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POV: Jazz (Jasper)

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When we got in the car Alice spoke to the girl a lot, asking more about her situation, in my mind this was not our business, we were in territory that was not our own. "Why did?" Tears began to stream from the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry" Alice apologized, "Sometimes, I get carried away, I didn't mean to upset you" Her voice took on a human like octave, which was softer, probably trying to convey the sympathy I could tell she felt.

"It's okay, you have been very kind to me, it is just a shock facing them again, I thought I was rid of them" she shook her head, as a wry smile appeared on her lips. Being careful not to touch her skin, Alice stroked her arm comfortingly "Don't worry, we'll take care of you" Her eyes met mine for the truth, what could, no would I do but support her? "You found me?" the girls's question seem to have a deeper infliction, than stating an obvious fact "Yes, well we". Yes I was intrigued as to how we were going to spin that one.

Listening intently, I heard Alice recite to the human that she had an acquaintance with one of the men they had sent after her. The girl was clearly disturbed by Alice's supposed relations with the man trying to kill her, probably seeing the train of the woman's thought Alice rushed to reassure her "I am not part of their plans, you can trust me, if I was going to hurt you would I be here, now, telling you this?" The girl who had remained silent since Alice's revelation, played with the frayed sleeve of her dull black jumper.

We waited, Alice looking expectant for the human to answer her rhetorical question positively. As the girl lifted her head, she used her hand to scoop the greasy brown hair behind her ear, looking Alice directly in the eyes she mumbled "No". "Well that is cleared up, we can move on to thinking about keeping you safe" The soft, gentle smile on my wife's lips reminded me of the many times she had used it on me, it spoke so many languages, had so many meanings but the most important, was security.

I continued to watch from the mirror as they conversed the girl asking Alice about how she heard about them trying to kill her, how she knew where to find her. Mostly Alice had fabricated the story, but the part about seeing her at the mall before was true. I had no problem with lying to protect my family, but this was completely different scenario, we could implicate those who we always try to protect. The girl's blood was appetizing, but I could resist as it did not flow openly, no blood no foul right?

No sooner had I put the car into park had Edward appeared outside Alice's door, I exited the car quickly "Has something happened?" He looked at me strangely for a second before he responded "No, I just came to see who was out here, I didn't recognise the scent..." Right on cue Alice emerged with the girl by her side, "This is Bridget" I had an inclination that there was more being said non-verbally, a flash of anger swept across Edward's face before he managed to swallow and digest the information Alice had been feeding him.

"Nice to meet you Bridget welcome to our home" since it was said through his teeth and I felt his borderline rage, I guessed that Edward was only mildly placated by the girl's story. Though the girl stood transfixed to the ground gazing at Edward feeling no offence, Alice had to comment and fan the flames "Don't worry about him he doesn't even live here, he's not good with people" The girl nodded, while a low growl built in Edward's chest, I laughed, I had to give Alice credit for that one.

My brother snarled at me, holding out his arm to stop me right beside him, "Look Edward, I am not ecstatic at our prospects, but I trust Alice and she has never let us down, she needs to do this" My tone was pleading. I walked past him and went to kitchen where I could hear strained voices.

"Would you like something to eat?" Esme asked, maintaining politeness towards our guest. Her hospitality was a vast contrast with the frostiness in the room, despite it coming from a place of fire. Rosalie was scowling as to be expected, Emmett and Alice were the only two excited ones. "I was wondering if Bridget could borrow Edward's old room, since he doesn't need it at the moment". "Alice could we have a word outside please?" Carlisle's tone sounded worried, he and Esme followed Alice out the door.

"I hope she's not in any trouble, she has been so kind to me, I-I...I can go if this going to cause any problems" Bella approached the girl cautiously, it didn't seem to be a defensive tactic rather a non-threatening gesture. "Don't be silly, we want to help you" Edward shadowed Bella's movement, she put her hand out signalling for him to stop. The girl looked between the both of them "Oh don't worry about him" Bella looked at Edward he's just my overprotective husband". "Oh, why is everyone always telling me not to worry about him?" We all laughed, the slight panic in our voices not audible to her.

She regarded us funnily, then addressed Bella "Well it is nice that you have someone who cares about you like that, you all seem like a caring family, I wish I had that". Edward smiled smugly it seemed he may be taking to the girl after all, she shared his opinion of over protectiveness of loved ones. The girl's expression became confused "Sorry did you say you two are married?" She glanced between them again. One of the many flaws in this plan, we hadn't given every due notice to concoct a believable story.

Edward handled this one "Well yes, we have a daughter too, but she is not with us", "Oh" was her response. Yes, Edward did do a good job working with the raw material; he had told me of Bella's concern when he asked her to marry her- the human assumption that early marriage was depicted by an unexpected pregnancy, though that did happen too.

I directed my attentions to outside where the audio of Alice's conversation with Carlisle and Esme came in clear "Alice, you knew we had planned to hunt this weekend, we can stay if you want or go out in groups, but I would much rather we didn't have to do so" Carlisle ever the diplomat unlike my cunning wife. "Yes, I had been looking forward to a day out with my family, since it does not happen that often" Esme sounded a bit disgruntled. Bella was a good mother, but Esme had a few years edge over her, of course I would never disclose that to her- these days she can be a little bit over-sensitive, but they were both so nurturing. From what I remember of my parents- it is so vague, so I like to reminisce they would have been as caring as Esme, Carlisle, Bella and Edward: that that is what led me to develop the gift of sensing an atmosphere and having the ability to affect it.

Barring my conclusion, I heard Alice telling our parents that the girl had no where else to go and that no-one could protect like we can. "Alice are you sure you know what you're doing?" Esme asked, "Yes" she said simply.

I tuned back into the conversation in the room "I was so consumed, I didn't notice how...grand your house was" Bella pointed to Esme as she walked inside right on cue. Esme offered the girl a drink, well we were all stocked up since Jacob was always hovering around.

This time the girl accepted the drink, Esme reached across the counter placing the red bull in front of her. At that moment, we all saw the girl's eyes hone in on her bare arm, probably registering its paleness. She drunk the drink, while to her probably conspicuously studying the rest of our features. Her body language became fidgety as she came out of her shock, then she froze. Bella whispered "The numbness has worn off now, she is noticing the details more" Panic and humour mingled in her voice, what an unusual thing to find amusing? I didn't have time to ponder this, we needed to think of a plausible excuse.

"Why are you guys so pale, I know it's not particularly sunny in this region but (she gulped)..." It surprised to hear Edward respond "We are from a small island near Antarctica, population of a hundred natives, there is hardly any sunshine there so our body is lacking in iron- it is some type of deficiency" He explained in the sincerest of tones. "Oh" Was all the girl said, feeling guilty and ashamed, but not enough prevent from asking "And your eyes is that a native heritage thing?" Again, I stunned to hear Edward respond, twice in on day he saves the day, things may have been going ever better with his mini coven "Yes, it is because it is so cold there, over generations it has caused a mutation to take place" "Oh" "But..."

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