Sheer pain, the metal- tipped whip lashed against my skin again and again. Vlad was going to beat me until I died, I knew. His red eyes were full of malice and angry. He wanted revenge against Danny and Jack. Danny, my one true love, my best friend was there chained to the wall with ghost and human proof chains.

Danny's eyes were full of tears, his eyes pleading for Vlad to stop the torture, but it was too late. He was never going to stop now; he went over the edge and went into madness. Danny's once crystal blue eyes were now an emerald green. He tried uselessly to break free of the chains that prevented him form saving me. He just couldn't do it. He wasn't strong enough.

I was slipping into the light, nobody, not even Clockwork could save me now. I was dying. I looked over at Danny, trying to get the message across. After a minute I looked down slowly, the whip still coming at my body at high speeds. All over were wounds from the dreaded thing, each bleeding heavily. I wanted to escape the pain.

Suddenly Danny screamed, seeming to get the message now, tears coming down his face faster than ever. It was time for me to go and I knew it, I mouthed "I love you," but I don't think he saw it through his tear filled eyes. I fell backwards and before I knew it darkness overtook my vision. The pain slowly went away and I went into the light. May God save me now.


She went limp, my best friend and love was gone. Vlad was merciless and beat Sam until she died. I was furious, I could feel my whole pupil turn bright lime green. I never been this angry, this monster had killed her. It had stop beating her realizing she wasn't breathing anymore. Vlad looked at me and backed away slowly. My breath came really ragged and my whole body was itching to go up and beat him with everything I got. He, no the monster deserved to die. I struggled against the chains, trying to break to break them and get the thing that had killed his Sammy.

It just watched me and laughed, "It's useless to struggle Daniel! It is too late to save her now!!!"

I just grinded my teeth together and struggled harder, with one last burst of strength I broke the chains. Vlad, no it looked surprised and looked like he wanted to say something but I beat him to it. I flew up and punched him in the jaw. I heard a sickening CRACK as I broke his jaw. I continued, wildly punching and kicking anywhere I could land a hit. It, for some reason wasn't fighting back but I didn't care. I stopped for a second to pick up the whip. I started to whip it, wanting him to feel the pain he caused Sam. I wanted to hear him scream in pain! Then it came upon me, Sam, his Sammy, his best friend and secret crush was gone and she was never coming back. I never got to tell her about how I felt. I was never going to see her again. I fell to my knees, his heart broken, and started crying.