Now, I wanted to do my WOWP story, but I've been going on a Percy Jackson rampage lately, and I saw the So You Think You Can Dance Canada concert last night! The start of the story is mainly what happened to me. And guess what? NICO WINKED AT ME! Oh yeah, you're jealous of the hottie-hot-hot man who actually winked at me. But on with the story my crowd demanded.

I felt so bad telling Altair the party was cancelled. I felt so bad with Maya and Stefan too. Yet my dad got me So You Think You Can Dance tickets for my fourteenth birthday, they couldn't come, it was just him and I. Yet the dancing was beautiful, the crowd stayed so silent that you could hear their feet touch the ground, even with the music pounding, making your heart beat to the same rhythm. Every performance was cadenced so perfectly, it made you want to watch over and over. After, they signed autographs, I had every autograph on the back of my coat and got hugs and pictures from everyone. It was my dad's present for my thirteenth birthday, and yet I could not share the feelings with my friends, my three closest friends.

My father, Percy Jackson was quiet on the way home. He still kept his mouth very quiet ever since my mother, Thalia Jackson, passed away in a car accident, she was killed instantly, and I was there.

I remember it so detailed, every second and moment of what happened. I remember the bump that made us both confused, but we continued. We should've looked at it, found out what it was, but whatever it was popped off. The muffler came apart and you could hear every sound as it slammed under the wheel and threw the car so my mother was down as the glass shattered into her face and her cheek rubbed against the pavement, while I hung from up above and watched hopelessly as her life drained. Her blood trickled, and she was gone, and I still cried every night about it. I shared my middle name with her, my name was Annabeth Thalia Jackson, and my father turned to me and sighed, looking back to the highway.

"Dad," I whispered, "Are you okay?"

He looked at me and sighed, "Annabeth." he whispered, "Annabeth Thalia." he never said my middle name often, for he knew how sad it made me to think of mom, it had only been three years since her death. "There's something I wish you tell you, when we get home. Your friends are there, and so are some of your relatives I should've told you about when your mother was still around."

My friends were home. I could see them, Altair and Maya and Stefan. They were all unique and weird in their own way. Stefan was a very twitchy-boy, and my father said he was the son of an old friend of his. Altair was a blonde, tanned boy who flirted with all the girls, and even me; but he had the best sense of music, which is why I wanted to bring him so much to the event. Maya was a tough girl, a bit of a bully to some, honestly, but she stood up for us, she was our personal body-guard I could say.

Altair and Maya were in a different class though, they both had ADHD and dyslexia, but my father said it was normal. He said he knew their families very well and they were sure their kids were going to develop these problems in life anyways.

We pulled into the driveway, and my father opened the car door, making it like a little limo for me. He helped me out as we walked into the house. He preceded me up the staircase towards the guest room, which sat across the hallway from where I slept.

There were plenty of people in here. My three friends, who sat silent. Stefan's father was here, but I couldn't see him in the dark, but something seemed different about both Stefan and his father. Something I had never seen about them before. They all sat around two men in discomfort, as though afraid of something about them.

My father steered me into the room, "Father, Uncle." he whispered, and looked back at me.

He looked back at me, "Annabeth, it's time you finally met your grandfathers."

Ooooh! Tense! So, if you don't know about who and what Stefan, Altair and Maya areā€¦then you must be clueless. XD If you do, I want you to guess who their parents are, like, who's Stefan's father and why do they seem so strange? And why are they so uncomfortable around the men? Who are these men? I want to see if you guys know the answers!!