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Chapter 16 - Our Wedding Night, Mrawr!

Leshawna watched when Izzy and Ezekiel danced. Despite herself, she was enthralled by the newly married couple. "Aren't they something together?" she asked Harold.

"They do look perfect together, despite all the beliefs we had," he acknowledged, though his eyes were mostly on Leshawna. The dress he had bought for her was gorgeous, and he was fantasizing about dancing with her at their own wedding.

Leshawna caught him looking, and smirked. "Wanna dance, baby?"

"I sure do, my chocolate goddess!"

They weren't the only ones watching Ezekiel and Izzy. Heather was watching the newlyweds closely. "So, how long do you think this'll last?" she asked DJ, who was feeding Bunny in the seat next to her. "Two years? No, that's way too long. The next season?"

"I'm sorry, Heather, but what will last?"

"Their marriage. You honestly think Home School and Crazy Girl will last?"

He frowned at her. "Of course I do, Heather. And you should be nice, it's their wedding."

"Weddings are a sham," Heather grumbled as she sipped her drink. "My parents' marriage is a sham, most of my... acquaintances at school, their parents' marriage is a sham."

"My parents' marriage wasn't, and all my friends' parents are happily married," DJ said, shaking a finger. "Remember what we talked about? Just because it doesn't fit in your ideals doesn't mean it doesn't work. Have respect."

"You always manage to bring your mother into the conversation," she remarked, sighing. "One day, I'm going to have to meet her, since I know everything about her."

"You'll have to shape up," he said with a sly smile, "or she'll give you the back of her hand."

Heather rolled her eyes, then looked at Izzy and Ezekiel again. "You really think," she asked, more tenderly now, "that they'll, as they like to say, live happily ever after?"

"I believe so."

She shrugged, then looked at him. "Well... I'll give them the benefit of the doubt then. It'll be interesting, to say the least."

Noah was sitting down nearby Heather and DJ, panting like crazy. "Eva," he moaned, "I'm not dancing with you any more! Not until the slow dance, at least!"

Eva grinned, whipping her hair back. "Wimp. I have to admit, Izzy picks good music."

He groaned and leaned back. "Man, it's that fast, crazy music I expect from her."

"You know, I think she's mellowed out a little, now that she and Home School are together. Heh," she chuckled, "never thought I'd say that."

"How can you tell? She's still as wild as ever, from my point of view."

"True, on a scale of one to ten on insanity, Izzy scores a twelve. But she used to be a fifteen. Still too high, but less insane."

Noah couldn't help but grin. "When you get philosophical like that, it really turns you on."

"Well, it's an old saying that weddings get the romance up. Wanna make love tonight, Noah?"

His grin was even wider now. "Oh yeah, Eva baby."

She couldn't help but laugh. "Noah, you using slang like that is just hilarious. But kind of cute."

Duncan was sitting with Beth and Justin. The short girl and the male model were exchanging chitchat, eating and feeding each other when they tasted something they really liked. Duncan was a little disgusted by the lovey-dovey actions, but he felt it best to be hidden for now.

"Maybe now Izzy will stop that joke about me dating her," Justin mused.

"Nah, but I still wonder what you two did that makes you think you two were dating," Beth said with a giggle.

"No idea. But hey, I'll be gracious to her on her wedding, and I will stay away from her."

"Aww, if I can forgive you, why can't she?"

They exchanged a kiss, to which Duncan groaned. They both frowned at him, and Justin remarked, "Dude, if you don't want to see us kiss, why are you sitting with us?"

"I have to stay away from Courtney," he grumbled.

"Why on earth would you want to do that?" Beth asked.

"Because everyone knows at weddings, chicks get really romantic, and they want to get married. She'll be all over me with questions, like, 'When are you planning on marrying me?' and other stuff like that!"

"When are you planning on marrying her?" Beth asked, grinning impishly.

"Beth, my little friend, let me tell you something," Duncan said, "because you should know this before you and Handsome there get married. Marriage means much less sex. And the longer I delay that, the better?"

"Oh really now?"

Duncan froze, and looked around to see Courtney there, standing there with her arms crossed. Her face was tightened in a dark scowl.

"Errr, I love you?" Duncan asked, before making a mad dash for the door.

"Get back here, you ogre," Courtney half-shouted, trying to be decent for the wedding. "I'll show you what!"

When the wedding reception was over, Geoff was driving his girlfriend and the newlyweds home. The party animal was smiling almost as much as the two in the back, but something felt off to him.

"Why aren't you two making out back there?" he asked them.

Bridgette would have elbowed him, if he had not been driving. So she simply glared at him.

"Well, of course we're not going to make out, because I'm way too excited," Izzy said, chuckling. "If we starting making out on our wedding night, it might go spiraling out of control, right back here."

Ezekiel chuckled, but was turning bright red. Bridgette looked back at them, and said, "Do you two... um... need protection?"

"Naw, we'll be good, eh," Ezekiel said, putting his hand on Izzy's knee and looking at his wife's bright green eyes. "Izzy wants to have kids as soon as possible."

"Maybe getting knocked up will get us off the shoo', eh," Izzy giggled.

"I thought you liked being on the show, Izzy?" asked Geoff.

"I do! But Ezekiel doesn't, and as everyone keeps wishing we have a good life as soon as we're off the shoo'!"

Izzy rested her head on her husband's shoulder. "We're still thinking a'boot names for our kids."

"Why not E-Scope?" Geoff suggested.

Bridgette was seriously considering elbowing him right now.

"Nah, I want something original for our kids," Izzy said. "But you know what would be awesome? If I had twins! Or triplets! What's the record for a human litter?"

Ezekiel tapped his chin in thought. "I think decaplets, that's ten offspring, is the knoo'n record."

"I don't know if ten is going to be possible," Bridgette said, looking at Izzy's stomach as if to judge. "I mean, how can you fit ten little ones in you when you're that thin, Izzy?"

"I could try fitting a couple in a box or something," Izzy said, drumming her fingers together. "If I have ten girls, I could name them Beth, Bridgette, Sadie, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Heather, Eva, Courtney, and Gwen!"

"Why name one Heather?" Geoff asked. "I thought you didn't like her."

"I don't, but naming my daughter Heather would be to show not all girls named Heather are total bitches!"

"What if you have ten boys, eh?" Ezekiel asked, smiling at her. "You name them all after the other ten boys, including Justin to prove that not all boys named Justin are jerks?"

Izzy giggled and kissed his cheek. "What do you think, my Zeke? You want ten kids?"

Geoff couldn't help but burst out laughing, and Bridgette finally elbowed him, but mostly to keep his attention back to the road.

(Mature content, please move along if you are under 16.)

Ezekiel insisted to carry Izzy over the threshold. She was delighted, but when he had to carry her all the flights of stairs to get to his room, he was completely out of breath. The two had agreed to his room, because hers was, as per tradition of her room at all the hotels they had been at during the show, a total mess.

"Oh, maybe I should have just stopped at the entrance, eh," he moaned as he collapsed on the bed.

Izzy giggled and sat down next to him. "I thought the extra effort was very romantic."

He groaned and sat up. "If you say so, my Dizzy-Izzy. My," he smiled and pulled her close to kiss her, "dizzy wife!"

She smiled at him, then sniffed. "Ooo, you really worked up a sweat, my darling husband," she remarked. "Want to take a shower first?

He sniffed himself, and noticed that he was beginning to smell. "Um, oo'kay. You doo'nt mind waiting?"

"Of course not! We could always shower together," she said, grinning at him. "We did it once, you remember?"

"Oh, I do, eh," he said, flushing slightly. "But I doo'nt want our first time in the shower, and I...," he very nervously tapped his fingers together, "doo'nt knoo' how well I can contain myself a second time, eh."

"Me neither, babe. It was amazing we came out as virgins first time, eh," she said, rubbing his shoulder. "You go shower. I want to get dressed for tonight, and I'll hang up what I want you to wear on the door hook," she said as she stood up, fiddling with her dress.

"Isn't it tradition fur me to...," he blushed more as he talked, "take off your wedding dress for our wedding night?"

"I think it is, but I cannot bear the fact of throwing this garment on the ground. You see," she turned around and winked at him, "I promised Bridgette that'd I keep it in good condition for her. Turns out we're the same size."

Ezekiel let out a laugh, one of mirth. "Geoff proposed? How did I miss that, eh?"

"No, he didn't yet, but I'm sure he will soon. Did you see him bowl over the men to get my garter?" she cackled. "Anyway, unzip me, hon, and then go shower, eh. You being clean sounds wonderful."

He helped unzip her, and before he went into the bathroom, he couldn't help but sneak a peek at her undressing. She was wearing white underwear, something that she didn't really want to do because she thought it would be more exciting to wear black underwear. Ezekiel thought the white underwear on her was very attractive.

After his shower, making sure to scrub himself down well, he took time to brush and comb his hair. Wanting to look his very best for her, he nervously looked down at himself. Though Izzy had seen him naked before, he was worried if would good enough, or large enough, to please her. He also wondered if she was wondering the same thing.

Trying to ease his worries, he looked at what she had left on the hook for him to wear. Despite having dated her for two years, what she had picked managed to surprise him.

Izzy was brushing her hair as she sat on the bed. She was thinking about Ezekiel, and if this would be enjoyable to him. He was always so nervous whenever she advanced their relationship sexually. Keeping themselves virgins had been hard at times, for her mostly but sometimes for him when she was really all over him.

She kept thinking about how to make it slow, how to make him happy, and to assure him that he was good enough. She knew he would be, there was no doubt in that wild mind of hers.

When the door opened, she smiled at her husband. He was wearing his green jacket, gray shirt, his loose-fitting jeans, and that wonderful, blue toque. "I thought that we should be how we first looked when really met."

He grinned, looking at her in her green top with that upside-down heart-shaped hole for her cleavage, and the green skirt that always reminded her of a female Tarzan. "You look so gorgeous," he said as he approached her. "Funny how it works, eh."

"How what works?"

"We wear the same thing fur all the episodes of the shoo' and yet you still look so special in it," he gushed, approaching her and holding her in his arms.

"Guess it's special because they manage to last through it all," she said, resting her forehead against his.

"Well, remember during the third season, when that tree branch snagged your top?"

"Oh doo'nt remind me," she cackled. "You sure got an eyeful."

They kissed, then kissed again. Izzy stroked his butt, and he cupped her face. They continued to make out until they fell on the bed, and Izzy giggled as she began to paw at his clothing.

"Wonderful to see you in it, but it'd look better on the bedroom floor, eh," she said, grinning wickedly at him.

She removed his jacket and shirt, and began to kiss his chest. Izzy loved to teethe his nipples, or as she liked to say, "nip the nips." Ezekiel always grunted and gasped when she did that, something she loved to hear; she was very careful not to hurt him.

He was almost whimpering when she sucked on them; Izzy had assured him that all men have sensitive nipples. When he wondered how she knew that, she explained that it was because she gave her enemies purple nurples. However rough Izzy was with her enemies' nipples, she was very loving to Ezekiel's.

"Just wanna get you in the mood for when we do it, eh," she giggled as she licked him. He winced in pleasure, combing her red hair. It was soft and silky due to her brushing it recently, and he loved the feel. "Though I am rather anxious..."

"Two years of foreplay, what's a few moo'r minutes befur we're one, eh?"

She laughed. Ezekiel removed her top and went for her chest once she was done with his. He loved her breasts, and she teased them about this by giving them several different nicknames; one dinner with their friends, she kept referring to her "lady lumps," and he panicked because he thought it was a medical problem.

"Hmmm, that's nice," she purred as she combed his hair with her agile fingers. It was still damp from the shower, and smelt faintly of the strawberry shampoo Izzy insisted they use. She giggled as he licked her nipples the same way she did to him. "Very nice, my Zeke."

He continued to suck on her breasts, causing her to coo appreciatively. She reached down and undid his pants. When she reached down to remove them, she accidentally slid off the bed and landed on her back on the floor, his pants in her hands.

They both burst out into laughter, and he helped her back up. He helped remove her skirt, and then noticed she was still wearing the white underwear from the wedding.

"I know you really liked them," she whispered to him, "so I figured I would wear them for tonight. You've seen my green ones enough, eh."

"What a'boot your black ones?" he asked with a sly smile.

"Nah, we'll save that for the next couple days, when we get wild. Black is a naughty aphrodisiac, white is a romantic one."

He kissed her just above her panties, then she helped to pull them down. As she removed his underwear, the two were naked on the bed. She laid down, then posed; the come-hither look she gave him made him shiver in anticipation.

"I think some couples do oral sex or something like that," she said, then waved her hands, "but screw that! I want you to make me an official woman!"

Ezekiel couldn't help but laugh as she said this, and she grinned while adding, "Yeah, that's right, Zeke! Ride me like a horse! People are always saying I need to get laid, now it's time."

He continued to laugh until she sat up to clasp her hands with his. "Are you nervous, my Zeke?"

"A... a little, eh. How did you knoo', eh?"

"Psychologically, most people laugh when they're happy and nervous at the same time. Also, you're blushing."

He laughed again, and she kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him close, and continued to kiss him until he was a lot calmer. That was replaced when he began to shiver, and while she held him close, Izzy realized she too was starting to shake a little.

"It's okay, my Zeke," she whispered. "We can... take as much as time as you need," she was swallowing a couple lumps that appeared in her throat.

"O... okay," he said, holding her hands for comfort. "How is it that you're not nervous, Izzy?"

"Oh, I am," she assured him. "Just that I know it will all be fine."

"You're so much braver than I am, eh," he said, looking into her eyes. "You knoo', I never... really told you this, or at least not directly, but you've always bin my hero."

"Your... hero?"

"Yes, eh. I... I always admired you, Izzy, and inspired me to be brave," he sniffed, and then wiped a tear away from his eye. "I knoo' that I woo'dent be the person I am today with'oot you, and... and... I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve being with you."

Izzy bit her bottom lip, and caressed his face. "You always had that strength, my Zeke."

"You remember how we met because Eva threw me in the pool? Remember why she threw me in?" She shook her head, and he said, "Because I was standing up fur you, eh. I wanted to brave fur back then... you knoo' how some people say that they knoo' they loved someone befur they met them?

"I... I actually knoo' what they mean by that, eh. I... I love you so much, Izzy. You're my love, and my hero."

Izzy swallowed a lump in her throat, one that felt bigger than any of the ones she had got during this emotional day. "Ezekiel," she whispered, cuddling close to him, "you're my hero too. You helped me overcome the biggest problems I had, the ones I thought I would never solve."

She pulled his face down and kissed him. "I may have changed a lot from being with you, and I know that my life may not be as daring, but it will still be just as exciting.

"So c'mon... it's time for us to make love."

She reached down and began to massage his manhood, helping him get excited. He shivered, beginning to pant. He started to feel her womanhood with his fingertips, and she let out a happy coo.

"No need to be so shy, my lovely Zeke," she chirped, "we've been here before."

He nodded, then poked a couple fingers into her womanhood. She hissed in air and stroked him harder, making him cry out softly. The two had done this before during of their most intimate moments beforehand, but not to prepare for something more.

After a few seconds, Izzy laid back down and Ezekiel positioned himself over her. "You sure you doo'nt want me to protect myself?" he asked.

She shook her head, her red hair splaying on the pillow. "No way, Zeke. I want your babies, as the old fan girl saying goes."

He laughed, then he tried to get himself to enter her. It was actually more difficult than either thought it would be, and she had to help.

"Man, it's not like this in the dirty stories," she joked, both of them giggling and squirming to get Ezekiel into her. "You think most people who write that stuff have ever been laid, eh?"

It took a couple minutes, and Izzy started to name all kinds of lubricants to help with the job. When she was saying "peanut butter and jelly," Ezekiel managed to push his way in. Izzy gasped, then winced when she felt herself in pain.

"Ow," she cringed. "Damn it... I forgot that it hurts at first!"

"Just the first time, right?" Ezekiel panted. "Do you need me to pull 'oot for a bit-"

"No way," Izzy strained to say, trying to ignore the pain. "I've had worse than this. Only the first time, Zeke... ngggh... damn, it does hurt though."

"Try to think of something... else," he suggested, brushing away the orangish-red bangs from her forehead, which were stuck there from the sweat that Izzy was building up. Ezekiel was also beginning to sweat, especially around his shoulders and forehead.

"Well, I can think of more painful times," Izzy said with a grimacing smile, "like the one I got in a fight with a mad anteater, or the time I cut myself trying to punch my alarm clock, or... or... ohhhh..."

Izzy suddenly moaned and stretched, taking deep breaths. Her eyes panned up, then her eyelids fluttered as she looked at her husband. "You're... you're inside me, Zeke."

"Yeah," he said, wiping away the sweat from his forehead.

"You're really inside me," she repeated, then giggled. "We're not virgins anymore, eh."


"Say good-bye to that virginity, never liked it anyway!"

"Oh Izzy..."

"What? Upset I cannot wear white anymore?"

"You're so beautiful..."

Izzy's face was flushed, and a little slick from the sweat buildup. Her breath was hot on his face, as was his on hers. She pulled him down on her, their chests pressing against each other. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, making him feel safe and secure.

"You're so handsome too, my Zeke," she whispered. She marveled his own flushed face, and how appealing he looked when sweat had slicked his skin. She cooed appreciatively when he wrapped his arms underneath her shoulders; now she felt as secure and warm as he did.

"Ready, baby?" she asked, her eyes burning with anxiousness.

"Just... gimme one minute, eh," he panted, kissing her neck lightly. Izzy was so tight and hot around him, he could barely breathe.

"Okay, my Zeke. Just... tell me when." Izzy forced herself to breath in and out as she waited for him to get ready. Being completely wrapped around him, him inside of her made her feel complete, whole. "We really are one now, you feel that?"

"Yes, I do," he whispered. "I... I think I'm ready now."

She nodded, and he slowly began to move his hips. Both of them winced from the sharp pleasure, hissing air and gasping. Ezekiel was the first to moan, and Izzy let out a high-pitched grunt as he picked up a little speed.

"We're actually having sex," she whispered, her voice loving and excited. "It... it really does feel good, doesn't it?"

He nodded, and kissed her. She sucked on his lips and tongue, anxiously wanting more. She began to rock her hips into his, increasing the intensity of the rhythm. Pretty soon, both of them were picking up the pace.

Izzy's panting was getting higher in octave, and Ezekiel's moans came faster. He couldn't help but be loud, and when he tried to hold back, she could sense it and said to him quickly, "Don't hold back. I love you... oh... let it all out, my Zeke."

It didn't take long for them to reach a climax, but that didn't damper the sensation of their orgasms. Izzy and Ezekiel both cried out, their limbs tightening around each other. Their toes and fingers curled from the intensity, and Izzy herself shook a few times before collapsing. Ezekiel lay on top of her, both of them panting hard.

There were no words for several minutes, just them holding onto each other and listening to the other breathe. The one to break the silence was Ezekiel.

"That was... amazing," he whispered to her.

"Oh, I want to make up new words to describe it," she replied, giggling very softly. "I wonder if 'incrediawesoverymindblowshocking' will describe it adequately."

He laughed, very throaty and hearty. Cupping her face, he kissed her lovingly. She returned it, reaching up to comb his hair.

"We're going to do this much more, you know," she said, giggling, mellow but still mischievous. "We're going to make love as many times as we can before we have to go back on the show. Otherwise, I might take you in whatever confessional we have; we might not even leave this room."

"But what would we do fur eating, eh?"

"Room service."

"Hopefully we'll get dressed befur they come in the room, right?"

Izzy cackled, and rolled them over, her on top now. They began to kiss, and didn't stop exhaustion from having sex took in. Even then, they caressed each other and gave each other light, grazing kisses.

"I love you, my handsome husband."

"I love you, my beautiful wife."

He fell asleep first, and she held him close to her. She listened to the sound of him breathing, the gentle rise and fall of his chest.

"You're my hero and my savior, Ezekiel," she thought, "and I'll love you until my last breath, whether it's quiet or loud and screaming. You are my angel, until the end of time."


It took nineteen seasons of Total Drama before Chris Maclean finally let the twenty-two contestants go home. They were all twenty-one or older by the time they were finally free, and despite how confident he was, Chris found himself at the losing side of some very strong lawsuits.

Ezekiel and Izzy's first time to make love had been special indeed: exactly nine months after their wedding, she went into labor. During her pregnancy, she had not been a contestant during the ninth and tenth season; when Ezekiel was contacted while he was on the show, he had rushed off to be with her.

Izzy gave birth to triplets, something the doctors somehow managed to notice; Ezekiel joked how she was "literally full of surprises." The two girls and one boy were named Vera, Kitty, and Crow (Izzy loved animals, and explained Vera would be nicknamed "Vera-ciraptor").

For most of the seasons, Ezekiel and Izzy insisted on at least one of them being left out until so they could watch over the kids. During the later seasons, Ezekiel's mom was there to watch the kids so her son and daughter-in-law could participate; he even managed to win the seventeenth season.

The romance had continued on after Izzy and Ezekiel's wedding. Not only were there more marriages, but also, more so near the end, more children.

Just as Izzy had told Ezekiel, Geoff and Bridgette had been married next. The wedding was incredible, and the redhead kept teasing the two that she despised them for outdoing her wedding; Bridgette's first child was a girl named Anilya.

Duncan and Courtney were next, and Izzy helped the CIT with her aggressive family, who were almost as against Courtney marrying as Izzy's parents were for her.

The other couples to get married were Leshawna and Harold, Cody and Gwen, Justin and Beth, and Eva and Noah. The rest of the contestants all dated on and off, among each other, and they stayed on good terms until the show was finally over.

All the unmarried contestants at the end of the show were going to go home single, eager to start their own lives; however, Lindsay and Tyler actually got back together at the last day, and stayed in contact. About two years later, Ezekiel, who stayed in constant contact with Tyler, was his best man at the wedding.

Ezekiel and Izzy went on to have three more kids, after the show was over, balancing the family life and college. Izzy's boundless energy was what kept Ezekiel going most of the time, and he kept reminding her how much he loved her and how she was his hero.

Izzy became a published writer after getting a degree in English. Her best-selling action series was so big of a hit, she had to go out and make some adventurers of her own for more creative inspiration. Ezekiel became a teacher, just like his parents before him, and he taught several different languages.

One day, their youngest daughter, Ami, asked them a big question. She was old enough to watch the Total Drama episodes, and was keen to learn more about how mom and dad met. "Did you and mommy regret joining that awful shoo' when you forced to stay on it for so long, eh daddy?"

"How could we regret it?" Ezekiel said, flipping a red haired bang of his daughter. "It's how your mother and I met. You wouldn't exist if it weren't fur the shoo', eh."

"Plus, daddy won half a million dollars," Izzy said gleefully. "We got us some swag loot, including a real katana sword!"

She mimed a few slices, and Ezekiel laughed. Ami giggled, and then looked nervous as she asked her next question. "So, um, if it'll help me find my true love, can i join a reality shoo', eh?"

"No way, eh!"

"Of course, sweetheart!"

Ezekiel and Izzy exchanged glances, and their daughter laughed. "Does mommy have to convince daddy noo', eh?"

"We'll talk a'boot it, eh. Now make sure you've packed everything. Uncle Geoff and Aunt Bridgette would prefer not to have to come here and get anything you've forgotten, eh."

Izzy smiled as her daughter pouted, the same kind of pout Izzy had once been known for. "Why do we have to stay with them? Just because Crow married Anilya?"

"That, and they've bin lonely since their kids have all moved 'oot, dear," Ezekiel said. "You should knoo', when a couple's kids move 'oot of the hoo's, parents go through a little withdrawal."

Ami nodded. "Oh, oo'kay. But won't you two be lonely with'oot me and Jed?"

" 'Jed and me'," Izzy corrected her, smiling at her daughter. "And no, no we won't."

"Alrighty then," Ami replied cheerfully as Ezekiel frowned at his wife. The young girl skipped merrily off to her room.

"She knew I was joking, eh," Izzy said to her husband after their daughter had left.

"I knoo', I'm just a little woo'ried, is all."

"You're always woo'ried, always afraid you might mess up with the kids. Well, they've turned out fine so far, love."

She rubbed his back, and he smiled at her. Izzy fiddled with his toque, a new one since his days on Total Drama; the old one was sealed in a glass case Izzy had bought.

"So, what is this vacation from the kids fur, eh?" he asked as she continued to rub his back. "Why aren't we staying here, eh?"

"Because it's bin a long time since we had a trip, and I made reservations," she explained. "You see, next week, we watch over Geoff and Bridgette's house when they get to go to Hawaii, which is where Bridgette has always wanted to go."

"I'm surprised they still haven't gone there yet, eh. So where are we going?"

She grinned, that wicked, Izzy-style grin that had not changed after nineteen seasons on a reality show, six pregnancies, twenty-three years of watching her children, and being forty-one years.

Izzy's sly and crafty personality was just as sexy and wonderful as it was when she was eighteen years old. "Well, I figured that would be a surprise," she said, giggling.

"Is it Australia?"

She gaped at him. "How did you know?" she exclaimed.

"You've bin mentioning kangaroos fur the past few days, and calling me 'mate.' I thought it was a come-on until you started using it when the kids were around."

He smiled at her, and added as he scratched the back of his head, "Did you have anything planned, eh? I always wanted to see the wilderness of Australia... if that's what you had in mind, eh? I knoo' you'd love to see the 'ootback."

He was still shy after all this time. After all the time on Total Drama and in college, twenty-three years of marriage, and lots and lots of sex between them, he was still shy, courteous, and thoughtful. At forty-one years old, she still saw him as the eighteen year old prairie boy she had fallen in love with.

And she still was in love with.

"Oh, I do want to see the outback," she said as she sat in his lap, straddling him playful. "I also want to throw a boomerang, check out the food there, and just listen to them talk! But there is one place I want to see more than anything."

"The Sydney Opera House? The Great Barrier Reef? Uluru? Telstra Stadium?" [1]

"An Australian hotel."

He chuckled and smiled at her. He still did that when she was forward, and she loved it; it always made her feel desirable, and in return it made him desirable too.

"Crikey, you gonna get stuffed in Australia, mate," Izzy cooed, making him blush. [2] Score one for her, she loved making him blush. "Of course, we could always make love on top of Uluru."

"I doo'nt knoo' if they alloo' people up there, eh."

"Who needs permission? I didn't need permission when I shaved off all of Chris Maclean's hair at the final season, did I?"

"No, but as much as we all loved it, you did steal the limelight from Tyler when he won it all."

"Oh, he got the girl and the money. Which is what you are going to get down under, mate. I am gonna make you hear the thunder."

"What's that mean?"

Ami was standing nearby, looking confused. Ezekiel panicked, but Izzy was calm. "It means mommy and daddy are going to have a wild time," she replied.

"Does mommy have to hide from the RCMP a'geen, daddy?"

"No, mommy was kidding when she said she had to do that one time, hon," Ezekiel told his daughter.

"Oh good. Because you were really sad when she wasn't around, and I doo'nt like seeing you that sad."

She walked up and hugged her parents, then went back to her room to pack more. Izzy smiled at Ezekiel and said, "She does take after you."

"How do you figure that?"

"She's sweet, loving, and a precious wonder. Just like you."

She wrapped her arms around him as she sweetly kissed him, him returning it with equal passion. "I actually," she whispered when they parted, "wanted to make it just like when we first met, eh, so I made sure there is a pool."

"Oh goody, eh."

"It's bin a long time since we did it in a pool, eh."


"And remember the look on Bridgette's face when she accidentally saw us."

"Oh, why must you torment me with embarrassing moments of my life, eh?"

"Because it's fun," she cheered, kissing his face before staring into his brown eyes and adding, "And because I love you so, my Zeke."

"I love you too, my Dizzy-Izzy."

Crikey! It's THE END!

Yep, that's it. That's my Ezzy story. It actually wasn't easy, but I think the effort I put into it paid off.

I wish to say thank you to everyone for their encouragement and support during this story. It certainly took longer than I thought it would.

Also, a big shout out to Imagi and Winter-Rae. The two of you were so helpful during this story, I want to give you both a big shout out! Woohoo!

Now that this story is done, I have one more story I want to write before the sequel to Total Drama Comeback, so please don't ask if that's next.

[1] - You should all know what the Sydney Opera House is. The Great Barrier Reef is a large coral reef located on the northeast coast of Australia. Uluru is a great hill in the northern territory that you probably see in lots of pictures; you'll recognize it because it's got a flat top. Telstra Stadium is where the 2000 Olympic games were held.

[2] - "Get stuffed" is Australian slang which is similar to a very inappropriate saying here. I'll just say it's a dirty way of saying, "Get laid." So when you're in Australia and you've had a lot to eat, don't say, "I'm stuffed," or people are going to look at you funny.

Ezekiel, Izzy, may more people write about friendship and love between the two of you, because the shy prairie boy and the wild redhead interacting never gets old. :)