A/N: I tried Edward's POV (I haven't done that before, so I'm not sure how it'll turn out…) and something completely different. For now, it's a one-shot. I hope you like it!

I am weak. I am a coward. I am a monster. I repeated that in my mind during the run home. Home. The simple word sounded so beautiful that it seemed to strike a chord in my arctic heart. I had never had a home before. There had never been an opportunity for words like 'home' when you barely spent several years in any given residence.

But there was no denying it now. I was homeward bound. Though I was extremely fed up with my complete lack of will power, I was content. It would be pure ecstasy to see my Bella again. After all of this time…

Naturally, I arrived in Forks after a mere hour or so. The trees were denser than I remember, and their smell struck me with such intensity that I felt like shouting. The pine needles… Such a simple aroma, yet so symbolic of everything that I lived for. There are only minutes left before we are reunited again…

For some reason that I did not know, I walked slowly and silently through the town of Forks. There were faces that I recognized strolling around, but it could have been a ghost town and I would not have noticed. Only one face mattered right now, and I was determined to find her.

I turned onto her block, suddenly overcome with an unbearable gravity. Bella was inhaling me, though I could not see her, hear her, smell her. The thought of her standing on the sidewalk in the pouring rain in her over-sized raincoat as I sped up to bring her into the shelter of my Volvo; she was much too vulnerable to be alone in the dreary downpour. Memories raced through my mind like a hamster on a wheel. She was standing in the threshold in her sapphire prom dress, just as beautiful as she was with her shower-fresh hair and her torn pajamas. She was sitting in the privacy of her backyard on a rare sunny day, sprawled out on a picnic blanket and laughing as I forced lemonade down my throat. She was perched on the counter with her knees drawn up to her chest, watching intently as I made her a Baked Alaska.

As my eyes fell onto her small house, the place where I had first confessed my love to her, she was suddenly so much more than a memory. She was real. There was no denying that; her presence leaked through every non-existent pore in my skin. Suddenly, I knew that I had done the right thing. The knowledge of this relieved me, because my desire was being tainted by guilt, and that was killing my drive.

Beyond all, I knew that I wanted her. This was something so irrefutably definite, something guaranteed to endure an eternity. Something that was only thirty six and a half feet away from the pavement that I stood on.

But something was all wrong. I could smell only three things: Charlie, with his tobacco-like scent, Billy Black, with his ancient cologne, and Jacob Black himself, emitting a foul odor that wrapped around my throat like a boa constrictor. But there was no Bella.

Though this fact tore through my heart like a thousand javelins, it made me happy. My Bella, probably off with Angela and the Stanley girl, was safe from the filthy werewolf. My Bella, probably shopping just like she should be, was safe from the danger of Jacob. And my Bella, first and foremost, was safe from me.

In the dominant workings of my menacing mind, this was tragic. The anticipation of a breathtaking reunion had been pulled out from under my feet. But this was fate. This was how it was supposed to be. Yes, what were the chances of Bella being out on a rainy day that I knew she would have normally spent reading in her bedroom? Very slim… and very coincidental. Though destiny often worked against my clumsy Bella went it came to tree roots and steep staircases, it was obviously working with her when it came to being protected from me.

All of these thoughts had gone through my mind in one tenth of a second. I did not realize that the scene in the driveway had changed just as much as my perspective had. I could almost feel the anger radiating off of Jacob's skin, though I was certainly not as sensitive to emotions as Jasper was. Yet it was there… A bitter, unadulterated hatred directed towards me. And I returned every bit of that hatred. After all, I had left to keep Bella safe, and as soon as I was no longer threatening her life, the pack of teenage werewolves jump in to take over.

Jacob's eyes slowly focused in on my face, and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Billy was pinching the bridge of his nose, not even bothering to pretend to listen to whatever Charlie was saying. Thwarted by his human senses, Charlie remained completely oblivious to my sudden presence.

With wary eyes, I watched as Charlie helped a dumbstruck Billy up the handicap ramp into the car and slid into the driver's seat. He rolled down the window and leaned out to listen to what Jacob was saying.

"I'm gonna take the Rabbit," the werewolf muttered, "but I'll meet you guys there. You'll be okay?" This confused me. Charlie and Billy went everywhere alone, and Bella's father was perfectly capable of handling Billy and his handicap. There was something hidden in Jake's voice, as it hung in the heavy silence. I narrowed my eyes, jumping out of eyesight into the center of an evergreen tree as Charlie's rusty Toyota ambled by. I could see Jacob standing in the driveway, his hands in his pocket and his black flannel shirt tucked into his trousers haphazardly. Had he turned gothic since I had last seen him? That would make sense; he had gone from a happy-go-lucky fifteen to a dark, morbid 16? Ah. Teen angst…

I crossed the street in a flash of beige and denim, not giving Jacob a chance to steady himself as I appeared behind him.

"Leech," Jacob hissed, trembling with anger. Calm him down, I reminded myself, Bella could be in her bedroom… or on her way home.

"Mutt," I replied, sugar-coating the insult with my velvet voice. I ran my hand smoothly over the tarnished red paint of Bella's truck. How I secretly loved that Chevy…

"What are you doing here?" Jacob snapped, startling me. I remained perfectly composed as I turned around on my heels.

"Finishing what I started," I whispered, staring up at Bella's window. I had climbed through it so many times, gazing in as Bella slept. That window was symbolic of so much… The soft cotton that swung back and forth behind the pane, like Bella's chocolate brown hair…

But something was all wrong. That was not the window that had connected Bella and I…

This window had crime scene tape strewn across it.