The Fox Hidden in the Leaves

Chapter 1: Flashback

By: MikeJV37

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2) In this fic there have been "unrealistic" enhancements to certain sexual parts and lemon scenes that may offend some readers.

----April 15, Namikaze Mansion----

It'd been a year since he'd returned from the three year training mission with Jiraiya. As he stood on his balcony and watched the sun rise, Naruto couldn't help but smile at all the changes that had happened in that time, especially after he returned.


The door opened and Shizune stuck her head in the office. "Tsunade-sama, you have visitors."

Tsunade sighed and lifted her head up over the pile of paperwork on her desk, a look of annoyance on her face at being disturbed just as she got a good rhythym going in the paperwork. "Shizune I told you I didn't want to be bothered unless it was an emergency.... and visitors are not an emergency! I don't care who it is, tell them to come back later!"

Shizune smirked and nodded. "Hai, Tsunade-sama. I'll tell Jiraiya-sama and Naruto-kun to come back later." Shizune giggled as Tsunade's chair shot back into the wall and shattered.

"NARUTO!!!" Tsunade screamed in joy, the happiness radiating from her could be felt. Shizune stepped back and opened the door so Naruto could walk in, followed by Jiraiya.

Shizune had a huge smile on her face as she watched the scene. Her sensei, the Fifth Hokage Tsunade, hadn't smiled in well over a year. She knew how Tsunade felt about Naruto, he held a very special place in Tsunade's heart, though she knew Tsunade would never admit her true feelings for him to anyone, except for her, and even then she'd been sworn to secrecy by Tsunade, under severe personal penalty if she even hinted at what she knew to anyone. Tsunade had jumped her desk and knocked the three piles of papers on the floor, before she rushed across her office at Naruto like a tsunami.

"Hi baa-chan, I.... mmph!" Naruto waved his arms frantically as Tsunade had grabbed him and yanked him, face first, into her deep cleavage for a very painful hug, a few tears actually ran down her cheeks. Jiraiya stood there in slack-jawed shock at her reaction. He'd give anything to trade places with Naruto at this moment.

Shizune coughed. "Tsunade-sama...." Shizune said urgently to save Naruto from being smothered to death by her friend's huge breasts. "Naruto...." Shizune said as she pointed to the patch of spiky blonde hair, the only visile sign of his head.

Tsunade gasped and released the now red faced Naruto to take a few deep breaths of air and regain his composure. "I'm sorry Naruto." Tsunade said as she forced her emotions down to more acceptable levels. "I lost my head for a moment, I was so happy to see you again you lil br...." Tsunade's eyes suddenly widened as she got a good look at Naruto. He'd grown quite a bit and was now slightly taller than she was, but not as tall as Jiraiya. What really got her attention though was how much hard muscle he'd put on, his rugged but still boyish good looks, and the whisker marks on his cheeks that only added to his charm. For a second she forgot that she thought of him as a lil brother, not to mention the almost forty year age difference. She can't help but think how gorgeous Naruto looked, intense sexual thoughts and feelings crept into her mind and certain parts of her body. Luckily she stopped and surpressed them before they showed on her face. However; what she didn't notice, but Naruto and Shizune did, was the brief, and very slight, blush on her cheeks.

Shizune smirked then closed the door.

"Baa-chan...." Naruto scratched the back of his head and gave his heart melting foxy grin as he blushed in embarrassment, then noticed Tsunade seemed to be frozen, "Are you ok?"

Tsunade suddenly snapped out of her shock and put on her normal happy face. "You've grown Naruto, I guess I can't call you little anymore." She ruffled his spiky blonde hair and smiled, "You'll always be a brat to me though."

Naruto laughed and smiled at her with his trademark grin.

Jiraiya coughed to get their attention. "Tsunade, we have a lot to report, would you like a brief summary now?"

Tsunade sighed sadly as her job reared its ugly head. She scooped up her papers from the floor and put them back on her desk then sat on the edge as her chair was now on the floor in small pieces. "Ok, give me a quick report, I'll read the details in the full report later."

Naruto and Jiraiya nodded.

Jiraiya started. "The training went better than planned. About a year into it everything he'd learned seemed to fall into place, from then on he mastered every jutsu I taught him in a few weeks, and seemed to get a little faster and stronger everyday."

Tsunade nodded and smiled at Naruto, impressed.

Jaraiya continued. "He's just like his dad, Naruto has a real talent for ninjutsu and seals."

Tsunade held up her hand to stop him, stood straight up, a serious look now on her face. She crossed her arms over her chest and gave Jiraiya a glare that made him nervous. "So you told him everything?"

Jiraiya nodded nervously, hoping she wouldn't punch him through the wall.

"Naruto...." Tsunade turned to look at him with a worried and sad expression. "I'm so very sorry I couldn't tell you." She looked down at the floor, her shoulders slumped. "Can you forgive us for keeping this from you? We promised Minato we wouldn't tell anyone, not even the council."

Naruto looked at Tsunade, she almost looked her age even with her special henge.

Naruto gently lifted Tsunade's chin and looked into her light brown eyes. "Of course I forgive you Tsunade-sama." He heard her heartbeat increace, he'd never called her that before. "You're my family, I can't hate my family." He gave Tsunade his warmest foxy grin.

Tsunade's heart just melted and she hugged him, forgetting who she was for a moment. Tsunade broke the hug, smiled at Naruto a moment before she composed herself. "Thank you Naruto. Continue Jiraiya."

A grinning Jiraiya nodded. He gave a brief account of the second year, leaving out several key bits of information for the moment. He did notice that Tsunade seemed to know he was holding back important information, but wasn't saying anything about it.

When Jaraiya gave Tsunade the last part of the report she almost fell on the floor from shock, then her emotions exploded. "YOU DID WHAT?" Tsunade screamed with such power the tower seemed to shake for a moment,

Naruto and Jiraiya both felt the wave of chakra that came off of her.

Naruto answered. "I killed Orochimaru and the Akatsuki."

Shizune came in, worried. "Is everything alright Tsunade-sama?"

"Hai, everything's fine, thank you Shizune." Tsunade said.

Shizune nodded and closed the door.

"But how Naruto... even I couldn't kill Orochimaru?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head as he gave a foxy grin. "Well... because I'm stronger than you now I guess. He really wasn't that tough once I'd found his weakness and knew how much chakra he had. After that he was easy to kill, and Kabuto was no challenge at all, unlike the first time I fought him."

"But how Naruto... you, you couldn't of gotten so strong in such a short time...." Tsunade suddenly had a thought that scared her. "Kyuubi!"

Naruto grinned and nodded his head.

"Naruto...." Jiraiya said. "You better show her now, you were going to anyway."

Naruto sighed and nodded.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, her curiosity peaked.

Naruto raised his hands up in front of his chest, his fingers formed to make a seal any academy student would know.

"Wait a second Naruto." Tsunade said as she raised her hand. "You're using a Henge?"

Naruto nodded.

Tsunade turned to Jiraiya and gave him a look that made him want to cover his manhood from fear of losing it.

Jiraiya immedietly intercepted Tsunade's incoming questions, he could feel her immense chakra building to dangerous levels, dangerous to him anyway. "Tsunade, please calm down, this really is Naruto, it's not a trick." Jiraiya mouthed something to Tsunade that Naruto missed.

To Naruto's surprise, Tsunade's legendary rage, that he also felt growing, suddenly vanished.

'Jiraiya wouldn't bring THAT up unless he was sincere, he knows what I'll do to him if he even tries to abuse that.' Tsunade thought, her eyes opened slightly wider and her jaw briefly clinched tight. "Wait a moment Naruto, if you're going to show me what I think, I don't want us to be interupted.... Shizune!"

The door opened a moment later and Shizune came in.

Tsunade glanced at Naruto. "Lock the door and join me Shizune, I'm going to seal the room."

Shizune did as told and seconds later stood to the right of her sensei and best friend, nervous. She tried to ask a question but Tsunade raised her hand signaling her to be quiet. Shizune nodded.

Tsunade took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she focused her chakra. Tsunade flashed through a series of hand signs Naruto had never seen before.

Jiraiya gasped in mild shock, which got their attention.

Tsunade finished and held the last seal. "HOUSE HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS." There's a quiet, whoosh, and suddenly all outside sounds stopped. The window and door seemed to of vanished, leaving only wall. Jiraiya smiled.

"Tsunade, I haven't seen that in over thirty years." Jiraiya noticed Naruto's reaction. "You've never heard of that jutsu because Tsunade created it herself a long time ago, she's the only person that can use it, it's sort of like a Bloodline-Limit in many ways, but she won't tell me why no one else can use it. It's like a sound seal, but nothing can get in or out until she releases it. Naruto, drop the henge."

Naruto nodded and made the hand sign. "Kai!"

Tsunade and Shizune gasped.

Tsunade had seen a lot of things in her life, some truely astonishing, but nothing could have prepared her for the changes in Naruto's appearence. She'd figured correctly that it had to do with Kyuubi, and had read the reports of the few times he'd tapped into its chakra and taken on a more feral look, but this was a true transformation. He basically looked like he did with the henge, apparently all it did was hide his new features. His eyes were still the same deep blue color, but now had vertical slit pupils and three small red slashes radiating out from the center on both sides, similar to the Sharingan. It was eerie but damn sexy she had to admit.

Naruto saw her almost staring at his face, grinned and revealed large upper and lower fangs.

The three whisker marks on his cheeks were a little more feral than Tsunade remembered them being, but they were still very attractive. Besides his eyes, the most noticible change to his head was his ears, they were on top of his head now and were long and pointed like fox ears, but were covered in blonde fur. Just as noticible were his hands, his fingers now ended in claw-like nails. What really got her attention though, was behind him were nine blonde fox tails with white tips. Only her decades of experience allowed Tsunade to compose herself so soon. "The seal.... is the seal intact? What exactly happened to you Naruto?"

Jiraiya answered. "I was training him to better absorb and control Kyuubi's chakra.... and according to what Naruto told me, during the time he spent in his mindscape talking to Kyuubi between training sessions...." He sees Tsunade's jaw and fists clench. "All the chakra he was absorbing from Kyuubi started to damage his body, as demon chakra isn't meant to be used by humans because its far to powerful for us to handle. So either out of self preservation or respect for him, it fused with Naruto. He was wrapped in red chakra for twenty-four hours, and when he emerged he was half demon."

With both a scowl and concern on her face, Tsunade stepped up to Naruto, flashed through a few hand signs at lightning speed, her hands glowed with chakra as she activates a medical scanning jutsu.

After she ran her hands around Naruto from head to toe, she released the jutsu and a sigh of relief. "What ever Kyuubi did worked, there's nothing wrong with you other than the physical changes, but tommorow morning I want you both at the Hokage Mansion at nine for a meeting. Until I decide what to do, this is now an S-Rank secret. You will tell nobody about this without my permission, am I CLEAR?" Tsunade said with her full authority.

Naruto and Jiraiya flinched, then nodded.

Tsunade pinched the bridge of her nose as a headache came on, and sighed. "I'm getting too old for this shit." Tsunade said to herself a little louder than she intended.

Shizune, Jiraiya and Naruto heard her and laughed, despite the fact, or maybe because, she almost never swore.

Tsunade looked up at them and glared angrily, which froze them in place until she smirked, shook her head in defeat and let out a little laugh. She gave everyone a minute to calm down then put on her best 'Hokage face' that obliterated the light mood in the room. "I want to hear about Orochimaru and the Akatsuki, and don't leave out a single detail, got it?"

They nodded and told her everything from the point when they found where Orochimaru was, how he'd prepared everything to move into his new body.

Tsunade couldn't restrain herself when Naruto told her how he'd taken the sword Grass Cutter from Orochimaru and decapitated him with it so fast he was dead before he could even react. Tsunade almost fell to the floor she laughed so hard.

Shizune smiled ear-to-ear, she hadn't heard Tsunade laugh this hard since she was a kid and had just joined Tsunade, the sight made her heart soar.

Naruto waited almost ten minutes for Tsunade to compose herself enough to listen clearly. He told her that he then used a fire based Kitsune Jutsu, one of many he'd gained from the fusion with Kyuubi, and reduced Orochimaru's remains to ash. This was a special Jutsu, it did more than just destroy the body, it sent the soul to Hell, Orochimaru could never be brought back to life. Kabuto attempted to avenge his master and was incinerated as easily.

When Naruto mentioned the vessel Orochimaru was going to transfer into, Shizune and Tsunade's faces suddenly changed.

Naruto saw this and grinned. "So how's Sasuke-teme doing, I haven't seen him since I dropped him off at the hospital?"

"So it was you.... I had a feeling you were behind that." Tsunade sighed sadly. "Physically he's fine, except for that Curse Mark, I can't break it!"

"I can break it baa-chan, would you like me to?" Naruto asked casually.

Tsunade's eyes jumped open. "You can break his Curse Mark? Why didn't you do it before you brought him back?"

Naruto gave his classic big grin while scratching the back of his head. "I.... kinda forgot to."

Tsunade and Shizune sweatdropped. After they recovered Tsunade rolled her eyes at Naruto and bopped him on top of his head.

"OW!" Naruto rubbed his head. "Baa-chan, what'd you hit me for?"

"You may be half demon and stronger than me and Jiraiya put together..." She glared at Jiraiya, stopping his super perveted thoughts before they could get started. "You're still an S-Ranked knucklehead sometimes, but that's why we love you brat." She ruffled his hair and stroked his fox ears in the process.

Naruto grinned and gave her a hug. "I love you too baa-chan."

"Ok, enough mushy stuff, what happened next?" As she knew already, Naruto knew about the Akatsuki, it's why he left with Jiraiya in the first place.

Naruto told her how they spent months tracking them before they finally found their headquarters.

Tsunade heard the sad inflections in his voice as he told her how it had come down to him and Itachi, how he saved Sasuke and repeatedly tried to convice the elder Uchiha to give up, and return to Konoha with him, that he'd get her to let Itachi and Sasuke rebuild the Uchiha clan, even after Itachi knew he couldn't beat Naruto. The sadness almost overwhelmed his face as Naruto told her how he was forced to kill Itachi. Tsunade knew Naruto had honestly tried to save Itachi despite what he'd done and how he felt about the older Uchiha. Naruto then told Tsunade about Pain, and how powerful he was. When he told Tsunade how casually Pain had mentioned that once he killed Naruto he was going to destroy Konoha.... after he'd raped Tsunade then ripped her in half. Naruto had a great deal of trouble forcing himself to repeat Pain's threat. Tsunade visiblly cringed from fear.

Shizune fainted dead away, unable to handle the image that flashed through her mind.

Tsunade only took a few minutes to regain her composure, but it took them over twenty minutes just to get Shizune awake and keep her that way, and another six to calm her down. All three looked at Shizune in surprize when the usually reserved brunette told them after this meeting she was going to the Hokage Mansion, where she and Tsunade lived, and get falling down drunk on sake.

"Help me forget about all of this and make me smile again." Shizune said seriously.

Tsunade instantly stood in front of Jiraiya, the room so thick with killing intent you could almost see it, she told him that if he so much as smirked in Shizune's general direction she could guarentee him a death so horrible that even the Shinigami himself would bow to her in humble respect.

Naruto had to sit down on the bench by the wall, actually scared of Tsunade, despite the fact he knew he was more powerful than her. He'd never felt killer intent so powerfukl in his life.

Jiraiya was suddenly drenched in sweat. He bowed as best he could with her inches from him. "Hai Tsunade-sama, you have my most solemn vow."

This caught even Tsunade off guard. She knew him better than anyone and he'd told her countless times, as far back as she could remember, that he'd never refer to her as sama, but he'd just done it. Tsunade had to step back and calm down, the tension in the room dropped dramatically.

Jiraiya sat on the bench next to Naruto and suddenly found the floor very interesting.

When she felt a hand on her shoulder Tsunade turned to see Shizune.

"It's ok Tsunade-chan, really. I know you want to protect me, but it's ok." Shizune said.

Tsunade knew what it meant when Shizune called her chan. "You sure Shizune? I don't want you making offers like that around him, you know what a pervert he is. I don't want your fi...." Shizune squeezed Tsunade's shoulder, she got the message. "I just don't want you hurt Shizune." Still face-to-dace with Shizune, a cruel smirk suddenly curled the corners of her mouth, which Shizune saw. Tsunade winked at her and motioned with her eyes.

Shizune knew what Tsunade was about to do, and nodded slightly, playing along.

"If you want to spend some time with Naruto-kun however...." Tsunade turned and smiled knowingly at him, "I won't object. I know he'd be good to you."

Shizune looked at Naruto with a very convincing, and somewhat sincere she admitted to herself, smile of lust as she sized him up like a piece of meat.

Naruto suddenly felt very warm, his face turned bright red as he slumped against the wall, he'd fainted from embarrassment.

Jiraiya hit the floor face first moments later, unable to cope with what he'd just heard.

The twu men unconscious from sheer embarrassment, both women laughed and hugged each other before they moved to wake them up, Shizune took Naruto. Just as they were next to them though, Shizune stopped. "Tsunade....."

Tsunade froze when she heard the inflection in her friend's voice. Tsunade turned her head and looked at Shizune.

"I know we were just teasing them, but...." That 'but' made Tsunade slightly nervous. "Just between us.... I really do like Naruto."

"I do to Shizune, you know that." The look she saw in Shizune's eyes hit her like a fist and made her eyes big as saucers. "Oh Shizune.... you mean you'd really like to...."

Shizune blushed. "Hai, Tsunade-chan." Shizune interrupted. "Naruto-kun is...."

Tsunade held up her hand to stop her. "I know what you're going to say, but we'll discuss this tonight at the Mansion after dinner, ok? We have a lot to discuss already, this is just one more thing.... you should of told me though Shizune, you know we have no secrets from each other."

Shizune bowed. "Sorry."

"Now wake the knuckhead up. We have to finish this meeting, and I need to tell Naruto about our other guest down at the hospital. Since he knows who his parents are he'll have to be told everything, but there could be problems when I mention an old Village Law I'll have to reinstate."

Shizune's eyes opened wide. "You mean...."

"Hai, Shizune. Then there's the Council, I'll have to tell them everything now.... I'm not looking forward to the next couple days. I wonder if I could drink myself into a coma?"

End Chapter 1