Author's Note: Hey guys! Okay, this is my first fanfiction ever publicly displayed, so I hope I don't screw it up! x_X This is just a short introductory chapter to a story I'm working on in my head; I probably won't continue it immediately cause I am a busy university student, but I thought I'd try my hand at fanfiction, so here it is! *fanfare music plays* Er, I don't own the Legend of Zelda or any of its characters, but I do enjoy making them do amusing thigs.

It was a peaceful afternoon in Hyrule. The sky was a pleasant blue and warm rays from the sun created a sunny atmosphere for the townspeople. A distance away from Castle Town in Hyrule Field, two figures were oblivious to the hustle and bustle; one figure, a male, was occupied with conducting intricate sword moves within the circle of a wooden fence. The other, a slightly shorter female, watched with interest from her position along the enclosure.

"I tried it once, you know," she announced suddenly, for a moment distracted from his training.

"Tried what?" Link stopped and turned towards her curiously, letting his sword arm fall to his side. Zelda looked to the side amusedly.

"Being left-handed. I was convinced I could do it." She pretended to wave an invisible sword through the air. "I'm rather embarrassed by the results I got. I even tried writing with my left hand for three weeks. My tutors were horrified." A rather smug look crossed her face at the memory. Zelda looked over at him again. "I would have kept trying, but they threatened me with extra hours if I didn't stop." Her face changed from amused to annoyed. Link cracked up and let out a booming laugh.

"And we both know that there's nothing you hate more than being cooped up in your lessons, princess," he joked with fake formality.

"I hate not getting my way," she mumbled, a childish pout plastered on her face. Link laughed again.

"Perhaps you do hate that more," he flashed a boyish grin her way before returning to his practice session. Zelda smiled and returned to leaning against the wooden beams separating them. They spent many of their afternoons this way when Zelda could escape from lessons or meetings. Both enjoyed partaking in the many conversations they shared. Link did a final combination of crisp sword strikes before sheathing his sword. He trodded over to the fence and leaned against the wood opposite to Zelda, a few feet down from her. Sweat beads trickled down his forehead and clung to his muddy blonde hair. Link sighed quietly and closed his striking blue eyes.

"I received word today from some soldiers. It seems I've caught the general's eye." Zelda's ears pricked up but she said nothing. "He wants to send me away for formal training, to really perfect my swordsmanship," Link continued, now becoming uncomfortable by the princess's silence.

"…How long?" she finally asked, not letting any hint of remorse show in her voice. Link looked down uncomfortably.

"Four years," he replied shortly while shifting his weight to the right leg. "At least." Zelda looked at the ground while trying to remain composed.

"…That long?" she managed to whisper; he nodded once. He jumped back in surprise when Zelda ran over and threw her arms around him. "I don't want you to go, Link! You're my best friend!"

"Zelda…" Link gently eased her arms from his neck and pushed her back to face her. "You will be turning sixteen soon. As princess you will have many things you must learn. Soon it will be unacceptable for us to meet like this, to even speak to each other. It's better for me to go now, without trouble." He stooped to give her an encouraging smile. "Besides, after I've completed my task I will return here, so it's not like it's a permanent separation."

Zelda pushed herself away from him and moved towards the nearby river, Link following a short distance behind. Both stopped and sat at the bank, Zelda trailing her fingers over the surface.

"These are the only times I look forward to," she sighed, pulling her knees up to her chin. "I'll be miserable without you here." Link leaned back and tried to look as cheery as possible.

"I'm sure you'll find another way to entertain yourself," he said. "What about that Marth kid that you father's fond of?" Zelda scrunched up her face and made a disgusted look at the ground. "Or not."

"He's nice enough, but all we ever do is talk about politics," Zelda groaned after finishing the last part and dropped her head on her knees. "No one else will talk about normal things with me except you." Link sighed inwardly; guilt trip.

"But this way no one will be around to get you into trouble," Link ventured; even though hidden behind her hair, he could see a small smile form on Zelda's lips. "Like when I locked your tutors up in their classrooms so you could get out of lessons for the day." Zelda arched an eyebrow at his amused expression.

"I got blamed for that, you know…"

"Sorry," he answered quickly, his twinkling eyes and bemused grin clearly indicating he was not. She couldn't help but smile in return; it was impossible to be angry with him. Zelda looked at the ground between them, absently plucking blades of grass from the soil.

"It's times like these I'll miss the most…" her voice came out soft, a tinge of sadness traceable in her words. Link continued to stare at the river until an idea suddenly occurred to him.

"Hey!" He turned to face Zelda, his mind quick at work. She straightened to look at him quizzically, knowing the familiar glint in his eyes could only mean one thing: he was up to mischief. Link smiled, his entire face alight with excitement now. "One last prank. We should do one last crazy prank before I go." Link got to his feet and began to pace around, blurting ideas as they came to him. Zelda also stood and mustered the most incredulous look she could.

"Are you serious?" she asked, enough to finally distract Link from his sporadic roaming. "Link, never mind leaving Hyrule, they're going to throw you out." He only grinned wider at the thought. Suddenly he ran up to her and took her hands in his own.

"Will you help me, Zelda? Just this one last thing before I go?" The young princess allowed her uncertain eyes to trail up to his confident blue ones. He had the most pleading look she'd ever seen plastered skilfully on his face, and couldn't find herself able to say no. Zelda was reluctant to admit it, but he was better at this than she was.

"Have anything in mind?" She flashed a mischievous smile, the idea of pulling a crazy stunt on stuffy Hyrule castle growing on her. Victorious, Link chuckled and turned away to pace a little more. He stopped a moment later, glancing at the castle while his knuckles rested at his hips. The sun was beginning to lower across the horizon, and the two would have to head back soon. Despite this, Zelda couldn't help but admire the way the setting sun cast a deep glow on his handsome features. He looked back to smile at her over his shoulder, causing a notable tug inside her chest; she would miss him dearly.

"It has to be big," was his final reply. They finally decided to head back to the castle, musing over plans as they walked. Link would be leaving in a few days, but the prospect of creating one last grand-scale memory with him was enough to distract Zelda and keep her looking forward to their lasting exciting adventure together.