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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1

Kiba walked down the rocky path to the front gaits of the village, the village hidden in the Leaves. He was coming back from his one man mission, feeling good of how well it went.

``Haha Kurenai Sensei owes me 10 bowls of ramen at Ichiraku's,'' he hummed as he stared up at the clouds above the gates, ``and she thought I would get killed out there, all alone''

He looked up at the sky, breathing deeply he thought of how far he'd come from the academy, he was a Chunin now, nearly a High School Junior, a 17 year old. His wide smile he wore turned in to a frown as he stood in front of the gates, and a small sigh turned into a growl.

He clenched his fists `Time to face facts Kiba, you're not a kid anymore, you need to grow up!' He thought to himself. `You need to stop acting like the child you were 7 years ago.'

He slowly walked through the gates and pulled his left hand out of his pocket to wave at the guards he saw so often. He put it up and greeted them with a good afternoon, trying to smirk but it wouldn't come to his face.

``Hey, Kiba, back already,'' one of the guards asked looking towards the shinobi who looked like he just got out of a fight with a pack of wolves, ``you okay?''

`` Ya of course I am, where have you guys been all my life?'' The Shinobi replied with the smirk that finally came, he had to admit his hair was a little messed up, and the ninjas he had ambushed did get a few good shots at him, but he was NOT going to to let a few scrapes and bruises let anyone think he was soft, not even a little.

``Where have we been, we've been here all day, remember we were here when you left this morning, Kiba-san?'' The other guard said curious to see what his next comeback would be.

``Oh ya, right, I forgot this mission was supposed to take two day huh?'' The brunette said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. ``Well then I must be pretty fast huh?'' he grinned trying to cover up his idiotic behavior he had just realized he had.

``Ya ya'' the same guard said in an annoyed tone. ``why don't you report to Tsunade, and get a check up when you're there would ya?'' he wasn't pleased

``What ever'' Kiba grunted, and he walked off toward the Hokage tower.


The boy walked up to the road and looked downward towards the tower, he wondered who was there. He had been so busy all summer the only people he saw was his sister, Hana, and the teamates who would usually accompany him on regular missions, Naruto, Hinata & Shino. Naruto would always seem like he was bored of C-ranked missions, and Hinata would always be quiet if Naruto was there. She likes Naruto and everyone knows it, except Naruto, probably because he liked her too and dident think anyone would like him back. All Shino would do is act like, well Shino, which was suspiciously quiet and creepy. The one person that he was hoping to see though was Sakura Haruno, she was the friend he could rely on to dowhat she could to help him without complaining, because that was the kind of person she was. He instantly thought back to what he was doing, and shufffled down the path getting ready for what scolding Lady Tsunade would throw at him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1

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