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Battle of the Blondes

Rosalie Hale and Lauren Mallory.

Rosalie Hale's Point of View

"Good morning Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, darlings here are your bags, now go be nice. It's your first day of high school!" Esme, my mother in all the ways that counted, except one smiled warmly handing us all backpacks. Alice and I had rebelled and gone to the mall and bought cute Prada book bags instead of having to carry around a hideous backpack. Esme and Carlisle embraced us all once quickly.

It was a typical first day of high school in a typical city, for a typical group of teenagers right? My family was pretty normal, I and my 'twin brother Jasper' had gone to live with our 'Aunt Esme' after our parents had 'died' in an 'accident'. My 'brother' and I had gone to live with our 'aunt' along with her husband Carlisle and their 'adopted children' Edward, Alice, and Emmett Cullen. We were all just one big happy normal human family. Wrong. That couldn't be more wrong.

My name is Rosalie Hale and I am a vampire. My entire "family" is vampires. We've been through high school so many times it was already so monotonous and mechanical for our 'first day'. I didn't see why Esme still made it a big deal. Well, I guess that was her motherly instinct seeping out. I loved Esme, and she loved us all, I'd never really had a motherly figure in my human life, my birth mother was just like an agent helping to boost my social status. I didn't miss the people in my human life, I just missed being a human. I dealt with the transformation harder than anyone else. Alice, didn't have anything she remembered about being human so she didn't have anything to miss. Emmett, my husband (well, I had to pretend he was just a boyfriend here) in fact, he thought being changed into one of the eternal damned was the best thing ever. I was glad he wasn't like me and hated this life, because I was the one who was selfish enough to ask Carlisle to chain him to this so called life, more like an eternal existence really. He'd once said something like… "Hells' not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you." He was referring to me. He said he would rather be kicked out of the garden of Eden with me, instead of in the garden without me. He was so perfect, I got so much luckier than I deserved. I didn't know what I'd ever done to deserve someone so wonderful. But, of course he'd said the same of me as well.

I caught my reflection in the mirror in the hall of our new home and ran my fingers through my gorgeous blonde hair. I turned looking at how my golden eyes sparkled in the light. I liked our new house, it was wide and open. One side of the house was entirely glass. It was big, extravagant, regal, and beautiful, just my taste.

Emmett, looked down to me with his beautiful amber eyes smiling widely. His smile was the only thing that could make Rosalie Hale weak at the knees. I couldn't help but smile back up at him. After nearly a century, I still never got used to his beautiful perfection. He was devastatingly handsome for starters, with his tousled dark curly hair, white pale marble skin, strong perfectly muscular body… Edward shot me a glance of disgust and rolled his eyes. If he felt so inclined to read my mind, then he had better keep his negative comments to himself. If you don't like what you hear stay out of my head. I thought daggers at him but kept my eyes fixed on Emmett. Now where was I…? Ah yes, listing some of the many perfections of the wondrous Emmett Cullen. Edward grimaced.

That would keep him out of my mind for a while…. On with my list now, his big, round golden eyes you could see straight through to know exactly what he was thinking at every moment of every day, even if you didn't have mind reading powers like Edward. And my favorite, Emmett's smile… Oh his smile…. His smile was wide and childish, his ultra white venom coated teeth beaming in a ten thousand watt grin. His strong face had a youthful innocence in it when he smiled (which was basically all the time) for on his cheeks were baby-like dimples. That's why I wanted to save him from the bear in the first place. He reminded me of a child. A big, muscular six feet six inches child. Jasper wound his arm around Alice but, cleared his throat and he and Edward chuckled. Jasper could feel the pure crazy love rolling off of Emmett and I. Jasper could feel emotions, Edward could read minds, Alice could see the future, so Emmett and I were never alone. Never!

"You better be thankful for Rose and I, Jazzy." Emmett laughed bending down to kiss me on the cheek. Edward's eyes widened as he read Emmett's mind and Alice's mouth dropped in shock when she saw in a vision what Emmett was about to say.

"Don't say it." Edward laughed, but it was too late, Emmett had already made up his mind.

"You and Alice were getting a little distant Jazzy… Anytime you need an extra whiff of desire, call me and Rose." Emmett winked. If I could have blushed I would have. I rolled my eyes and smacked him on the back of the head crossing my arms over my chest. I stepped back in caution, knowing what was coming next. Even if I couldn't read the future like Alice. Jasper unwound his arm from Alice smiled once at her quickly and apologetically. Alice giggled at what was happening in the future.

"I'd move Rosalie…" She whispered giggling. I jumped out of the way just in time to see Jasper lurch through the air colliding with Emmett with a huge crash. Jasper had Emmett pinned to the ground, but not for long. Emmett quickly twisted Jasper into a tight headlock and laughed thinking he'd won. Emmett always won. Alice smiled widely then Jasper launched himself out of the headlock tackling Emmett to the ground and in the process knocking down a lamp and a table… And a couch… Jasper had him pinned again. Jasper had his teeth bared at Emmett's throat. The Universal Cullen Vampire sign of winning a wrestling match. Jasper pulled back and smirked at Emmett and chuckled. Emmett stuck out his tongue like a five year old and struggled to push Jasper off of him. He hated losing.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen! You stop that wolfplay this instant! (Esme said wolf play like werewolf instead of horseplay to refer to rough housing) You did not just break something again did you?!" Esme shrieked from upstairs where she had gone to get Carlisle earlier. "Emmett! You better start running right now!" Esme said darting into the hallway above the staircase. Emmett's eyes widened and he quickly tried to rip out of Jasper's grip. Emmett was always blamed for when things broke. He and Jasper surveyed the damage they'd done, just a broken table, a lamp, a couch, a vase, a clock, and… Edward's piano bench. Edward opened his mouth widely in shock and was about to tackle Jasper and Emmett to get his revenge when he stopped and arranged himself as far away from them in the room as possible in an innocent position. Jasper's eyes widened too and he hopped up about to make a run for it when Esme had darted down the stairs and had her left hand grasping Jasper's ear and her right hand holding onto the collar of Emmett's shirt.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen!!!! Jasper Whitlock Hale!!!!" She shrieked. Esme was in full fledged Mom Mode now. Jasper and Emmett were in for it. Emmett would probably be grounded from touching me for a full twenty four hours again if he wasn't careful.

"Sorry Mommy… Sorry Sorry Sorry." Emmett and Jasper apologized quickly in harmony. They winced preparing to be scolded in one of Esme's lectures they'd heard so many times.

"I told you two not to wrestle in the house! Look at your brother Edward, see how obedient he is. He never defies me." She said releasing Jasper's ear (she wasn't willing to take the risk of letting go of Emmett, she knew he would be the one to make a run for it.) and patted Edward on the shoulder sweetly. I rolled my eyes. Of course Edward was the perfect one. He just reads Esme's mind so when he knows that she's coming around he acts like he didn't ever do anything. Of course he was the perfect one…. "I'm going to let Carlisle decide your punishment." Esme sighed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Emmett groaned theatrically. That earned a laugh from Jasper, Alice, Edward, and I. Esme shot daggers through her eyes at Emmett but couldn't help but half smile.

"That's right. Carlisle will make it bad." She smiled wholly now. No one could help but smile at Emmett. Esme sighed and giggled. "Who am I kidding? You know we let you get away with everything..." She sighed knowing she and Carlisle always gave in. She glanced to her diamond watch and her eyes widened. The people in this town are going to think I'm a terrible mother if you are late for your first day of school." Esme exclaimed handing Jasper and Emmett their book bags. Carlisle had made his way down the stairs and was now standing with is hand affectionately on Esme's shoulder.

"Emmett, don't even try to convince the people here that you are an undercover movie star like you did that one time…" Carlisle shuddered and we all laughed. I smiled and returned to my position with his arm around my waist and my head on his chest. I remembered it like it was yesterday, it was 1993, not too long ago. He'd convinced the entire school that he and I were a celebrity couple just moving from somewhere in Europe trying to start a normal life in high school like the other kids our age. People had no choice to believe him, so when people started stalking us, following us everywhere and asking for our autographs we had to move away again.

"Oh come on Carlisle, you know it was funny! You remember when that girl asked if you were Leonardo Di Caprio?" Emmett laughed. "You know, you don't really look like him though." Emmett said cocking his head to the side. Carlisle mussed Emmett's hair and laughed. Even though Emmett was the oldest (well in human age) of us Cullen kids, he was like the little brother of the family sometimes. The child that kept all of our spirits lighthearted. Jasper gravitated towards Emmett without even realizing it, because Emmett was always happy. Always. It kept Jasper calm and collected to be around Emmett. (Most of the time, there were exceptions, as was previously displayed.)

"Now does everyone know our story?" Carlisle checked with us. We all nodded simultaneously. Carlisle smiled in approval. "Now, Police Chief Swan seemed to be a bit worried about a group of adopted teenagers moving to the quiet town of Forks, so please, please behave yourselves." He told us keeping his eyes locked on Emmett. Emmett saluted and Jasper cracked up laughing. Emmett and Jasper were like the ultimate class clowns. I felt sorry for whatever teacher had Jasper and Emmett in the same classroom. Carlisle shot Emmett and me a warning glance. "Behave yourself." He reminded again. We'd gotten kicked out of class one time for… Umm.. 'PDA'. You know… 'Public display of affection.' We didn't even do anything major, he just decided since the teacher was asleep to lean over and kiss me…. Through the entire hour long movie we had to watch on the French Revolution in history class. We got caught when the principal walked in. Carlisle and Esme punished us goooood that night. It was horrible. I shuddered just thinking about it.

We were supposed to blend in, and never get in more trouble than necessary. Edward gagged at my memory of that day and I shot daggers at him. Esme kissed us all on the foreheads and sent us off to school. Edward drove us in his 'soccer mom silver Volvo' or as Emmett liked to call it 'The Volvonator. Ruler of the Soccer Mom car kingdom.' When we arrived in the parking lot we all checked one quick glance at our schedules and maps of Forks High School. With our photographic memories we wouldn't need them again, but we had to use them as props make it look like we were stupid idiotic high school students that wandered aimlessly around campus forgetting our locker combinations and the whole nine yards. Emmett laced his fingers through mine taking a deep breath as the Cullen kids stepped into the main office. The lady at the desk's heart skipped a couple beats and I heard her swallow as she got her first glance of the Cullens.

"Ummm… Er…. Good morning, you must be the Cullens." She said her voice shaking. I heard her fragile little human heart stutter when Emmett smiled. I didn't blame her; if I had a heart mine would do that too. Jasper stepped forward and she smiled and took a quick inhale.

"Yes ma'am. I am Jasper Hale and this is my sister Rosalie Hale. We're both sophomores, along with Emmett Cullen." He explained keeping a safe distance away from the human's blood. It was hard for Jasper sometimes. We made sure to take extra precautions, hunting more than usual, before coming here.

"Yes, here are your updated schedules." She grinned holding out three manila folders. Jasper stepped back and Emmett took them from the lady carefully. Emmett handed me mine and I smiled up at him possessively taking his hand.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen. I as well as my sister Alice, are freshmen this year." He smiled a crooked smile and spoke in a velvety voice, reserved for not scaring humans. The human's heart sped up again.

"Ah… Um… uh yes. I have your schedules right here." She smiled and gave Edward and Alice theirs. Now if you need any help. You know where to find me." She leaned forward on her elbows and winked. We whirled around and headed out the door, but not before I locked eyes with a girl. She had blonde hair to her shoulders and plain features. Beside her was a girl that looked very much the same, plain and normal, but with brown hair. They were both pretty I guess, but next to me, they looked like gargoyles.