That's it!

I'm getting impatient by my own deadline.

I don't care about getting twenty reviews anymore. Both stories are going to be written anyway.

The Sequel was more demands anyway, so I'll start with that.

The Sequel will be called Blood Lines and has already been planned out.

The winner of my little contest is: AYA-SAMA3000!

For the review claiming that you were dying by cliff hanger.

Honestly, if there's a better review that a writer can get, I'd love to see it.

AYA-SAMA3000, review this or private message me.

As the winner, you get to name your own character in Blood Lines. Please give as much detail about you character as you can, I'll need it for your characters dedicated chapter. Also, I won't own your character, you will and this will be stated in each disclaimer.


As soon as I get your character details, the first chapter can be posted.

Sorry to everyone else who reviewed. I really LOVED all your reviews and perhaps I'll give the same offer for one of my other stories (I've got plenty). I might even make it a theme (I'll certainly think about that one.)