Wow, it's been a really long fucking time. Almost two years I think…I'm sorry for abandoning y'all but I had to take some time for myself. I went to England, dropped out of school, finally got laid…by a girl XD, figured out I'm a lesbian, and now I'm about to jet off to Vietnam. So, yeah, a lot of shit. I discovered kpop (shawol, secret time, bbc right hurr) also and I dived head long into that fandom.

Anyway, I'm probably not going to continue this story, just because mostly I've fallen out of love for Twilight and that fandom and also because I can't fucking remember where I was going with it. But fear not, I'll give y'all one last, special chapter—now that I'm not a prude I feel like it'll work out—so yeah. Enjoy?

Once again, sorry for the wait. ~_~

Embry's thumbs pressed into my hips, pushing hard enough that jerk was sure to leave bruises in the morning, but for once I didn't care. Because when Embry is shirtless and on top of you it's really hard to care about anything other than those lips on your skin.

Have I mentioned how good Embry is with his mouth? Allow me to elaborate—take that feeling of eating an ice cream cone on a hot day, your feet dipped in a cooling pool and multiply it by 23084928—that's what kissing Embry is like.

He had already managed to unhook my bra and I felt one of his big hands slide up the side of my body before covering one of my breasts and I did the only thing a girl in that position could do. I arched up into his touch trying to get more of that smoldering feeling I felt deep in my stomach. I felt Embry smirk against my neck where he was making a mess of me and marking up my skin.

"You think that's funny, do you?" I growled shifting my wait so that my hips pressed into his and it was his turn to fight back a groan.

Embry's fingers pinched my nipple and I gasped at the sensation. "I do."

I would have said more but Embry was steadily kissing down my neck and across my collarbones, nipping here and there like a wolf before soothing the sting with his tongue. My hands gripped his biceps as he dipped his head lower, his shaggy hair trailing across my flesh and leaving goosebumps.

When his mouth closed over my nipple and sucked hard I did moan. I moaned like a fucking slut because damn, that spiking heat that filled my body felt so damn good. My fingers dug harder into Embry's arms.

I felt Embry's free hand—the one that wasn't currently taking turns massaging my breasts—slide lower off my hips and trail circles on the inside of my thighs.

I shouldn't have whimpered.

Because that only encouraged him. Embry hooked a finger under the edge of my panties and I felt a gentle finger gently tease along my slit.

"You're wet," he smiled and looked up at me.

Kill me now.

In retaliation I arched against him again, lifting my knee to press against his crotch where a highly impressive erection was already showing—it was slightly terrifying. He moaned against my stomach where his tongue was currently occupied and goosebumps erupted all over my skin.

I decided we'd gone quite far enough even if other parts of my body where aching for more.

"Um..we…we s-should—" I tried squirming away from him but he trapped me beneath him, using his much greater weight as leverage.

"We should continue," he said his voice low and husky. I wanted to object further but his supple hand found my clit and the lightning flash of heat the spread through me like a shock stopped whatever the hell I was going to say.

He gently rubbed at my clit with his thumb while I pretty much fell to pieces in his arms. And suddenly it was me who was in a hurry. A hurry because fuck did I need something more than just that hand.

I tore at his boxers, whimpering in frustration because I was shaking too much to get them down much further than his hip bones. Embry chuckled and slipped out of the offending piece of clothing, his eyes shining with pride as I eyed his length.


I think he might have seen the flicker of fear in my eyes because he was kissing me again, his tongue mapping the inside of my mouth. I felt a finger slip inside me and I cringed into him.

"Shhhhh," he said smiling against my mouth. "Shhhhh."

He eased his finger in and out slowly and the more he moved against me the more I needed…more. I wanted more. My hips rocked against his hand and I clawed at him.

"M-more," I managed.

His eyes were as black as an oil slip.

Embry shifted his weight so that he was positioned at my entrance and I was just a simpering mess beneath him begging him to fucking get inside me already.

"Sorry about this," he muttered and I was about to you yell at him for fucking what when he thrust inside me.

There was a sharp pain and I think I let out a little shriek of surprise but then it faded and I was filled instead with him inside me. He moved slowly in and out at first, letting me get used to the sensation. But it didn't take long before I wanted more again.

"Faster," I rasped, my legs clenching around his waist and my arms scratching lines down his broad back as I fought to get a better angle.

He grunted, his thrusts growing harder, less gentle.

God did it feel good. Why had I put off doing this for so long? I was an idiot.

When he reached down between us to rub my clit why he moved in and out of me, the delicious feeling intensified to the point where I was glad he was a werewolf because the scratches and bruises I was leaving on his back and the bite marks where I bit down on his shoulder would fade as soon as I made them.

I writhed, arching and twisting, moving against Embry until that pressure that was building felt like it couldn't get any stronger and I knew he was holding on. Waiting for me.

His teeth dug into his lip as he looked down into my eyes and there was something there. Something that he understood. He thrust into me one last time, my head snapping down on the pillow.

I've read stories, asked Nat, but I'd never experienced an orgasm before.

And maybe it was just that it was my first time, or maybe it was because Embry was exceptionally talented—either way I wasn't expecting the fireworks, the burst of heat, that completely freeing feeling that made me laugh and moan at the same time if that was even possible.

I knew Embry had come too, judging by the low "Pippa" he growled before I felt something warm and sticky snake between my legs.

When I came down from my flight—shaking and giggling like an idiot—Embry held me. He brushed the sweaty strands of hair out of my eye and ran a finger over my swollen and kiss-abused lips.

"We should have done that sooner," I whispered still trying to keep my breathing steady.

"Does this mean we can do this often?" He tried to make his voice sound full of bravado.

I turned and looked at him and instantly regretted it because he too was sweaty and godlike and fucking perfect from sex and with that post-orgasm smile on his face well…it was too much. I blushed bright red.

"I guess I was too good."

I smacked him on the shoulder, winced in pain when my hand connected with a statute and rolled myself out of bed, trying to look sexy when tripping and falling. I made it to the bathroom and turned around to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Aren't you going to help me clean off? You're the one who made this mess after all."

Oh, he helped alright. He cleaned me off very, very, very well

Anyway...I hope you liked it?
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