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POVs: Alice

Jasper lay on the bed, sending me waves of calm.

"Alice?" he tried. I was about to turn and scowl at him; but I was interrupted by the low ringing of my mobile.

Right on cue! It prevented me from giving in to my husband's demands.

"Alice, you already know who is calling, can't it wait till…" his voice sweet and inviting. I wanted nothing more than to settle into his strong southern arms.

Although, this prospect was tempting, I maintained my no-eye contact vow.

If I looked into his gorgeous…melting…topazes, my resolve would crumple and disintegrate into salt.

"Edward, what's wrong?"

Of course, I already knew why he had called; to relinquish full rights over their honeymoon plans. There was no point in trying to keep me out of the proceedings; I would always find the weakness most advantageous.

After all, I am a psychic.

"Of course, you already knew that". Edward's tone was half irritated, half amused.

"You know I will make sure everything is set, for giving you your perfect honeymoon".

Talking to him about this; made me inherit the bug.

I felt happy and nostalgic. I remembered the first time Jasper and I had our honeymoon; it was perfect. Just the two of us. I proudly stood by his side, as he mine; on the island, in a white cotton shirt …

"Bye Edward, see you later".

Jasper rolled over to my side of the bed, wrapping his arms around my waist. He took my hand into his and kissed it gently and slowly.

"Am I forgiven?" he reached up to stroke my cheek with the tip of his index finger.

"It depends" a grin started to play across my face "whether you decide to come with me to the mall or not". I saw a quick look of pain flicker across his face.

"Come on Jasper, please" my tone was childlike. He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine, I think it better to come with you, to save you from yourself".

I chucked a pillow at his head.

"Hurry up; we have to pick Edward and Bella up".

"But, I thought…"

"Just get a move on" I kissed him cheekily and ran from the room laughing; to the kitchen, where his hands could not catch me.


"Alice, we did not plan to spend the day in each other's company!" Edward stated angrily.

"Well, now we can all spend it together".

He sighed and gave me a pained look.

"There will be plenty of time to enjoy each others presence later" I stressed certain words for emphasis.

He rolled his head and cocked it to the side, to appraise Bella "Don't think we have a choice, love".

Bella sighed beside him, "Alice" I worked on giving her my most tortured look

"A-liccee" she moaned. My look needed a little bit more conviction.

"If we must" she sounded tired and defeated.

"Yay" I bounced on my toes.

"Let's go, we're taking my Porsche".

I hurried them all into the car, beaming as they entered.

"This will be our first official day out as married couples" I swooned.

"We can have lunch together, watch a movie, shop".

"But Alice, we can't actually eat anything" Bella gave me disapproving look.

"There are people who are actually hungry and we just waste the food!" This was sore point with Bella.

I kept telling her that we needed to keep up the façade, my response seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

I thought of a compromise.

"How about, we give it to someone else- a homeless person maybe. There are a few outside the mall".

She appeared to consider this for a moment, which lasted 1/8 of a second. Her eyebrows pulled up thought and her lips pursed.

"Okay" she answered.

I smiled at her, following the protocol, even though I already knew she would agree to my idea.

Edward chuckled "She's got you on a leash, love". Bella slapped his arm, causing him to complain.

It was funny now, to see how she could affect him; now she was as strong as he was. No boundaries, partaking equally. A far cry from the feeble person she first appeared.

Jasper reached out for my hand, entwining them together.

I looked over at his face; it got more beautiful with each passing decade.

In the back seat Bella and Edward were gazing into each others eyes intently.

You know, sometimes he still looked like he wanted to kill her.

"Hey!" something hit the back of my head.

It was the back of Edwards' right hand.

"Do you mind, trying to keep your thoughts to yourself!" he growled.

"I'm sorry Edward it's true". "It's lucky you changed her when you did, we all thought your restraint was improving, but clearly it seems to be spiraling out of control".

Jasper laughed from beside me, the car shook a little.

"Hey! Watch my baby" I crooned.

Now everyone else was laughing, I don't see how that was helping the situation.

We arrived at the mall thee minutes later, I'm glad Bella was over all that road rage fright.

I had always been the one to slow my speed down to accommodate her insanity, now; I could go as fast as I wanted. Without, worrying about my velocity and Bella loved the thrill too.

"Come on, where is the enthusiasm?" "We get to spend the whole day together" my voice was cheery.

"We do have a child you know, ooh a girl this tall-" Bella put her hand just bellow her waist "-with bronze curls, you remember, your niece, that's right her name is Renesme.

There was no point interrupting Bella mid rant, so I let her fess it all up and answered "Rose and Esme are looking after her, I foresaw your complaint".

I stifled a laugh.

She huffed.

We began to walk towards the mall, slowly. See this was the moment that it was okay to take your time; soak up the atmosphere the experience.

Given, we were surrounded on all angels by possible prey and inviting aromas; I would never hurt the people who came to these places.

I loved them as I did my Porsche. We shared this bond together.

Jazz was looking a bit uncomfortable in the environment.

I squeezed his hand. I knew he was only doing this for me.

"Thank you" I whispered. I reached up to kiss his lips.

He peered down at me and said "I love you Ali".

It made my dead heart swell, expand in my chest. I was so lucky to have someone so devoted.

"Cut it out!" Bella whispered urgently. "People are staring at us!" I chuckled, Bella still had problem with attracting attention.

Seriously, I don't know how much longer she can put off accepting the fact she was beautiful; even more so, that she was immortal and frozen at this stage.

"Right, we are going into Gucci" I reached out and grabbed Bella's right arm from Edward's grasp behind me.

"You two wander around; go to the sports store or something, we will meet you back outside here in an hour".

"An hour!" Bella shouted.

"Alice, I am not spending that long in there, I don't even know if I can afford anything they're selling!"

"Fine, half an hour then; and that is not true whatever is Edward's is your too, remember?"

She stomped her left leg, and looked at Edward with a disgusted look. "This is all your fault" she groaned.

It was entertaining seeing her behaving so childlike, even though she was a mother.

"For that I do not apologize, for what Alice is about to put you through, I am profoundly sorry".

He gave her an intense gaze, locking her in place. He knew she could not resist his dazzle.

"Fine" she sighed "Let's get this over with".

She really needed to get over this adversity to shopping; I don't know what her problem was.

Besides I was officially her sister now, so shopping was a right of pasage .

Edward pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her neck.

Jasper approached me, lustful from their shenanigans and drew me to his chest with one arm. His lips locked with mine, moving gently.

"Right" I turned away from jasper "Let's go. Remember half an hour".

Both boys groaned.

I smiled at them.

Bella dragged her feet beside me, literally, as we entered the shop.

The shop window seemed intriguing, I wonder if they had that cotton blouse in blue; it was a sort of Victorian style, Bella would like that.

Before I had time to inquire about this; I spotted a white silk vest top. It was beautiful, the way it flowed under the lighting, a perfect buy for the summer.

I picked two up in size 8's, Bella could have one for when she went on her honeymoon with Edward.

Oh, that reminded me.

"Bella" I called she was at my side instantly, "I want to go over there" she gave me a puzzled look.

One which changed into a comprehensible one, then an annoyed-embarrassed one.

"There is no need to be embarrassed; it is healthy for the soul. You need it for your honeymoon; remember how it was useful there" I rallied.

"Edward and I do not need any help in that department" Bella

"Well it couldn't hurt" I told her.

Giving in, she sighed.

We picked out some tame numbers and few adventurous ones.

Afterwards we found the sales assistants and asked for the top they had in the window in blue.

We were done; there wasn't much in here for a supposed amazing shop, all their best clothes were shown in the window.

Bella's eyes ballooned when she saw the price, I thought they were going to fall out onto the counter before us.

I made an irritated sound. What did she think this was Primark? This was Gucci for heaven's sake.

When we left the shops bags in hand, she rounded on me.

"Is that why you offered to hold everything- so you could hide the price? She demanded.

"I would never have let you buy me anything, if I knew how much it all costed!"

"Bella don't cause a scene, and I didn't pay for anything; take it up with Edward, that was his card. I flipped it over to show her.

She growled.

"Bella, calm down" I soothed.

At that very moment, I had a vision.

There would be a small argument when we went for lunch, but it would all pass by time we were headed home. Good luck Edward.

Actually he didn't need it. He would probably worm his way out of it with: a grin, a look, a smile, an apology and a kiss.

He was getting very apt at the whole evasion of wrath from Bella.

We made our round to a few more shops, buying some more things for the honeymoon. Bella refused to speak to me; so, I proceeded to purchase her merchandise for her.

At about one pm, two hours later- oops, we met up with the boys.

"Where have you been?" Edward asked agonized "I have been worried sick".

For the love of all… give me strength.

"You knew where-"

"I did not!"

I ignored his impromptu interjection. "Edward, you knew we were safe" I could not help rolling my eyes.

"I got side tracked, you know how caught up I get, when I shop"

Finally he took in Bella's demeanor.

"Love, what is wrong?" He took a step towards her.

"Why did you give Alice your card?"

So it began.

He chased after her, using words of persuasion; it was funny to watch.

I hooked my arm through Jaspers.

We came to a stop outside Bella Italia.

"Wonder if you taste as well as you smell" I asked Bella.

She shrugged and huffed as we sat down.

I ordered a calamari dish; everyone else opted for a pasta prawn dish. Our food arrived quite quickly; I wondered if they had a vampire back there, it wouldn't surprise me.

I tucked into the food in front of me.


Guess by know, I should have expected all human food to taste horrid.

It dissolved on my tongue.

I wanted to puke, the maître d stared at me now, pretence to glance lost.

My mouth managed to form a thin smile, this seemed to distract him.

To my family I murmured "I feel sick".

Straight away I rushed to the bathroom purge my body, of the vile food.

On my return, my condition was not the only thing that seemed to have improved.

Our newest couple had resumed their balance "About time" I muttered.

Having heard me, they both laughed.

"So did I taste as good as I smell?" Bella asked.

"Unfortunately, I would have preferred you in human form. I'm not sure, does she taste better now Edward?" a mischievous grin played across my mouth as he read my next thought.

He ignored my question

Ten minutes later we decided to leave.

I asked the waiter to put our dishes in a doggy bag to take home.

After collecting it, we headed to the east of the building where we came in.

As predicted I found a woman there; on the floor begging.

We handed her the bags of food; Bella insisted on leaving her with some money.

It made me sad to see someone suffering, while we had everthing; Bella was right we needed to be a bit more

community aware.

We sent our husbands to colect the car.

Bella slipped the woman a card, telling her to call if she needed anything.

When the boys returned, we got them to load the bags into the car, and setted off.


"Don't worry Alice" Jazz pleaded.

For the second time he tried to calm me. My shoulders relaxed a little

"I'm sorry Jazz, it's just so frustrating, I can't see her, and I can't see her future…"

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