fleets: So...I finally decided that I needed to get this story out. Forget about waiting for my current project, The Unresolved, to finish because I think having this story will slightly enhance TU. Of course, updating this story will be highly erratic and most likely extremely slow because my main priorities will lie in finishing TU first. Keep an eye on it though.

Anyhoo, I know lots and lots of people have already written stuff about pre MC Vaati's past stories, but I wanted to do a take of my own because no one had quite the same idea as me. I don't think he was bad to begin with but changed little by little until he finally snapped. Somehow, I can't really buy into the whole "Vaati was a shy somewhat antisocial kid" because then it's hard to believe the transition into "womanizing Vaati" later on (well, I guess some people don't see him as a womanizer but I do so I needed my own explanation). I also needed an explanation as to why he's so obsessed with power...especially because in my other two stories he's unreasonably obsessed.

I also think there was more to it than simple bullying 'because of his looks.' There needed to be something more for such a complex character I imagined up in my head. Therefore, this story spawned.

Though you don't need to read my other stories (Beyond Centuries, The Unresolved) to get this and vice-versa, please check them out if you like what I write because I'm going to refer to some quotes in this story in them (I actually already included them in BC and a little in TU because I'd anticipated writing TH when I wrote them). And now, enjoy. :D

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Chapter 1: Reminiscing

I find it interesting that people believe that the concept of friendship escapes me. Me, an evil wind mage who cares for nothing and no one, whose only concern in the world is to gain power.

While that is not entirely inaccurate in itself, it makes me seem so simple minded. It's so stereotypical it's boring, and I'm quite far from boring thank you oh so very much.

Then again…there are days I wish I could be boring. There has been more than one occasion that I nearly drove myself mad trying to turn myself into a simple, boring, evil villain.

Because you see, I did have friends at one point in time. It makes me sick to the stomach to even think the word now but I'd be lying to myself if I said I never had any. I genuinely cared about them, had meaningful conversations with them, spent time together, and shared stories. Do you know why I hate them now? Do you? Do you know why I despise those pathetic connections you call 'friendships'? They can turn any hardened heart vulnerable, and when they're crushed and splintered to nothingness they can savagely rip out your soul.

Who needs friendship when you've got yourself to rely on…

I learned everything the hard way. I had to lose everything I had to finally gain what I have today – the knowledge that I alone have the power to direct my life. I'll never wait nor rely on anyone. I'll never be betrayed because the self can't betray the self.

Sometimes though, I encounter certain characters that break cracks into my beliefs and threaten to topple my values. I hate them from the depths of my heart. Among these I hate Link the most. That boy is so naïve and so oblivious that at times he inspires pity. Truthfully I think a part of me is scared of him because he reminds me too much of the boy I had once been. I catch glimpses of who I could have been had I been under different circumstances. Goddesses, am I just glad that I didn't actually turn out to be like that fool.

I wonder…do I know who I really am? I am a scheming villainous criminal who's out to obtain ultimate power. If my own self identity is causing me so much bewilderment I'd be glad to take up this boring little label. I'll only have to do one thing to reinforce this identity in my mind:

Kill Link.

So there we go. I'm a villain, and all I'd have to do is kill Link and become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Ha, no more identity crisis for me.

No…there's more to it that that. That definition fits that obese pig for Farore's sake, and I'd rather not be paired with the disgusting Gerudo. I doubt he even has the same high level of sophistication I have to think about the things I ponder.

So if not that, then who am I? I think…I think I've never actually tried to confront this issue before. I've been told I'm good at hiding things from myself and twisting the truth so that it turns into something I want to hear. Perhaps it's about time I go back and look at my repulsive past as a Minish. My mind hesitates…but no…no. I'm not going to back out this time. I think I'll take a look at the origins of my greatest motives – after all, motives reveal al lot of things about a person's true character. My greatest drive is my pursuit of ultimate power. I've come to the point that I've lost track of the reason why I'm after ultimate power. Is it…respect? Ha, if that were the case I'd lose respect in myself simply because that implies I don't have any respect right now, and I know that's not true. Look at all the creatures I can command with a small snap of my fingers. If that's not fearful respect I don't know what is.

I guess it all began with that wonderful cap. I remember the day well…but wait, that wasn't where it had all begun. It was when I had met Ezlo, the old geezer. It was under him that I had learned that the greatest things happen only when you do it yourself. That lazy fool never did anything let alone notice me. According to him I probably never existed until I took it into my own hands to become somebody.


It had been…even before that. It pains me to recall this humiliating memory. I would claim that they're not really mine because of the fact that Vaati the Minish died the day he took possession of the wishing cap, but…

I can't deny that the memories may still affect me, stupid things. I wish I knew a spell to cause self-induced amnesia to rid myself of them.

…because Vaati had a friend then. A friend who he was convinced he'd be a friend with for life.

How funny. Come to think of it, little Vaati's wish had been granted. Little Vaati had been able to be a friend for life because they had both died on the same exact day. How's that for luck?

I ended them both. That's right, I killed them. Little Vaati has me to thank for making his wish come true.

So let me begin where Vaati the Minish meets his friend for life. I just might be able to see who I really am better than before and maybe even come to terms with the memories enough that I can forget about them. I need to forget about them.

Because…I had a friend then.