Title: Five times Parker and Eliot have rescued each other

Warnings: Not beta'd

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1. Parker's crazy ninja skills

When Eliot get's captured they're all a little shocked.

And they aren't quite sure who to send for a rescue attempt.

Parker rolls her eyes. "I'll go." She tells them.

Hardison, Nate, and Sophie all pause for a moment and trade glances. They aren't sure if she can handle it or not but out of all of them she is the best one to go, and probably the most capable of taking care of herself after Eliot.

Hardison can't go for a number of reasons. They need him to work the security system, because he'll panic the moment a gun is pointed in his direction, and he's loud.

Sophie is a talented actress to the right audience, but she's more lover than fighter.

Nate, well he can shoot, somewhat, and he can talk his way through a lot but he doesn't fight and the ones who have Eliot aren't letting anyone in the building that they don't know, so talking doesn't do him much good.

Parker is quiet and can sneak her way in and out of practically anywhere. She's the logical choice to send, but they are still a little nervous about sending her into a situation where she might have to fight people. They aren't sure how she's going to do, but Eliot is being held there and he has to be rescued.

"Do you even know how to fight? Just in case you run into one of those goons?" Hardison asks her and she rolls her eyes again.

"I'll be fine." She promises.

Not seeing any other choice and trusting Parker not to get caught they let her go.

"What took you so long?" Eliot asked as soon as she unties him.

He was starting to worry that no one was coming for him but he was pretty sure they wouldn't just leave him there. So he's more than just a little happy to see Parker at that moment.

"So what's the plan?" He asks as the walk to the door.

"We walk out." She tells him and darts out the door.

"Parker." He hisses, following her. "You can't just walk out there, they have guns. Look, at least get behind me." He tells her.

Parker shrugs but lets him go in front of her.

They come across the first unconscious body when Parker says, "I've already taken care of them."

He looks down at the man laying on the floor than looks at Parker and his lips quirk up in a half smile.

"So I see." He tells her and they both make their way out of there and back to the office.

On the ride back Eliot asks her where she learned how to fight and she looks at him for a moment, as if thinking if she really wants to let him know. After a moment she must decide it's alright because she starts to talk.

"I had a foster parent that wasn't so bad once. He taught me some things. I liked learning how to fight so I kept at it when I got put somewhere else. I'm not an expect, but I can do some damage." She tells him, smirking slightly.

Eliot smiles back at her, a small smile but still a smile. He's usually the one kicking everyone's ass and for once it's kind of nice to not have had to. Though he never would have thought that Parker would be his hero, but he supposes that he could do worse.

Parker's comm had gotten destroyed in one of the fights she'd had rescuing Eliot, so they were in a hurry to get back, knowing the others were probably worrying about them. And they're right, but as soon as they come in the office the others relax a little. Nate sighs in relief, Sophie gets them something to drink and they all listen to what happened. After the end of it all Hardison looks at Parker in awe.

"You really are some kind of crazy ass ninja aren't you?" He asks.

Eliot smirks and Parker shrugs.

2. Eliot falls down a well.

"I didn't fall Hardison, I was pushed." Eliot growls through the comms, angry and in pain. He's pretty sure he's broken his leg, otherwise he'd have attempted to climb out by now.

"Then why hasn't that person tried to help you up yet? Or done a Lassie and gone for help? I think you just don't want to admit that you fell." Hardison says while laughing.

"Hardison, stop laughing. Sophie, Parker? Which one of you is closer and which one of you is going to be able to get him out of there without help?" Nate says.

"I can." Parker says. "I've got some of my supplies in the trunk of the car. It'll only take me twenty minutes to get him out if I'm going slow. They wont even notice that I'm gone with Sophie in there." Parker tells them all through her comm.

"Great, do it Parker. Sophie, make sure they don't look out the window while they're out there."

"Got it Nate. He wont even remember he has a window with me in there." Sophie's voice comes out a little more than a purr and they hear Nate sigh.

"Just don't give him a heart attack before he signs the paperwork, got it Sophie?" Nate is saying and Parker tunes out the rest of the conversation as she makes her way back to the car she'd been using for the job they were currently on.

Pulling out a rope or two she grabs them, a small bag with a few other supplies, and her gloves then turns to make her way to the well.

Hardison is still giving Eliot a hard time about his fall and Nate has given up on telling him to stop laughing. Of course he's apologetic a moment later when Eliot tells Parker that he may have a broken leg.

Once Parker is down the well and rigging him up a harness they hear Hardison tell them that they may have a problem.

"Uh guys, there's someone walking around out there, your going to have to stay down there and be quiet until they leave." Hardison tells them and Parker looks at Eliot.

"Maybe it's whoever pushed you in here." She murmurs.

"He's probably long gone by now." Eliot says, grunting lowly as he changes positions to try to get a little more comfortable in the small space that now has two people in it. "I would be if I pushed someone down a well."

"How many people have you pushed down a well than?" Hardison asks him.

"Hardison! Quiet!" Nate says over the comm, and they can all hear he's annoyed.

Parker looks at Eliot.

"You okay?" She asks, seeing him wince a little.

"Fine." He growls out, more because of the pain than at Parker. She did come down the damn well after him so he can't be mad at her, she's trying to help and that's more than the others at the moment.

They stay down the well for about twenty minutes before they are able to come out. Whoever was out there never noticed them or the rope that they were using.

Parker climbs out first than pulls him out with the rope using a small device made pretty much for this purpose or something close to it. It's quiet because she's altered it to be and soon they are making their way back to the car with Eliot leaning on Parker.

Eliot hasn't had to lean on that many people in his lifetime and he never thought that he'd have to accept Parker's help, or that he'd really want to, but right at that moment it's not so bad.

When they get to the car she helps him into the backseat and gets into the driver's seat, ready to take him to a private doctor that they all occasionally use as soon as they can leave.

"You two are done and Sophie is almost out. Give it five minutes and she'll be out and then you can all go." Nate tells them.

Later on when it's just the two of them and she's getting ready to leave after helping him home he stops her for just a moment.

"Hey Parker." He tells her and she pauses to look at him. "Thanks."

The smile he receives is almost worth the hassle of a broken leg, but that might just be the pain pills talking.

3. Eliot rescues Parker

They caught Parker as she was coming in. It had been a trap from the beginning. The man they had set out to help had set them up to take the blame for a theft he'd already committed and now the bad guys had Parker and thought she was the one behind everything.

Eliot was halfway there when they started to interrogate her. He winced as he heard the sounds of a fist meeting her face or some other part of her and the gasping choking noises she was making. She doesn't scream, just makes little noises.

He tightens his hands on the wheel, still a few minutes away, and hits the gas on the car, speeding even faster and changing lanes with skill that's almost too reckless. He ignores the honking from the other cars and the yelling he leaves behind and he's at his destination in two minutes. Slamming on the brakes he slides into parking and jumps out of the car, barely turning it off before he's out and only because they are going to need the car for a getaway.

He runs into the house and kicks the door down than takes down the first five men he comes across, too angry to even count the number properly and at this point he really doesn't care as long as they stay down. He takes down everyone else in his way and doesn't stop until he's kicking down the door to the room their holding her in.

The guy leaning over Parker is thrown around for a few minutes, crying out the from the pain he's feeling before Eliot finally throws him down and away. He'd dead or unconscious and Parker still needs to be freed so he's done playing for now. But he's reserving the right to come back and finish it later on.

Looking at her he sees that the left side of her face is bruised up and swollen and her cheek and lip are bleeding on the right side. He cuts her loose and picks her up, noticing that she's close to unconscious and probably can't walk by herself, besides she light and doesn't hinder his movements.

"I got her Nate." He says through his comm and hears Sophie's "Thank god." but doesn't pay attention to it.

"How is she?" Nate asks and Eliot is almost to the car, not waiting around for anyone else or for anyone to decide that they might want to try a round two now that he's distracted. Opening the car door is a little awkward with Parker in his arms but he manages.

"Hurts." Parker wines a little bit and winces from the pain it causes her. "Eliot-"

"Shh. Your going to be fine. It'll hurt for a bit but you'll be okay." He tells her, placing her in the backseat and pushing the hair out of her face. He studies her face for a moment than gets back out and moves to the driver's seat so he can get them out of there.

"Nothing looks broken, but her face is pretty bruised up and swollen. She's also got a couple of cuts. Tell Sophie to get ice and painkillers. She's going to need them." He says, and knows that he'll be coming back soon or getting Hardison to track them down if they are all gone when he gets back.

His driving is smooth and gentle on the way back compared to how he drive to get there and he's obeying all the speed limits. But his hands are still tight on the steering wheel and he's trying to convince himself he'd be this angry and afraid if it had been anyone else on the team but he's starting to think that it might just be because it was Parker that this happened to, and that gives him a whole new something to think about and he doesn't want to do that right now. So instead he pushes it away and tries to focus on something else.

Like what it is that he's going to do to them when he catches them and that makes him smile grimly.

4. Parker defuses a bomb

They've been locked in a room together, and Eliot is a little scared. He doesn't like bombs. He's starting to think he hates them more than guns. He knows how to program a timer on them but he doesn't really know much more than that. He got lucky with the bomb he and Hardison came across and he's starting to think that maybe his luck is changing because here he is now, trapped in a room with another bomb and he has no idea what to do to make it stop.

Parker is looking at it though and that makes him both a little more nervous and a little relieved. She works with bombs right? She should know how to make one stop, even if all he's ever seen her do is make one blow up.

"You know what your doing right Parker?" He asks.

"It's a simple design, and if they didn't deviate from the normal than it should be simple to disarm it." Parker tells him and he has a moment of relief before what she said clicks and the panic is back.

"If they didn't deviate? What if they did Parker?" He asks and watches her shrug. "No don't shrug at me. What if they changed it?"

"Than cutting this wire would blow us up instead. But the likely hood of that happening are pretty slim." She tells him.

"How slim?" He asks, not really wanting to know but having to ask.

"Really slim? We don't' have a choice anyway. I either cut this one or that one and most of the time people stick to the instructions." She says and does something than turns to look at him.

"You okay?" She asks.

"No Parker, I'm not okay. Your about to cut the wire to a bomb that could go off at anytime and you don't know if it's the right wire or not." He tells her and hopes that she get it. They could both die and she's acting like it's no big deal. But than, to Parker this may not be. It's probably better that she's not panicking anyway since she has to cut the damn wire.

"Would you relax we'll be fine." She tells him and he glares at her.

"Don't tell me to relax until that thing is taken care of. Just cut it and get it over with would you?" He questions than pauses.

"Wait." He tells her and pulls her to him. "If we're going to die, might as well." He says and kisses her.

They kiss for a moment and it's a good kiss. Than he pulls away and Parker tries to go with him.

"Defuse the bomb first Parker, we can continue if we survive." He says, somewhat amused. At least his last few moments will be good ones.

"What?" Parker asks, pulling back to concentrate.

"Cut the wire on the bomb, than if we're still alive I'll take you out to dinner." He tells her and smirks.

Parker laughs and smirks back. "You owe me dinner than. I cut the wire a few minutes ago."

5. Eliot rescues Parker

The scream from the break room sends them all running. What they find shocks and surprises them all a little bit. Parker is crouched on the counter by the cupboards and pointing erratically. Following their finger they see what they believe to be a rat.

Sophie shrieks and runs out of the room. Nate gives Hardison and Eliot a look before following her.

"Rat! Vermin! Get it away! Get it AWAY!!" Parker yells and clings harder to one of the cupboards.

Hardison looks down again and looks at the rat. "Owen!" He says surprised and a little overjoyed. "I thought I lost you!"

"It's yours?" Parker demands, disgusted.

Eliot's a little disgusted too. Who the hell has a pet rat and names him Owen?

"He's harmless. I had to bring him the other day cause I had to give him some medication and he couldn't be left alone but I was doing that thing and I thought I lost him. Wow, guess I'll bring him home." He picks "Owen" up and looks at him, and is almost cooing at the rat.

"Tosh and Martha have missed you. I think Tosh a little more than Martha, figures though. She always did have a thing for you." Hardison is saying.

Parker and Eliot exchange a look, agreeing that there was a new top crazy person in the house. Jumping off buildings had to be okay when compared to THAT.

"Get him out of here Hardison." Parker yelled, trying to break whatever hold the rat had on him.

"He's harmless. He didn't mean to scare you, did you Owen?" Hardison says than takes a few steps closer to Parker. "See? Harmless. Bet you'll even think he's sort of cute up close."

Parker threw some kind of snack at him the moment he stepped even closer. "You come near me with that thing and I'll kill you with a fork. Get it out of here!" She yelled.

"No! He is not an IT Parker! I'm not leaving till you apologize." Hardison says, cradling "Owen" to his chest as if he really did have feelings to injure.

"Hardison, I'm not kidding. Get the Vermin out of here or I will kill you." Parker threatens, holding up a fork. When he refuses to move she looks at Eliot, whose trying to decide if this whole thing is funny or disturbing and finally deciding that it's both.

"What?" He asks, seeing her looking at him but not sure what she wants.

"Help me." Parker demands but it comes out more of a whine than a threat.

He sighs a little but dodges Hardison and his rat and comes over to Parker. He's not quite sure what's going to happen next though. But if she wants him to disable Hardison that wouldn't be too bad, maybe even a little fun.

Instead though he's a little surprised when Parker practically attaches herself to him. "Go!" She yells, glaring at Hardison and brandishing her fork in a threatening way.

"Oh yeah fine you cheater, I'm just staying right here until you come back and apologize, just see if I don't!" Hardison yells after them as Eliot leaves the room, Parker in his arms.

He brings her into her office and goes to put her down but she wont let go of him. "Parker, come on, you can let go now." He tells her.

Parker shakes her head. "No, he might come after me." She tells him and tightens her grip on him.

Eliot looks at her, amused. "I doubt that. You heard Hardison, he'll probably be in the break room for a long time." He tells her, trying to calm her down a little. He's never seen Parker afraid and it's a little funny to see her so freaked out over a rat of all things.

"Not Hardison, him I can take. I meant the rat. He'll find me, I'm sure of it. His beady little eyes were following me the whole time." Parker tells him, looking up at him, eyes wide.

"And he wont follow you if you don't let go of me?" He asks, not quite sure what to do.

Parker shakes her head. "You saved me, I trust that you'll do it again if he comes." She tells him and looks at him with big eyes full of trust.

Eliot sighs but gives in. There is no way he can just put her down and leave her alone now. Besides, it's not like she's heavy or anything.

Which is how he ended up with Parker either clinging to his back, or with him carrying her around, for the rest of the day and every other time they were in the office for the rest of the week, and the reason why he wasn't allowed to go near Hardison for that entire length of time, and that, was worth all the strange looks Sophie and Nate gave him.