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Summary - With all the problems, drama, and romance happening at TDA's Playa des Losers (PdL2), it's enough to drive one crazy. Luckily, Izzy is crazy already, and she and Ezekiel are going to find something incredible in the other: love. The others, of course, are going to find this weird, but they have their own issues to deal with.

The Kobold Necromancer's Warning - Please take the pairings and rating warning into consideration before you read this story. I really don't want comments complaining that I disgusted you and/or scarred you for life (if I wanted to do that, I wouldn't do it via fanfiction, buahaha). The twenty-two contestants/main characters in this story are 18 years old, due to the nature of the story.

Pairings - This story's main pairing is Izzy and Ezekiel. The side pairings are going to be a combination of canon and fanon. Canon includes Bridgette/Geoff, Duncan/Courtney, and Harold/Leshawna. Fanon includes Eva/Noah, Cody/Gwen, and the love triangle of Tyler/Lindsay/Owen.

The other campers are subject to pairings. I might or might not pair them up, depends on story and fan requests. The available ones are Katie and Sadie, Justin, DJ, Heather, Beth, and Trent (who should get someone, since Gwen and Cody are pairing up).

Rating - Warning! Warning! This is seriously rated M, or rated R if that is better for you. This is why:

Detailed descriptions of sexual scenes around second base level can be expected. Yes, this involves a lot of stuff that's not actually sex, but if you're under sixteen, you might want to think twice about this story. (Just go to the next scene to skip the sexual content if you feel the need.) This first chapter contains such content, to give you an idea how things will happen. The campers are 18 in this story, so they are all of legal age.

Swearing is pretty bad at times, but I'll warn you if any 'F' bombs are going to be launched. Violence, though nothing really strong, nothing serious or fatal. There will be a case or two of alcohol usage.

Time Setting - This takes place during TDA, after Izzy has been voted off. Also, I'd like to note that after this, this story will not be following the TDA story line or campers being voted off in exactly the same way.

All this being said, enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Love at First Near-Death Experience

Izzy kicked the door of the Lame-o-Sine open. Stomping out, she cracked her neck.

"There's gonna be hell to pay when E-Scope finds out where those two bouncers are living," she grumbled to herself.

She looked in front of her to see a large iron gate, the bars shaped to form a "PdL" on one side and "2" on the other.

"Chris must have paid a little extra money for this," she thought as she approached them. "Probably just for appearances, that dickweed."

Looking up at the cast iron gates, she sighed as she realized this wouldn't be easy to do. Jumping up on the "2," she flipped over the top and landed on her feet on the other side.

"I still got it," she congratulated herself.

"There was a button to open them, crazy girl."

Izzy looked up and saw Noah, as well as several other members who were oust from Total Drama Action, staring at her.

Noah was sitting alone, a book (very unsurprisingly) in his lap. Eva was sitting opposite from him, in her bathing suit as well. Cody and Tyler were under a beach table, playing a card game. Bridgette and Geoff were cuddling in the pool, and Katie and Sadie were floating on their pool chairs in the water.

Izzy took all this in, like a spy surveying her destination. She noted that Courtney and Ezekiel were nowhere to be seen. No matter, she would deal with them later, she was sure of this.

Grinning, she stood up and posed. "E-Scope doesn't need a button," she declared. "She can scale walls!"

Noah rolled his eyes. Eva scoffed. Bridgette and Geoff from the pool continued to make out.

"Whoa, are you two still sucking face?" Izzy asked, approaching the pool with a wide grin. "I would think that you'd need to come up for air."

"They don't," Noah remarked.

"Ooo, have they gone to second base? He squeeze her boobs a little?"

That did the trick. Both Geoff and Bridgette went red in the face and glanced over at Izzy, Bridgette with a disapproving glare.

"It worked, yipeee," the redhead cheered, jumping up and down. "But seriously, has he?"

"That's none of your business, Izzy," Bridgette snapped at her.

Izzy's face darkened into a nasty scowl. "My name is E-Scope," she snapped right back.

Storming towards a chair, she sat down, crossed her arms, and stuck her nose up.

"Are you still on that kick?" Eva, who was in the seat next to her, said. Her voice was filled with crankiness. "You didn't win the million, why is your name still different?"

"Maybe she just likes it more," Katie suggested.

"It's a dumb name."

Izzy glared at Eva, but the fitness buff didn't budge. Eva stared right back as she said, "And I'm quite glad you were voted off, Izzy. You-"


"Shut up. You ditched Noah and I back on Wawanakwa."

"It's not my fault you couldn't keep up."

Izzy and Eva glared at each other, and everything seemed most unsettled; it was like watching a burning powder trail rushing towards the keg.

During this awkwardness, Cody excused himself from his card game with Tyler and headed over to Izzy. "Guys guys, please," he said to everyone, holding up his hands. "Izzy just got voted off, let's not be mean to her."

"E-Scope," Izzy barked, causing Cody to jump.

"Right, E-Scope, sorry," he corrected himself. He sat down next to her and patted the redhead's shoulder. "It wasn't fair that you were voted off."

"Especially since Justin is a douche bag," Tyler grumbled.

"He is not," Katie and Sadie declared angrily, glaring at the jock.

"He is too!"

"You're just jealous because Lindsay finds him really attractive," Katie snapped.

Tyler glared at her. "He's no better than Heather! He's just trying to sucker her and Beth into an alliance!"

"He is jealous," Sadie said to Katie, who nodded.

The brunet jock slammed his fists on the table, scattering the cards. "I should have been in the contest, not him! I got further than him in TDI!"

"No, I should have been in the contest," Eva shouted, sitting up in her chair. "Not you, you couldn't compete worth shit!"

"What did you say, you bitch?!"

"Come over here, you dipshit, I'll tear you apart!!"

"Guys guys GUYS," Cody shouted, holding up his hands. "Stop this! C'mon, you guys cannot fight!"

"And why not?" Eva asked, cracking her knuckles at Tyler.

"Because... um... the more we fight, the more Chris wins."

Everyone looked confused by this. Izzy snapped her fingers after a few seconds and said, "Ohhh, because if we get at each other, he gets good ratings and gets to laugh at us."

"Exactly, Izzy!"


"Dah! Sorry, E-Scope!"

"There are no cameras here, Cody."

Courtney was walking over from the hotel, dressed in her gray bathing suit. Cody waved politely and she promptly ignored it. "I checked the area, and there are no cameras," she repeated as she sat down next to Noah. "He doesn't care what we do here, we're going to be interviewed during the show elsewhere."

"Like I care about what goes on with them," Noah grumbled as he read his book. "I don't care at all how they further humiliate themselves for money."

"Well said," Eva said.

"Chris decided, 'Screw us,' well screw you right back at you, Chris."

Eva and Noah exchanged sly smiles, and the others were wondering what was going on. Noah rarely smiled, Eva even less.

The only ones not that interested were Bridgette and Geoff, who had gone back to kissing; however, it was starting to slow down. The surfer girl's heart wasn't in it, and Geoff could sense it. He stopped kissing her long enough to stare into her beautiful, green eyes.

"You okay, Bridgette?"

"No... no, not really," she admitted. Her hand was placed on his heart, her affectionate way of asking him to stop kissing her.

"This has been happening a little bit more often than I like," he said, looking at her with a worried expression. "Is something bothering you, babe? Was it what Izzy said?"

"My name's E-Scope, damn it!"

Bridgette rolled her eyes at Izzy's shout, then looked back at her boyfriend. "I'm really sorry, Geoff. It's not her, it's not you..." She let out a sigh of frustration, shaking her head. "I... I really don't know what it is. I'm just not in the mood."

Geoff felt like pressing the issue, because making out with Bridgette really made him happy. But that sad gleam in her eyes spoke way louder than his hormones did, and he gave her a comforting hug. "Want to talk about it, babe?"

"Maybe later, sweetheart."

Meanwhile, Courtney had picked up a magazine and began rifling through it. "I should still be in that contest."

"Oh here we go again," Noah grumbled.

"What? WHAT?!" Courtney shouted, angrily throwing the magazine on the ground. "I have every right to be in season two!"

"You came in last place," Tyler said from the table. "You got to the Dock of Shame last!"

"So? I didn't sign up for this show to waste my life away watching other people compete! I'm eighteen, I'm suppose to working on my future plans, like career and college! I'm wasting my life here!"

"Yeah, we all are," Noah said. "It'd go a lot more smoothly if you weren't always bitching, moaning, and whining."

"Shut up, you cynical jackass."

"HEY," Eva roared, standing up and glaring at Courtney. "Don't you talk to him like that!"

"Okay okay, fine," Courtney said, shrinking up in her chair. "Fine, I won't insult Noah. What's it to you, Eva?"

"I'm... edgy, that's all," the fitness buff remarked. "I'm just really steamed."

"Boy, that's different," Tyler said under his breath.

"Can't we all get along?" Katie asked them as she drifted towards Bridgette and Geoff, gesturing to them. "We were like this when they arrived to! Loud and bickering and mean! Now we're doing it when Izzy just-"

"E-Scope," Izzy shouted, throwing her hands up. "Come on people, it's not that hard to remember! That's my name!"

Katie and Sadie exchanged glances, and the larger of the two was the first to speak. "But Izzy, we know you by your real name-"

Izzy turned her nose up at Sadie, then looked away. The larger BFFFL sighed and said, "Izzy, c'mon. It's your real name."

"It is not, I changed it! I have a right to change my name, it's my title! I am in charge my name and destiny!"

"But, like, your parents gave it to you," Sadie continued. "So it's special in that way, isn't it?"

Izzy blinked, and her expression became sad. She sighed and looked down at her legs. "Whatever," she said, defeated and miserable, quite un-Izzy-like.

Cody noticed this. "Hey, Iz... I mean, E-Scope, I know you've had a hard day. Cheer up, Red, this place is just as great as the first resort."

"You can cheer your chubby boyfriend on from here, that's for certain," Eva said.

"Owen is not E-Scope's boyfriend anymore," Izzy muttered.

"What?" several of the young men and women gasped.

"What happened?" Bridgette asked, concerned.

Izzy shrugged, still staring at her legs. "It just... we talked before I got voted off."

"C'mon, Izzy," Owen was saying to her, "lighten up! You did your best performance, and you were great!"

"My name's not Izzy," she shouted at her large boyfriend. "It's E-Scope! And I sucked out there, Owen, I sucked!"


"E-SCOPE! And what's more, I was freaking robbed! I wasn't even given the right script, and Chef had it in for me!"

The redhead kicked at a fake bush, knocking the wooden prop over. She heaved in anger, then turned to a petrified Owen.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter," she added, her mood lightening up quickly. "We still lost. But they'll blame me; they're gonna vote me off for sure."

"Now Izzy, they won't-"

"Oh come on," Izzy's mood went right back to hostile as she stormed over to Owen. "For one thing, quit calling me that! It's not! My! Name anymore!"

"Erk! Yes, E-Scope!"

"And second, do you honestly think they'll vote for anyone else?" Izzy was pacing back and forth now. "Who? Trent? He's our leader! Justin, the extremely hot hunk? Beth, the sweetest girl to walk Canada?

"Or how about Lindsay? Yeah, I can see them voting off Lindsay, Owen! So long as her double-D boobs are bouncing and misbehaving, none of you guys are gonna even think of doing it."

"Whoa, Izzy..."

She glared at him at being called the wrong name again. "What? You think I haven't noticed the way you stare at her?"

"But... but... her boobs were bouncing and misbehaving!"

Izzy groaned and sat down on a prop rock, staring down at the ground. "Owen, this is it for me."


"E-Scope," she said, her voice cracking. "Owen, I know when people have had enough of me, okay? I know when I've annoyed people to their limit, despite not trying to."

"You do? How?"

This was not the best of questions to ask, but Izzy gave him a pass on it because she knew he was trying to be nice in listening. "It's... personal, Owen."


There was silence between the two, and Owen asked something he truly regretted the moment it fell out of his mouth. "Does this mean we're breaking up?"

Izzy looked over at her, her eyes heavy with emotion. "What makes you think that?"

"Well, you are talking like it's over."

"I meant the contest, Owen!"

"Oh... whoops."

"Owen...," she repeated, then sighed. "I... I really should be fair to you, though we cannot really broke up since we really never started going out."

"I thought we were?"

"We made out during TDI, broke up when you pushed me at the serial killer, and were on good terms at the end; but we didn't even search for the million dollar chest together.

"E-Scope's gonna just weigh you down."

"Izzy, that's not true!"

"Yes, it is, Owen," she said as she stood up and turned towards him. "You deserve that million dollars, and if you keep associating yourself with E-Scope, then... then..."

She took a deep, shuddering breath, recalling some painful memories. "Then people will strike at you. And E-Scope doesn't want the empire to strike back, she wants the Jedi to return."

Owen nodded as tears formed up in the large guy's eyes. "But can Izzy... I mean E-Scope... be my friend still?"

She smiled. "Of course," she said as she hugged him. "Owen will always be E-Scope's friend, no matter how smelly he is or how doomed she is."

"Will you cheer for me if I make it to the finals?"

"You know I will!"

"Can we still make out?"

"Don't push it."

"Right, sorry!"

Izzy hugged him again, enjoying his lovable girth. She nuzzled him once, then stepped back. "Owen, you'll go far. Maybe you should go after Lindsay, see if she'll let you squeeze her fun bags."

"Her what?"

"Her boobs, Owen."

"Oh! Oh, great key lime pie," he declared as he blushed, "would she really let me?"

"Only one way to find out," Izzy said, punching his arm playfully. "Get her under the right conditions, then ask her if you can give her girls a fluffing!"

"Say what?"

Izzy smacked her forehead. "Squeeze her boobs, Owen! Focus, focus!"

"Right, sorry E-Scope! But what are the right conditions?"

"E-Scope doesn't know, Owen has to find them! But I'll be rooting for you," she said with a wink.

"I really didn't need to hear some of that," Courtney said, disgusted.

"You told him to go fluff my girlfriend's girls?" Tyler shouted at the redhead. "Izzy, that is so not coo-"

"E-Scope," Izzy interrupted him. "And yes, I thought it was over between you two!"

"It is not!"

"She cannot even remember your name half the time," Noah sneered. "And she's drooling more than a Saint Bernard over Justin."

"You were only dating her because her bust size was larger than her IQ," Eva added, chuckling to herself.

Tyler kicked the table he was sitting at, knocking it over. "I don't have to stand here and listen to you bastards," he said before heading over to the hotel, limping slightly.

"Whoa," Geoff commented as he watched his former fellow Bass leave, "that was harsh."

"Well, it wasn't undeserving," Bridgette added, glaring at Noah and Eva. "What you guys was completely uncalled for!"

"Oh shut up, blondie," Eva replied.

Bridgette stammered to reply, wondering if risking the wrath of Eva was worth getting in another reply. She was cut off by a whimpering voice coming from someone approaching the pool.

"Guys, can you untie me noo', eh?"

It was Ezekiel, and he looked rather uncomfortable. This could be because he was walking with his back almost parallel to the ground, but also because he had ropes binding him to a wooden chair. The only reason he was moving was because he could manage to tilt the chair and waddle on his feet.

Izzy looked around and burst out laughing. "That's awesome," she declared, watching Ezekiel. "I'd love to learn how to walk like that!"

The others were all snickering and giggling, even Eva was growing a smirk on her normally unsmiling face. Ezekiel sighed in exasperation, struggling to stay on his feet.

"Please, guys?" he asked again. "This is really uncomfortable, eh. I... really have to pee."

"Should have thought of that before you insulted girls again, you creep," Eva said matter-of-factly, sipping her drink.

"What are you talking a'boot?"

"Forget so soon? I was told that you were saying how the staff should consist of more women, because cleaning is what we're meant to do."

The girls all glared at Ezekiel, while he stared flabbergasted at the most glaring of them all.

"I never said that," he protested.

"Like hell I'll believe your word."

"But I never said that, eh!"

"Maybe we should hold a trial," Izzy suggested. "But who is impartial enough to be judge?"

"I am," Eva said. "He's guilty."

"Awww, sorry, Ezekiel," Izzy said, looking sympathetically at the prairie boy. "I guess since I was your lawyer during the trial, you owe me payment now."

"Can I just please get untied, eh?"

"I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole, you sexist," Courtney grumbled.

"Forget the ten-foot pole, just... whoa!"

Ezekiel lost his balance and fell forward. With no way to catch himself, his head was what stopped his fall. "Owtch...," he whimpered.

Izzy giggled. "That was kind of funny to watch, Zeke!"

"Oh, my head..."

"Serves you right," Eva replied.

"Hear hear," Courtney added, lifting her glass in the head.

"I'm bleeding, eh," Ezekiel moaned as he rolled onto his side. Blood was coming from the scrape on his forehead, forming an unsteady line across.

Noah noted this, and turned to Eva. "You know, he actually didn't say that sexist thing."

"What?" Eva shouted, clearly startled. "But you told me he did!"

"Well, I noticed you were in a bad mood, and I knew the best way for you to let your anger out is to pick on him, so I gave you an excuse."

There was silence, everyone wondering if Noah was going to spend his last living day on Earth because of his actions. Eva stared at him, and then that wicked smirk of hers returned.

"That was rather thoughtful of you," she said, slapping his shoulder.

"Yeah well," Noah said as he rubbed his now-sore shoulder, "either him or me, I know who I'd rather you be mad at."

Cody cleared his throat. "If Ezekiel's innocent, can we untie him now?"

"Naw, leave him there," Courtney suggested. "No rush."

"But he has a head injury!"

"He has nothing to injure up there."

"I resent that, eh," Ezekiel shouted, his voice cracking from pain and discomfort.

"C'mon, let's untie him," Izzy said, getting up and walking over to the bound prairie boy. "I hate bondage, let us not support it."

The ground shook as Eva stood up and stomped her foot at Izzy. "Back away from him, Izzy," she snarled.


"Shut the hell up. I really don't want to hear anything about that, you cost Noah and I the chance at the next season," the fitness buff snarled. She marched over to Izzy, and the redhead crossed her arms in defiance.

"It's not fault you didn't run after the case too. What, were you too busy basking in the glow of throwing fish on Justin? That's kind of like my cousin Adam, a fish monger, so proud that he can toss fish; one day, he tried to catch a swordfish, would up with stitches in his palm and stomach-"

"SHUT UP," Eva roared. Izzy clapped her hands over her ears, and stared wide-eyed at Eva. "If you say one more word, I'll rip all your red hair out."

Izzy whimpered and her hands flew to her head.

"Leave her alone, eh," Ezekiel said from the ground.

"What was that, Home School?!" Eva shouted, walking by Izzy and standing over him threateningly.

"You heard me, Eva."

"I guess I did," she replied, then kicked him in the stomach. As he coughed, the wind knocked out of him, she quickly followed up with a kick to the chest.

"Eva, stop it," Izzy shrieked. She tackled the fitness buff from behind, but was easily shrugged off; as the redhead hit the ground, she cursed that she didn't use more tactical attack approach.

"I've had it with you," Eva bellowed, pointing at Ezekiel and then at Izzy, "and her! I should have been in this contest! I'm sitting around doing nothing, when I should be kicking some ass like I signed up for!"

She grabbed the chair Ezekiel was tied to and lifted him up over her head. "If I cannot kick ass on the show, might as well kick yours!"

Drop-kicking the boy in the chair, he landed in the pool and sank like a rock. The fitness buff dusted her hands, and then let out a sigh of relief.

"That felt really good," she said, smiling again.

Izzy stared for a few seconds, then she said, "Um, are you going to go get him?"

"Yuck, why?"

"Because unless he's Houdini, or me since I am distantly related to him, I don't think he's going to escape that!!"

The redhead dove into the pool and swam down. She saw Ezekiel had sank to the bottom of the deep end, and was struggling and thrashing in his bonds. It did him no good, and his eyes were terror.

"I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die," he was thinking hysterically. "I'm gonna die doo'n here, I doo'nt wanna die!"

He saw Izzy coming for him, her red hair flowing behind her. She grabbed the bonds on his chair and started to untie him. The knots were very tight, since they had been done by Eva.

Ezekiel felt his lungs burning, his body trying to force him to take a breath. He let out a strained cry, looking desperately at Izzy. He flexed his hands and kicked his feet, nodding his head up to the surface. The crazy girl, who had the end of a rope clenched in her teeth, saw his struggling and took the hint.

Grabbing the back of his chair, she kicked off the bottom of the pool floor. Kicking as hard as she could, she only succeeded in bringing him up a couple feet before the weight was too much. He fell back down on the pool floor, the impact forcing him to take in a breath.

Wincing, he felt his lungs fill with water. His body started to shake as he frantically struggled, but felt his strength sapping from him. Vision fading, he didn't even notice when two people came swimming towards him to help Izzy.

He could see the lights coming up to meet him. Conscious fading, he prayed that his mom and dad would know that he loved them more than anything after he died...

Unaware that he was now on land, Izzy was pushing on his chest. When she went to his mouth to perform CPR, he coughed up water into her face.

"Hey, if you don't want me to kiss you," Izzy said, smiling at him as water dripped from her face, "just say so."

Ezekiel gasped and lay there, taking in deep breaths of sweet, cool, life-giving air. He lay there, wheezing.

"Eva, you went too far," Bridgette, who had been kneeling next to him, shouted as she stood up. "You could have killed him!"

"So now you're worried about that sexist twerp?" Eva asked from the other side of the pool.

"Dude, not cool," Geoff, also at Ezekiel's side, remarked. "C'mon, Eva, we're all mad that we didn't get on the show, but lighten up just a little, eh!"

Eva snorted and stormed towards the hotel. Izzy pointed at her back, then pretended to take an invisible arrow from an invisible quiver, notching it with an invisible bow. The crazy girl would have let the pretend arrow fly, but Ezekiel moaned in-between his wheezing.

"Maybe we should help the dude back to his room," Geoff suggested. "Let him sleep this off, that couldn't have been a fun ride."

"Yeah," said Bridgette.

"I'll carry him," Izzy said, waving his hand. "I once carried a two-hundred pound man out of a building once, and he was trying to fight me since he wanted my table at that restaurant."

"Well, Ezekiel might fight you, since he doesn't think women are tough enough," Bridgette said, quirking an eyebrow at the exhausted prairie boy.

But when Izzy lifted up Ezekiel like a groom would carry his bride, he wrapped his arms around her neck and leaned his head against her shoulder.

"Ezekiel love E-Scope so much right noo'," he muttered, his eyes fluttering as he drifted in and out of sleep.

"Sweet of you to say that, dear," Izzy said, giving him a little peck on the cheek. "But I wasn't the one who saved you, I have to give Geoff and Bridgette credit for that.

"But hey, if I retell the story, can I say I lifted you out by myself?"

"I doo'nt mind at all."

Izzy giggled, and said, "You're nice, Zeke."

Bridgette and Geoff watched her carry him off, and they exchanged glances. "Wow. You'd almost think they're dating, huh?" Geoff asked.

She just sighed and leaned against her boyfriend. "You think this is going how it's gonna be for the rest of the show?"

"What do you mean, babe?"

"So many people here are really cranky, like Eva," she said. "They're so mad they didn't get in the show, and they're practically at each other's throats."

"Maybe after they watch the others suffer, they'll cool down."

"I don't know, Geoff. I mean, I'm still a little mad."

"You, Bridgette?" He gaped at her. "I didn't think you were capable of holding a grudge."

"I didn't think so either," she said, sighing.

"Want to talk about it?"

"No, not right now, sweetheart. I think we've had enough drama today."

Izzy laid Ezekiel on his bed. The redhead got some band-aids and applied them to his small head injury. She was about to leave when he heard him call out.

"I'm soo'ry you were voted off, E-Scope."

"That's E-Sco...," she started to snap at him, then stopped. "Oh wow. You're calling me by my name."

"That's what you want, eh. I watched the show."

"Thank you very much! Well, I better be going, you do need to go pee, if I recall."

His face went red, and he looked away. "Um... I doo'nt need to anymoo'r, eh. When I was drowning in the pool..."

Izzy blinked, and he waited for her to grimace in disgust. Instead, she shrugged and said, "No harm, the pool is chlorinated."

She smiled and sat down on his bed. "You know, you're the first person to call me E-Scope. Not even Owen called me E-Scope."

"Soo'ry to hear that, but he's not a bad guy; you two do make a nice couple, eh."

"We broke up."

She retold the story about her argument with Owen, adding a little more drama this time with Izzy being harassed by Justin. Ezekiel listened as much as he could, trying to stay awake.

"It seems you're still friends, so it's okay," he said. "Seemed kind of sudden, eh."

"Well, we did have a few arguments and such beforehand," Izzy admitted. "Didn't feel like sharing it in front of meanies like Courtney and Eva.

"You see, like after the first challenge, Owen accused me of cheating on him with the giant monster. Then we argued after that alien contest."

She sighed, brushing one of her red curls behind her ear, looking sad. "I told him he really needs to work on his health. I mean, he eats stuff not good for him, he has gas all the time, and he doesn't shower that much."

The redhead wrinkled her nose, an adorable action to the zonked Ezekiel. "You want to know how icky it is to hug a big guy who doesn't shower often and really, really reeks?"

"A little. He wedged me under his arm after he won the first season, eh."

"Oh, I wasn't aware. He was sitting on me at first, and that was really unpleasant since he had that laxative trip."

Ezekiel made a little gagging sound, then coughed.

"So, yeah, I told him that he needed to start showering at the least. He responded by saying how it was a good smell, and lifted his arm to display his armpit smell at him."

Izzy shuddered. "I nearly missed the Award Ceremony, but luckily, Harold was around to revive me with smelling salts. Kind of like the one time I peeked in my brother's gym clothes bag, I woke up a couple days later with a bitter taste in my mouth for a few days afterwards."

She then looked morbidly sad. Sighing, she wrung her hands and looked away from Ezekiel. "Um... never mind."

"Something wrong, eh?"

"No, nothing at all," she replied, her voice low. "Um, Ezekiel, you gonna be okay?"

"I will be, thanks to you, E-Scope."

Ezekiel reached out and patted her hand, and she smirked at him. "So that means Mr. Misogynistic isn't better than women anymore?"

He sighed. "You knoo', I haven't...," then he yawned.

The prairie boy breathed in and out a couple times, and Izzy realized he had fallen asleep. She sighed; she was really liking talking to Ezekiel because he was actually listening to her.

"Maybe next time, Zeke."

(Might be fair to warn you now, contents are maturing.)

Izzy stayed up to two AM, thriving on a couple energy drinks and feeling pumped. She had a large jar of honey, a plan, and the attitude to go through with what she was planning.

"No one drags Izzy like a dog and throws her into a car, not again," she snarled to herself. "How dare they! They shall pay, Izzy will get her revenge!"

She had waited in the hotel lobby, waiting for everyone to go to bed. Bridgette and Geoff had come in, her looking depressed and him confused. Cody came in with his arms around Katie and Sadie's shoulders, the three of them giggling and joking as if they were entering a grand party rather than a hotel.

Courtney and Noah were the only ones to notice Izzy, but barely gave her any more than a nod in her direction. Fine by her, all she cared about was getting her revenge on those two guards.

It had taken a lot of phone calls and some excellent voice acting, but she eventually found out that staff of TDA were staying in a hotel very near the cast's. Trying to find something that would be useful for revenge (she wanted something more painful, but hotels didn't have a lot of torturous items), so she wound up with a large jar of honey from the kitchen.

"I could barely understand those people, they were speaking all kinds of languages," she thought to herself as she began tying together blankets and towels. "They're the same people from last season's resort, great cooks but lousy English speakers.

"Wonder how they exchange recipes if they don't speak the same language down there. When there is a fire, are there going to be six different versions of fire being yelled? That's kind of funny to think of, I should start a small one in there for fun."

Once she had tied enough of the cloths together, she tied it to the bed and began to rappel down the side of the building. Sure, she could have simply headed out the front door, but where would the fun in that be? This was the E-Scope way to do a secret mission, like a spy the whole way!

She climbed down onto the awning. Spreading herself out evenly over the tiles, she frowned at the light that shone directly on her. Reaching behind it, she yanked the cord out and covered herself in darkness.

"Perfect," she thought, now grinning victoriously. "Now I shall just leap for the pool wall, leap over the side, and then I'll-"

Her well-planned train of thought was cut off when she heard splashing in the pool. Blinking in confusion, she dared to crawl towards the end of the awning, still hidden in shadow, and looked directly in.

Eva and Noah were in the shallow end of the pool, in their bathing suits, kissing fervently and moaning. They were both groping each other, the wildest petting Izzy had even seen; and she had seen Bridgette and Geoff go at it.

Izzy almost cried out in her surprise. Her two teammates in her search for the briefcase! Noah, the most cynical and arrogant know-it-all she knew! Eva, the most temperamental and stubborn girl with the shortest fuse! In the pool making out! At two AM!

The two continued to kiss, gripping each other as if their lives depended on it. Izzy had never seen this kind of wrestling when a couple was making out, but she chalked it up that Eva was one of the make outers.

As if her thoughts had triggered it, Eva wrapped her arms around Noah and squeezed. The bear hug made Noah squirm, and he strained out, "Erk, Eva... that's a bit much."

"Sorry," she said, loosening her grip. He smiled in thanks, then began to kiss her neck. She growled, almost a purr, leaning her head back to give Noah more room.

Izzy's jaw nearly unhinged in her startle over Eva's purring. What she wouldn't give for a video camera right about now!

"Oh Noah," she moaned, stroking his arms. "You're really... nnngh... good at this! Am I the first girl you've done this with?"


"Oh come on, you got a pretty bookworm at home who you neck with after study hours?"
Izzy was straining to hear, they were speaking quietly.

"When a boy is left alone by his family and only the internet around to answer his questions, he learns a few things."

Eva grinned as he continued, her hot and heavy breath on his ear. Her right hand dipped underwater, disappearing from Izzy's line of sight. She could still see the ravenhair's shoulder move, and it looked like it was heading towards...

Izzy almost dropped her jar of honey when Noah let out a shuddering gasp. Squinting at Eva, he started to pant. "How... forward," he moaned.

She continued to grin at him, and her shoulder moved faster. Izzy boggled as Noah started to moan. The know-it-all ground his teeth, then he slipped a finger under her bathing suit's right strap.

"Two can play at that game," he said, his voice low and breathy; Izzy could barely make out what they were saying now.

Eva's shoulder stopped its massaging motion as Noah started to pull the strap off Eva's shoulder. The ravenhair girl was breathing as hard as he was, with a slight whimper in hers; her face was very red.

Izzy really wanted that video camera now! Eva whimpering? And blushing? This would be better than the time she discovered Bigfoot (and she didn't have a camera then either).

Noah was taking his sweet time pulling down the strap. He leaned forward and kissed the skin where it once was. Eva shuddered, her breath quickening.

"Permission to approach second base?" he asked, still sounding as sly as ever.

"If you don't hurry this up, I'm gonna break your legs."

"Hmmm, don't want that."

He pulled down the strap all the way, exposing her right breast. Grinning, he marveled it for a couple seconds before lowering his head, licking the top of Eva's mammary.

Izzy bit her finger to keep from crying out. Eva made no such attempts, and let out a pleasured grunt. Her left hand held the back of his head in place, her breath rustling his hair.

It wasn't until Noah dipped his head down towards her nipple that she really cried out. And this wasn't the kind of moan Izzy would expect from Eva in a million years: it was high-pitched and vulnerable. This was getting better than the times she spotted Bigfoot, the Loch Ness, and an alien spaceship, all of them combined!

"Ohhh... guh...," Eva moaned, gripping Noah's head with both her hands now. She arched her back, helping to put all of her nipple into his mouth. Noah helped with this by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer.

"Firm, just as I thought," he said, slightly muffled. "And yet..."

He flicked at the bud and traced the aerola before giving her breast a playful squeeze. "Still soft."

"R-r-really?" she stammered, her voice as tender as her moans; Izzy had to remind herself it was Eva down there sounding turned on and loving.

"You know I wouldn't lie to you, Iron Woman."

She growled, playfully. "I love it when you call me that. Now get back to sucking, bookworm."

"You gotta find a better nickname for me," he said before doing as she requested.

Izzy really, really wanted to call out, "Oh, how about Cynical Man? Or Book Stud?" But she wouldn't miss out on this.

Some would say that Izzy listening and watching in on Noah and Eva would be immoral; however, Izzy was not one of those people. The romance and physical love between the young couple continued, as Noah pulled down the other strap soon enough and left Eva completely topless. He continued to lick and suck on her nipples as she basked in the pleasure; her firm body, tightened after years of training, was hot putty to Noah's lips and hands.

Izzy really didn't know how long this went on, for she didn't have a watch. All she knew was that Eva was moaning and whimpering as Noah made love to her bare chest. Eventually, she started to kiss and lick at his own chest, paying attention to his nipples in return. Her hand went back down towards his groin, and he began to breathe heavy and hiss air through his teeth.

It slowly came to a halt with them kissing, his hands on her naked breasts, and one of her hands still down below. The two lovers were panting hard, both red in the face and moaning.

"Sun will rise in about a couple hours," Noah whispered, barely audible to Izzy.

"Why don't we go up to my room?" Eva asked as she writhed against him. She had the most appealing come-hither look on her face (as least, in Izzy's opinion, as much as Eva could have one).

Noah looked keen on the notion for a few seconds, then he shook his head. "Sorry, Eva, but if we're going to keep this secret, we should keep it quiet too. Something tells me you're a screamer."

"If you mean I can really make you scream, then yes."

"Don't tempt me, Iron Woman."

He gave both of her breasts a kiss, and they started to kiss some more as Noah lifted the straps of her bathing suit back up.

Their making out was more intense than what Izzy had seen of Geoff and Bridgette's, as the unusual couple started to make their way back to the hotel. They kissed and held each other when they exited the pool, when drying themselves off, and exchanged the longest kiss Izzy had seen when they had to part ways for the changing rooms; the sound of their mouths parting was like two wet plungers being pulled apart after sticking them together.

Izzy lay there on the awning for a little while after both of them had gone into the hotel. "Now that was something else," she thought to herself as she waited.

"Too bad I cannot tell anyone, they wouldn't believe me. Shame really, that was more incredulous than the time I saw Elvis in Ontario; and it was nowhere near as hot as the King was."

After Izzy had completed her stealth mission, she hurriedly snuck back to her hotel. Though she was delight that the mission was a complete success, her mind was focused entirely on Eva and Noah's affair.

"I wonder why they're keeping it secret," she thought as she climbed up on the awning. "It's not like Eva to be worried about what other people think. And she could easily intimidate anyone who makes fun of them.

"Heck, I'd even think twice about teasing her on her love life," she continued to muse as she climbed up her rope of sheets and towels. "Love can make us the most angry. Odd that, but hey, that's why it's called crime of passion."

She continued to think about this after she was safe in her room. Realizing that there was no chance she was going to fall asleep tonight, she decided to take a walk around the hotel.

Izzy was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't see the other person rounding the corner to the corridor at the same time as her. Bonking heads, they both fell back on their rear ends.

"Ouch," Izzy remarked, then looked at who she collided with. "Oh, hi, Zeke!"

"E-Scope? What are you doing up so early, eh?"

"I was out on a secret mission. Why are you up?"

"I usually wake up early, since I was raised on a farm, eh. But I'm up early even fur myself, since I was asleep early."

Izzy nodded as she stood up, grabbing his arm and yanking him up on his feet. "Well, what time is it? I haven't noticed yet."

"Five AM, eh."

"Whoa, really?"

"I left my room at two!" she thought. "I probably watched Eva and Noah for two hours and the mission took one hour... or maybe it was the other way around?"

Ezekiel was scratching the back of his head, looking as if he wanted to ask her something but didn't have the courage worked up yet. Izzy was busy trying to figure out how she had been gone three hours, and thus, the two stood for a couple minutes quietly.

"Um, Izzy?" he finally managed to say.

"Maybe it was an hour and a half-hour each... oh! Yes?"

"You, um, wanna get something to eat at the cafeteria?"

Izzy grinned, cocking her head to the side. "Are you asking me out?"

Ezekiel blanched, turning pink then red in a few seconds. "Um... no. The cafeteria's indoors, eh."

The redhead blinked in confusion, then smiled. And then burst out laughing. Ezekiel chuckled nervously, especially when she fell over backwards and starting kicking her legs in the air. His own laughter stopped when he accidentally saw her green panties down her skirt, and he looked away in embarrassment.

"That's wild, I didn't know they make green panties," he thought, though he quickly chastised himself for thinking about that.

"Ezekiel, you really need to learn some slang," she said as she stood up, brushing off her skirt. "But yes, I'd love to get something to eat."

She extended her hand and grinned slyly at him. "I don't know the way, though. Lead me?"

Her teasing was becoming quite a lot for the poor, nervous prairie boy. Trembling nervously, he took her hand. Her heart began to pound, and he felt suddenly very conscious of how hot and sweaty his skin was feeling all over.

Ezekiel was so anxious, he almost didn't notice how sticky her hand was. When she gave him a reassuring squeeze, he hiccuped out a high-strung squeak.

"Oh lighten up, Zeke, I'm just a girl," she said.

"I cannot help it, eh. I... hey, wait. I'm not like that anymoo'r, eh!"


"I doo'nt think guys are better than girls, eh!"

Izzy grinned and squeezed his hand again. "Well, I still get to take my revenge on you. You're gonna have to sit in the cafeteria and listen to me chat! I got lots of interesting stuff to tell someone, and you're my victim!"

So he began to lead her to the cafeteria, wondering what he was getting into, wondering just what was on the crazy girl's mind, and what was on her hand too.

End of Part 1.




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