fleets: ehehe, I always include one of these teaser things at the end of my stories so, yeah. XP
I have no idea what this will be about, or if I'm going to go through with it at all. It's another one of my random ideas.

There will be foul language in this one. ;)

Quick facts -
fandom: Legend of Zelda (surprise)
characters: Vaati (omg really?! insert really sarcastic voice here), Link, Zelda, pending

oh and also, I'll probably be submitting a character sheet for this teaser on devart soon ;)

Setting: Year 2010. Ariko, New Jersey

Hey, I'm Gale Engst. Oh, don't look so surprised, it's a guy's name all right. Fuck off if you've got a problem with it. Or are you shocked to find out that I'm actually, holy shit, a guy? I heard that one so many times, you better watch your mouth or you'll find yourself without one. Apparently my parents were too lazy to come up with a different name depending on whether I was a girl or guy so they chose 'Gale.' They couldn't even choose something normal like Alex.

I'm not your average sixteen-year-old emo kid from middle class white suburban New Jersey. You know why? I'm one of those weird vampire guys who can't walk around in the light of day without wearing 50 sps sunscreen, an oversized hat, and long sleeves in the middle of god fucking summer. Yeah, that's right. I'm one of those albino guys. Red eyes, white hair, pale skin that's slightly bluish even. And I don't care what you all say, I see you wince when I walk near you and I notice you talk to me like I have a disease. Whatever.

Ignoring the fact that I'm some frickin' red-eyed freak, I've lived a pretty normal life. Yeah, yeah, let's ignore the fact that I have special permission to skip outdoor PE class and I carry around a bottle of sunscreen for good measure. I go to Irdon Private highschool and tutor students in chemistry for cash. I know, you must be surprised I'm doing something academic instead of going off and drinking booze. Stereotypes. Actually, I don't enjoy tutoring but I need the money and I don't mind chemistry. I'm actually pretty good at it, and I bet I could beat all those snot nosed preps if I wanted to. I simply don't see the point in doing school work and playing puppy dog for those bastards who call themselves teachers. In school I'm a loner. No one bothers me, I don't bother them. I think it works out nicely. Oh, and, when I said 'normal'? I meant normal for an emo albino high school guy in affluent suburban New Jersey.

One day, though, some crazy new guy named Malenko "Link" Petrov started ranting about a batshit dream he had about how the world was going to be flooded and almost all of humanity was going to be sunk underwater soon. What the fuck. I think he's part Russian or something. See, this is what media panic about global warming does to some of these poor wackos. They sure forgot about the crazies in "An Inconvenient Truth."

You know what's even better? He swears to Farore that I'm the only one who could help him save the earth. He also says I'm actually not Gale Engst but a reincarnation of some power crazy sorcerer named Vaati. Who let this guy out of the asylum?

I need to find a way to get this Petrov guy away from me and into a mental institution before I go crazy myself.