When a raven carried her to me, I thought she would not last. Before her, I could just laugh at such weakness. But it has been her that has shone me I am weak. I should have her head. She has my heart. Little Rin. A raven did carry you to me I am sure. Most men say their children were carried to them on the wings of a dragon, the winds of a god. But upon the wings of a black raven furled through winds of hell, was that girl brought to me. In my time of darkness and loss, she was a jewel. A jewel that could not lose its appeal; even in death.

Later, that girl's smile could be the sun. A star. A bright light in my dark hell. What am I? I am a demon of hell, am I not? Then why so was I taken in by this girl when I vowed to take her in? I can feel the seasons change. A light is upon the wind . . .

Then and there, Lord Sesshoumaru could see her face change. Was she still the same happy girl? Her front had changed, but there was her smile. It proved her happy difference. But her look. There was a new sparkle in her eyes. A different sparkle. A look into the sun could guess it to be true. She looked to the sun and laughed when he smiled.

She died inside.

He would cry inside.

I realised suddenly, I loved him. I looked at my stone cold lord with softened eyes.

"My lord. I must apologise" He turned to steal a glance. My face was wide and surely happy. I let him breathe it in. My happiness. I was always happy to be with my lord. There it was. A smile! I giggled softly. With that my lord turned to the sun. Happy I turned and ran into the field of flowers, ripe with glee!

"Rin, you never have to apologise... You're my heart. My little Rin." A whisper, A wish and a promise were carried unto the wind. With deaf ears I turned to the sun. So bright.

"My rival! Hello great sun!"