I healed. Slowly. The gash in the side of my head became a mere scar, but a harsh reminder that Troy was still out there. I sat on the hill, alone, I told everyone I wished to have a thought to myself. I leaned back into the grass, watching the cloudless sky move slowly, Apollo making his way across the blue ocean that sat above instead of below.

I had been thinking about my prophecy. Still, nothing had become any more clear. I didn't have much time to myself before I heard someone screaming my name below me. I sat upwards and saw a girl with long blonde hair, tied in a ponytail and green eyes. She ran to my side with quick speed and sat beside of me. It was one of the first girls I'd ever met at camp, Altair's step-sister; Philomena. I hadn't talked to Mena since I'd gotten back. Mena had a crazy smile on her face, like as though one of the Jonas brothers had decided to stay here (They were sons of Apollo). She didn't say much, except for, "C'mon!" Mena grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hill, as we ran towards the amphitheatre.

Chiron stood tall in the middle, Pello at his side and all the campers watching in awe. Mena took a seat next to her brother, who turned his gaze from me. I had not heard a word or a whisper from the likes of Pello or Altair ever since I'd told them of my love for neither of them. I slowly walked to the middle, Chiron held out his hand and I held on to get up onto the centre of the stage.

"I am very welcome to announce!" Chiron's voice boomed like the sound of a bass guitar being turned to full blast upon a crowd anxious to hear their favourite opera. "That Camp Half-Blood has a new cabin. One for children such as these two," he laid one hand upon my shoulder, hugging me and pulling me close, placing another upon Pello's closer shoulder, shaking it like he would to any other male teenager upon this camp's base, "These children do not have a god for a parent. They have two gods for two grandparents. They are still very powerful half-bloods. We are welcome to announce the arrival of their new home," he held out his hand, lifting it from my shoulder to point outwards of the amphitheatre.

Beside the largest of the cabins, in which belonged to Hermes, was a small metallic cabin. It shined several different colors from every angle. It felt as though it were glittering. Chiron herded us out towards the small, shiny cabin. He opened up the door, and inside was beautiful. It was everything that any godly child could want. One thing for every parent. I walked in and it amazed me. The size of the inside of the cabin must've been five times bigger than the outside, like Mount Olympus. You look up from the bottom of the Empire State Building as see nothing but a small cloud, but you go up and see a room the size of the state. There was a small fountain in the middle with a lightning bolt tall enough to go through the ceiling. There were tons of books staked against one wall, with subjects on every thing there was to exist. The floor was pitch black with small flames around the edge, which I couldn't help but smile at. Chiron flicked a switch, and the roof opened up, and you could see the sun crawling it's way across the side. There were very few beds, as there were very few special demigods such as us. But this was amazing.

"Welcome to your new home," he whispered to us. Home. To never be accepted into your original home. My original home was the Zeus cabin. I would no longer be accepted there, for I now had my own cabin. I knew at the end of the summer, it would no longer be mine.

And unfortunately, that day came fast soon after. My father came to pick me up, and I gave goodbyes to all of my friends, turning to my father's car with a small tear as I moved into the dark green truck. The trip home was long, and I quickly went to my room, and asked for a connection with Annabeth. She sat there and looked at me, "Annabeth, are you sure you want to-"

"Yes." I told her. I closed my eyes and took a final breath.

Everything turned black, everything turned painful. She knew what to do, right? We had done this once before, outside my school, but this was final. Not for a couple minutes. I had planned to let Annabeth live the life she never had. I looked the science of it, every night she would grow by three years until she was to her normal self again. She would lose my DNA and hers would come back. No longer did green eyes look into the mirror, but gray.

My father knocked on the door. I sat on the bed, and knew I was no longer a living thing. I saw Annabeth Chase herself at the mirror, and I was a ghost, sitting upon my bed. She looked at my father, "Perseus Jackson," she whispered. "I am no longer your daughter. It's me. Annabeth Chase." She told him about the aging thing and the DNA, "In about two weeks, I shall be the age I should be, and we can be together, Seaweed Brain." She walked up to him. They both knew that having a kiss there and then would not be natural, so they waited.

I followed Annabeth. She grew in rapid speed - I mean that literally. Not like a parent would say "They grow so fast." I seriously mean that she grew three years every night. Like, a full three years. She was now a grown adult with gray eyes, blond hair and a small gray streak upon her hair. She grew to the woman I would never become. I would never 'hit it off' with Pello or Altair. I would no longer live. I was a ghost, following Annabeth, as she did for me.

Next year, they got married. A young child was born the year after. A male with black hair like his father and gray eyes like his mother. Annabeth called him 'her little Grover' as he swiftly turned to veggies instead of meat. He too, was a half-blood. He joined Pello in the mixed cabin.

His name was Daniel. His life was hard. But that's another story to tell.


No, I will not do Choices 3. I have another story in mind about a book that Percy receives from Grover and Annabeth for Christmas, a life story of himself. But what happens when he reaches the end?

I do hope you liked.

Thank you all for reading.