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Lauren's POV

"All right Lauren, now you have to be completely honest when I ask your opinion okay?" Jessica chattered. She and I were in the car on the way to the mall to pick out an outfit for her date with Edward Cullen. The day I'd spent sitting at the Cullen's table hadn't been a complete disaster… Had it?

I thought of Emmett every moment since he'd walked away with her. Rosalie was the epitome of everything perfect. She was the definition of perfect and I was most definitely not. Although Emmett and I had one good conversation, that didn't mean that he would leave perfection for me.

Jessica had told me that the she heard the Cullens and the Hales lived together too… He and Rosalie were probably…

I didn't even want to think it…

Married or something crazy like that even at sixteen just so they could…

He would touch her, and I would always wish it was me…

"Lauren! Are you listening to me?" Jessica snapped. I turned to her and nodded as she tore me from my dangerous thoughts.

"Okay then, what should my 'date with Edward' outfit be?" Jessica pursed her lips tightly, knowing I hadn't been listening to her before then.

"Well what are you guys going to do?" I asked.

"I don't know yet. But I know it's going to be ahhhmazing!" Jessica squealed. I fake celebrated with her but continued to wallow in despair over my situation with Rosalie and Emmett…

"Hey Jess, got any tunes?" I reached for the radio and Jessica nodded turning it to her favorite station. My luck…

"Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend. No way no way! I think you need a new one! Hey hey you you I could be your girlfriend!" Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne blasted out of the speakers causing me to groan internally as Jessica turned my reminders of his girlfriend up to blaring records. She belted out the words while I just sat there in torture.

"You mind?" I reached to turn the knob.

"If you could see That I'm the one Who understands you Been here all along So why can't you See you belong with me Standing by and Waiting at your backdoor All this time How could you not know Baby You belong with me." You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift now flowed from the speakers in a tortuous melody. I turned the channel quickly.

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Don't cha Don't cha." I punched the power button frantically and let out a long exhale. Was every single song going to remind me???? I let out a long groan and closed my eyes. This wasn't fair. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be!

I was popular. I was a cheerleader to be exact and I wasn't exactly at the bottom of the pretty list! I was actually one of the prettiest girls in school! I was supposed to have everything I wanted right?

Wrong. All of that has been erased now that she moved into town. I hated Rosalie Hale with every fiber of my being. The vision of my eyes clouded with red I was full of so much hatred. I felt like I was steaming. Who died and made her a goddess? Why was she allowed to have it all?

I smiled when an idea popped into my head. I would make Rosalie Hale's life a living hell until I got what I wanted most…


It was time for school and I paused, looking in the side mirror of Edward's Volvo as I fixed my lip gloss. Emmett groaned and pulled me along.

"Come on Rose. You're perfect." He said lacing his fingers through mine as we made our way through the doors to school. I walked in school with my head held high like usual, but something was wrong. All around me I heard snickers and gasps from the girls and whistles and derogatory names being whispered at me by the boys.

Emmett tightened his grip on my hand. He must have sensed there was something wrong here too.

"Nice rack." A random freshman winked at me. Emmett froze to a complete stop jerking me to stand beside him.

"Talk to her like that again and you'll be sorry." Emmett growled at the pubescent pimple faced kid. I smiled, Emmett was so cute when he was being protective.

"Just sayin." The little boy wasn't even intimidated, or at least didn't act like it as he went gossiping along with his friends. Everyone was looking at their cell phones. Why today of all days did Edward have to go hunting. He could have told us what the humans were thinking. What was up with everyone today?

"Skank." A senior girl coughed as she passed me and she and her friends strutted away giggling. I rolled my eyes, completely unaffected by her comment.

Emmett didn't like this at all. He was already fuming and we hadn't even made it to our lockers yet. I mean, I'd dealt with stupidity all of my life and was often called out because of my looks. Beauty was a curse sometimes. I of all people knew that.

A junior boy made an obscene gesture to me and he and his friends laughed.

A group of pothead boys were all looking at their cell phones and then wagging their eyebrows at me suggestively.

"Rosalie. Go change clothes." Emmett told me sternly under his breath. He didn't tell me this often, but a few occasions when the world decides to get hormonal when I wear something too... flambouyant.

I looked down to see if anything I was wearing right now had any suggestion to…


Dark jeans, black high heels, fitted red shirt.

"It's not that." I protested and pondered as Emmett lead me through the giggling and gossiping hallways what on earth could have triggered a mass eruption of the student body.

"Slut!" A group of girls boldly yelled before tossing a drink into my face causing its contents to spill all over me.

"Oh. My. God." Emmett stopped and turned to me. Normally he would probably laugh at this happening to me just to try and lighten my mood, but he was frozen like I was.

I kept my mouth open in shock as diet soda dripped off my hair and clothes.

"Oh Rosalie…" Emmett breathed not sure what to say.

"I've got a change of clothes in my locker." I said through clenched teeth, still furious about this morning's odd happenings.

"Let me tell you what we gon' do. Two plus two I'm gon' undress you." A group of boys sang with an obscene dance move in my direction as they passed, laughing. I rolled my eyes but Emmett caught the main one of the boys by the collar and ripped him back to face him. The boy looked very scared now as Emmett lifted him by the collar a couple feet off the ground and shoved his back against the wall of the hallway.

"I swear you're the dumbest kid I've ever met. Don't you know who you're talking to?" Emmett snarled. "Let me clear this up for you. Rosalie is mine. M.I.N.E. You don't even think about her like that again! You understand?" Emmett warned intimidating them all. Every single one of the boys in that group nodded in fear and ran down the opposite way of the hallway.

I swallowed. I know I may seem like I don't really get phased when people talk at me, but… Being sexually harassed repeatedly only reminded me why I was cursed to live for eternity in the first place. Sure I loved being beautiful, but… sometimes being gorgeous was just so difficult. I always though beauty was a curse. I was cursed with unnatural beauty and that's what lead to my death in the first place…

"Are you okay?" Emmett gave me a sticky hug since I was still covered in soda. I nestled closer into his chest, just wanting to go home.

Before I could respond a group of athletes passed.

"Cullen's getting some tonight." They snickered.

"Yeah more than you'll ever get!" Emmett snapped.

"W.H.O.R.E! What's that spell?! Rosalie…"A cheerleader rolled her eyes with her derogatory cheer. She and her posse giggled and squealed as they walked away.

"Emmett…" I whimpered looking up to him. His expression changed immediately because he knew just how much I was being hurt.

Emmett took my hand and tugged me wordlessly to our lockers which of course were just right across the hall from each other.

All throughout the halls to our lockers I was called out and Emmett just seemed to get angrier at the world. Emmett was a happy person, but sometimes he just hated the world for hating me.

I exhaled as I approached the hall of my lockers although I knew it was silly because what haven did just surviving until my lockers bring?

I stopped dead in my tracks as I looked over to locker 1933.

Emmett and I both breathed the same curse at the exact same time.

In huge red letters painted on the door of my locker were the words

Bitchy Slut

And all around my locker were flyers with pictures on them. Pictures I'd never even seen before. Pictures of me.

Blonde Bombshell

The caption said. But the caption wasn't the derogatory part.

Emmett cursed the same word over and over as he paced the floor.

I clenched my jaw to look more confident but in actuality I shrunk into the floor wishing it would swallow me up. I became self conscious of my body wishing I looked like Vera definitely not for the first time in my life.

It was a picture of me. And I mean all of me.

"Miss Goodie Two Shoes huh?" A group of girls scoffed as they passed me and my locker. I'd never seen this picture before in all of my life and I'm more than positive I had never taken it because with my vampire memory I would know don't you think?

I looked like a porn star. Who would do this to me?!

Edward and Alice always liked to joke with me and play tiny pranks like… taking books out of my locker or rearranging my schedule or something juvenile like that. But this was the work of someone who really and truly hated me.

I could only think of one person who would do this.

I inhaled sharply and let out a piercing scream like the ones in the movies where all the glass breaks and stuff. Yeah and it was long and hard and I growled as I stalked down the hallway. I knew where that…that. ARRGH would be.

"Rosalie. Rosalie. Rosalie!" Emmett tagged along behind me. People were STILL shouting inappropriate things at me about that STUPID obviously photoshopped picture. However, the world quieted as soon as they saw my expression. I was ready to kill. I was ready to suck every bit of blood from her body.

"Rosalie. You can't kill anyone." Emmett hissed at me as he tugged on my arm and I could tell he was using his strength to hold me back.

"Who, me? Kill someone?!" I began to laugh hysterically as I continued on my eyes focused on the prize. She was in view now sitting with her little popular group wearing her cheerleading jacket and ribbon in her hair as she giggled and gossiped. Flames burned in the form of fury in my veins as I watched the culprit.

"Rosalie." Emmett tried to snap me out of it. "Come on, I'll take you home." He tried to distract me by pulling my arm around and barely pressing his lips to mine in a teasing way that I loved. "We can go home, and do something... fun." He smiled against my lips and I shivered my mind taking a pleasure trip.

"Mmmkay." I breathed, recovering my own senses. "Hang on a second baby and I'll take you up on your offer." I cooed to him kissing his cheek before slithering behind a column and whipping out my cell phone, pressing it to my ear. It rang twice before she picked up. "Hello Mrs. Mallory is Lauren home?" I asked in my perfect, flawless voice.

"No, may I ask who is calling?" Her cheery voice asked me. I smirked to myself and Emmett's eyes widened his expression incredulous. I felt rage burn up inside of me.

"This is Christina from Planning Parenthood. I have Lauren's test results and I'd like to congratulate her, so if you could, tell her to call me back ASAP so I can talk some things over with her. It's urgent. Thank you." I said in a frivolously friendly voice and clicked my phone shut when I heard Mrs. Mallory faint and hit the floor. Lauren wouldn't even be allowed out of the house anymore. I flipped my hair and took Emmett's hand leading him behind me as I strutted past Lauren's group like nothing was wrong. I heard them laugh, but paid no mind. Karma sucks doesn't it?

"Rosalie, you're taking this way too far." Emmett sighed.

"I'm not finished." I vowed a smirk taking possession of my features. I laughed darkly.


Man, those tricks I got from Mean Girls and a book called Art Geeks and Prom Queens with a bit of inspiration from A Walk To Remember

I feel like the story should be over here with just the knowledge that in the end, of course Rosalie wins. :) :)