Deidara was a student at Shinobi University, and he was the hot, party-guy, player. He had done every girl in the school but two. One, he never would, as she was his best friend and he didn't even register her as a girl. The other was the hot new transfer student, Konan.

Deidara, sulking around his room after being rejected by Konan, moped to his roommate, "I'm a likable guy, right? Why would anyone say no to me?"

I swung from my laptop to face him on his bed, "Maybe she's a lesbian?"

"A, I can get lesbians. B, she said she had a boyfriend," He flopped from his stomach to his back.

"Maybe she's devoted to him. That's not unheard of you know," I clenched my fists.

"No, I can get even the most devoted," He shook his blonde ponytail.

I sighed, "I can't believe you're giving up like this! You've got the nun, the virgin, and who knows what else?! You're Deidara. If you can't get a girl, than no one can,"

"You're a good motivator. You should try to find yourself a boyfriend," Deidara, toatlly obvlious to my feelings for him, told me sincerely.

"The guy I like doesn't even know I exist," I hung my head and whispered.

"That's not my area of expertise, sorry," He nodded with a slight smile.

"I know," I smiled back weakly, "Well, I'm going to finish your report and go to bed,"

"You're the greatest, you know that?" He smiled at me, "And I think I'll take your advice,"

Deidara got up and left me alone. I knew, weather he scored with Konan or not, he'd be gone for a long time. I did as I said and finished his work, like I'd done since the second grade, and laid in bed. Like I always did when I was alone, which was often, I cried myself to sleep.

I woke the next morning to an empty room. I got ready and gathered both my things and Deidara's for class. Luckily, we had all the same classes as long as we've been friends. I turned in our work, made an excuse for him like always, and saved him a seat. He came in late and took his seat, grinning after a satisfying night. I wrote down notes from him to use later when I couldn't do his work for him like always while he planed his next conquest. That continued for every single class every single day.

"Hana, do you have any ideas?" Deidara asked me after our last class was over as we walked to his car to get something to eat.

I stuffed my bag into the backseat and got in next to him, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking about that. I was focusing on taking your notes again,"

"Well, if something comes to mind," He ignored my academic talks like normal, "Tell me,"

I played with the hem of my manatory grey pleated mini-skirt, "Don't I always?"

"You are the brains of this operation," He smiled at me and sped away from the school.

I just sat back and listened to the music blaring from the stereo while he drove. He was clearly lost in thought about Konan. This was normal for him, so I learned to not really care when he does that.

"I could take her to the concert this weekend," He mused to himself.

"No, you already gave the spare ticket to me. But, you could pretend to be her friend, gain her trust, and then do what you do," I suggested.

"That's a perfect idea!" He punched my arm playfully.

I shook my head and warned him, "But it'll be risky and very time consuming,"

"So?" He shrugged at me and pulled into a parking lot to statragize with me.

"She probably won't buy it," I told him.

"I could go undercover!" He insisted.

"As a girl," I laughed.

He thought about it, "You're a whiz with make-up,"



"No," I turned my head away from him.

He twisted it back so he could stare me in the eyes, "I'll be your best friend,"

"You already are," I reminded him and pulled his hands off my face.

"Please, I'll do anything!"

I sighed, "But you're too much of a man!"

He smiled and hugged me, "You can teach me how to be a lady!"

"You owe me big time," I smiled at him evilly.

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