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Ed and Mustang sat glaring at one another while Winry and Hawkeye chatted happily, oblivious to the two men's obvious discomfort over the current situation, and Aiya sat silently, just listening to the other two women talk. The quintet had been there most of the night and the two men had long since grown weary of each others company, as was made apparent by the 'I hate you' looks they were giving to one another.

The group simultaneously raised their heads when they heard the sound of a door being opened from somewhere outside the den where they all sat waiting.

A few minutes later two men stepped into the room. One of the men, an older gentleman with gray flecks along the edge of his hair, was carrying a black bag and once inside the den he stopped and turned to face the young blonde man who was following him. "I'll be back tomorrow to check on them. Now make sure she gets plenty of rest."

"I will," Nick said, offering the doctor his hand. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," the doctor said, as he grasped Nick's proffered hand.

With that the doctor left and Nick walked across the room to the spot where his family sat. "You guys can come up for a few minutes if you want to," he said quietly to the group.

Winry, Hawkeye and Aiya immediately got to their feet. Ed and Mustang were a little slower to rise but soon all five of them were standing beside Nick. Nick smiled and led the group out of the den and into the foyer. Then they all climbed the stairs up to the second floor.

Nick led the way back to a door at the end of the hall and he opened it slowly.

"You feel up to some visitors?" he called out softly.

"Of course," came the soft reply.

Nick opened the door wider and motioned for the others to enter.

Winry, Hawkeye, Aiya, Ed and Mustang all slowly followed Nick into the room and as their eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness they saw Kaori sitting up in a bed, propped up by several large pillows, holding a blanket wrapped bundle in her arms.

Nick quickly crossed the room and gently took the bundle from Kaori. Then he walked back to the door, where their parents and his little sister still stood as though afraid to enter.

"Come meet your granddaughter," Nick said softly, moving the blanket away from his daughter's small face.

"It's a girl?" Winry and Hawkeye exclaimed at the same time.

Nick nodded. "Saraia Harmony Elric."

"A girl!" Winry exclaimed in an excited voice. "I can't believe it's a girl. I thought for sure it'd be a boy."

"And what's wrong with boys?" Nick asked his mother, an amused expression on his face.

"Nothing," Winry said quickly wrapping an arm around her son's shoulders.

"Uh huh," Nick said not sounding entirely convinced.

Ed gazed at his son, who was still holding his baby daughter. He thought he knew why Winry was so excited that the baby was a girl. She was hoping that this baby granddaughter of theirs would break the cycle of tragedy that had plagued their family for several generations. And for Nick's sake Ed hoped that would be the case.

Aiya was standing near the door and Nick walked over to her and offered her the bundle that he held in his arms. "You wanna hold her Aiya?"

Aiya smiled and took her niece carefully into her arms. "Hello there," she cooed softly to the baby. Then, after a few minutes, she gazed up at her older brother. "You named her after Harmony?"

Nick nodded. "Kaori and I both wanted to."

Tears appeared in Aiya's eyes and without a word, she wrapped one of her arms around her brother's shoulder, being careful to support the baby with her other hand. As Nick's gaze surveyed his family he couldn't keep the smile from spreading across his face. The road to this point had been long and difficult but he was finally home.

A/N - and that's the end. Ed and Mustang now have a granddaughter. I personally think that this turn of events is too funny. Hope that you enjoyed this story.