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Was it right to feel this way? Was it wrong? He couldn't put an answer to his feeling as he continued to walk on to the cafeteria. What exactly was he feeling inside?

As Kanda still pondered on his thoughts, his body still moved along mechanically towards the cafeteria with Allen. Allen, the boy… No, he should be a man because a man is defined by the experiences and struggles he faces, not by the number of years he's lived.

Though people like General Cross tended to be in a league of their own… Far away from normal civilised people. Then again, he doubted there was anyone normal in the Order anyway. With siblings like Komui and Lenalee, people like Lavi and Panda and not to mention people with problems defeating a psychology textbook like him and Moyashi, he doubted anyone of them could be defined as normal. Oh great, he was rambling and back to square one.

He was jerked out of his thoughts when Allen pushed him down to the benches and sped off. The longhaired samurai blinked, not having realised that he'd been dragged all the way with only his subconscious following Allen. Oh well, the only thing he could do now was wait and not think for the time being…

Kanda looked around, observing the people milling about in the cafeteria around him. Having Lavi in another study session, he'd let Allen do what he wanted while he had a meditating session in his room alone. It had been a long time since he'd gotten some time alone for meditation but once again, Moyashi had come up. Even if he wasn't there… Kanda inwardly groaned.

There just seemed no getting away from Moyashi.

As he looked carefully around, he noticed that there were envious looks and curious stares around him. Though he had no idea why he was being stared at, Kanda did not appreciate being the centre of their attention and made it known quite clearly by giving a hard stare. Why were they envious? Was there anything about him to be envious about? He gave a small shake of his head. Never could the blue-haired recall being stared at before…

It was a good thing to know that people were still scared of him and those who were foolishly brave, were still apprehensive of him at best. Seeing his soft side with Allen, and sometimes Lavi, some of them in the Order had begun to think that Kanda had become soft or nicer.

Little did they know that that kindness only extended to those very close to him or who had known him for a very long time. There were some who had been foolish enough to come up to him and gave him a friendly slap him on the back and these people were the ones that disappeared from Kanda crying their hearts out not even five minutes later. Tough shit.

Soon, murmurs reached his sensitive ears and Kanda's head swivelled in the direction of the murmurs and stares. Kanda looked his fill as a wondrous sight greeted his eyes.

The sight of Allen carrying a tray with a bowl of soba, tempura and a steaming cup of green tea greeted his surprised eyes. Warm silver-grey eyes filled with warmth yet with a tinge of shyness with a bright smile and a bounding step to his walk painted the picture that was coming towards him.

It didn't matter to him that the food wasn't as good as the food that he was accustomed to from Jerry. The food was cooked with so much care and love and with every mouthful or sip; he could feel how anxious Allen was for his approval. It was amazing to him that Jerry had even taught Allen almost everything of the Japanese cuisine as he ate food that was definitely not amateurish, even though it wasn't Jerry's standard. Then again, Moyashi had only learnt cooking for a few week.

Though he didn't express his thankfulness through words, he saw how Allen's smile brightened with joy when he asked quietly for seconds and questions such as was he able to cope with cooking.

It was a simple conversation, with many words left unsaid. But with actions and body language, the two Exorcists felt like they were in their own world. That in itself, was perfection for Kanda…

His smiles.

His laughter.

How is he able to affect me on a way that nobody is able to? Why is he the only one who's been able to break through the metal shields of my heart? A heart that I thought I didn't have or never existed, at least until he came along.

The snowy white hair and his not very tall height that labelled him as Moyashi, a bean sprout. The eyes and body that went through so many struggles yet his legs keep on telling him to keep on walking forward no matter what… An enigma, even to me.

The many things he does that even if it used to irritate me, doesn't irritate me as much anymore. Things I never understood and would've blasted my partners for distracting us from the mission, but I didn't. I may be cold, but I'm not inhumane, that's what I told the Baka Usagi but that excuse could hardly be used anymore.

The things I've done for him have gone beyond that. Beyond being called humane. I've held him when he's cried, wiped off his tears and made sure I was there for him every step of the way. I may be uncomfortable, I may be rough but I learn and try my best.

Heck, I even kissed him!

I respect him, that much I can say. But that hardly counts for the many feelings that well up within me when I see him smiling or laughing from something I say. The feeling of anger and jealousy within me when I see admiring stares directed at him even if he doesn't notice. The smugness I feel when his attention is on me, and me only even when other vie for his attention and yet, I hold his effortlessly. Oh yes, ever since the day at the cafeteria, I've been paying close attention. Yes, be envious is what my heart is crying out. If I could, I would keep him to myself.

Is it wrong? Is it wrong to feel this way? What is he to me? A comrade? A friend? My heart cannot define him, and that's what troubles me. I'm worried that a day that'll come when he's sick of me and he goes off to find someone who has more to give him.

I worry that one day, our differences will be too much and we'd clash like we used to but only, irreparable. This is not me. If this were how I'd see myself last year, I would've snorted and declare the person insane.

What if what he gives me is not enough? What if I demand more of him? Of his time? Of his attention? Will he begrudge me for it? Will it be too much of him? What am I even doing?

I know what I am…

I know how I feel…

But what does he feel?

What does he mean to me?

Do I mean anything to him?

I hated him when I first saw him. Maybe, hate was too strong a word. A strong dislike perhaps? But as time passed on and we kept being paired for missions, I took to wanting his approval. He has a high standard that not many can reach. A standard of perfection, one could call it. If you reached that standard, he would not treat you any better but he will see you with respect in his eyes. His approval is the highest compliment that he could give you.

As far as I could remember, I've wanted approval. Of Mana, of Shishou, of Komui-san and lately, him. I used to wonder why Komui-san kept on pairing us up, even when it was clear that we disliked each other and we'd destroy a lot of things along with our fights. Didn't it cost a lot to keep on repairing everything? Or maybe we were entertainment value… Well, one can only wonder why.

We got closer because we were forced to. It was hard not to have anyone to talk to during missions and slowly we developed areas of common interest. Nobody was perfect, and neither were we. We still fought. We still argued. But things were slightly better. I respected him for many things. With the life we lead, it isn't easy to keep on giving the same level of constant discipline throughout the years. Lavi once told me that the standard regime of his training started the moment he'd become an Exorcist. It's his way of life.

The insults of BaKanda and Moyashi became nicknames. After what has happened so far, I'd have to say it's more than wanting approval. It's definitely more than just wanting to see the nod of approval or that gentle spark that he only has for me in his eyes. Approval is not the playful banter that we share and jokes that only the two of us can understand. Approval is hardly him giving me a piggyback ride or covering my face with kisses.

Compared to the way he treats other people, I think he treats me like a piece of fragile glass. Sometimes, that's all I think I am to him. A victim of the past. Forever to be scarred by the happenings. But then, he gives me the freedom for me to do what I want as long as I don't harm myself. He defends me to others, even Lavi. He understands me even without me saying anything.

He is my protector, my defender. He is my friend and the one that holds me at night. He was the one that was with me throughout and yet; I feel something slightly more for him. That something that makes me want to do more for him. To always be with him, or in his presence. The feeling of never letting go of his hug, the rare ones that he gives. The feeling deep within my stomach; that Lavi once described as butterflies fluttering about when he had a crush on Lenalee.

I'm worried that a day that'll come when he's sick of me and he goes off to find someone who has more to give him.

I worry that one day, our differences will be too much and we'd clash like we used to but only, irreparable.

My heart defines who he is to me but can my mind accept it? Can I accept him? Will my past affect us? Will it be harmful to me in the future? Will I become too dependent on him to the point of him running away from me?

He is my anchor to life. He is the reason why I go on living. He is the reason as to why I get out of bed, even when the depression is set deep within me and I feel like I can't get up. Yes, he made his mistakes. But so did I.

I know what I am…

I know how I feel…

But what does he feel?

What does he mean to me?

Do I mean anything to him?

Some may call Lavi foolish, too playful but none could deny that he was a Bookman Junior and fitting of that title. For no matter how much he played, he still observed those around him and the knowledge he studied was retained until he had no further use of it.

And so, he observed. It was a dance, he reckoned. But a dance, which got one frustrated and annoyed as he watched them, tiptoeing around each other with glances and looks when they thought no one else was looking. Exasperating, really…

And so he plotted and planned. He'd gotten them both to confess to him (individually, of course. He rather liked living), and both had answered that they did have feelings for each other. Though getting the confession out of them was like like pulling one's teeth out. They just refused to admit it until he'd basically confronted them! One couldn't accept what he felt for fear of rejection and another who didn't know what the fuck he was feeling. So he talked to them…

Yuu-chan, those feelings are known as you liking the person. You know, like a crush? Or in your case, something deeper because of course the great Kanda Yuu wouldn't have such a simple thing as a crush! Sometimes Yuu, I wonder how you've lived all your life not knowing this kind of things… it's a blasphemy, really.

That had been easy enough, until he'd teased Yuu a bit too much and ended up once again being chased by Mugen. Tsk, what could he say? He was a sucker for punishments!

Aww, come on Moyashi-chan! Doesn't mean that Yuu-chan could reject you, you know? Like you just said, even you're not sure of what he feels… Yuu-chan is just complex. There's no easy way of knowing him. Just don't be so scared of him. With Yuu-chan, you have to be direct and blunt. He really doesn't pick up on subtle hints very well. He'd probably ignore you or something but not because he rejected you but because it's just too complex for his small brain to comprehend!

It took quite a while to get through Allen but it worked in the end. Although, somehow, Yuu found out about him talking about his small brain, which ended up in him meeting up with Mugen again.

The life of a do-gooder. It was hard.

One thing they both had in common, however, was that they both didn't want to confront each other about these feelings. So what's a bunny got to do but start some genius trickery?

It was simple enough. A prank that will end all tiptoeing around each other and hopefully some getting together, instead!

And so the plan…

Put something in Allen's food that'll make him sleepy, get him up to Kanda's room and wait for Kanda to discover him after his evening training…


It was… Genius!

And so the next day, everything went on as per normal… Morning training. Check. Breakfast. Check. Time to do own things, in which Lavi went to collect sleeping pills that he had begged from the Science Department while Kanda and Allen went off to do their own things. Check. They met up for lunch where Lavi had carefully slipped a slow reacting sleeping pill in Allen's food, so as to not cause any suspicion.

Right after that was where it was most important. Lavi had already told Allen that they would be doing some studying in the library as Kanda had to meet Komui for some repairing with Mugen.

And so everything went perfectly according to plan…

(2 hours later)

Lavi gave another exhausted huff as he slowly made his way to Kanda's room with Allen's unconscious body on his back. Man, the kid was heavy! Now back to his former appetite, he'd also gained more weight, looking healthier and better. But his back…

Hopefully, this would have to be the first and the last time that he'd be doing this. He hoped so. The Bookman Junior couldn't imagine doing all this careful planning a second or third time. The favours he'd had to call in from the Science Department for the sake of his best friend and little brother. Lavi sighed.

'I can't believe that I just wasted those favours for them. They'd seriously better repay me for this!' Lavi thought to himself indignantly until he remembered that if he were to tease them it might backfire. Lavi mourned to himself once again on his hard life.

Finally, he reached Kanda's room at long last! Laying Allen down, he made sure that the younger teen was comfortable while lying in an attractive position that was sure to catch the samurai's attention! And now, to Kanda…

It was almost time for the samurai to head back to his room for a change of clothes so Lavi hurried out, just in time to catch Kanda turning at the end of the corridor. Lavi sped up; this was the last stage of his plan! His master plan! His most brilliant wonderful plan!

Lavi latched on to Kanda's hand and dragged him forward, ignoring the demands and threats spewing from his mouth. Somehow, he even managed to drag the samurai even when Kanda dug his heels to the ground. Allen was going to wake up soon so he only had a little bit of time left…

As Lavi dragged Kanda across the corridor and flung the door open, Allen was stirring in the midst of waking when Lavi practically threw the samurai inside and locked the door.

Lavi cackled to himself and hoped for the best.

Kanda was cursing as he was thrown inside his own room after being dragged across the corridor by the Baka Usagi. Fuck, there were several things wrong in that sentence itself.

What the samurai never realised was that Lavi had moved his bed slightly forward and as he heard the click of the lock and turned around, he accidentally tripped and fell…

Straight onto the bed where Allen was rubbing his eyes and looking around wearily when his eyes widened.

Kanda and Allen's lips met for the first time.

It was nothing deep; they didn't even open their mouths.

It was just contact and sliding of two lips, yet it did nothing to cool down the heat churning deep within their stomachs. A heat of a volcano that started beyond their control, something that they both wanted but were too apprehensive about. Allen slid his eyes close, his head spinning from being half-asleep and the pleasure suddenly befalling him, literally.

Kanda, wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth and took the dream that lay before him. Throwing the screaming voice that said it was wrong, he bent down fully and covered Allen, giving him no chance of escaping.

Allen gave a small whimper as Kanda bent down and covered the length of his entire body with his. Nobody knew how he worshipped the body that lay over him right now… Fair Oriental skin covered sinewy muscles that held so much controlled power that only Kanda could release. The amount of muscles that Kanda had could never be described as big or chunky. It was just right. The moves that the body could do with so much passion and a focus to match; be it hand-to-hand combat or with Mugen.

Once when he had peeped in on Kanda's private training time, he'd felt as if he had melted. His feet were stuck to the ground and he couldn't move, for fear of disrupting the intricate dance of man and metal…

It was a dance that left one breathless when one looked. A dance made out of moves that were drummed into the head until it was instinct to do so. Blue eyes that usually glared at you were covered by a simple piece of cloth. A body that was usually covered by either a uniform top or bandages, was finally bare for the first time. His pants were moulded to his legs, showing off powerful muscles.

Swishing Mugen back and forth, Kanda went through the steps in his head, weaving patterns to defeat the opponents his mind had created in his head. Droplets of sweat trailed down the fair skin that had turned into a light pink from the exertion and the length of time he'd been training.

Allen stood by the side, just looking on. He'd seen Kanda train before. He'd even train with Kanda! But for today, Lavi and he had been in the library with Bookman studying together as Kanda had said that he'd go off and train by himself. He'd been sent to the training room to find Kanda because it was time for dinner…

As Allen looked on, he decided that Kanda could come down when he was done and join them. He did not want to stop the hypnotic dance that was drawing him in. He did not even want to move away from the sight. Pulling from the door silently, Allen gave one last look before he went off as quickly as he could.

Unbeknownst to him, the moment he'd stepped away from the door and run off, Kanda had taken off his blindfold and smirked to himself before finishing up his training.

Allen could barely keep his eyes off Kanda at dinner that day.

Allen gave a light gasp as Kanda bit on his bottom lip gently. "Shouldn't you be paying more attention to me?" Kanda demanded in a husky voice, which Allen surrendered to with a groan.

Allen gasped out with a slight blush, "Was thinking of how your body fits mine so well and how it's so well-built," as Kanda gave light sucks and bites on the side of his neck and jaw.

Kanda smirked. "You mean the time you peeped in on me training topless and blindfolded?" He gave a throaty chuckle as Allen opened his eyes wide in surprise. "You didn't think I'd notice your footsteps? Of course, you did try to be as silent as you were but your breathing definitely gave you away."

Allen's mouth upturned into a pout, which Kanda chuckled and kissed away. Allen muttered against Kanda's lips, barely an inch away, "And here I thought I was stealthier, being a General Exorcist and all." Kanda rolled his eyes in half amusement on how it felt so comfortable to have this conversation between them despite the circumstances that Allen was made a General. Not to mention, while they were about to do some serious petting!

Something that he should be getting around to… Right about now.

"Oh, you're much better than before but that doesn't mean I still can't kick your arse, with me being better and all," before he proceeded to kiss any replies out of the male beneath him.

Kanda proceeded to suck and lick any resistance Allen might've had, teasing the delectable pair of lips with small nibbles in between sucking and licking them until they were swollen and red. His hands moved in hypnotising and tantalising sweeps across the sides of Allen's body, his touches barely there, leaving behind trails of blazing heat.

It didn't matter that both of them still had their tops on, it had been long pulled out of their pants with their hands sneaking under the fabric. Matching each other, heat-to-heat, skin-to-skin and touch-to-touch.

Allen wasn't just lying down beneath Kanda, accepting and submitting. Oh no, that was a big mistake to those who thought that in the face of all the troubles Allen faced, he'd become weak and submissive. No way. He'd been beaten down too many times to count but he was still a fighter within. And for dominance, he'd fight till the end. It didn't matter that he didn't have experience… Who needed experience with a Master like Cross?

Being with that man was more likely to scar you for life with details that you didn't need to know at such a young age but was certainly coming in useful now. He'd been equipped with this weapons at a very young age and he'd be damned if he was going to lie down quietly. He'd give as good as he got!

"Show me what you got," Allen taunted the blue-haired, batting his eyelashes, trying to provoke the older teen.

Kanda grabbed Allen even closer and kisses him full on the lips, slowly sucking Allen's tongue out for a dance of passion and shared breaths. Trailing his fingers up and down under Allen's shirt, heat boiling within their stomachs travelling to their groins.

Allen pulled on Kanda's hair and nipped his lips before sliding up and down Kanda's body, creating friction between their still clothed erections. Letting Kanda's hair tie slip somewhere in between the sheets, Allen gathered the silky blue hair and covered their faces like a curtain. Surrounding him totally, with nothing to get to him.

The older teen ripped Allen's top apart, buttons clattering to the ground before grabbing his lips in a rough kiss, intent on making them even more swollen. Grinding his erection into Allen, Kanda tugged open Allen's fly before sliding down the pants. Allen wasn't even a second later, doing the same things to Kanda, making quick work of his pants and shimmying them down.

The samurai gasped as Allen sucked on his exposed neck while unbuttoning his shirt, at the touch of the two erections.

Kanda took both erections with his hand, shuddering as he did so, stimulated beyond belief. Stroking harry with long and slow strokes.

Allen gripped the back of Kanda's head and tugged his hair to the delicious torture, before peppering Kanda's chest, neck and jaw with more bites and sucks. Twisting the samurai's nipples just to give an extra jolt of pleasure (Kanda really did jump), the younger teen started to really hump Kanda's hand and covered the two erections with his hand as well.

The two hands encircled each other, smoothly going up and down to the precum gushing from the tips of their erections. A twist there. A slide up and down. And a tweak to the heads of their erections. Muffled moans and whimpers, coming from open mouths that sometimes bit fair skin or sucked at the delectable sweaty salty skin laid before them. Tongues tangled together, connected by a burning passion.

And then, it struck. A deep groan rumbled from within a tattooed chest as Allen bit on Kanda's shoulder from the force of his orgasm. Heavy pants and the smell of sex filled the room as Kanda rolled over and lay beside Allen.

It was so small that Allen wouldn't have noticed but as he drifted to sleep, exhausted, a hand rough with many years of training with a katana was laid on his hip when the samurai lightly caressed and patted him to sleep.

That night, two gentle smiles could be found on their faces shone by the moonlight through a window at the corner of the room. And in another corner, one Bookman Junior slowly crept out, a mischievous smile on his face.

Mission accomplished.

It was just too bad he'd already make a promise to himself not to tease them about it.

The next morning, Kanda woke up to shaking of his body. He groaned and turned over, only to have the sun shine down on him. He gave a grunt as he half-heartedly pushed whoever it was disturbing his sleep.

"Kanda, wake up! We're going to miss breakfast! I can't believe we slept through morning training," Allen chirped as he tried once again to wake the samurai up. Giving a huff, Allen decided to do something really dumb.


Giving a slight snicker, he watched as Kanda tipped over and hit the floor with a loud sound. Pushing him to the ground, that always worked! Though maybe, a little too well as Kanda got up with a vein sticking out of his forehead and eyes glinting with a murderous aura surrounding him.

"Heh. Hey Kanda! Umm, good morning?" Allen asked nervously.

Kanda blinked. "Moyashi? What the hell are you doing in my room?"

Allen gave a small pout as he jerked in the direction of the sheets on his bed, "Don't you remember what we did last night?"

Kanda turned his head so fast that he gave himself whiplash with his… Untied hair? Where was his hair tie? He looked towards the direction of his sheets. Allen could hardly keep his snickers quiet as Kanda's eyes bulged comically.

Last night came back to his mind so fast that it gave him a headache. Oh. My. God. What the fuck had he done… Kanda gulped inwardly and turned around slowly to face Allen. And then, he noticed something. Allen was… Smiling at him? Wait, the fucking Moyashi was snickering at him?

"Are you out of your mind?" Kanda asked harshly.

Allen began to frown, the snickers stopping immediately. "What's wrong?"

"What's this? I mean, what are we doing? Aren't you angry about last night? Didn't you remember what we did? Is this even right? Are you sure this is okay for you? Is this the start of a relationship between us?" Kanda demanded, question after question.

He couldn't understand how Allen could be so calm and collected. It befuddled his mind! Shouldn't Allen be the one screaming about Kanda making use of him? Or something?

This couldn't have happened. It wasn't possible… What could Allen want in him? What did Allen even see in him? Kanda looked at Allen warily, waiting for the outburst he was sure was about to come out.

Allen sighed. "Ne BaKanda, why'd I be mad? I was as much of a participant as you were. Unless, you regret it?"

Shocked, Kanda could only reply, "Why the heck would I regret it? Aren't you regretting it?"

Cocking his head to the side, Allen answered with a faint smile, "Kanda, I don't regret it. I'm not angry about last night…"


As Kanda was about to start rambling, a finger stopped him at his lips. "Don't think so much for now. Since both of us aren't regretting it, let's just go with this. We don't need to start finding a name of what we are or who we are to each other," Allen whispered, blushing.

The snowy-haired came closer to Kanda, laying his head on his chest. "I… have feelings for you and I'm hoping you have some kind of feelings for me so let's just take it slow, ne?"

Kanda tched but he nodded, even though he knew Allen couldn't see. Kanda hesitated, it was different to be told not to think when most of the time, people kept on telling him to think more. But holding the warm body that really did fit well in his arms, Kanda closed his eyes and laid his cheek on top of soft snowy hair.

Maybe, they wouldn't last. Maybe, they would fight and break it off. But for now, this may be just enough to hold them together.

"Komui, you called us?" Allen's white head popped in through the crack of the door.

A sheaf of papers on top of a mountain, which Allen assumed was the Supervisor's desk covered once again with tons and tons of papers fluttered to the air.

And there was silence.

Allen waited.

Nothing happened.

Closing the door to what he thought was an unoccupied office, Allen turned to Kanda. "Are you sure he called for us? He doesn't seem to be in his office. Maybe we should go and find him somewhere else…"

Kanda tched. Moyashi, Usagi and he had just finished a round of rigorous training that afternoon, not to mention the long morning the three had spent together with the Head Nurse as they'd continued with another session of group therapy. He was damn fucking tired and really did not want to deal with any of this. Tears had been shed, wounds had been open and guilt heaped on their consciences as they continued on the train of events that started this whole thing.

It was a long day, to say the least. He'd been uncomfortable throughout the process but he knew it was better to let it all out now instead of festering deep inside, which wasn't going to solve the problems. He'd had enough of running away and from the chain of events that happened, Kanda could safely recommend that running did shit to your problems. It just made it worse!

Being asked to recount his side of the story of find Allen and helping through the healing process had been hard. It was just… Hard. The samurai could still see the memory fresh in his mind, as if it was yesterday. Knowing how close they'd been to losing Allen, it was a terrifying thought to him and Lavi.

But on to the mystery of the 'missing' Supervisor, Kanda gave a hard sigh. Reever had told him that he'd barricaded the Supervisor in with no way out. The only way for Komui to come out was for a person to open the door, because the door could no longer be open from inside for fear of Komui escaping his work. Though from the look of things, Komui was still not doing his work despite being locked in his office.

Kanda gave a motion for the snowy haired to keep quiet and raised his voice as he opened the office door. "Moyashi, since it looks like the Baka isn't here, let's just go and tell Reever-san that he's managed to escape and that Reever-san should just station one person to stay with that idiot 24/7, making sure he actually does his work and gets no sleep till he finishes signing every single piece of paper."

The samurai made to close the door when something caught their eyes. Just like a mole burrowing his way through tunnels under the ground, something was burrowing its way across the office floor and the papers creating a tunnel effect. Allen and Kanda could only watch, bemused as the tunnel made its way to them and Komui popped out with papers flying around the room and landing once again in the giant pile that covered the floor.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DON'T TELL REEVER I HAVEN'T BEEN DOING MY WORK! HE'S ALREADY KEEPING MY DARLING LENALEE FROM ME," Komui wailed in total despair, hanging onto Kanda and Allen in anguish from being separated from his beloved sister.

And the coffee she'd bring him. But he missed her more than coffee.

For now, at least.

Allen could hardly keep from snickering but he did his best to be serious. Seeing two streams of tears gushing from under his glasses was really comical and after seeing Kanda take the hilt of Mugen to give a very nice knock of common sense to the Supervisor, he'd been trying to suppress his glee at the pouting Supervisor who was attempting to tell them something while muttering about unsympathetic samurais.

Today had been hard on all of them but he still felt the most. Even though he'd risen up during their lovemaking, he was still very sensitive within. Honestly, he felt battered and bruised after group therapy, but for the better. Any lingering anger or regret he'd felt during the therapy dissipated during training. Poor Lavi had had another study session with Panda so he and Kanda had been on their way to the showers when Reever had told them that they were needed at Komui-san's office.

"Komui, what the fuck did you need us for? Get to the damn point already!" Kanda snarled, losing his patience.

Komui cleared his throat suddenly, once again fearing for his life as Kanda's hands begin to slowly unsheathe Mugen with an angry spark in his eyes. "Well, the higher ups have been informed of the progress that's been made on Allen and they've been really insistent that we send him out in the field."

Two voices sputtered, "W-What?"

Komui nodded gravely, all former playfulness gone. He explained how he'd tried his best to stop and delay the happenings but it was not to happen. The higher ups were impatient and Allen as a General had had the best record in the field. As soon as the word 'recovering' had reached their ears, they'd demanded him in the field and the only concession they'd give were a week and for either Kanda or Lavi to go with him, though they'd warn that as soon as General Allen Walker got back into his routine, he'd be flying solo once again.

Kanda and Allen walked out of the office, in shock. They'd been given the mission specs with no way to refuse. Now, all they had left was one week to tie up all the loose ends and finish up therapy as soon as possible. What else could they do other than breaking the news to Lavi and the Head Nurse? All they could do was hope that they'd finish everything in time.

One week.

From wishing that group therapy were over to having the rug pulled from under his feet, Allen couldn't believe that everything was over. Having to squeeze all the remaining sessions into one week had been a hell of a ride!

It had been emotionally draining on all of them. Tempers had been short, shouts and screams almost tore at their throats but it had been good. More issues had been resolved and misunderstandings were cleared in no time. They let out everything and when therapy was over for the day, it really was over. They left all issues in that room. If there were issues that needed to be continued to another day, it was continued in the next session. They left with as neutral a feeling as they could.

It was in a way destructive, because as the Head Nurse had warned them when she found out was that therapy should be taken at a slow pace. Therapy should not be rushed, which she was very firm about.

But, no matter… What was done was done and Allen had promised that he would continue to talk things out with Kanda and Lavi despite therapy being over. He himself had noticed a difference in how he viewed his life. He was getting into a more positive mindset and the spark of life had returned to him. The smiles and laughter were back and oh, how he wished that things would stay this way for a while.

Right now, Kanda was currently meditating on a chair in their room at the motel. Allen, himself had just finished speaking to Komui and Lavi back at the Headquarters about their successful morning in finding an Innocence in a nearby stream.

'Maybe this isn't so bad,' Allen thought to himself as he stared at his… Lover? Allen wasn't sure what to name their relationship and it was clearly undefined right now. They'd exchanged kisses and slept in the same bed but they never went beyond that. To Allen, it felt as if Kanda was trying to hold back and when things got heated up, the samurai would move back and bring things down a notch. Sweet, but weird considering this was Kanda.

'It's been almost three days we've been here and we haven't had a single argument! I wonder what else is in store for us…' Allen thought to himself. Then again, it was useless worrying about tomorrow. As Kanda would say, "Moyashi, stop worrying about tomorrow. Worry about it when it comes."

(The next day)

The air was soft and smelled of wild flowers. Clouds drifted in from the east and headed west towards the horizon. Trees rustled as the wind blew through the leaves whispering. A lake surface rippled slightly when blown by the wind with such gentleness that each ripple was small in size.

Both Exorcists were in a forest, ten miles away from their motel in search of yet another Innocence. The next town had been complaining that strange things happened in the forest in the middle of the night. Those that went to investigate the happenings never came back…

So Kanda and Allen had gone off early in the morning towards the forest, searching deeper and deeper into the heart of the forest. The sun was slowly going down, casting orange shadows on the trees surrounding them. Calls and chirps of birds and woodland animal saying goodbye and goodnight to each other as the partners walked on.

Suddenly, a rustle of nearby trees was heard and Allen whipped towards the direction of the sound. Kanda was right behind, covering his back. A shadow emerged from within.

"Well, well, well… Look who we have here. Our lovely resident samurai," Tyki crooned with a sickeningly sweet smile before the smile turned to a malevolent smirk, "And my beloved pet whore, Allen Walker."


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