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Original Story (in italic) can be found on page 169.

Frost Ardor

"I have some things to tell you, about the earth he needs, about his bear. Things that might help you. Anyway" - his voice became soft and eager- "I thought you might let me kiss you again."

She glanced away nervously, her hand flying to her throat.

"No," he whispered "Just a kiss. A real kiss."


A low light of Zoe's frosted vanilla candle flickered as it's scent defused into the room. The dim light was the only illumination in Zoe's bedroom. They laid there in her bed; Simon thoughtfully running his fingers through her hair, across her face and down her breasts. Both of them were half naked, shirts wrinkled within the white, cotton comforter and pillows tossed to the edge of the bed. Only momentarily before they were interlocked, furiously kissing each other. That moment quickly shattered in less than an hour they would head to the park to face Christopher.

The park where they discovered each other.

Zoe anxiously twiddled her fingers averting Simon's eyes. It was pointless though, he could read her thoughts.

"You're nervous," he whispered as he slid his fingers between hers to calm her jittering hands.

Zoe nodded at him. Simon squeezed her hand in reply, he wanted to tell her he was fearful as well, but he had to be strong. She was helping him, no one had ever done that for Simon.

What happens next?

The painful thought ran through both their minds. If they succeeded what would Simon do with himself, his purpose through his unnatural life was to avenge his mother's cruel death. Yet, on the contrary, if they lost, would either of them even be alive?


It had been so close to both of them. The gray, grim truth of death was at both of their fingertips.

Zoe wrapped her arms around Simon's cold body. At every glance, she was reminded of how handsome he was.

'My silver haired boy,' she thought smiling. She felt happy next to him, which was rare in this difficult period of her life. The thought of asking him for eternal life had crossed her mind, but Simon would never grant her that.

"Zoe," Simon whispered "I've never known what it felt like to have a surge of warmth run through my body without taking it from someone else, until I met you."

He starred as his raven-haired, fair beauty. His queen, his solace. He cared for her, longed for her, but hated his cursed existence for tainting the circumstances of what could have been.

"I'll protect you," he said affirmatively.

"No," Zoe leaned on top of Simon her hips weighed down on his "Stay with me, Simon. Never leave."

"But I'm cursed-"

Simon tried to protest, but Zoe kissed his cold, pale lips softly in retaliation. Second to human blood, Zoe's mouth was the sweetest thing he had tasted in 300 years. Simon kissed Zoe back harder; her scent and warm blood drove him mad. He wanted to devour himself in her. Simon's back leaned upright against the wall now cupping her breast. Their tongues clashed in her warm mouth as they gripped each other more aggressively.

Simon suddenly stopped; he felt his fangs appearing. He wanted more, but did not want to frighten her.

"Stay with me," she repeated breathlessly starring into his moonlit eyes.

"I've waited centuries for you," he locked Zoe in his arms rocking her against his chest, her head buried in his neck. Simon would stay with her, and at that moment he wanted her to last an eternity with him.


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