Title: Declarations of Action

Rating: K+

By: ab89us

Olivia walked down the halls of the hospital, looking at all of the rooms until she found the first one that she was looking for. She knocked on the door and walked in when the deep, smooth voice of her boss granted her entrance. Once in the room, her eyes fell onto the man's left arm, held up in a sling to keep pressure off the bullet hole that Peter had put there.

"How are you feeling?" She asked and crossed her arms under her breasts.

"I'm fine."Broyles answered. "How is Peter doing?" He then asked and saw concern and worry settle into her eyes instantly. It didn't take a genius to know that she had feelings for the man.

"He's my next stop." Olivia declared. "From what Astrid said, he has some whiplash and a pretty nasty bruise from the seatbelt, but he's alive and is going to be just fine."

"Good."Broyles gave a short nod. "You should go see him, I'll be fine."

Olivia gave him a small smile and left the room in search of Peter, she found him just a few rooms down. When she looked into Peter's room it was to find him talking with Walter who appeared to be making a fuss over his son, Peter looked annoyed. When they noticed her, Walter made some excuse to leave and shuffled out of the room quickly. Olivia watched him go with a confused look on her face.

"He's concerned." Peter said.

Olivia turned back around to face him and gave him a weak smile. "He's not the only one." She answered softly.

Peter sighed and sank onto the edge of his hospital bed, rubbing his sore shoulder a bit.

"I'm okay Liv, you don't need to worry about me." He tried to soothe her fears. "How pissed is Broyles that I shot him?"

"He didn't seem upset, just glad that you didn't shoot him in the head." Olivia stated and walked over to the side of the bed so that she was facing him.

She reached out and took his hand, pulling it away from his injured shoulder so that she could see the large seatbelt shaped bruise that was forming there. She then replaced his hand with her own, letting the heat from her palm soak into his marred skin. Peter placed his own hand over hers and then moved it to her cheek.

"I'm fine, really." He insisted and hooked his index finger under her chin to turn her head so she was facing him.

"I know." Olivia said, but she didn't sound convinced.

"What is it?" Peter asked, seeing the trouble and guilty look that settled into her eyes.

"I just…I feel like I should have known. Massive dynamic is capable of so many things, a lot of them we haven't seen but a number we have and I, I should have at least thought of the possibility of this case being more linked with the company than what were thought and were told. I should have questioned it more, I should have…" Olivia started to ramble but stopped when Peter pressed a thumb against her lips.

"You didn't know, I didn't know, none of us knew what was going on and what could happen." Peter shook his head. "You can't blame yourself for what happened Livia."

Olivia nodded and bit her bottom lip before making eye contact with him again. "You're right, I shouldn't blame myself, but I do. I'm a trained agent, I'm supposed to be able to tell when people are lying to me and withholding information like in this case. Yet I didn't see any of the signs, I should have."

"Olivia, you talk about being able to know when people are lying and withholding information. I was a conman for many years and even I didn't pick up on it." Peter pointed out and rubbed his thumb gently against her cheek while still holding her chin with his other hand. "You couldn't have stopped any of it Livia. If you hadn't noticed that I was missing then I might still be stuck with that kid and who knows what he would have made me do."

"Like shoot Broyles?" Olivia teased lightly but saw his eyes harden a bit.

"He had me shoot Broyles not only because he's my boss and was in the way, but because he knows that Broyles is someone in my group of friends." Peter explained. "I can't even imagine what he'd try to make me do to you if he knew about you."

"I don't fit into your group of friends?" Olivia raised an eyebrow.

Peter smiled at her and moved the hand holding her chin down onto her back so he could pull her towards himself until their foreheads rested together. "You know that you mean more Livia."

"Do I?" She asked, her eyes falling to his lips briefly.

"Yes." Peter answered and started to lean into her.

Olivia's eyes fell shut, waiting for the touch of his lips against her own, their breath mingling and their lips a few mere millimeters away from each other. Their lips had just barely brushed when they both shot apart at the sound of Walter's voice as he came into the room.

"Peter, the doctor said that you can go home now." Walter exclaimed happily, oblivious to the frustration that both his son and Olivia felt at his interruption.

"That's great Walter." Peter pasted on a smile and glanced at Olivia for a second.

"Come on, let's go home." Walter urged and put a hand on Peter's uninjured shoulder and lead him from the room. Olivia followed behind and walked the two of them to the old station wagon.

"Are you sure you can drive?" Olivia asked Peter when she saw him grimace at the pain in his shoulder.

"I'll be alright." Peter said, leaning against the car while Walter got in. "Will you come by later?"

"I'll be by later tonight." Olivia promised and looked to see what Walter was doing before she popped up onto her toes and pressed her lips against Peter's in a short kiss and then walked to her own car.

Peter watched her leave and felt a smile spread across his face before he got into the station wagon and drove home. It was hours later and dark had fallen when Olivia showed up at the house with a large bowl of soup and a package of pain medication for Peter. Having already eaten, Peter put the soup away but gratefully took some of the medication.

"Thank you." Peter sighed and sank back into the couch.

"You're welcome." Olivia said and sat down beside him. "Where's Walter?"

"He's asleep." Peter stated. "You kissed me earlier."

"Yes I did." Olivia nodded. "You were going to kiss me before Walter interrupted."

"Yes." Peter agreed and placed his hand against the back of her head and pulled her into a deep kiss.

She instantly responded and leaned into him and let out a low moan when he pushed his tongue past her lips to explore the recesses of her mouth and to dual with her own. When the need for oxygen won out, they pulled apart, Peter's forehead resting against Olivia's.

"I'm glad you're okay Peter." Olivia said and gave him another, softer, kiss. "If anything had happened to you, to hurt you more…"

"I'm fine." Peter cut her off gently. "I'm fine and I'll continue to be so. Today was unexpected but it's over now. We're all safe."

"I know." Olivia nodded and welcomed Peter's arms around her.

He gently laid back on the couch and pulled Olivia with him until her head was resting on his chest, his head on a pillow. They both relaxed at the feel of the other and slowly allowed their eyes to close and sleep to wash away the troubles of that day.

A/N: Another awesome chapter by ab89us. All credit goes to her!