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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~chapter 6


"Kiba Inuzuka!!!! Hurry UP! We're gonna be late!" Sakura's voice shattered through the Inuzuka pet shop. She was trying to reach the lazy puppy at the top of the building through the door. *knock-Knock-KNOCK-KNOCK* "KIBA!!!" she was about to knock for the third time when she heard the knob on the front door turn. As soon as it was wide enough to see through she noticed it was Hana, wearing her doggy-bone pajamas.

"Well Good Morning Sakura-san, here to pick up lazy bones again?" she spoke in a cheerfull manner, which was how she allways was with her fellow Medical Ninja, but ofcourse she was a vet herself. Sakura stepped into the house and felt a brush of fur by her feet, she looked down only to feel the urge to kneel down and pet the white ball of fur everyone called Akamaru. "Looking nice i see Sakura." Hana spoke again, "always like you to make a lasting impression on everyone." Sakura smiled, this much was true, and she was looking forward to the summer also. Yes that's right, it was the last day of hers as a Junior at Konoha High. She was wearing dark blue jean shorts, and black, green and white tanktops layered above.

"Heh-heh, thanks Hana!" The kunoichi brightened up, the familiar vet nodded and waltzed into the kitchen. "Akamaru, let's go wake up that owner of yours. Shall we?" The dog nodded and tagged behind the girl up the stairs. Sakura's head turned slightly to each side of the wall waiting for Kiba's door to show itself. Finally she came to it, and without a doubt Akamaru slipped right through the dog door which was conveniently there. "*sigh* ofcourse, Kiba has a dog door into his room..."

bap-bap-bap. her hand pounded the door quietly "Kiba..." and she whispered his name, hoping she'd have to do nothing more................sadly with no pervail. she pressed her hand firmly on the door in effort to push as she turned the knob. The door slowly squeaked open. Reveiling to the pink haired maiden a room that was as messy as Naruto's appartment, but this one room had all the filth of a whole appartment. Clothes everywhere, some were his......some hers. She searched the room for any sign of life, untill her eyes rested on a quiet shinobi laying in his bed. He looked so peaceful for once, not trying to kill anyone. She got a sudden smirk on her face but wiped it away swiftly, trying not to let her inner-self take over.

C'mon Sakura........how could just a little, innocent, sex hurt you?

`shut up! before I hurt you!`

Seriously Sakura......you know your craving it........


She shook the thoughts out of her mind and proceeded to step towards the bed. She reached over it to pull away the curtains. Uncovering a brightly un-tamed world floating in the light breeze, surrounded by June air.

"Kiba, rise and shine, it's the last day of school."

all she heard in return was a moan

see he's ready for it too.....



`why not?`

EXACTLY! why not?


she gaped in her thoughts as she stood over the not-so-innocent young boy. she reached her small hand down and glased it over his cheek and upward to play with his hair. She fixed her eyes on his slightly uncovered body, and smiled to herself lightly.

"Kiba, please get up..." she smiled when she finally sensed movement. `ok, he's not dead...` "heh-heh-heh..."

"UGH! Sakura-chan! I'm not ready to go yet!" Kiba growled.

"I didn't notice." she smirked back trying to pull him out of bed.

"I said, I'm not ready to get out of bed yet!" he barked and with one swift move he yanked the girl's shoulder and she instantly fell ontop of him, face down.

"Kiba." She said in a low, warning growl. which slowly turned into a yelp as he pulled her closer to him, but the short moment seemed like forever to Sakura. Immediatley, their lips met. Sakura could sense the growl in the back on the boy's throat.


Sakura couldn't help agreeing with her `inner`. After a few seconds Sakura could feel Kiba's tongue run over her lips.

`Whatever it takes to get you out of bed faster`


She slightly opened her shut lips only to find Kiba's tongue instantly over hers. Not soon after he released her for lack of air.

"NOW, get out of bed, get dressed, please!" Sakura pleaded

"Can't you just walk? Why do you have to have me drive you? Why do you even care if I make it to school OK?" Kiba asked, Sakura just gave him a look that said 'you-already-know-so don't-ask' look. "OH ya" she gave him another that read to him like she was trying to say 'look-what-we-were-just-doing-you-idiot' "OK I'll be down in 5 minutes, stop rushing me!"

"UGH! THANK YOU!" she ran down the stairs to wait. Akamaru jumped up from his place on the floor and patted towards Kiba, who was stairing at himself in the mirror...again.

"Why make your own dog watch that?"

"Oh shut up Akamaru, at least we didn'-"

"DON'T make me imagine your words, thank you"

Kiba threw on some clothes and smirked at Akamaru, then ran down stairs.

"So then I'm like 'NO WAY, BITCH' and then he said-" Hana was cut of by her younger brother who dashed over and clenched Sakura's arm to tug her away. "OK bye Sakura have a nice day!"

"Thank you Han-" Sakura was cut off again by Kiba.

"YA thanks sis!" he said in a sarcastic voice. He hopped onto his motorcycle and gave Sakura his hand so she could get up too. "Ready?" he asked her.

"NO DUH." she said, equally matching Kiba's sarcasm towards his sister. With that he gave her a playful glare and sped off.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Naruto's voice was still shaking through Konoha High when Ino answered him.

"Who's Birthday?" She said cheerfully 'only one more day Ino, one more day......'

"No ones, Naruto's just hyper..." Sasuke said, glaring.

"Well maybe he's just happy he only has one more forced day with you Sas-gay." Shikamaru said, happier himself.

"Hn." Sasuke replied.

"Hey look, Kiba and Sakura are late again, maybe they actually have a reason this time." Temari said pointing towards the road, she sounded arrogant and curious.

"Whatz up fellaz?" Kiba smirked as he pounced off his bike towards them, Sakura with her own rythm behind him.

"HEY girlies! Exited?" Sakura screeched hugging each of them.

"Exited for what?" Kiba asked innocently. The bell rang at the end of his sentance.


"Oh nothing," Sakura replied. "let's go to our first class, TenTen, Temari." the two fled after their friend.

'UGH!' Kiba thought and he ran off with Shikamaru and Naruto.

-lunch bell- *BBBRRRIIINNNGGG*

The familiar Kunoichi ran through the hall towards the cafiteria, knowing this day was almost over.

"Having a good day?" it took her a few moments to realize this question was aimed at her.

"What? yeah." She looked around for whoever was asking her this. finally her eyes were fixed on a shady figure in the corner, Sai. She immediatley took off for the cafiteria again hoping her single 'yeah' answer was enough, but surly he caught up to her in a moments notice. "WHAT SAI?!!" She blurted out, she was about to swing her fist in his face but he caught it. She growled deeply, and tried to kick him but he caught her knee before she could do anything. 'ha! now i got you, no hands left.' Bitch. She took another clenched fist and through it towards him, in landed on his stomach and thankfully to Sakura he stepped back a few feet and let go of her. "CHA! HELL YA!.....oops" realizing again what was happening, she sped off again. channeling chakra to her feet as she went. By the time she got to where she was headed, she was out of breath. She made it to were Ino, TenTen, Temari, Hinata, Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru, Naruto, Gaara and Kiba were sitting and practically fainted into Kiba on lack of energy.

"Whoa, Sakura-chan, are you OK?" Kiba asked frantically.

after a few seconds she pulled herself together and answered him. "Yeah Kiba, I'm fine don't worry."

"You almost fainted, though" Naruto's annoying voice rang in the poor girl's ears. She gave him a death glare and then turned her head to smile at Kiba again.

"Nah, I'm just, super exited that...school's almost over, yeah, and we can all hang out and what not during the summer.........Yeah uh-huh I'm exited." She spoke trying to cover up her fatigue. Kiba scratched the back of his head as if he was still comprehending what just happened. After a second or two of this he stood up and chuckled. Oh no....Sakura thought did he? could he? is he going to.....

"That Jack-Ass." Kiba barked, clenching his fists

Oh shit he, he figured it out.

`don't do anything stupid Kiba!`

"K-Kiba?" Sakura stuttered, looking back and forth between the boy in front of her, and the friends behind her.

"So, wheres the dope so i can go kick his ass?"

`your the dope Kiba`

"Don't get yourself into trouble on the last day of school Kiba, please?" just then Sai walked through the cafiteria's doubled doors. Kiba twitched and bolted towards him. "UGH! You Idiot! You just defeated the purpose of my pleading! SAI!" Sakura shouted and ran after Kiba, even with her lack of chakra she tried her best to preform her channeling because of her boyfriend's agility. finally she caught up with him just before He was about to reach Sai. "Kiba" She said in a warning voice.

"Just- one-....punch! Sakura!" Kiba struggled to get out his words blocked by rage.


"Sakur-! did you say OK?" He looked back to her when she realeased his shoulder from her firm grasp.

"just one"


Sai complained "WHAT?" *BAM*

"OK I'm done" Kiba said as he walked Sakura back to their table.


"YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a series of chants where heard as each teen celebrated for the end of the year!

"So Girls, I know your not just exited because of this, so what?" The guys asked

"OH THAT!" Ino winked at the rest of the girls

"what what what?!" Gaara practically yelled.

"just, girl things" Temari winked back.

"what a drag just say it!" Shikamaru droned

"Why should we?" TenTen winked again

"your all so annoying" Neji blurted

"Do you want to know or not?" Hinata smiled and winked

"I don't know" Sasuke glared

"I DO!" Naruto screamed over Sasuke

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK OK we just all planned a end-of-the-year sleep over at Hinata's" Sakura spilled and stuck her toungue out at them.

"Is that why you spent all that time on the phone recently Hinata?" Neji asked. The girls nodded. Kiba walked over to Neji and whispered in his ear the boys nodded.

"HEY!" The Girls of course already knew what was happening, they were all having a sleepover. Or at least all in the same place.

"Kiba Inuzuka, NO WAY!" Sakura said in a warning and annoyed voice. He shook his head and smirked then pulled her close to him in a hug.

"Welcome to summer Sakura-chan."

"NO, your not gonna give me any crap are you?" she whined trying to break away from him.

"HEHE don't you know me yet?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~chapter 6

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