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Title: Fit

Rating: M – and then a little bit more M

Pairings: hard core TIVA

Summary: Ziva sets out to prove to Tony that he is a little more fit than Renny.

Warnings: Not safe for work … never will be.

Authors Note: I might be wrong here, but I think that this is what you all have been waiting for … and waiting, and waiting some more… and then waiting again. I finally did it though, it took me a while (forever) but it's here!

Overview (in case you forgot): Filled with self doubt over something some woman said, Tony goes home to sulk, Ziva doesn't let that happen for too long because she shows up, wrapped deliciously in a trench coat, and not much else. She knows that she has a tough road ahead of her, but she sticks with it and proves to Tony that he is very fit – even though it took her all night, and a little into the next morning. Tony's not through with her yet, but they hit a bump in the road when a case takes them all the way to Pennsylvania. Let's just say Tony and Ziva are not happy campers when they find out they have to share a room. With Gibbs, AND McGee! They aren't even allowed to share the same bed. That doesn't (can't) stop them from attempting something because well they've got the hot's for each other, laaaaarge time!

Dear JES: No, this is not the last chapter. Yes, it is dedicated to you. Sincerely, me.


FIT – Chapter 8:


This moment was not something he had imagined would ever be happening to him at any point in time. He never in a million years wanted his boss to catch him with an erection so hard he was sure that it rivaled the toughest steel. And he most definitely had no desire for his boss to see him with his fingers in his mouth, in the process of licking off everything that was Ziva. But as the saying goes, if you play with fire then you're going to get burned, and he was drawn to Ziva like a moth to the flame.

To be completely honest though, the only thing he really wanted right now was to be so deep inside of Ziva that it was impossible to tell where he began and where she ended. He wanted to feel her body tremble beneath his, or above his if she so preferred, as they both gave into the desire that was only building between them. That was not going to happen anytime soon though, clearly.

He was near blind as he took in Gibbs' stormy expression with light adjusting eyes, and he popped his fingers out of his mouth as a silly grin spread across his face. When in doubt charm the pants off of whoever was weary of you. Figuratively speaking of course, he had no desire whatsoever to see Gibbs sans pants. "What are you doing awake, Boss?" he covered quickly, and as his tongue flicked across his lips he nearly died right there. He was not sure he could be held accountable for what he might do in the next few moments; his lust was controlling his mind, and the feel of Ziva was still very present in his brain.

"Couldn't sleep." It was a simple reply, one that held so many different meanings that Tony's stomach churned uncomfortably. Was there a reason that he couldn't sleep or was he being facetious? Either way Tony was sure that he was so beyond screwed in the worst way possible.

But really what does one say when their boss catches them in a rather compromising position? Tony didn't have an answer for that one, so he shifted against the bed, sitting up a bit so that his erection wasn't quite as noticeable and he looked a bit more at ease with the entire situation.

He really just hoped that McGee didn't wake up now; he did not want to make this awkward moment into some sort of party. "I couldn't either," he chuckled in that nervous way of his, the one that caused his eyes to become a bit squinty around the edges of his grin to become a little too wide. His words were not a lie, because even before he had been caressing Ziva's core with his fingers he couldn't sleep – she had just added to that by offering herself up to him.

Gibbs stared at him with a look that could either be deciphered as "your-ass-is-busted" or "shut-up-DiNozzo", it was hard to tell which one it was.

The silence reigned over them, and Tony felt as though he was going to start choking to death any second on the palpable tension that was present between them. On the plus side, the desire he had had searing through his veins mere moments before had now cooled down to a simmer that he found somewhat manageable.

The sound of a faucet turning on broke them both out of their reverie, and Tony thought that that had been when Gibbs first realized that Ziva wasn't in the room – though knowing how observant his boss was he didn't think that was truly the case, he probably just didn't feel the need to mention it until then.

"Something wrong with Ziver?" Gibbs asked eventually, and the worry was clear in his tone.

"She'll be alright," he stated easily, staring at the bathroom door as he tried to picture what she was doing behind the obstructive object. He could feel a lingering promise of her heat on his fingers and he clenched his hand as he recalled just how wet she had been for him. She had wanted it so bad, and he would have had her coming in a matter of seconds if Gibbs hadn't woken up.

There was silence again, and Gibbs stared at Tony for a while trying to make out the range of emotions that was taking place on the younger man's face. He must have found what he was looking for because he rolled over to face the wall and flicked the light off in one easy movement.

Shrouded in darkness once again Tony could breathe easier, his job was safe for now, though he and Ziva had to deal with the aftermath of a yet another round of teasing. He didn't think that what they were going through could be considered good for their health; it had to be bad for their blood pressure at the very least.

"Make sure she is alright if she is in there much longer," Gibbs stated, and Tony thought that was a sign. Gibbs trusted him, and with how he obviously felt towards the young Israeli, Tony thought that that could only mean progress.


Twenty minutes later the sound of running water could still be heard and Tony wondered if she had decided to take another shower. He guessed that she probably needed a cold one after what he had put her through, and he couldn't say that he blamed her.

Thinking about that moment had his blood heating, and he found himself rolling out of bed before he could stop himself. Gibbs had fallen asleep some time ago, so as long as he was completely quiet with his movements he would be fine.

When he made it to the bathroom he paused just outside, putting his face near the cracks of light protruding the darkness as he tried to make out the sounds coming from the bathroom. He couldn't hear a thing besides the running water, so he tapped softly against the frame before calling out her name in an even quieter voice. Still he got nothing in response.

With a shrug of his shoulders he pushed inside easily turning the knob because she either forgot to lock it or knew that he was going to follow her in here. Immediately he was overwhelmed by the steam that surrounded the air, it clung to his clothes making a light sheen of sweat break out across his skin. When he was able to see clearly once more his eyes locked on to Ziva. He lost all train of thought in that one moment, and he allowed the door to click shut firmly behind him when her brown eyes snapped to him.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked silkily, and he watched in fascination as her eyes rolled.

She shrugged her shoulders, sinking down against the toilet seat as her fingers worked beneath the cotton of her pants, his pants. The sight of her wearing his pants with her hand buried deep inside working frantically at her center had him falling to his knees in front of her, and he grasped at her knees curling the fabric around his fingers. "What does it look like I am doing, Tony," she purred, and her right foot rubbed along his hip as she arched into her palm.

He whined, because he couldn't see her ministrations and because she had been in here doing this while he had been out there dealing with Gibbs. The thought turned him on more than he would have realized, and he felt his erection spring to life once more as he licked his lips.

"Let me help," he pleaded, and his fingers tightened against the fabric further only to have it slip down just a smidge. He could now clearly see where her hipbones jutted out and he wished to just pull the fabric completely off so he could see all of her. Watching Ziva get herself off was one of the most erotic things he had ever witnessed, and he only wished to get the full effect of it. To see her push against her fingers, and watch as she took everything she could from her dainty digits. The mere thought of it sent his head spinning.

"Let me help you," he pleaded again, and he inched closer to her from his spot on the ground, trying to get as near to her as he could. His chest was now firmly encased in between her spread thighs, and he rubbed at her legs because she wasn't giving him much else to do at the moment.

His knees were already protesting against the cold tile beneath him, but with the way she was panting for breaths that did not matter. What mattered was that she was still very much covered, and very very close to falling over the precipice of pleasure.

"I have got it, Tony," she promised, and he watched as her arm jerked suddenly beneath the cotton of the pants she wore before she let out a series of soft grunts.

He was fascinated by this, and he really wanted to know what it was that she had just done to herself because clearly she enjoyed it immensely. He wanted to duplicate that sensation for her, because he knew that he could make it a thousand times better for her. He tugged at the fabric beneath his fingers again, and when more of her creamy skin was revealed he swallowed thickly. If he pulled just a bit harder then he might just be able to see the back of her hand, which means he would only need to tug just a little bit harder before her fingers and her center were completely bared to him.

"I can see that," he whispered eventually, and he made his move because he couldn't sit idle anymore. He released the pants from his grasp, and trailed his fingers up her sides enjoying the way she pushed closer to his warmth. His hands gripped at her ribcage, bunching up the fabric of her tank top so he could see the skin beneath. If she wasn't going to allow him the pleasure of pushing his fingers inside of her then he was just going to have to help her out in whatever way he could. "You look so sexy when you're fucking yourself like that," he murmured into the skin of her neck and he felt as she twitched against him. He pressed heated kisses against the skin at her neck, and he reveled in the way she arched into him.

He invaded her space easily, and when her shuddering breaths picked up speed he put his plan of attack into full motion. His fingers clamped down upon her naked breast squeezing her nipples into tight peaks and rolling her mounds in delicious circles. Her body began to writhe against him, and he suckled harder at her pulse point as he tried to keep his own noises quiet.

Each moan of pleasure that spilled from her lips he wanted to make louder, he wanted to encourage her to give him all that she had to offer, but he held back. He really just wanted to tell her how amazing she was, but with the way he was easily being overcome with this feeling he didn't think that he would be able to keep his voice down. Nor would he be able to keep his hands to himself any longer.

"Oh, Tony, I –" she moaned out, before she brought her free hand up to her mouth so she could bite down against the back of her hand. She was whimpering against her flesh, and his gaze drifted down to watch the way her movements sped up beneath the fabric of his pants that were covering her. X-ray vision would really come in handy right now.

"You're so close, aren't you Ziva?" he taunted in a husky whisper that fell against her skin. He felt her nod and mewl against him, and he bent his head down in order to pull her nipple between his teeth. He nipped at her breast lightly, and he grinned against her skin. If she was going to be stubborn and insist that she could get herself off on her own he was going to have a bit of fun in the process.

He pulled away from her momentarily, blowing a cool stream of air against her moistened nipple and watching as it puckered beneath his ministrations. "You want it bad, don't you?" he questioned, and her bright eyes snapped open as her hips began to lift off of the seat in response to his tone. She was desperate for it, and his own hips gave a thrust of their own in response to the picture she made.

If they were back at his apartment he would waste no time in shedding them of their clothes, and shoving himself as deep inside of her as her body allowed. Then again if they were in his apartment she would not have had to sequester herself in a tiny bathroom and attempt to finger fuck herself into oblivion.

Her hand fell away from her mouth in order to gain leverage against the porcelain beneath her, and he sealed his lips over hers to stifle the noises that were coming much more frequently. She was letting go, and her hair was becoming matted to the back of her neck due to the sweat that was beginning to line her body.

When she brokenly whispered his name against his lips he couldn't hold back anymore, and his hand delved beneath the pants and took up homage next to her fingers. He rubbed at her slit experimentally, and he was rewarded by a loud keen out of the back of her throat. The feel of her pushing her fingers in and out of her tight wet heat was unbelievable, and he really just wanted to feel her fall apart against him.

"Come on, baby," he prodded gently, his mind so overcome with desire that all he really wanted to do was push her over the edge so hard that she wouldn't be able to think straight for a few days. He knew that he would not be able to find his own release tonight, but he would do everything in his power to make sure she got hers. To him that would bring him enough pleasure to last until they could be completely alone. "Let go," he whispered against her lips. His fingers moved up in order to rub against her clit with firm circles.

She cried out along the initial feeling of his fingers touching her sensitive bundle of nerves, but when his ministrations changed from that unexpected touch to a sure one she was done for. She pushed her fingers inside further, wishing that it was his thick length that was surging through her center rather than her own fingers.

That was really all that she needed to finally give in, and he felt her body pulse and squirm against his as she cried out his name in an unintelligible whimper.

He was still breathless by the time she came down from her high, and when she moved against him her calf brushed up against his cock and caused him to let out a cry of his own. "Don't move," he demanded, his eyes shut tight as he tried to get himself under control. It didn't work, because no matter what he did the scent of her sex filled the air and called to him.

She didn't listen to his demands, because she was moving against him; her hands reaching for the elastic of his waistband while her lips pressed kisses to his jaw line.

"That is not a good idea," he stated, appalled at himself when his fingers closed tightly around her wrist as he attempted to restrain her. Some part of him knew why he was stopping her, but a larger part of him was screaming at him to let her give him what she obviously wanted to.

Something told him that if touching him was what she really wanted to do there was no way he was going to be able to stop her from doing so. In this moment he was too weak, and she was entirely too strong. Ziva was a force to be reckoned with, and if she wanted to use force on him then he was going to lay back and let her.

She shot him a look, and he knew that he had to clarify his actions or she was going to go for it no matter what. Any other day he would appreciate her drive, right now it just caused his mind to white out in delicious ecstasy that he knew he was not going to be able to fulfill right now. "I will not be able to stop," he murmured, pulling her down on top of his lap as he moved to lean against the cupboard. His aching erection pressing up against her heat caused him to whimper. God he really wanted her. "There will be no hiding it if we were to do this here."

She nodded against him, a sigh tumbling out of her lips as she pressed her lower half against his a little more securely. He knew it to be the promise it was, but it still made him nearly mad with need. "I want to make you feel the way you made me feel," she pressed her cheek against his chest, and he hugged her body to his.

"You do," he murmured, "trust me, you do."


It had taken a lot for him to finally release her, every time he had made to do so his arms would tighten around her body of their own accord and he would secure her against his lap before she could move off of him. She didn't mind, because each time he did that she would curl herself around him even further.

It had been her who had initiated their separation though because she knew that he was not going to be able to let her go. She had placed a heated kiss to his lips, one that had his body going slack due to the passion it had held, and then when he had least expected it she had slipped out of the bathroom.

The flirty smile she had tossed over her shoulder had caused his toes to curl, and the way it had made him feel still flitted through his veins at this moment. It was the reason sleep was so illusive, and that whenever he closed his eyes he could almost imagine that her body was pressed up against him the way he wished it was.

He sighed, wedging the blankets between his legs as he tried to get comfortable. It didn't work, because his hearing seemed to be trained on the sound of her breathing just a few feet away, and his arms wanted to hold onto her.

He resigned himself to the fact that tonight he was not going to get what he wanted. He just hoped tomorrow would be better.


Tomorrow came much too fast for his liking, the morning light was penetrating and he felt even more exhausted then he had the day before. He laid in bed, closing his eyes tight even though he could hear the sound of everyone bustling about. If he didn't move then perhaps this would all be a bad dream. He would wake up and he would be wrapped around Ziva and actually able to touch her.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked out causing Tony's eyes to fly open as he took in the sight of his boss fuming from a few feet away. "Get your ass out of bed!" It was an order, and Tony sighed reluctantly before flipping back the covers.

"On it boss," he saluted, moving to his back pack before picking it up and headed towards the bathroom.

Everyone was already up and ready, and Tony couldn't help but to smile at the fact that Ziva was once again wearing her tight skirt and v-neck sweater – it did not go unnoticed that she was once again not wearing underwear, he hoped he would be able tot ake advantage of that soon. He doubted he was going to see her in clothes like that again, so he made a mental note to make the best of it while he could.

Gibbs shook his head at Tony's smart ass behavior but he let it slide. It was fairly early in the morning, so he wasn't going to hold it against his senior field agent. "Go take a shower; we got things to do today. Cases to solve," Gibbs stated, taking a drink of his coffee. Tony would have wondered where Gibbs had gotten it from if he didn't think that Gibbs carried a secret stash in his overnight bag.

Tony nodded, making his way to the bathroom at a steady pace. He spared one last glance at Ziva, wishing that she could join him in there much like he had done the night before.

"You might want to make it a cold one, DiNozzo," Gibbs called out knowingly as soon as Tony had his hand on the bathroom door. "We've got a long day ahead of us."

Tony gave a fake laugh before entering the bathroom and slamming the door shut. Like he didn't already know it was going to be a long day.


Tony showered quick, ice cold water only left him with the options of fast or really fast so he chose really fast, and he was dressed in no time. He wanted to get this case solved, so that he and Ziva could share the night together, alone.

When he walked out of the bathroom the team was already geared up, and he assumed that Gibbs was already working his way through his fourth cup of coffee.

"We going to the bar, Boss?" Tony questioned, picking up his own backpack off the floor and stuffing his dirty clothes in it before zipping it up.

"Well, yeah, DiNozzo. What else did you think we were going to do?" Gibbs really wasn't in the mood for half-ass anything, he wanted this case solved as much as the rest of them. Mainly because spending another night in the same room with his team wasn't something he wanted to endure.

"Well, I just thought that –"

Before Tony could dig himself into anymore trouble Ziva cut in, throwing a pointed look at Tony in the process. "We are leaving now, yes?" she questioned, already making her way to the door.

Tony followed after her, his eyes trained on the sway of her hips as she walked. "We will see you there, Boss," he called out, a feral grin slipping on his lips as he thought about the alone time they were being granted, finally. Even if it was just a short car ride, he would at least be allowed to touch her.

"You're taking McGee," Gibbs hollered, and Tony's grin fell from his face faster than he ever thought possible.

"Right," Tony sighed, before pulling himself together by thinking about all the other chances they would get. "Let's go McGrumble!" Tony shouted, shifting from foot to foot as he tried to work off his nervous energy. He was going to snap if he didn't get his hands on Ziva soon, and he was going to go completely insane if he didn't have sex within the next twelve hours. He made that his goal for the day, because everyone needs to have goals.


Ziva shifted restlessly in her seat, the whole left side of her body was touching Tony and she could practically feel his heat engulfing her. She wanted to do nothing more than to push herself fully against him, and kiss him on the lips. It had been too long since she had felt his lips against hers, caressing hers as he kissed her. She didn't think that she could go much longer without it.

"I don't see why we all have to be crammed into the truck when Gibbs gets to ride alone in the Charger," Tony complained for the umpteenth time only to have Ziva shift closer to him in response.

"It is not that bad, Tony," Ziva pushed, though she too was feeling the effects of being crammed into close quarters with him.

They all sat shoulder to shoulder, Tony driving, her in the middle and McGee by the passenger window. They had lost sight of Gibbs' vehicle almost immediately after leaving the hotel, but Ziva was not surprised.

"Yeah, Tony," McGee agreed, leaning up against the window to stare at the agitated man that was acting as a chauffeur. "If I didn't know any better I would say that you had a date last night."

"What makes you think that I didn't McGoo," Tony snapped, not at all liking his tone. He did have a date, with the very hot ex-assassin sitting to his right and fidgeting as though she wanted him to jump her bones.

"You don't make dates in advance Tony," McGee stated, as though it was obvious, and to him it was. "You're more of a go to a bar and hope there are single attractive females there for you to hit on. Hell, it doesn't even matter if they're single."

There was silence in the truck. Silence where Tony stewed over McGee's words and McGee waited for a response. Ziva curled her fingers around the underside of Tony's thigh to keep him from reacting.

"That is not always the case, McGee," Ziva stated, trying to seem as nonchalant as possible. She couldn't all out defend Tony without McGee jumping to conclusions, but there was a part of her that could not stand ideally by – she supposed that their changing relationship played a part in how protective she had become of him.

"Come on Ziva," McGee pushed. "It's Tony." He said it as though that was all that he needed to say to make his insults okay.

"I'm not in the mood for this McSensitive," stated Tony, gritting his teeth as Ziva looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

McGee held up his hands in a placating manner, though he really couldn't understand why everyone was acting as though this was some sort of news. "Hey, I was just saying."

"Yeah, well next time why don't you put a McCork in it," Tony ground out again. He was sexually frustrated as it was, and McGee had to go and poke fun at the flaws of his moral character. It was not helping the entire situation in the slightest.

"How about we concentrate on getting to the bar in once piece, yes?" Ziva supplied, letting her head fall back with a sigh. It was going to be a long day, in more ways than one. She could already tell.

The air was tense between them, and Ziva bit her lip against attempting to smooth over Tony's frazzled nerves. She could feel the anger radiating off of him and there was nothing she could do about it. They hadn't talked about it, but she figured that he wanted to keep this whole thing a secret and that wouldn't happen if she were to placate him in a manner in which she had recently become accustom to.

Instead of soothing out the furrow of his brow with her fingers, or placing gentle telling kisses to his neck she was forced to sit still and tap an unconscious rhythm against his thigh. She hoped that he got the message; because there was nothing more she could do in this moment.

She only hoped that this little incident wouldn't set him back the way the receptionists words had, though she couldn't say that she was opposed to bringing him back on his feet.


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