The Fox Hidden in the Leaves

Chapter 70: Memories

By: MikeJV37

Author's Note: First let me, kinda sadly, say that this is the final chapter of this story, but NOT this series. This was just Book 1. At the end is another note about book 2.

===April 7, 8:51 AM, Namikaze Mansion===

Naruto looked across the breakfast table and smiled. Hinata, Tayuya, Tsunade, Shizune, Kushina, Kouseki, Yugito and Isaribi still looked like the morning after, he felt fine and showed it. "Pass the sausages Tsunade-chan." Naruto said a little louder than he needed to, and smiled when everyone winced in pain, several held their head.

"For the love of Kami Naruto-kun... whisper." Tsunade said quietly, then pushed the plate across the table where he could reach it.

"Please Naruto-kun... lift your block." Hinata said quietly and as seductively as she could with a pounding hangover.

Naruto looked into her eyes and sighed in defeat. "Hai, I've had enough fun." Naruto said then mentally restored their kitsune abilities.

A minute later everyone sighed happily as they felt normal again, then Tsunade's and Hinata's ears perked up.

"Excuse us... three other people need breakfast." Tsunade said as she stood and headed for the Nursery followed by Hinata,

Tayuya watched them leave the room then sighed. "I better go too, when they start Rubi will want some."

"Guess Rubi-chan loves big tits as much as her mom." Naruto said and smirked.

"You know it." Tayuya said proudly then walked away.

===9:01 AM, Haruno Compound===

Sakura smiled down at her little daughter as she laid happily in her crib. "You did a real number on mommies nipples this morning Kazakura-chan... but you're worth it." Sakura leaned down and kissed her large forehead, which made her smile. Sakura cracked her neck and back, then gently massaged her very sore distended nipples and sagging breasts, only one thought in her mind... hot shower. "How can one little baby drain both my breasts of milk... where do you put it all?" Sakura said happily, and still only in her pink panties walked out of her bedroom, down the short front hallway and into the front room only her Clan, Naruto, Hinata and Ino had seen so far, a twenty-by-twenty-five foot group shower and bathroom, there were no walls within the room, it was all open. There were two people at the far end from the door under two shower nozzles, but Sakura ignored them as she slipped off her panties, did her business, crossed the room to the shower and turned on the closest one to the two women doing a very thorough job cleaning each other. Sakura sighed cententedly as the hot water hit her sore breasts.

"Chewed up your nipples didn't she honey?" One of the women said and giggled.

"She sure did mom, morning... morning Yuugao-ch..." Sakura said and froze.

Yuugao smiled and pointed to her left breast. "Sakari-chan did it last night."

Sakura blinked a moment and comfirmed what she saw... Yuugao had been Mate Marked by her mother and was now her bonded kitsune mate. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to Mate Mark Yuugao?" Sakura said surprized.

"After that party the other night at Naruto-sama's, we were getting intimate last night and well... it was a spur of the moment thing..." Sakari said, then got slightly nervous. "You... won't remove it will you Sakura-sama? You know we love each other deeply and...'

"It's okay." Sakura interrupted with a smile. "I figured you would eventually, but I thought I'd at least be there, it's a big moment. Yuugao-chan you do know what becoming a kitsune means... I Clan Marked Sakari, she Mate Marked you... and as Head of the Clan and your superior as a Kitsune, regardless of your rank or relationshp to me, I can suppress your Kitsune chakra at any time as well as read your mind or if needed force you to do what I want... though I won't do that to either of you unless I really have to." Sakura said seriously, then with a thought made them grab the other's nipples and pinch them painfully for a moment. "Sorry, but that was just a small demonstration, mainly for you Yuugao-chan. Has anyone else seen you this morning?"

Sakari gently massaged her nipples. "No, we were up first... or at least didn't see or hear anyone except the kitchen staff fixing breakfast."

"Since we were going to go for lunch anyway, after breakfast we're going to Naruto-kun's. He'll know already, you can't Mark anyone without his permission, even if you don't hear him Naruto-kun will feel it, as Head of the Kitsune Clan he is the source of our power and our Master if he chose to be. There are some things you'll both need to know, but only Naruto-sama or Hinata-sama can tell you." Sakura said seriously, then smiled, wanting to lighten the mood. "You two are obviously clean, so... would you mind helping your Clan Head get her back, tail and... other hard to reach places?" Sakura said, winked and smiled slyly.

Sakari and Yuugao smiled. "Hai, Sakura-sama." They said together happily.

===9:09 AM, Tenten's House===

"She slept in yesterday because of Naruto-sama's party... but she can't still be in bed... Tenten wouldn't miss her favorite breakfast if her legs were broken." Kousha said as she walked down the hallway to her daughter's room, then slid open the door and walked in. "Tenten it's time to... what the... where is she? Wait a minute, her bed hasn't been slept in so where..." Kousha said, then her eyes got as big as saucers as a thought crossed her mind. "No, no, no nononononono please Kami tell me she didn't do what I think she did." Kousha said then ran from the room.

===9:16 AM, Across Town===

Kousha, still in her black house kimono, only panties beneath it, pounded on the Gate in front of her.

It opened and a tall woman with black hair to her waist, clad in dark blue clothes appeared and smiled. "How may I heeeEEEP!" She said then shrieked and went up on her toes as intense pain suddenly raced through her body from between her legs.

Kousha increased her vice-like grip on the bigger woman's clit through her pants, her face cold. "I'm only going to ask you once bitch... is Tenten here?"

The woman tried to talk but couldn't, so she nodded.

Kousha used her free hand to remove four kunai from the woman's weapon pouch, then released her grip. "You know who I am and what I can do with these, so take me to her now or I'll end you as a woman." Kousha said coldly.

The woman nodded, terrified, turned and almost ran for the Main House.

===The Bedroom===

The two people in the bed raised their heads when they heard two sets of footsteps coming down the hall at a fast walk.

The door was shoved open and before they could identify the person three kunai flew across the room, one struck the wall on either side on the man's head not an inch away, the third nearly parted his hair down the middle. The woman in the bed sat bolt upright, the blankets dropped and revealed her bare breasts.

"SASUKE UCHIHA WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER?" Kousha screamed in rage, a kunai in her right hand poised to throw.

Sasuke swallowed nervously. Facing a superior shinobi in battle was one thing, but a former kunoichi weapon expert in a full maternal rage was something else entirely.

Tenten jumped out of the bed, totally nude, and ran across the room to her mother. "Kousha-kaasan please calm down, it's okay if we made love... we're married!"

Kousha'a emotions instantly seized up like a hot engine out of oil. "You're... you're what?" Kousha said blankly.

Tenten held up her right hand, there was a five carat diamond ring on her finger. "It was spontanious, we did it last night, the Priestess that married Naruto-kun and Hinata-chan performed it. Please... wait in the Dining Room, we'll be there in a few minutes and explain everything, I promise." Tenten said nervously but sincerely, then thought of something. "Kaa-san... if it helps... despite all the things I did at Naruto's party I was a virgin when we married."

Kousha barely managed to push down her emotions, then looked into her daughter's eyes as closely as she could. When she didn't hold back she could detect even the tiniest, most subtle hint of a lie or deception... a small smile crossed her lips for a moment when she realized Tenten told her the truth. "Two minutes... and you Sasuke Uchiha... we may not be from a big Clan or have a Bloodline-Limit, but if you'd dishonored my daughter not even Naruto-sama could stop me from castrating you." Kousha said as coldly as she could, hit Sasuke with her darkest ki, turned and left the room.

Tenten made it back to the bed before her legs gave out and she collapsed on it. She panted hard as her adrenaline crashed. "You... okay... Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke slowly leaned forward away from the wall and sighed deeply in relief he was still intact. "Hai. She's my step-mother now... fuck me sideways."

===11:34 AM, Namikaze Mansion===

"So how was he Tenten-chan?" Ino said slyly and winked.

Tenten blushed bright red, then leaned in close to Ino's ear. "Incredible... he did this trick with his tongue where..."

Almost twenty feet away Tsunade turned to Shizune who suddenly blushed bright red, apparently for no reason. "What is it Shizune-chan... you don't have full control of your hearing yet do you?"

Shizune shook her head, her face still bright red. "No Tsunade-chan, since I became a kitsune my hearing is too sensitive, it takes most of my concentration just to keep it at a managable level. I better go talk to Naruto-kun, maybe he can supress it until I get my control back." Shizune said and walked away, she couldn't see Naruto but knew exactly where he was in the house.

Tsunade glanced around quickly and found what she wanted... from their faces she knew Shizune had heard something very sexual Tenten told Ino. "Probably about her honeymoon last night. I can't believe Tenten and Sasuke got married last night so spontaniously. I thought Tenten was more level headed than that. Well at least they're happy... and Tenten isn't a virgin now." Tsunade said and smiled.

Elsewhere in the room Sasuke was surrounded by angry shinobi. "Okay, okay... you can throw me a bachelor party, and I'm sorry you didn't get to be best man at my wedding Naruto... we can still have one though, Ten-chan would love a big wedding ceremony." Sasuke said, and relaxed some when his friends calmed down.

"Naruto-kun can I talk to you alone for a moment." Shizune said.

"Shika, Kiba, Shino, watch the teme until I get back. Hai, Shizune-chan." Naruto said then followed her.

Tsunade walked over to Anko, Kurenai and Kumo. "Kumo, how's the training going with Quansiqwottle to control your Nature power?"

Kumo turned and smiled at Tsunade. "Quansi said I'm doing well. Anko-neechan and Naruto-sama are hard on me with their training, but I can handle it. It'll be years before I can use her full power myself. When I summon her she's only as strong as I am and isn't as big as she was the first time."

"How big is... Quansi?" Tsunade said curiously.

Kumo nodded then sighed. "I'm only a Genin, though I do have almost as much chakra as Naruto-sama did at my age. When I summoned her last time she was thirty-eight feet long. She said she only had about five percent of her full power. which is all I can control myself before my tattoos show up and Quansi and I start to... what you, Anko-neechan and Kurenai-chan said I'm not suppossed to do outside the Valley without permission. I need to work on my control, but the stronger I get the stronger she gets."

"Good girl Kumo-chan, we want you to get stronger on your own, you know what could happen if you call on her full power again before you're ready. Now... what about the wings?" Tsunade said.

Kumo smiled broadly. "Quansi finally figured that out, she said my wings will emerge when I can use half of her power, four tails worth Naruto-sama said, so we know how much power that is."

Tsunade smiled and nodded as the information sunk in. "Naruto-kun is keeping track of this in your file isn't he? That's one of the things I told him he'd have to do as Hokage when I was teaching him last year. Well, my Shadow Clone told his Shadow Clone any way." Tsunade said sheepishly and smiled.

Kumo nodded, then they laughed.

When Anko stopped laughing she looked at Tsunade. "I finally finished the playroom at the new house Tsunade-chan, you and the others will have to drop by soon and help us break it in." Anko said with a big sly smile, then saw Kumo's sad pout. "Not yet Kumo-neechan, you may be a Kunoichi, have a woman's body and passed my course, but you know Naruto-sama's new law, you have to be a Chuunin before you can... party with the big girls. You know how developed Hanabi is and eventhough she's related to Naruto-sama, our Hokage, he and Hinata-sama are making her wait. You two are virgins, and you'll stay that way at least until you make Chunin. As your nee-chan I could make you wait until your eighteen... longer if you piss me off Kumo. Now, are you going to be my nee-chan and accept it, or a lil bitch that'll get her ass paddled later?"

Kumo took a deep breath, let it out and smiled at Anko. "I'm going to be your nee-chan." Kumo said then smiled bigger when Anko ruffled her green hair.

===END FLASHBACK: Present, Namikaze Compound===

Naruto stood on the newly added balcony in his bedroom and watched the sunrise with a big smile as everything that had happened since his corination had finally, fully sunk in and a tear went down his cheeks. "I did it..."

Hinata hugged him from behind, kissed his right cheek and held out his cup of tea, which he took. "I always knew you would Naruto-kun. Now get dressed, we're expected at the Hyuuga Compound in thirty minutes for breakfast... and you know how they hate tardiness... Father still does." Hinata said and giggled happily.

Naruto smiled broadly. "I still can't believe it. A week after my corination party and Hiashi married Hakumei... now here we are three days later talking about them like we're both old married couples." Naruto broke out laughing so hard he barely managed to stagger back to the bed before he collapsed red-faced with laughter.

Hinata held Naruto's cup of tea she'd grabbed before he dropped it, sighed heavily and shook her head, amused at his antics. "You'll never change Naruto-kun."

Naruto stopped laughing and raised his head. "Me... you still blush when you see me naked, and if I touch that spot on your..."

"I only fainted the one time and you know it!" Hinata interruprtred.

Naruto sat up with a big devious smirk. "Oh really Hinata-chan... would you like me to touch you there again and see what happens?"

Hinata paled slightly and swallowed nervously. "N,no, th,that's oka,ay Narut,to-kun." Hinata said with her old stutter and blush, her index fingers pressed together.

Naruto smiled. "Okay Hinata-hime... let's get dressed, I'd hate to keep them waiting."

Hinata stuck her tongue out at him and relaxed. "Meanie." Hinata said playfully. "Don't you ever tell anyone about that spot Naruto-kun."

"You know I promised I wouldn't." Naruto said seriously, walked to Hinata, kissed her lovingly on the lips, took back his tea and gulped it down. "Mmmm, excellent as always."

===Aburame Compound===

Sazumeibachi walked into the family kitchen with a smile on her face, clad only in her green house kimono, nodded to her new step-parents and went to help her new step-mother fix Shino's breakfast. Sazu, as she liked to be called now, really liked Shino's parents, especially his mother. At five foot eleven the older woman was an inch taller than she was, but beautiful with jet back hair to her knees and a figure that would make most of the kunoichi in Konoha jealous, if she ever showed it that is, she hadn't even attended Naruto's corination party which dissappointed Sazu as she wanted to get to know her better and see what she was like when she cut loose. Sazu only knew what she looked like under the full coat they all wore because she accidently walked in on her as she was about to shower. Sazu had blushed at walking in on the woman, but she didn't even flinch, just cocked her head slightly to the left like Shino did, their way of asking your opinion, then actually smiled, nodded, stepped under the nozzle and turned the water on. The only thing she could complain about was the silence... the entire Aburame Clan weren't big talkers, but she was.

She tapped on Sazu's right shoulder, and when Sazu looked at her she smirked and pointed to her chin. "I see you ate already." She whispered to Sazu in her soft voice with a subtle sly smirk.

Sazu quickly wiped her chin with her right index finger, saw the white drop on it, blushed neon red, turned away and licked it off. 'Oh Kami I don't fucking believe I did that... I either have to stop waking Shino-kun that way or be more careful.' Sazu thought, embarrassed to her core. She turned when she felt a soft, but powerful hand on her shoulder, turned to see her step-mother who gave her a subtle nod toward the door. She followed the woman out of the kitchen, through the house to the back door and out to a big rock with a surprisingly comfortable natural bench on one side that they sat on. Sazu then realized that was only the third time she'd ever heard the woman's beautiful voice, she didn't even know her name yet.

"It's okay Sazu-chan... and please call me Ukemi-chan." She said warmly to calm Sazu down.

Sazu's embarrassment just melted away, something about her voice just instantly soothed and calmed you. "I'm so sorry about that... Ukemi-chan."

"Don't worry Sazu-chan, I know all about what you and my son do. I'm happy he has a wife that truely enjoys pleasing her man in the bedroom, and be a strong kunoichi and mother outside it. I know you love to wake Shino with a blowjob..." Ukemi paused as Sazu blushed brightly again, but didn't look away. "Few know this, but the Aburame are a very open Clan, much like the insects we raise and use with our jutsu, we share everything and have no personal secrets from each other." Ukemi leaned in and gave Sazu a brief but very passionate kiss on the lips. "You married my son and brought four strong daughters to our Clan. As you've seen, despite being the second largest Clan in Konoha seventy-eight percent are male, but only thirty-one percent of them are married. I'm proud to have you in my Clan and hope you, and the others from the MitaYuuhi Valley that married into the Clan will strengthen us with more daughters and balance out the Clan's male to female ratio. Please come to me if you have any questions, you can ask me anything. You may embarrass Shino occationally but he'll get over it. He's just like his father in so many ways."

Sazu took it all in and sat quietly for a minute. She'd never heard an Aburame say so much at once, and doubted anyone else in Konoha ever had either. "Thank you Ukemi-chan... I really love to talk, but only get to do it when I visit my friends. I enjoyed our talk a lot, can we do this more often, I like having someone around here I can talk to as women or mothers." Sazu said.

"Hai, now let's go back inside, Shino is going to be hungry." Ukemi said.

===April 25, 6:59 AM, Yamanaka Flower Shop===

Ino entered her family shop and smiled as she crossed the room to the counter. "Good morning Karenbana-chan... here early as usual. Have the new supplies come in yet?"

Karenbana smiled at one of her two new best friends. "Hai, Ino-chan, in back. They're pretty heavy though so you should wait for your father."

Ino chuckled. "Why, he'd just slow me down." Ino said happily interlaced her fingers, cracked her knuckles and headed for the back of the Shop.

"Stay here Juuki-chan." Karenbana said to her three year old daughter and followed Ino to the back room. She hadn't seen Ino unload and organize the supplies in the short time she'd worked there. She pushed aside the curtain and froze in shock. She knew Ino was in shape just from looking at her, but had never seen her boss and best friend in action. She watched Ino pick up five hundred pound crates, one with each hand, carry them across the room and stack them according to content. "Kami's tits she's strong..." Karenbana said to herself, stunned.

"My Princess is one the strongest kunoichi in Konoha." A man said proudly from behind her.

Karenbana spun around and found heself face-to-stomach with Inoichi, Ino's father. "Morning Karenbana-chan... those the new pots and soil I ordered?"

"Hai, Inoichi-sama... uh, why didn't anyone tell me Ino didn't need help doing this? I thought Sakura was strong... but Ino is incredible!"

"Sakura and Ino are strong in different ways. Sakura's strength is mostly from her chakra. Ino's strength is from hard work, like Rock Lee. She wasn't always like that though, neither was Sakura. At the Academy, physically, they were the weakest students in their class... they don't like to talk about those days though, but you can ask them about it if you want, they might tell you. Sakura is stronger because she's a kitsune, even without her chakra she's about as strong as Ino physically. Come on Karenbana, Juuki is getting bored behind the counter." Inoichi said.

Karenbana made a small gasping noise and headed back to her daughter in time to see Juuki holding six hand shovels like kunai, one in each hand, and 'fighting enemies' with them.

===May 1, 6:58 PM, Golden Fox, Private Card Room===

Fifteen people were at the round card table, all were in their normal attire and seated except for Tsunade. "Since this poker night was my idea, I'm hosting the first night at my Casino. Our first night will be shinobi strip poker, you're all aware of the special rules. Before we start I want to remind everyone that this is no limits poker, but we aren't playing for money, only our pride and control of our bodies for tonight. You bet your clothes, a humiliating sexual act, and of course sexual favors. If you aren't willing to do what you bet, don't say it. Nothing is off limits, and your rank or relationship with the other players outside of the game don't exist. This especially goes for six of you. You can quit the game at any time, but if you do you become the property for the night of the winner of that hand." Tsunade waited a moment for everyone to nod, they'd all signed the special contract and had helped create the rules. "Good. Everyone here was at the corination party, every kunoichi here had her tits sucked or pussy eaten by every one here, and for me, Hinata, Sakura, Tayuya and Kurenai, our milk swollen tits sucked dry. Only a few of us got fucked by someone other than our wife or husband, so don't take anything that happens personally, no one was forced to be here, you chose to participate. One final reminder, anything that happens at a game, stays there. It doesn't affect our lives, you don't mention it to anyone, you don't hold something that someone did over their head as blackmail of any kind. This is strictly for fun and pleasure, there's plenty of food and drinks on the tables, the bathrooms are over there... and there will be no cheating, is that clear?" Tsunade said, the last part very seriously.

Everyone nodded.

Tsunade smiled, sat, shuffled and dealt the cards out clockwise... Naruto, Kushina, Hinata, Kakashi, Tsume, Shikamaru, Sakura, Anko, Kiba, Kurenai, Jiraiya, Tayuya, Yoshino Nara, Ino and finally herself. Once she'd dealt everyone their cards she picked hers up. "I'll open with my coat and shirt, anyone here think they're good enough to take'em off me." Tsunade said with confidence and a well practiced poker face. She knew they knew her old luck with gambling, but they didn't know her opening hand was two cards away from a Straight Flush.

The End of Book 1

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