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The following day (Yutaka version)

Yutaka had slept over at Minami's house that night wanting to spend some time with her best friend, whom she secretly had a huge crush on. The evening went along uneventful with the exceptions, the homework they had to do, and a few things they watched on television.

Yutaka had found herself catching glances at Minami all the time and each time Minami caught her at it, she looked down and blushed heavily. Of course the green-head didn't know what all that staring and blushing was about. The reason behind it, happened a long time ago, a time when Yutaka had first seen Hiyori's manga, the one about the two of them, and the 'interesting' things they were doing. Yutaka was not blind to who the two characters were, and seeing it turned on a feeling of desire inside of her, a longing she did not know existed, she wanted to be loved by Minami, to be held tightly, to be there if Minami needed her help someday too. All those emotions were hard to hold back when she talked about making a manga plot with Hiyori and Minami the following day. Her heart skipped a beat when Minami said that she too wanted to read it, "what would she think of it?" Yutaka thought at that moment, and now when her loved one still had not seen it, it had been even harder to suppress her feelings.

Now in the morning she raised her upper body and looked down upon Minami's sleeping face, one she thought was so cute and peaceful. During the night Yutaka had gotten shivers and while she insisted that she was fine, Minami had carried her into her own bed and kept her warm the entire night. Yutaka normally cursed her weak body, but it was at times like these, when Minami would care for her, that made it all worthwhile.

"She is so cute when she sleeps, so free of worries, I could lean over and place a kiss on her right now...but I wouldn't want to disturb her."

It was at that moment when Minami would talk in her sleep, "Yutaka... you are an important... person in my life." Yutaka's heart stomped loudly in her chest loud enough to wake people with, but before Minami could open her eyes, the sickly girl thought to herself, "Sometimes I'm wondering if she knows and teases me about it, but that wouldn't be like Minami-chan at all." Minami opened her eyes and looked at her little companion, "Morning Yutaka." Compared to the early riser that Yutaka was, Minami was not that much of a morning person, so she did feel a little groggy, so she rubbed her eyes with her hands, earning a giggle from Yutaka.

"Good morning Minami-Chan." Their eyes interlocked and an unusual sweet atmosphere settled in the room. Minami saw Yutaka radiated by the morning sunlight making her look divine, her salmon locks moved so cutely with her head and her beautiful green eyes. They moved closer, something unseen was pulling them towards each other that was until Minami's mother called on them, they slipped away from their trance and blushed. They scrambled to get out of bed and hurried into a bath, together of course, they were busy so they did not have time to be embarrassed. They quickly got into their school uniforms and got down for breakfast. Minami's mother was there preparing the breakfast. They sat down and began eating, however now that they were no longer in a rush, the atmosphere seemed to return and a few, not so secret, glances were exchanged, Minami's mother did take note of that and giggled to herself.

When they left the house and got on the train, there was an awkward silence hovering in the air again. so instead of talking, they just listened to the other passengers' everyday ramblings.

They got to school, and said hi to their friends, Yutaka told Hiyori that later on in their break she wanted to talk with her, alone. Hiyori freaked out at the way she said it. The clock ticked slowly forward, much too slow for most students, but especially for Yutaka, for Hiyori the clock seemed to race away, but that was because it was a countdown to what she believed to be her doom.

the bell rung, Yutaka got up and signalled for the doujin artist to follow her.

They found a place with relative amount of privacy.

"Hiyori-chan, there are a few things I'd like to ask you, first of all... Why do you draw Minami-chan and I in such intimate positions?" She smiled, but it wasn't the usual smile.

"I, uh, um, I-I think you look cute together." Compelled to tell the truth, she confessed.

"I see... then to my next question, which isn't exactly a question but a condition. Next time you draw something... based on the two of us..., I-I want a copy of it." She had told herself to keep her composure, but she didn't, so she stuttered the last part.

Hiyori was stunned, in more ways than one, first of all, the innocent Yutaka knew about her secret. second of all, she was asking for that material, "Huh? ...I'm not sure I heard you right Yutaka-chan, did you just ask for a copy?"

"Y-yes I did, and I want a copy of EVERYTHING you make involving me. and um... H-how do I confess to Minami-chan?"

The last question was left hanging, and then Hiyori almost collapsed because of a nosebleed, and Yutaka went into a small panic. They attracted attention to themselves and the other students helped Hiyori to the nurse's office.

Once there, and after Hiyori had stopped her nosebleed, Yutaka asked her again, carefully this time.

"I-I don't know really, I mean, I have many ideas in my head, but most of them are from Gal-games, doujinshi or anime, and I'm not sure they would work so well."

The nurse, Fuyuki Amahara, heard them talking, she decided to come over to them, "I'm sorry Kobayakawa-san, but I overheard your plans to confess to Iwasaki-san. I have a tip for you. Be yourself, be honest about it, and speak from the heart. At least... that's what Hikaru does, when she tells me, we should get married... all the time... sigh. Oh another thing, think about where you are, and who you are with, when you confess your feelings. a romantic setting like a ferris wheel, is going to be awkward if the other person tells you no. N-Not that I think Minami-chan is going to say no, in fact I think you have a very good chance of getting a yes. I was talking about confessing in general."

After that there were mixed reactions from the two. Yutaka was shining like a christmas tree, whereas Hiyori was having another nosebleed, "Amahara-sensei and Sakuraba-sensei as a couple?! New material!" She was lost in her world of fantasy, Amahara tried to stop the new bleeding.

"Do you really think I have a good chance, Amahara-sensei?" She really shining, in fact everything else seemed to fade in her presence.

"Yeah I'm sure you have a chance, whenever you aren't in here, she often talks about you, with a distant look on her face. I often tease her about it. She also looks at you with a fond smile on her face when she looks at you sleeping in here... I probably shouldn't have told you that, I'm breaking my promise to her.

"I won't tell her, you told me. And thank you for telling me this." She left the nurse and the patient alone, but turned around at the last minute, "Actually Hiyori-chan it was after reading your doujinshi of Minami-chan and I, that I began to think about love seriously... so in a way, you are responsible for making this happen. Thank you." and with those words she went out the door. Hiyori had clamped her nose together to avoid spilling any more blood.

"So, Tamura-san, let's do something about your severe nosebleed." Her smiled turned overly sweet, as if it was hiding something, "You know, you really ought to seek medical help with that nose of ours, have you considered to have it burnt?" Hiyori gulped, not because of the words she heard, but because of that smile, that clearly told her, "She can tell what I'm planning on doing with her and Sakuraba-sensei. I'm done for..."

Yutaka left the medical office in a daze, she was high on cloud nine. She was giggling to herself and was not walking but jumping back towards her class. She made an excuse to the teacher for getting back to class late, and told her that it was because of her friend Hiyori collapsing, and getting her safely to the medical room. and she was excused. Patricia and Minami had a worried look on their faces, when they heard that Hiyori had collapsed. They sent her a quick note, that read "Is she okay?" Yukata wrote back, "Yes she is, she just had a massive 'nosebleed' is all." She trusted Patricia to get the picture. When Patricia read the note, she had to stifle a laugh.

The class was enlightening, for once, but it still wasn't as fun as the following break. Patricia started to ask, "So, Yu-chan, what happened to give Hiyorin a nosebleed? Give us the details."

Minami, Kou and Izumi came over to listen as well, they were all concerned about their friend "Well, there was something I had to ask Hiyori-chan about, something personal, and what I asked her, gave her a massive nosebleed. then some students helped me carry her to the medical office, once there I asked her, what to do about what I asked. she couldn't give me a good answer, not that she didn't have any answer, but... she didn't feel they could be used. Amahara-sensei overheard us and told me a solution, as well as taking care of Hiyori-chan." During all this explaining she kept on glancing at Minami, small glances that only a trained observer would see, one such observer was Patricia, and she grinned as much as she could.

"It's good that she is safe..." Minami spoke up, stoic as always.

"Yes it is, I really wouldn't want something to happen to her." Izumi agreed.

Kou decided to put in a little humour, "She hasn't time to be unwell, not with her deadlines coming up."

A snickering Patricia was doing her best to not burst out with laughter, "T-To tell you the truth, I know the reason for her nosebleed. Don't worry Yutaka, your secret is safe with me." She hurried to say when the salmon haired girl looked mortified, "A-Anyway, let's visit her, we got the time to spare.

They all left for the medical office, but Yutaka reigned in close to Patricia and whispered in her ear, "Do you really know?"

She nodded and whispered back, "I support the two of you, to the fullest." nothing more needed to be said, as both understood precisely what it meant.

"...Thank you." She looked grateful.

"No problem." Patricia then winked at her, "Now shall we go in and say hi?" She had returned to speaking the rest of the girls could hear her.

They walked in and saw Hiyori out of the bed, it seemed she had gotten well enough to rejoin classes. They fussed over and laughed at her, because of how stupid it was. A thing Patricia noted was how Izumi and Hiyori interacted, there was something undeniably there, something that seemed to be more than friendship, at least from Izumi's side, though Izumi didn't know it yet. It bothered her, she hadn't felt this way towards Izumi before, but then again, neither had she seen the two of them interact this way. a deep-seated heat in the bottom of her stomach, she didn't like this feeling at all. For the rest of the school day, Patricia was not feeling at a hundred percent. the last bell chimed, and Yutaka was in really high spirits, she seemed to shine, Patricia on the other hand looked worn out, the manga artist noticed that, thinking it odd.

"Are you feeling alright, Patty?"

"I just have a lot on my mind, I'm going to figure out an answer to it, tonight, and then tomorrow, I want to ask you something."

"I guess you have your reasons for not asking me today," Hiyori looked dejected, and a little worried about her friend.

"It's simply because I have to gather my thoughts, and find out exactly what I want to ask." That was how Patricia was, sincere whenever she said anything.

giving her friend a smile Hiyori replied, "I see, I will wait for tomorrow then."

They split ways and waved goodbye, Minami and Yutaka stood together and waved to their two friends as well, a few minutes after that, they too said their goodbyes, even if Yutaka really wanted to stay, she had stuff to do at home, and she had to ask Konata about love.

She got home before her cousin surprisingly, She sat down on the couch and thought about MInami, she took Amahara-sensei's advice to heart and began to imagine several occasions where she could confess her love. after a little while, her cousin came in, she hastily said, "Welcome home Onee-chan." She got up off the couch to greet her cousin.

When she saw them together, at first, she inwardly cursed, as it would get harder to ask for help, but then something clicked in her mind when she saw their linked hands, it was as if she saw past their veil of friendship, "I wonder if the two of them are a couple? ...if they are, I hope they won't mind me asking advice."

"Umm… a-are you two dating by any chance?" She looked away fearing the awkward silence.

"Can I tell her?" It was unlike Konata to ask permission but she did nonetheless. When Kagami nodded she went ahead and said it, "Yeah we are going out." That sentence seemed to relax Yutaka, "Why do you ask?" Konata wanted to know.

Yutaka began fidgeting a little, "Well, because I wanted to know if it was okay for girls to be together." She blushed a little at that.

Of course Konata picked up on that in an instant, her smile widening as usual when she picked up on a secret, "Who is the lucky one on your mind?"

Yutaka gasped and blushed heavily, "W-Who said there was someone?" She stuttered and tried to remove the suspense, failing miserable at it.

Konata went over and patted her cousin on the head because she could and also to say it was okay, "You did, just now, I know because you got all defensive." The smallest of them, whimpered and made Kagami's heart soft.

"Konata, we should get going to your room to study instead of teasing Yutaka." While that was only a suggestion Kagami had already forcibly dragged Konata with her.

A grin emanated from Konata's lips with the parting words, "Say hi to Minami for me." That single sentence shocked Yutaka into a panic, "Oh no, she knows about my love for her!" She thought.

Yutaka tried to do her homework after that, at first it went relatively okay.. but failed as soon as her thoughts began crazing around Minami. She shook her head, "I think I should get Onee-chan to help me with homework... after all, Kagami-san said they were going to study." She nodded to herself, collected her stuff and went up the stairs to Konata's room, but when she got close she heard weird noises, noises that she normally only heard in the games that Konata played. The scary thing about these noises was that she knew who made them and they sounded a lot louder than the game ones. Her heat beating in her throat and a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach, "I mustn't do this but...I want to know what two girls can do..." She gulped, sneaked closer and opened the door slowly and without a sound. The sight that met her would soon change her world...

She was crossing a line, she knew she was, but she couldn't stop herself from looking, and she felt a heat in the pit of her stomach, she knew what it meant, but before she could cross that final line, the phone rang. She jumped up, shouting when she had put some distance between herself and them, to avoid revealing herself to be so close, "I'll get it!" she reached the phone in time,

"Hello, Izumi residence, Yutaka speaking."

"Hello Yutaka, it's Minami."

"Minami-chan! Why are you calling, not that I mind at all." Shining like a bright summer sun, Yutaka was truly overjoyed.

"You forgot something of yours at my place, should I take it with me to school tomorrow?"

"Ye- Actually would you mind if I came to pick it up now?" An idea had formed inside the little salmon-haired girl's mind, a plan to be alone with Minami, she just hoped she would get a yes.

"Why of course, but since it's quite some distance from your house to mine, and back, why don't you come sleep over again? I'm sure my parents won't mind it, they really like you. I will come help you carry your baggage, if that is okay?"

"I'll pack a few things while I wait for you then. See you in a little while." She hung up the phone, this was going better than she imagined, now she would have a second sleepover at Minami's house, and that would leave plenty of time to do something about her lack of courage to confess.

Packing her bags in a hurry, she noticed that the other two had stopped what they were doing, after the reminder, that they were not alone. Walking past the room, she uttered a few words for them, "Minami-chan wants us to have another sleepover, so you will have the house to yourselves until uncle gets home." and with that she made a beeline for the front door, but not before hearing this, "Ufufufu, that means, you have no need to muffle your beautiful voice, Kagamin~" She blushed.

At the same time that this happened patricia was not really in the mood for dinner, or anything when she came home, she simply undressed, switched to pyjamas and went to bed, there she was laying, shaking a little, contemplating what she should do, she was fighting her insecurities and the more she searched her feelings, the more certain she was, that these feelings towards her friend was more than just friendly. She even cursed herself for re-evaluating her feelings at all, at first that is, "Hiyorin... I love you... Even if you can't accept my feelings, I want us to be friends always... I'm sure Izumi feels the same way... speaking of Izumi, I wonder if she is aware of her own feelings." …Patricia Martin was really miserable that evening, she now knew what kind of questions she would ask, and also what kind of answer she hoped, she would get. a single tear rolled down her cheek, "Heh... I can only hope for the best." And like that, Patricia fell asleep.

They rode the train back to Minami's home, no one said anything. Yutaka tried to gather up courage to make a daring move, at least she saw it as a daring move. When she finally gathered enough, she leaned into Minami's arm, trying desperately to fight a blush, as did Minami.

They left the train without further interaction and just continued onwards to Minami's house. There they were greeted by Minami's mother before going to Minami's room to study.

"Here, you forgot this textbook last time you were here." Minami gave the textbook to Yutaka with those words, upon entering the room.

"Thank you." Silently Yutaka was praising the textbook for being forgotten. They began working on the homework and aside from sharing solutions to problems, nothing was said... many things were thought on the other hand, "Come on Yutaka, you can do it, you can pull yourself together and confess." Her mind swirled and took up a lot of her concentration, so much that she did horrible on her homework, much to Minami's bafflement, as Yutaka was usually so good at it.

"I wonder if there is something on her mind.." Minami wondered, but before she could make any inquiries her mother called that there was dinner, so they both went downstairs.

It was the most odd conversation that Yutaka had ever had with the Iwasaki family, Honoka kept asking questions regarding Yutaka's love life, much to her embarrassment, and mentioned how the two of them would look good together, which was so blatant that Yutaka almost found it painful to breathe. Honoka's plan of course was to get the two of them geared up to finally confess. Everyone could see it, for some it was almost painful to watch, so her plan was simple, get it on their mind to the point where they could no longer ignore it afterwards.

After dinner, the two of them went back to Minami's room, though Minami's mother continued her teasing when they left, dropping small hints that made both of them blush, like, "Have fun~"

Upon reaching the haven of her room, Minami could contain herself any longer and wanted to apologize, "I must apologize, I don't know what came over my mother, you know she is usually not like that." Minami came silently, as if she feared that Yutaka took her mother seriously, if her secret came out at this point...

"... Actually, there is something I want to tell you Minami-chan, for some time now, I-I I have, I have been, IN LOVE WITH YOU!" If she hadn't shouted the last part, she would have chickened out and not been able to say it.

Speechless Minami placed a hand on her lips, "A-Are you serious?"

"More serious than I have ever been!" Came the reply.

Tears began to stream down Minami's cheeks as she began to cry, Yutaka was alarmed and very worried, that is, until a smile followed, along with these words, "I'm so happy, that you return my feelings. I have been so anxious about this, for so long..." Minami leaned forward, placed her hand at the cape of Yutaka's neck, moved her head upwards, bent her own knees and kissed Yutaka deeply and passionately. It wasn't long until Minami buckled to her knees, and then was forced backwards, as Yutaka grew increasingly more passionate and aggressive in her ministrations, where did she get that energy from? Normally she was so frail.

When they finally parted, Yutaka heaved for air before asking her next question, "H-How long? How long have you been in love with me?"

"Since I first saw you...on the day of the entrance test." Minami was really blushing now, she looked so defenceless.

"You adorable girl!" Thinking that, Yutaka dived in for a kiss again, this one wasn't as needy, but sweet and chaste, "I have always found you pretty and wonderful Minami-chan, but it wasn't until a few months back that I realized what this feeling really was, after that, this, burning desire has been a part of me, whenever we were alone together.." Having admitted something so embarrassing really made her red, "So... when did you begin to feel a more... physical side of love?"

"...I haven't really thought of a physical side of things, everytime I tried, I would always stop, out of respect for you, the wildest I have ever imagined, or really craved was to hold your hand or kiss you."

"You really didn't?! In that case, you have something to look forward to..." MInami quickly noted that living in the Izumi household, changed your perceptions on various things a little, even to someone as innocent as Yutaka, as Minami was about to find out...

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