The Kitsune and the Dark Tamaranean Princess




It was years ago that one Uzumaki Naruto had awaken from centuries long sleep in a new era. Being both the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and an Uzumaki his life expectancy was much larger than the average person. There were many attempts on his life, one was that of a particular strong poison designed to kill Jinchuuriki, while it didn't kill Naruto left him in a coma as Kurama had to purge the toxins.

Though by the time he had awaken, centuries had passed. His resting place was disturbed by an alien invasion. Awakened from his slumber he aided a group of teenagers and repelled this invasion, becoming a member of a team of teenager heroes known as the Teen Titans.

There was Robin the boy wander the former Protégé of Batman and leader of the team. Naruto wandered what the teen hid behind his mask.

There was Cyborg the half-human, half-machine, all brotha who was the Teams Technician.

There was the green skinned youth Beast Boy who could change into any animal and had a taste in bad jokes.

There was the pale empath Raven who liked to read and enjoy tea and would appear emotional to those who didn't know her.

And finally there was Starfire the alien princess and one of the kindest people Naruto had ever met. In some sort away she was a lot like Hinata but their was obvious differences. Like for one she had a sexy older sister.

Her name was Blackfire.

She had raven colored hair and mesmerizing violet eyes and for a lack of a very term sexy. She wasn't anything like her kind and a bit naive sister. She was suave, sexy, and seductive. Naruto knew at first glance he was infatuated , even going as far as preventing her capture knowing she committed a criminal act but he couldn't help it. He desired her and couldn't keep her out of his mind. She would show up and attack her sister only for him to be in the same location. Imagine his surprise when she showed interest in him. Enough to kidnap him with the intent on enforcing him into marriage. The only thing he could or should I say would do is to think the spirits above.

Naruto woke up with a headache. That's the last time I drank three bottles of Tequila with worms in them and take candy from a Quartette of Mexican Midgets with British Accents while performing the Congo on St. Patricks day high off mushrooms. He thought. He got up and sure enough on the other side of the room was Blackfire whose hands were glowing. She lunged at him which Naruto simply countered with a lunge of his own.

At the last second he bends the front portion of his body back and hit her stomach with a chakra burst.

Blackfire falls to the ground and groan. She managed to get her self back to her feet and growled menacingly as she launched several of her purple Starbolts at him. Naruto was able to dodge the solar base attack with ease as he countered with a with a weak Wind Dragon, which she managed to shave off a bit of the force using her bolts, but still took the brunt of the attack when it connected.

He was impressed that she was somehow able to get up after the hit but since he held back a bit it wasn't all that surprising. He was almost caught off guard by how quickly she reacted after the fact and instead attacking him again she pulled him into a kiss. He didn't fight it but he was certainly confused. ''Why?'' He asked her as she gave him a mischievous grin.

''You're the strongest Male I've come across on this planet. We Tamereneans are a warrior race and we accept only the strongest as our Gend'an, not to mention how well equipped you are is just a bonus.''

Before he could even reply she crashed her lips against his for another passionate kiss. The two eventually broke the kiss.

''I'm flattered really…but there's some things you should know,'' He started to explain the situation. It took some time for her to understand Naruto's situation and embrace his longevity situation. For now they would worry about that later as there was only one thing to do...Elope.

After a small private ceremony the two of them traveled to a secluded hide-out that Blackfire temporarily established on Earth. Deciding to put Honeymoon plans on hold the new married couple wanted to proceed to the wedding night.

Helping her out of the dress Naruto tentatively began to trail her jawline with kisses. His finger trailed along her smooth stomach at which the Tamarenean gave an appreciative moan. Grabbing Naruto's arm she pulled him into bed with her as she captured his upper lips between hers.

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They held that position for a while as their kissing became less frantic and wild, and more soft and sensual. Eventually, they rolled over onto their sides and broke the kiss, looking into each others eyes. Blackfire's face was wet with tears and sweat even as she smiled gently, in a way she never had before. She gently reached up one hand to caress one side of Naruto's face, and whispered, "Please…promise me you won't leave me. Promise me you'll stay by my side."

Naruto grasped Blackfire's hand, and gently kissed the palm of her hand before setting it back on his face as he wrapped his arms around Blackfire's back. Drawing her close and pulling her full length against his body, he whispered, "I won't trust me. Your my wife and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you.'' Hearing that, Blackfire began laughing and sobbing as she curled up against Naruto's chest. She cried herself to sleep in Naruto arms, and he fell asleep soon afterwords.

A few months had passed and things were bumpy at first. The team was pretty upset when Naruto came home with his new wife.

Well Robin and Raven were more distrustful, Beast Boy and Cyborg were a bit cautious side and it was mostly Starfire who was upset. Which surprised Naruto because he didn't think the girl could ever hold a grudge. How wrong he was! After six months they all started to come around. By that time Brother Blood had taken control of H.A.Y.E.P. a small branch in the larger more villainous organization known as H.I.V.E. So Naruto volunteered to go undercover.

A few weeks had gone by as Naruto was undercover. And who he was undercover as? Only Uchiha Itachi of course! Cause in Naruto's mind that was the perfect disguise. Best part was that not too many people try to fuck with you when you murder your entire family and clan consisting of 391 people. During one of the free periods Naruto had to hide himself in the bathroom to calm himself. He had let his transformation down and let exhaled a breath. He had a raging hard on cause by the scantly clad female members of HAEYP. Apparently he didn't get the clothing optional Memo. He then closed his eyes and focused on willing his erection away when he felt a hand grab his member.

Naruto sniffed the air as he caught a whiff of a familiar scent and decided to have a bit of fun.

''Is this Jinx? No weight maybe this is Bee? No no're obviously.''

''Soon to be the widow Mrs. Uzumaki.'' She answered with no amusement in your voice.

''Come Koma-chan you know I was just teasing. Why would I want those girls when I have a sexy alien princess for a why?''

''Damn straight...'' She said as she nibbled on his ear.
''Ooh...someone's frisky.'' He said as she began taking off her top.

'Actually there's something I wanted to ask you about…it's about yesterday,'' She said as Naruto looked at her like she was crazy.

''Aren't we sort of the middle of something?''

''You know if you continue to be rude I'll just leave you hanging.''

''Fine…carry on.''

''You were fighting some rookie and she was using a gun…you remember what happened?'' she asked as she began to flashback to what happened!"'

Naruto was fighting a new recruit some kind of gangster wanna be who was shooting at him with a gun and the rays that came out of it had no affect. Naruto stalked towards her and said. ''Silly bitch. yo weapons cannot harm me. don't u know who the fuck I am? IM THE MAELSTROM!''

''Ooh yeah...I was a little drunk and spent all morning watching Myway Entertainment videos. Anyway I have a question of my own. Why the fuck are we still talking? Better yet why aren't you sucking me up?'' He asked and her response was a tight squeeze to his member.

It was a bit unusual and what one would say unethical but the two had a very kinky relationship. Then and there Blackfire proceeded to give Naruto a blowjob. The slurping sounds could be heard echoing through the Restroom. Naruto braced his arm against the stall and gritted his teeth. ''Damn…how the hell do all you girl keep coming up with these new tricks?'' He asked. 'Girls' was definitely the wrong thing to stay as Blackfire gave a slight super enhanced flick to his nut sack which caused him to groan. ''Kinky bitch,'' He muttered.

Blackfire couldn't help but be turned on. Sure it was degrading if you looked at it at one way but another way it was pretty damn dirty and kinky. She nibbled on the sensitive flesh at the top while cupping his balls.

She then wrapped her breasts around his member and bobbed up and down wildly while squeezing her goodies around him. Naruto moaned out her name as she pulled her mouth up and started stroking him as he busted a nut on her chest. Grabbing some tissue she wiped it off. She then hiked up her skirt pulled down her lace black panties and slowly slide her self down her pull and started riding Naruto Reverse cow girl style.

The sound of slapping flesh and moaning echoed even louder throughout the bathroom. Naruto brought his hands up to Blackfire's chest and squeezed her tits as she bounced up and down on him. Both of them were panting as their adrenaline spiked. The prospect of that they could get caught made it all the more arousing for them. Both of them got up as Naruto moved behind her and bent her over and drove into her as she held on to the rails.

''Ooh! That's it Baby! That's my Spot!'' Blackfire moaned in ecstasy as the edge of Naruto's cock hit every sensitive spot in her.

''Mmhmm,'' Groan. ''You like that don't you Hime!''

''Aaah! Yes! Fuck me Harder!'' She demanded and toss her head back as she felt his hands grip hips as she continued to drive into her wildly.

''Damn! I'm about to feel your pussy with my seed,'' He said as felt her walls enclosed around his shaft.

''Cum inside me…I want to feel your hot and sticky Cum in my pussy,'' She moaned feeling more wantonly then usual.

''Oh kami, Blackfire I'm going to…''

''Yeah that's it…almost there…''

Both of them continued to grunt and rut like animals in heat and gave one loud joined scream as Naruto filled her womb with his sperm. Nearly a decade had passed since that day. Many things had happened including a new generation of Titans and several Crises, but Naruto and Tamerenean had remained a strong couple sense then. Despite all the kidnappings, robot duplicate businesses, and whole alternate Earths they were one of the few fortunate couples whose family remained alive and together.

Naruto and Blackfire were currently sitting on the porch of their house while they watched their five year old daughter Windfire play on the front lawn with their dog. She had her mother's eye and nose but her father's hair and whisker marks. Naruto was still a part time member of The Titans as they were now call but he was contempt of living out his days peacefully with his beautiful wife and daughter.