake three days ago by the monster of a man who raised me and ruled our lives with an iron fist, while my loving mother was away on an important ANBU mission for the Hokage.

Without her protection, I was defenceless against him. His moves, attacks and strikes came thick and fast. Pain was everywhere, mind, body, soul and heart. He cursed at me while he beat me again and again. Screamed at me that he knew what I was and how I had no place under his roof or his name.

In that instant, my life turned upside down and inside out. My father, not that he had ever been much of one, was casting me out.

It was the worst punishment he had ever given me and I still didn't know what I had done wrong. I was being thrown out. Out of my home, out of my family, out of my life.

Suddenly, the beatings stopped. My father, or former father as he was now, turned and walked away from me. He returned an instant later, holding my jacket and threw it at me.

"Get out!" he spat at me. "I want you out of this village by sunrise!"

I knew better than to question or argue. I slowly, painfully, rose to my feet, shrugged on my jacket and limped weakly out of my, former, home, knowing that once the door closed behind me, I could never return.


I wasn't fully through the door as it slammed behind me. The full force hit my back and sent me flying forward. I was still too weak from that last beating to raise my arms so there was nothing to break my fall. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to see the landing.

The landing never came. Two strong arms were suddenly around me, cushioning my body and pulling me from the ground before I could reach it. My heart heaved in overloaded relief and I welcomed the darkness that called me from my pain.

When I awoke, I was laying on a sofa in a very familiar living room. I sighed in relief when I saw it was still dark. My father, former father, would kill me if I was still here at day break. Sounds of an argument came from the nearby kitchen. It was my mother's two closest friends, Naruto and Neji, men I called my uncles. Not within my, former, fathers hearing though, he didn't like it.

"We can't just do nothing!"

"I agree, Naruto, but without Sakura's word, WE would be the criminals."

"So we just have to watch him leave?!"

"Only for now, Naruto! As soon as Sakura gets back…"

"Youshi Garukin is a dead man!"

There was a muffled sound and my uncles seemed to be at an agreement. A strange chill filled my body as their conversation continued.

"We're forbidden to go with him." said my uncle Neji. "He's going to be all alone out the…"

Neji's voice vanished as the sky began to lighten.

Suddenly, everything was a blur again. I was in Neji's arms and he was racing me toward the gate. Uncle Naruto had sped off, shouting that he would meet us at the gate. I clung fiercely to Uncle Neji's shoulders. I was terrified! Terrified that the sun would beat us to the gate, terrified that we would make it but Uncle Naruto wouldn't make it in time, terrified that we would all make it and I would have to watch the gate close between us, terrified that I would never see them again, terrified that I would never see my mother again.

I closed my eyes to force back the tears and let my mind wander with whatever images it chose to show me.

My mother! The great, powerful and proud Sakura Garukin. Born of the Haruno clan. The most loving and caring mother the Hidden Leaf Village had ever seen. Uncle Naruto use to joke about how she seemed to worship me. My former father, before the beatings began, would simply smile and say that she loved him so much, that she saw his son as perfection itself.

Everything had changed one simple, ordinary night.


It was only a few days after my fifth birthday. I had woken up thirsty and was just passing my parents bedroom when my whole world changed. My father was screaming at my mother, demanding that she will have another child. My mother was a bleeding mess in the far corner of the room.

That was it! Something within me exploded. I burst through the doors without thinking. I shouted at him, "You leave my mommy alone!"

He spun around to face me, I knew I was done for, but my feet kept moving me closer, my rage was just too great. My mother screamed out to me. "No! Kaisuke run! Get away!" Then she turned and shouted at my father. "Leave him alone! Please?! He's just a child!"

My fathers glare reached mine. Suddenly, his murderous glare lifted, replaced by complete shock. I didn't know what it was but something, perhaps my mothers pleas, made him take a step back from me.

Then it was all over. His murderous glare was back with even more force and fury. He smirked at my mother, who screamed in a way that the whole house grew colder. It made me feel as if the whole world was in pain. I looked over to my mother, feeling her pain.

The last thing I remembered was something hitting the back of my head.

End of Flashback

Neji gently placed me on the ground just outside the gate and hugged me tightly.

"We need your mother's claim to let us take you home but, we will come for you! I promise!" He pulled me even closer within the hug and whispered, "That monster will pay for this!" before he finally released me and stepped back through the, now closing, gate.

"But Uncle Naruto? He didn't make it in time!" I pleaded, desperate for the gate to stay open, just a little longer. Neji smiled softly at me. "Don't worry. He may run late, but he always keeps his word."


The gates sealed shut in front of me, ending my life in Konoha. The gate guards, also friends of my mother, looked heartbroken by what they had to say next. I saw them turn to face the rest of the village and lower their heads, briefly mourning what was happening. After several minutes, they raised their heads, took a deep breath and called out to the village.

"Hidden Leaf Village! Konoha! Hear us! Kaisuke is no more! None may allow him entry! None may travel at his side! None, save one, may call him home! Kaisuke is cast! Cast from Konoha and the name of Garukin!"

The effect was instant. Gasps, cries of wrong-doing and shouts for the Hokage echoed out from behind the gate.

I couldn't see. Tears were flowing down my face and splashing to the ground. I felt like I had just been cut in two. One part of me stood broken and alone on the outside, while the other was trapped inside Konoha, screaming for someone to let me back in and begging someone to get my Mom.

I didn't even realise Uncle Naruto was there until he had already turned me around and pulled me into his arms. I blinked back the tears and tried to bury myself in his chest.

Once I had cried my eyes dry, Uncle Naruto pushed me back slightly. "I can't go with you, Kaisuke but I can't send you out there all alone." He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and placed it gently in my hands. I turned it around in my hands. There was nothing written on it but it had two seals on the back. One, bearing a symbol I did not recognise, was split. The other, bearing the symbol of my mothers clan, held the envelope closed.

"What is it?" I asked as I put it in the front pouch of my jacket.

Uncle Naruto sighed heavily. "This is a letter that your mother and I stumbled across when we were somewhere we shouldn't have been." He patted my shoulder gently as he slipped a couple small bags of ramen and a water bottle into my side pockets. "You don't have to be alone out here. As soon as we can find your mother, we will be coming to get you! I promise!" he sighed sadly. "You need to understand something, Kaisuke. We're not sure where your mother is. It may take us a while to find her." he sighed again. "I'm worried about you being out here on your own."

Uncle Naruto tapped my pocket with the letter in it.

"There is another from our village out there. He's something of an outcast too. You need to take this letter to Uchiha Sasuke! Word is that he's somewhere nearby at the moment. Ask everyone you meet if they know him. He'll protect you until we can come get you. Until you find him, or we find you, don't forget what we taught you."

With that, Uncle Naruto stood up and patted my shoulder once more. "Now we each have a mission. I have to find your mother and you have to find Sasuke. We will meet again little one!"

Uncle Naruto smiled at me as he leapt up a nearby tree and back over the wall into the village.

I brushed myself off and glared at the gates. "You'll be sorry when my Mom finds out!" I stomped my foot as I shouted. I didn't mean to do it, it just sort of happened. It felt really good though.

To be continued