"Night ….I always found it depressing……but that was a long time ago" a man said into a tape recorder as he sat in a dark room. "Now I find it hard to stay sane……..the never ending moans and clawing…now I gladly accept the darkness….I hide in the dark just to stay alive, but I'm running low on food…..I'll have to go out again soon……I wish it was simpler but being alone does make it hard". The recorder clicked and the man, he stood up and walked across the room. Next to a boarded up window was a table, on the table sat a cassette, the man picked it up and inserted it into the tape recorder and pressed play……

Later that day the man stocked up with all the weapons and ammo he could find hung them on his clothing and opened the door. The zombies tried to rush in but the man pulled out a sword and started cutting their heads off, blood going everywhere. With this style the man made it into the streets before his sword broke, he tossed it aside and pulled out dual pistols continuing his rampage through the hordes. After several shots the man was out of pistol ammo, so he pulled out a shotgun and started blowing zombie heads off. The man makes a few more kills before he trips, backing into a corner on his knees he was surrounded and out of weapons, the zombies closed in on him. In a nearby park a squirrel jumps off a tree branch and lands near a nut, it picks up the nut as in the distance blood curdling screams can be heard.

"I can't take life like this anymore, I'm all alone and there is no point…..tonight I'm going to walk out there with every weapon I have and fight them. I know I won't live the night so anyone who finds this tape don't bother looking for me…….I'M ALREADY DEAD."

The End

I hope you guys liked my dramatic story and please tell me what you think because there are plenty more short stories where this came from, For this is just the beginning of Last Stand.