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Prolouge: Harsh Reality

"Moyashi, just stay out of my way!" Kanda fumed as Allen rushed by with his activated Innocence.

"BaKanda! If you haven't realised, we're in the middle of a battle here! Just fight, would you?" Allen retorted and huffed as Kanda snorted and shoved him to the side.


(an hour ago)

The two exhausted Exorcists had just finished a difficult mission involving 2 Innocences in a town where the inhabitants were mostly level 3 Akuma. Both had escaped with the Innocences into a nearby forest yesterday but the lack of energy and exhaustion made the journey even more tedious. Plus, they were getting on each other's nerves.

Allen's stomach had been growling continously for the past hour and frankly, Kanda was getting irritated. The light blush that dusted Allen's cheeks and his nervous laugh did nothing to ease his irritation and just made Kanda start another argument which consisted of threats with Mugen slicing Allen's noisy stomach open.

It was during their bickering that Allen's eye had gone into action as they were ambushed by a group of level 2s and 3s. Kanda, as usual, had dived into the fight after a scowl and a loud "Stay out of my way!" directed towards Allen.

Allen gave an exasperated sigh and activated his Innocence and charged in as well. He could not help but to think sadly that no matter how hard he tried, to Kanda he would always be useless. He quickly shook that thought out of his head and charged on.

(back to the present)

With a well-aimed attack from his Innocence-activated hand, Allen managed to kill 3 Akuma who had been closing around him. He gave a wry smile as he watched the tortured souls being released before turning his attention to the fight around him before he noticed something that made him gasp in horror.

"Kanda!" Allen screamed.

With a pained grunt, he pushed his body forward in the line of the Akuma attack intended for Kanda. Allen screamed as the attack tore at his body.

Suddenly Allen got knocked to the ground and his skull cracked on a nearby rock as he lay there, limp. His vision turned blurry and the world started spinning. The pain obliterated every thought and feeling from him. The pain that overcame him was too much as he slowly slipped into unconsciousness, letting the darkness take over him. The last thing he heard was Kanda's harsh and cold words…

"You're useless, Moyashi".

Allen managed one last thought before he let the darkness claim him, "Yes, I am" before collapsing.


Kanda said nothing as he picked up the smaller boy and laid him down as he took out the bandages he had been keeping in his pocket to staunch the rapid bleeding from Allen's chest. Timcanpy started fluttering around Kanda's head in distress as he saw the amount of blood seeping through Allen's clothes.

Their Finder had been killed before they escsped yesterday so Kanda had stuffed all the bandages that he could inside his pockets, having an insight that it'll probably come in handy. And it did…

As soon as Kanda appeared satisfied with his handiwork, he picked up the small boy and began the journey back home which was thankfully not far away with Tim fluttering around him. Eager to get back, he picked up the pace and pushed back a twinge of concern as he felt the Moyashi's breathing became more laboured and cold sweat breaking out on his forehead with each passing hour.


That was all Kanda said when he walked through the doors of the Order.

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