Hello friends. I felt kinda bad about the off the wall ending in A Frozen Christmas, so to make up for it I wrote this!

Merry Christmas! ...oh wait. It's Febuary....

I floated through the endless sea of green, passing by thousands of floating purple doors till I came upon what looked like a large floating library. The wall's outside were painted a festive green and red, blending slightly with the Ghost Zone around it. Christmas wreaths hung on every window and on all doors, little presents and elves floated near the entrance. I lowered myself to the steps and walked up to the door, hearing Christmas music and laughter coming from within. A light smile was on my face as I knocked on the heavy wooden door, holding the bottle of vintage wine tightly in my other hand.

Instantly the door opened to reveal Skulker looking down at me with a smile, the only time I would ever see him smiling at me without that crazed hunter look in his glowing green eyes.

"Merry Christmas whelp." He opened the door wider and let me in.

"Merry Christmas Skulker." I stepped in, hearing a loud chorus of "Ghost child!" or "Ghost boy!" all through the room. I had to push away a grimace. Seriously, I was 16. Do they have to keep calling me 'child' or 'boy'?

Shrugging it away, I shoved the wine in Skulker's hands and he accepted it gratefully, already tearing the stopper off with his mechanized teeth. I'd learned long ago that alcohol affects ghosts, just as I'd learned to always show up to the Ghost Zone Christmas party about 30 minutes after it started. That way all of my enemies were already buzzed and everyone was much happier.

"Phantom! Phantom! Check out what Kitty got me for Christmas!" Youngblood came zooming up to me, shoving a toy train in my face. I got a little nervous when the train started growling at me.

"Oh yeah, it eats humans, so it probably doesn't like you." the small kid took the train away and started petting it like a cat, walking away and cooing to it.

"Note to self, stay away from Youngblood's toys." I muttered.

I looked around, surveying the decorations for this year. The book shelves had little red and green cloths hanging from them and the chandeliers had snowflakes hanging from the golden holders. Festive, plushy couches were set up all over the place, complete with little tables and Christmas lights wrapped around their wooden legs.

A bigger table had all the food and drinks on it, but I knew to stay clear of all that. One never knew how old food was in the Ghost Zone, and the only drinks were different types of alcohol. (Hey, I may have brought the wine, but it's not like I drink it. Well, I don't drink a lot.) Music was bursting from the monstrous stereo system, weaving in and out of the crowds smoothly. Kitty and Johnny were on the dance floor together, doing some seriously crazy moves. The Lunch Lady and Box Ghost reminded me of Dad's reunion, where everyone was trying to pogo to new age music. Poindexter was doing a great impression of the robot and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Ha!" Skulker announced. "I actually am a robot! I can do much better than that!" he boasted.

"Oh yeah!" Poindexter snapped. "Then bring in on, pal!"

Youngblood was rolling with laughter as the two ghosts had a robo-dance dance off between themselves. My bet was totally on Skulker.

"You wanna dance, baby pop?" I heard Ember voice from behind me and I turned around. By now I was actually a little taller than her, so I looked her in the eye with a smirk.

"Ember?" I drawled, waiting.

She rolled her eyes.

"Fine. Phantom. You wanna dance?"

"It would be my pleasure." I grinned cheekily and she smirked slightly.

I always dance with Ember every year because every year she always asks. I've never been sure why she's always so adamant about dancing with me at the Christmas party, but I think it has something to do with a guy she used to know when she was alive. Either way, I took her hand and in no time as all we were moving with the beat all across the floor.

Her small form was easy to lead, she moved fluidly with every spin. My hand rested on her shapely hip, my other hand enclosed with hers.

"Your getting better at this." She smirked, and I spun her around, pulling her back in smoothly and she was flush against my chest.

"Why thank you." I smiled cockily, she laughed.

The tempo increased and so did our dance. Honestly, I was just making the moves up as I went along, but apparently I must be good at improv because she was clearly enjoying herself. I caught Skulker glaring at me once and I coughed a bit, putting more space between us till he crossed his arms and nodded. Ember didn't notice a thing as we moved like water around the floor, finally slowing and eventually coming to a stop as the song finished.

She glanced at me with a smirk, her face a little paler than before in a ghostly blush.

"Thank's baby pop." she grinned and skipped over to Skulker. I rolled my eyes in hopelessness and moved off the dance floor.

Relaxing on the couch, I didn't notice a certain someone plop down next to me till a voice spoke up.

"Danny! How good of you to come!" she twittered, her voice making me shove down a grimace. Christmas truce or not, I would never be comfortable around Spectra.

"Hi Spectra." I said, trying to make my voice sound less flat.

"I just thought I check up on my favorite half ghost! How's school? Any failing grades, broken up lovers, or other traumatic teenage experiences you wanna get off your chest?"

I stared at her.

"You do realize that your about as subtle as Vlad, right?"

"Oh, Plasmius? You wanna talk to him?" she grinned at me and to my immense horror she reached back and seemingly pulled him out of the air.

"What the-! Spectra I've told you time and time again I-Oh...hello Daniel." Vlad froze and I blinked at him in shock.

Vlad has never come to a Christmas party.

"W-what are you doing here?" I asked, my disbelief slowly draining.

He scowled.

"What? I can't enjoy a Christmas Party?" he snapped.

"No-no! It's just, uh, you've never struck me as a Christmas kinda person." I smiled weakly.

"Wow, it looks like you two have a lot to catch up on then! I'll just leave you to it." Grinning triumphantly, she shoved Vlad to the couch, practically pushing him on top of me.

He twisted around to yell at her, but she was already gone. Damn ghosts.

We glanced at each other, a little awkwardly. I coughed and looked around. Other ghosts were glancing at us and smirking. The rivalry between me and Plasmius was well known. I'm sure many ghosts found the fact that me and Vlad had to try and be civil with one another hilarious.

"So..." Vlad started, tapping his gloved fingers together, "How's school?"

"It's good." I nodded, staring intently as the tinsel hanging from the Christmas tree.

"Uh...how's life?" I asked lamely.

Vlad stared at me.

"Fantastic." came his flat reply.

I couldn't resist.

"How's your Cat doing?"

Vlad glared at me and I failed at trying to force down my grin.

Another silence came and I was just about to get up and ask anyone to dance when Skulker came over with three rather large drinks in his hands and sat himself right between us.

"In'd this party great!" he smiled dumbly, shoving a drink in Vlad's hands and one in mine. He threw his arms around our shoulders and held us tight, much to a very displeased Vlad.

"Skulker! Get off me!"

"I mean, I've be'n ta 'lot of these things, bu' this 's th best!" God, he was so drunk. I couldn't help but laugh a bit, Skulker was hilarious when he was drunk.

"See! Ev'n you two 'r gett'in 'long!"

"Sure Skulker, whatever you say." I laughed.

"Daniel!" Vlad hissed, "Don't encourage him!"

"Dude, have you ever seen Skulker when he's like this? Just go along with it and he'll go away quicker." I whispered back to him.

"H're, 'av a drink you two! I's the bes' whiskey 'round!" Skulker looked at us expectantly, obviously with no intention of letting us go till we tried it.

"Uh, I'm not much of a drinker Sul-"

"What's wrong Daniel, is this too old for you? Would you like some water instead." Plasmius taunted with a sneer.

I glared at him, seeing a glint in his eye.

"Last one to finish has to drink another." he challenged.

"Your on."

"Tha's the spirit!" Skulker howled happily, throwing his arms up.

Instantly the cup was to my lips and the foul drink was rushing down my throat. Now I know this is probably the stupidest thing I've ever done, but there's no way I'm gonna back down from Plasmius.

I chugged down the drink as fast as I could, finishing with a gasp and heaving for air at the same time a Vlad.

"Well who one?" I demanded.

"I saw Plasmius finish first!" Poindexter yelled.

I looked around and realized we had a bit of a crowd around us.

"No way, little man, that was totally Phantom." Johnny sounded impressed.

"It looks like a tie, gentlemen. Shall we try it again?" came the Lunch Lady's sweet voice as she held out two more full glasses.

Me and Vlad glanced at each other.

"You gonna back down, Plasmius?"

"From you? Hilarious." he sneered.

We took the drinks, a cheer erupting from the crowd. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, but it was oddly faint. Skulker counted down and we were at it again, chugging the drinks down for all we were worth, the ghosts cackling with entertainment around us. I felt the last of the foam brush my lips and I tore the cup away, breathing for air and wiping my mouth off.

"That was Plasmius!"

"Totally Plasmius!"

I groaned. I'd never hear the end of this from him.

Vlad looked down at me smugly, dropping his empty cup to the floor and relaxing back against the couch.

"Well Daniel?" He prompted with his pleased grin, nodding toward the cup the Lunch Lady held out.

I rolled my eyes and downed it to, with laughter and cheers of the ghosts swirling around me. I little of it escaped from the corner of the cup and I wiped it away with my arm, shaking my fuzzy brain and steadying myself.

"Best two outta three?" I grinned at him. Vlad raised an eyebrow and held out a hand expectantly as another was given to me.

"I accept." he grinned, his fangs gleaming.

I have no idea how many cups we drank. One minute we were sitting on the couch with the ghosts laughing and cheering us on, and the next we were standing woozily, empty cups littering the ground and we chugged our last.

"Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" the cheers echoed around me as the amber liquid spilled down my face and rushed down my throat. I threw the cup to the ground and a roar shot up around us.

Wiping my mouth, I stumbled, grinning happily even though I had no clue what was going on.

"Tie!" someone yelled.

"Tie!" another called.

Oh yeah, the contest thingy.

"Ha! Tie again Vlad! Told you I'd beat ya!" I grinned.

"You didn't beat me, we tied!" Vlad pointed a finger at me, but pointed at the wrong person.

I giggled.

"I'm over here silly." I laughed.

Vlad blinked and shook his head.

"Can you duplicate now, Daniel?" he mumbled.

"Can you teach me?" I stumbled over to him.

"Yes I can." Vlad replied smartly.


He took me by the hips and held me in front of him. He had very strong hands.

"Firs' you look at one thing and then you focus on...on...god, you have very shapely hips Daniel." he mumbled, his hands squeezing and rubbing my body.

"Vlad," I giggled again, swatting him and stumbling slightly, "I'm not that drunk yet."

"More drinks!" He yelled loudly, still holding me.

Some one shoved two more drinks in our hands and I guess we were doing that contest thingy again, so I threw my head back and downed the drink as fast as I could. Only I was really dizzy so I ended up drinking too slow I think and some of it spilled over.

Vlad handed me his half empty glass and whispered in my ear,

"Drink slow, Daniel."

I finished off his whiskey, making sure to drink slow and deep, just like he said. Was I duplicating now?

The cups clattered to the floor and we stumbled back, falling to the couch. I heard music playing in the back ground and it made me smile. It was pretty music. I looked down at Vlad, who I was lying on top of, and grinned.

"This music is pretty."

"Your pretty." He grinned back and I blushed.

"Aww, Vlad." I smiled.

Suddenly he grabbed the neck of my jumpsuit and pressed his lips to mine, moving like fire and tasting like the sweet whiskey. I groaned into his mouth, tangling my fingers in his soft black hair. Vlad's hands clutched my waist, pulling me against him.

I think I heard a few shouts, cat calls, and loud "whoo"'s in the background, but I totally didn't care. And apparently neither did Vlad. One of his hands traveled up my back, making me shiver with delight. It caressed my face and rubbed my ear, making me moan softly and slowly rub my hips against his.

I brushed my tongue against his lips, making him clutch me harder and twist his hand in my hair. Tauntingly, I ran my tongue over his teeth and he crushed my hip with bruising strength. I smiled in the kiss and so very delicately touched his tongue, he growled with impatience.

My entire world flipped for one heart stopping moment and the next second I was on the bottom with Vlad leaning over me hungrily.

"Don't tease me, Daniel." he said lowly in a hoarse voice, his hot breath in my ear making me squirm.

He crashed our lips together, forcing his tongue into my mouth and grabbing my hip. I pulled his hair roughly and wrapped a leg around his waist, another hand clutching his back. He groaned in pleasure as I moved against him, nails digging into his back as we invaded each others mouths. He tore away suddenly and bit my neck, making me yelp slightly as his fangs pierced my skin. I moaned when he sucked the bruised flesh, hugging him to me. His hands roamed all over my body tantalizingly and I gasped with pleasure.

He was back on my lips, hand gripping my hair and the other my thigh. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him close. I was drowning in the heat, fire spreading through me. His lips were like a forbidden fruit, and I couldn't get enough.

Suddenly a bright light flashed, causing us to jump apart momentarily.

"Go away." Vlad mumbled, returning to kissing me.

I heard a sinister laugh and I guess it was Vlad cause he has a sinister sexy laugh, although his is a bit different. Lower I think. My thoughts were halted as Vlad's hands started roaming again, and I thought nothing coherent for a long while.

I think, eventually, someone gave us more whiskey, but we kept telling them to go away but they kept insisting so we finally just drank it to shut them up. Then everything went dark; I passed out.


The sun was bright, and I mean a burning bright. I groaned painfully and buried my head under the covers, praying for sweet darkness to take me once more. My head was absolutely pounding. It felt like there was a jackhammer doing construction up there. I groaned again as a wave of nausea hit me, but I forced it down. Was I dying?

Suddenly, my super sensitive ghost ears easily picked up the sound of the front door banging open and two sets of feet stomping up the stairs. I buried my sick self deeper in the covers, hoping who ever that was they'd shut the blinds.

My door exploded open and two voices were shouting loudly, impaling my skull horrendously. God, I was dying.

I don't even know what they were saying, they were just screaming and making so much damn racket-and they wouldn't shut the hell up!

"Shut up!" I groaned, weakly dragging the pillow over my already buried head.

They finally quieted down and I heard a muffled voice.

"Are you having a hangover?" it sounded slightly horrified, but I was beyond caring.

Hangover? Maybe. Did I drink a lot at the Christmas Party last night? The wave of nausea hit me again and it wasn't stopping this time. I jumped from the covers, clutching my mouth and pounding head as I ran for the bathroom, half blinded.

Then the beautiful porcelain bowl was below me and I threw up all of my stomach contents with a sickening splat. I couldn't move, so I just stayed there, burying my head in my arms and hiding my eyes from the harsh light. I heard the clomp of feet again and they stopped in the bathroom doorway.

"Danny?" came Sam's concerned voice.

I looked up at her blearily.

"Sam?" I croaked.

She instantly shut off the lights and I breathed a sigh of relief, lying my head on my arms again.

"Dude, what happened to you?" Tucker's voice sounded shocked and a little horrified.

I sniffed a bit and wiped the sweat from my forehead.

"Do I really look that bad?" I moaned.

"You look like you got hit by a train." Tucker said bluntly.

I had the sudden image of Youngblood's man eating train.


"Where were you last night, Danny?" Sam sounded like she was gonna cry.

"The Christmas party, why?"

She breathed a sigh of relief.

"So you weren't at Vlad's house?"

I scrunched up my nose.

"What? Hell no, why would I got there?" I said, disgust plain in my voice.

"Uh oh..." I heard Tucker mumbled.

"Guys whats goi-"

My stomach heaved and I threw up again, making my friends wince.

"Ugh, sorry." I mumbled.

"What happened last night?" Sam asked gently, but still worried.

"Uh..." I scrunched up my face trying to remember. "Um...well I danced with Ember like I do every year. And Youngblood showed me his man eating train. Then I sat on a couch and Spectra was there. And Vlad was there too! I couldn't believe it, he's never gone to the Christmas party!"

I never caught their shared glance.

"And...and then Skulker was drunk and he told me and Vlad to drink and when your dealing with a drunk Skulker you just do what he says or he'll never leave you alone so we did and...and...uh...did I drink a lot? I don't remember. All I remember is a hell of a lot of fun. Why?"

I smiled lazily at them, blinking rapidly to clear my blurry vision.

"Well, uh, I don't know how to tell you this dude but uh, you and Vlad, Um..." Tucker was looking everywhere but at me and I suddenly had a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Sam sighed exasperatedly and pulled out an envelope. Hastily she pulled out a picture and held it up to me. I felt every ounce of color that was left in my face drain away.

She was holding a picture of me and Vlad entwined on a couch. His hand was gripping my hair and clutching my thigh. I was wrapped around his neck, my chest pressed up against his. We were kissing heavily and the tongue action was veeery obvious.

I threw up again. And then again.

"Oh my god." I croaked, shaking.

I suddenly jumped up and stumbled to the sink, squirting half a tube of toothpaste in my mouth and raking a toothbrush across my teeth. I couldn't look at my friends, refused to see their sympathetic looks. I spat the wad of paste into the sink and gargled water for a good five minuets. I moaned when I caught my reflection in the mirror and noticed a very prominent love bite on my neck. I leaned over the sink, taking deep breathes.

"Guys." I said shakily.

"Yeah?" they replied hesitantly.

"I'm never getting drunk again."

I feel like this went too fast. =\ What do you all think?