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Juliet Capulet peered around the big wall surrounding her estate. After carefully examining her surrounds she quickly crept down the road. She heard the sound of horse's hooves and men talking, she quickly flattened herself behind a tree. Soon enough the horse's and its riders passed, leaving her alone once again. Juliet gave a small cry of glee and ran over the bridge.

Juliet, a small seven year old, had decided she wanted to go exploring without her nurse. She'd never been out by herself and at first she was slightly intimidated but eventually that passed as the feeling of freedom overtook.

Juliet stayed away from the busy bustling part of Verona in case some Capulet servants saw her and took her back home. So she wandered around alley ways and soon she found herself in a beautiful orchard. She plucked an apple from a tree and she munched on it as she wandered down a road that ran alone side a stream, humming a tune to herself.

But the poor seven year old wasn't familiar enough with this part of Verona to know that she had wandered out of Capulet territory, she wasn't even in neutral territory.

Juliet had wandered into the Montague's land .

"Lookey here boys," a loud voice cut through Juliet's daydreams.

She turned to see a group of seven or so boys heading towards her, she instinctively took a step back.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing out here all by yourself," the blond boy asked, he seemed to be the leader of the gang.

"Just out for a stroll," Juliet murmured.

"A stroll! She's out for a stroll," the leader proclaimed loudly, as though he'd never heard such a marvelous thing.

"What's you're name darling," a dark haired boy who stood next to leader asked.

"Juliet," she said shyly.

"Juliet what?"


A thick silence suddenly descended onto the group. Juliet was confused by the sudden looks of shock and hostility.

"Did you just say…Capulet?"

"Yes," Juliet said uncertainly.

The boys muttered to themselves quietly until the dark haired one who talked before spoke to the leader, "What do we do Mercutio?"

Mercutio surveyed Juliet with thoughtful eyes before speaking, "Juliet's the name of Lord Capulet's daughter. Would that be you?"

Juliet nodded uncertainly.

Mercutio flashed a grin, "Well then Juliet. I am Mercutio. Prince Escalus's nephew."

"Oh," Juliet said in an awestruck voice, "It's an honor to meet you."

"Yes I'm sure it is," Mercutio smirked but then his face turned sorrowful, "But I'm afraid, sweet Juliet, that you are in quite a bit of trouble."


"You see my dear, you're on Montague land."

Juliet quickly became panicked. Though she was only seven she wasn't a fool, she had been raised on stories of how horrible the Montague's were and these boys weren't looking very friendly as the moment.

"And seeing as I'm the only one of royal blood here," Mecutio continued, "I'll be the one to hand your punishment."

"But I didn't know," Juliet said.

"Figures," the dark haired boy said snidely, "Capulet's are so stupid they get lost walking home."

Juliet turned to him angrily.

"At least I won't grow up to be a servant to the ugly Montagues."

She hadn't been sure if he was a servant but judging by his reaction he was. It wasn't even a very good comeback but he was offended nonetheless.

"Why you little-" he took a menacing step forward but Mercutio raised a hand to stop him.

"Abram don't let your temper get to you. Now's the time to show her that Montague's have more class than Capulets."

Juliet snorted in disgust, bringing Mercutio's attention back to her.

"I'm afraid that was another strike against you, now you'll definitely have to be punished."

Mercutio let his eyes wander around his surroundings to look for inspiration. He didn't want to hurt Juliet, she was just a small girl after all, he just wanted to humiliate her. And he found his answer when he noticed the stream running besides the road.

"Juliet Capulet, I herby sentence you to be thrown into the stream!"

The stream wasn't deep, maybe half a foot, but it was muddy and it would ruin Juliet's dress for sure. And Juliet had endured enough of her mother's and nurse's lectures on ruined gowns to last her a life time.

So she did was any sensible seven year old would do. She ran.

Off course she didn't get far, the boys were much bigger and faster than she was and as soon as they caught up with her they began dragging her towards the stream.

Now Juliet really began panicking, she shrieked the first name that came to her mind.


"Ugh," the boys recoiled slightly. Juliet could be quite the screamer when she wanted to.

They were all quiet for a moment as Juliet began crying slightly.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this," a boy said uneasily.

"She insulted us," Abram said, unmoved by the girl's tears.

"But…she didn't really do anything," the boy who had spoken before reached out to touch Juliet's shoulder comfortingly.

She wrenched away, "Get your hands off me scum," she hissed.

"See," Abram sneered down at Juliet, "Can I push her in Mercutio?"

After Mercutio nodded his consent the Abram grasped Juliet firmly by her shoulders as they stood on the banks of the stream. The others moved to the sides, watching intently. So intently they didn't hear the sound of someone swiftly approaching.

"Bye-bye little Capulet wench," Abram said in a sing song voice, "I'm sure your dress will look gorgeous covered in mud."

"Actually I think it looks just fine how it is."

Abram turned towards the voice just in time to see a fist before it collided with his nose. He went flying backwards, falling into the muddy stream where Juliet was supposed to be.

The others looked up to see Tybalt Capulet looking at them murderously.

"Tybalt," Juliet cried joyously and ran to him, flinging her arms around his waist and hid her face into his side.

Tybalt's look did not waver as he glared at the boys.

Abram was the first to speak from where he was sitting in the stream.

"You broke my nose!"

"You should feel lucky it wasn't something else," Tybalt growled.

Juliet peeked out and saw the other boys backing away slowly with frightened looks on their faces. Only Mercutio looked perfectly at ease.

"So Tybalt, you are aware you're on Montague land. We were just about to punish her for the same-"

Tybalt cut off Mercutio before he could finish.

"I always knew Montague's were slimy bastards but even I didn't think they would stoop down to abusing a little girl. Let me tell you, you're all lucky Juliet's here or I would be busy breaking each of your faces. Unfortunately I don't think she needs to see anymore of that today. But I'll trust you'll look at him," he jerked his head toward Abram, "and know that if any of you ever have any thoughts of treating my cousin this way again, I'll do the same to you, if not worse. Keep that in mind next time you think of messing with the Capulets."

With that Tybalt scooped Juliet up in his arms and began walking down the road back into town. Leaving Abram in the muddy water with blood streaming down his face, Mercutio looking thoughtful, and the rest of the boys so scared they about soiled their clothes.

"Do you have any idea how stupid you've been Juliet," Tybalt scolded, "I've been looking for you all afternoon and if I hadn't heard you scream my name-"

"Tybalt you're my hero," Juliet said lovingly and buried her face into the side of his neck.

Tybalt groaned in exasperation but felt a fond smile creep onto his face at his cousin's words.

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