Summary: TAG TO BOUNCE **SPOILERS** "The Guy did look a lot like you, was a little more fit though." "More fit" The words are stuck in his mind, and he doesn't know exactly how he is supposed to take such words. Ziva helps him to understand.

I love hung-over Tony! He makes me giggle. :] I laughed really loud when Ziva told him her hangover remedy and he was all "That's disgusting." I was all "hello buddy, just what are you drinking!?" Lol.

And I am beginning to hate the name Jeanne [not the name so much as the character], every time I hear it I fear she may return… I just want to forget about her, that time has passed, but when they bring it up I feel as though they're trying to keep that memory alive, because she shall be back. T_T I sure hope that's not the case.

Has anyone else noticed that Ziva has her own theme music? I love it! Well Ziva is probably my FAVORITE character, well they're all my favorites duh, but she is my favorite favorite, get it, got it, good. :] I wish I had my own theme music, hers is just so cool, so her. :] HAHA. Wow, I'm a freak. But I like it.

-Hides behind the closest largest piece of furniture- So this is a bit smutty. Okay more than just a bit… I'm kind of worried about posting it. –Bites nails- I hope it doesn't offend anyone …

WARNING: This little piece of fiction is rated M for a reason, if you do not think you can handle M I suggest you turn back now and forget you ever saw this piece of fiction. This definitely puts the capital in that "m". :] [rated for the smexx]

"Was a little more fit though."

The words rung throughout Tony's mind. Who was she to judge, he was fit, he may not be in his prime anymore, but he sure wasn't unfit.

"More fit. More fit. More fit."

He was sure beginning to hate those words. What was fit anyway? He'd always thought he was fit, but hearing the concierge's snide tone as she stated that Renny Grant was "more fit" had struck him low. If she thought of him as unfit, did other people think the same thing as well? Thoughts swirled through his brain, he could care less about what Ms. Snooty-Pants thought, but there were people who's opinions he did care about, did they think him unfit?

He slumped in his chair; the case was closed, but that statement would forever be engrained in his mind.


When Gibbs had told her about that woman's comments she'd laughed outright. What other option was there? The thought that somebody would even dare to think Anthony DiNozzo less fit then this Renny Grant was unthinkable. Ziva wondered if the woman's eyesight was well, because they obviously weren't looking at the same men.

Sure Renny had a certain appeal to him, but he was scrawny - too small in stature if you asked her - where as Tony was broad. Broad shoulders; thin frame, yet with muscles that encased his entire form; and wide, lean hips. His entire person screamed fit, and she just knew that he had probably laughed in that woman's face, before offering to show her just how fit he was.

But as she stared at his sullen expression she thought otherwise, had he taken her words so hard? Normally he laughed these things off, but he had changed since his time abroad, he seemed more closed off then before, he wouldn't look at her for longer than he needed to and his words always lacked that caustic tone she'd come to adore. She didn't take it the wrong way, she knew things were different now, that they were different, but she could feel them slowly falling back into place, slowly they were becoming them again; Tony and Ziva, a partnership that rivals all others.

Gibbs seemed to notice Tony's down state also, because he soon offered a reprieve, "Go home. It's been a long day."

Everyone looked towards him, shock written on their expression. "What about the paperwork?" Tony muttered.

"It'll still be there tomorrow, won't it?"

Tony gave a curt nod, grabbing all of his stuff and heading towards the elevator. Ziva and McGee following closely behind.

The ride was awkward, a strained silence playing over the group. It was strange to McGee, he'd never had a moment where Tony hadn't filled the silence with movie reference's or biting remarks about McGee as a whole. He glanced at said person, and noticed the downtrodden expression that seemed to be glued upon Tony's visage. He cleared his throat in an uncomfortable move, but no one said anything. With a sigh McGee gave up, Tony not being Tony was just weird, and it unsettled McGee to no end. The elevator arrived at the garage, and McGee quickly hopped out, wanting to get home quickly, so he could get away from this unsettling feeling.

Ziva waited until McGee hoped out of the elevator, he'd moved so fast that if Ziva didn't know any better, she'd say that he was burned. Ziva watched as Tony left the lift, walking into the garage slowly. "Hey Tony." She called, she watched as he stopped, but didn't turn to look at her. This must really be affecting him, she mused. "Want to go out, tonight? Grab a few drinks. Catch up?" She smiled slightly at his back; this was the first time she had offered to go out since she'd arrived back from Israel - that was probably why she was so shocked when he turned her down.

"I think I'm going to have to pass on that Ziva." Tony stated monotonously. He didn't bother turning around, merely preceded on his trek to his car.

Ziva sighed forlornly watching his retreat.


Tony sat alone in his apartment nursing a beer, the muted TV the only light in the room. He'd come straight home from work, peeled off his jacket, tossed it in the direction of the coat rack, and went straight for the fridge. He'd pulled out a beer for himself, went to the couch and sat down; he'd been in this same position for about an hour.

"Pft. "more fit"?" He asked the empty air around him "More fit"!?" he huffed, he just couldn't get that phrase out of his mind. She only thought that because I was wearing too many layers, He thought to himself, she wouldn't have thought that otherwise. He gave himself a short nod to confirm his thoughts, but he could still feel that niggling of doubt from deep within him.

Before he could contemplate anything else further, a knock came from his door. It was a firm, precise knock; the person obviously had no hesitation whether or not they wanted to knock. Tony groaned, heaving himself up from the couch, placing his lukewarm beer on the table before making his way to the door.

"No, I do not want to buy any cookies." He stated as he pulled the door open, he stopped as he saw who was there.

"I am offering more than just cookies." The person stated, and Tony could do little more than gap.

Ziva was standing at his door. Ziva was wearing high heels and a jacket. Ziva's legs were showing, her long slender legs. Tony felt the uncontrollable urge to drop to his knees and kiss those legs; it'd been far too long since he'd seen them in such a bare state. His mind forgot the phrase that it'd been stuck on for the entire day; instead it focused on something else. Ziva, Ziva, ZIVA.

Ziva smirked at Tony, obviously pleased with his reaction to her presence. Ziva's smirk brought Tony back down to earth; the words came back to him, but they were no longer at the forefront of his mind. "What if I wanted cookies?" Tony asked, obviously pleased with his come back.

Ziva rolled her eyes. "You just said you did not - oh never mind." Ziva scoffed, Only Tony.

"What do you want Zee-vah?" Tony wanted to get straight to the point, so she could leave, and he could get back to his beer and sulking.

"I have something to tell you." Ziva smiled.

A pause lingered, Tony was waiting for Ziva to tell him what she wanted to tell him, and Ziva was waiting for Tony to say something, anything. "Do tell." Tony encouraged dryly.

"May I come in?" Ziva questioned.

"That's a question, not a tell." Tony stated sardonically

Ziva's eyes narrowed a fraction, and Tony moved out of the way, a wordless invitation into his apartment.

Ziva's eyes surveyed the place, taking in the haphazardly discarded jacket, and the near full bottle of beer. Ziva walked straight to the couch, picking up the beer between deft fingers and taking a long swig. She felt Tony's eyes upon her as the warm liquid eased its way down her throat. "It is much better when it is cold, yes?" She stated when the bottle was pulled away from her lips.

Tony stared, what was she doing here? "Ziva." He stated, his tone holding a slight warning.

"Ah yes." Ziva snapped her fingers, and begin a slow stride towards him. "I came here for a reason, and I will not leave until you understand."

Tony gave her a perplexed look. He'd missed something of that he was sure. "I'm confused, there is nothing for me to understand."

Ziva vaguely gestured to the surrounding apartment. "Oh I believe there is." Tony's response was a low grunt.

Ziva stepped up to him, getting in his personal space, but he didn't back away. "I believe her words were "he was a little more fit though", yes?" Her eyes were taking in his form, raking over the planes of his body, taking in all that was hidden beneath his clothes.

All Tony heard from that was "he was a little more fit though" his eyes widened before narrowing. He now realized why that woman's words had hurt so much, he'd feared that Ziva felt the same way because when it boiled down to it, Ziva's opinion was all that mattered. Tony was about to step away, to tell her to leave his apartment if she was just going to insult his physique. Before he could utter a word he felt a hand run along the length of his arm, before moving to his chest, caressing him through his clothing. "She lied." Ziva's breath fanned against his neck, and he sucked in a breath as her fingers began to pull at the buttons.

Once Ziva had the shirt hanging open from his shoulders she pounced. She pressed a kiss to his chin, while her fingers came up to run along his shoulders. "These shoulders are not the shoulders of someone who is "unfit"." She stated smoothly, reading his mind. She knew him well enough to realize he would interpret the term "more fit" to mean, "unfit".

Ziva glanced at him from beneath her lashes, taking in his clenched jaw. "I have fantasized about these shoulders Tony. I've bitten, kissed, scratched and licked along these shoulders in my dreams. Broad shoulders make for a sturdy man, did you know that Tony?" She questioned huskily her hands pushing his shirt from his shoulders. Her hands then caressed his chest, her fingers dancing across the skin, raking softly through the fine hair that lay there. She placed a soft kiss to his the center of his chest. "This chest is riddled with muscles." She stated softly, her fingers trailing down to his stomach. She felt it clench beneath her fingers and she smiled as she traced the fine lines of muscles. "So you have been working more on your six-box." She murmured appreciatively.

"Pack." Tony corrected between clenched teeth. His breathing had become ragged, and his muscles were clenching from her teasing ministrations. He needed more, but he didn't know how far she planned on taking this, and he wouldn't beg for it.

"Do you believe me, Tony?" The skin of his shoulder muffled her words, as she had begun to lave kisses there.

Tony shook his head, unable to form complete sentences. He could feel Ziva's pout against his flesh and he shuddered at the feel of it. "You still believe her then, yes." She reiterated, her fingers beginning to dance along the waistband of his trousers.

He didn't answer, he merely gasped as her fingers snuck beneath his pants, her nails raking slightly along the flesh of his hips.

"I see." She whispered, her fingers now working to loosen the buttons on his pants. "We are going to have to fix that then."

Before he could even think about uttering a sound his pants and boxers were down to his ankles, the cool air hitting his newly exposed flesh. "Ziva." He breathed out, shocked but not all together surprised at this turn of events.

"You are veryfit Tony." Ziva breathed, kissing his chin slightly.

Tony's hands moved of their own accord, they grabbed a hold of her jacket, pulling her body infinitely closer to his. He stared down at her through hooded eyes, his fingers moving to the buttons that were holding her jacket closed. He fiddled and struggled with the buttons and their holes and he groaned in frustration when Ziva stepped away from him taking her warmth and the pleasure she had been giving him with her. "Now Tony." She reprimanded, slowly undoing the buttons of her jacket. She paused after she had the first button undone. "This will make you believe me, yes?" She questioning, her fingers hovering over the second button.

There were three more to go, and Tony wondered just how many fingers she would break if he stepped forward and ripped those last three off. Tony stepped toward her, wanting nothing more than to have her back in his arms, her body pressed against his.

She stepped back as he stepped forward. "Tony." She warned, her fingers moving back up to the previously undone button.

That was the biggest threat Tony could face right now. He backpedaled. "It may make me believe you, but please, for the love of God, just take off the damn jacket." His tone was fierce but not harsh.

Ziva smirked, her head slowly shaking back in forth. Tony feared he had said the wrong thing when her fingers stood idle for longer than a second, but when her hands drifted back down to that second button he let loose an audible sigh of relief.

His body still tingled, awaiting her familiar presence that he had denied himself for too long.

Ziva's jacket fell loose around her shoulders, before dropping to the floor all together. Her heels clicked along the hardwood floor as she stepped away from the fallen article.

Tony's breath was caught in his throat, and he almost forgot how to breathe. Once Ziva's jacket hit the floor he let himself take in the picture she made. His eyes traveled from her feet that were incased in black heels, up the toned length of her legs to the black lace panties that covered her form from his eyes. His mouth watered and his throat tingled as his eyes raced up the rest of her body, taking in the matching bra and the way it seemed to cling to her form like a second skin. He gulped as he took in her slightly mused hair that she'd left dangling around her shoulders, just the way he liked it. It'd been far too long since she'd worn her hair down around him, the last time being when she had shown up to greet him after four months of being apart.

He growled striding towards her and pulling her into his arms. He let his hands curl around her jaw, lifting her chin up towards his face before he placed a kiss to her lips. The kiss started off softly, a simple touch of the lips, they both were testing the waters, tasting the others taste; it gradually increased to a more passionate kiss. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other. Ziva's fingers gripped the flesh of Tony's shoulders, her nails biting into the flesh.

Tony groaned, her abuse of his person arousing him so much more.

They parted, their lips making a suction noise, as they were reluctant to let go of the touch of heaven they had been experiencing. Heavy breathing could be heard, but Tony would not be deterred by something so simple as the act of breathing, he wanted her, had for sometime, and by god he was going to have her. His lips trailed a searing path down her neck. He backed her up against the nearest wall, his large form encasing her smaller form. She didn't seem to mind the act of dominance he was displaying, as her back arched towards him, her hands playing in the tufts of hair found on the back of his neck.

"I need you." He groaned through a mouthful of her flesh.

"Please." She begged, pushing her panty-clad form into his pelvis.

His hands trailed to her waist, gripping it tightly before he pulled her up, letting her wrap her legs around him.

She panted heavily, her head rolling from side to side against the wall as he removed her of her bra, his fingers taking up residence on the exposed mounds.

His teeth sunk into her right earlobe as he squeezed the pert flesh of her breasts. He flicked her lobe with his tongue as his thumbs circled her taut nipples.

She whimpered and mewled, grinding harder against his stiff shaft.

Tony's grin was broad as he pulled away from her ear, "Problems, Officer David?" He questioned sarcastically.

She glared, her eyes heated with anger, lust and something else. "If you stop now, I will kill you." She stressed her eyes flashing. She watched him smirk, and she changed tactics. "No, I will not kill you, DiNozzo. I will leave."

His eyes widened, and he didn't want to even give her time to think about the threat. He stared down the length of his body, taking in her underwear, it was the only barrier that was keeping him from entering her, from bringing themselves to the pinnacle of pleasure that was so close, yet so far away. He didn't want to lose contact with her only to remove something so minuscule. Repercussions be damned, he thought to himself for a moment before he simply ripped the offending item from her form. He pushed her body higher against the wall, letting the scrap of fabric fall to the floor.

"Do you still want to leave Zee-vah?" He questioned smarmily, just before he sunk his length into her awaiting warmth. Her walls engulfed him, massaging as he delved deeper.

"Oh…" Ziva groaned out, and Tony couldn't stop the awe that washed over him as he stared at her. Her neck was arched, and her eyes were closed and she looked as beautiful as he'd ever seen her. This thought caused him to surge forward, completing settling inside of her, she was so beautiful, and she was his. Her heels dug into his back, the bite only adding more pleasure to the feeling that was being invoked within him.

His eyes twinkled as he began his thrusts, pulling out slowly, before surging forward with all the strength he could muster. "Look at me, Zee." He panted out; he had one hand on the wall by her head, and the other supporting her bottom as he pounded into her.

Ziva's eyes opened slowly, whimpers escaping her throat. "Tonyy." She groaned out loudly.

Their eyes connected speaking more volumes then the act they were partaking in.

"More." She whispered out huskily, her words followed by a moan.

Tony grunted before he pulled her body further up the wall, allowing him a deeper penetration. The both voiced their approval for this action at the same time, with throaty groans and heady moans.

"Yes," Ziva purred, her tone rising as her climax drew near. She clutched his shoulders tighter, pulling her body closer to his as they rode out their pleasure together. Her breast pushed into his chest, brushing against his chest hair as the frantic pace increased with their need. "Oh Tony." She cried, pushing her lips against his shoulder before biting down onto his flesh.

Tony panted, a sweat breaking out along his back as her muscles quenched and quivered along his hardened length. "Ziva." He murmured, placing kisses to any patch of skin he had access to.

"Do you believe me now?" Ziva asked suddenly, her voice in his ear. Tony's thrusts slowed for a brief second, trying to comprehend her question. He soon gave up on trying to form thoughts, his pleasure and hers at the front of his mind. His pace quickened and she purposely contracted her muscles around his burgeoning erection.

"Yes, yes, yes." Tony grunted out, an answer to her question, and a plea all in one.

She could feel it coming, her muscles were tightening, straining, and the coiling deep within her belly had become a strong burning. She twisted, her neck and back arching as she pushed closer, wanting to be a part of him, to become one with Anthony DiNozzo. "Tony!" She screamed as she released, her body went limp in his arms, but he held on, his hips still working as he drew near.

The raspy sound of her voice as she screamed out his name in pleasure and the feel of her muscles contracting so tightly around him pushed him over. "Unnhh, Zee-vahh." He groaned out, his head thrown back as he spilled himself within her. His head slumped onto her shoulder as they both rode out the waves of that white-hot-heat that had taken over their frames.

Tony's knees gave out soon after. The pleasure he'd just experienced was unlike anything he'd ever felt and he wasn't sure if he could move even if he wanted too.

They sat together panting, Tony's arms curled around her slender form holding her close. "Say it." Tony demanded, his lips brushing along the skin of her shoulder.

She chuckled softly, before saying the words he wanted to hear.

"No one is more fit than you, Anthony DiNozzo."


-Ducks sheepishly- I don't know how everyone is going to take this. –Blushes- I don't know how I am supposed to take this… It turned out a lot more … mature then I'd been planning. It just popped into my head while watching Bounce, and I sat down and wrote, and then this was the outcome … :/ I'm very nervous about posting this guys … I haven't written anything smutty for NCIS. I have for other stuff, but somehow this is different…

Thinking back though, I don't think it was THAT bad, but while I was writing it I kept thinking, "Don't put that in." So in my head it was a lot smuttier than this was and that's probably what had me freaking out. At least I hope it isn't that bad...

Oh … I didn't realize I left Ziva's shoes on. HAHA. I am too lazy to go back and say "She took of her shoes, blah blah blah." Sorry about that!!

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"Marry Me Juliet, you'll never have to be alone! I love you and that's all I really know!"

"How could you be so heartless?"

"Its just like déjà vu, me standing here with you."

"I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins."

"Were driving slow through the snow on 5th avenue."

"When you see my face I hope it gives you hell."

"Just dance, spin that record babe."

"I feel so untouched and I, want you so much that I just can't resist you."