A/N: Okay, so my friends bought in this old video of the movie hook and I'm like 'OMG! RUFIO IS ZUKO!!' And me and my friends like shouted at the TV when he died. Something like this:


Claire: BISH!


G: We need to fix this!

S: Yes!


S: SAVE THAT BOY!! *whispers* who is hot even when he's little…

G & C: o.0

And so I did. A random fic where Rufio DOESN'T DIE!! And some other random stuff (my friends insisted I use my amazing OC powers to add an OC in there. O.0)

The fight was on.

Swords clashed as Rufio, our beloved hero (below Peter Pan of course) fought bravely with our evil nemesis Captain Hook. Rufio's sword was sent spinning to the ground. He slid, grabbing it. I silently cheered for him, watching from the mast above. He turned and the swords clashed again. Until..

Rufio moved to block a blow to the head, and Hook stabbed him through the stomach. He heart must have dropped, falling down into the wooden deck just as Rufio had. Peter - not the Peter of old times, the grown-up Peter – caught him. He whispered, so only I and the Pan could hear;

"You know what my wish was? It was to have a dad… like you…" And he dropped to the deck. Peter, a brave man, continued the fight with Hook. As they moved away I dropped from the mast, tears stinging me eyes as I reached over, pulled him up and onto my back, slowly sneaking out of Pirate Town and into the Forest.

I remember the first time I saw Rufio. He was still learning the ways of Neverland, but even in the beginning the Lost Boys appreciated him, treated him as a leader. He was walking through the forest, collecting fruits he could find off low hanging branches. At the sight of his hair – black with three red highlights - I automatically felt my own hair, a dark brown with long purple stripes running through it. His dark eyes searched, and I had to grip tightly to the tree branch as so not to jump down and talk to him. We had the same ethnic balance, that much was sure. The slightly slanted eyes and lightly tanned skin was enough to know he was a lot like me. I felt a pull towards him, like I would jump in the way of a flying dagger to save him. HE was my charge. The one I had to protect. To keep alive, and happy, as all Guardians like myself must do.

And I failed him.

I dropped him lightly among the blankets of my cove, stepping lightly as I reached for the bucket and moved to the freshwater spring, filled the bucket with water and walked back. I dampened a cloth and lay it on his forehead as I lightly ripped open his shirt and began sowing shut the cut. This we were taught, us Guardians. I would laugh at your naivety, if it weren't for the fact that not many people know they have Guardians. All the lost boys have one. Peter has one. Even the Darlings have ones. We protect you from danger, from seeping darkness or scary nightmares. We make the light at the end of the tunnel, turn the bad luck around and heal you when you are weak. But never this obviously. I could be left in the Darkness, the seeping black that the Guardians were killed in for helping Rufio. But it hurt – it REALLY hurt – and I felt his pain. So I worked quickly, disinfecting, sowing up the wound and weaving some Guardian magic of mine. We each had a single bottle of water from the Holy Tear Garden – a single drop could heal a mortal wound. And so I, carefully, dropped the smallest drop onto the wound, and it quickly healed. As I waited for him to wake – surely he would have a fever I needed to care for – I thought.

'This could be the only I time I ever get this close. By next week I will again be hiding in the shadows. Look, but never touch.' I thought, before carefully leaning down, moving away the damp cloth and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. As I leaned back up, replacing the cloth, his eyes fluttered. He slowly looked up, his eyes lightly glazed, a confused look aimed at me.

"Wha- what happened? Who are you?" He asked as he tried to get up. I put light pressure on his chest and pushed him down.

"Hook stabbed you. You were mere inches from death, Rufio." I said quietly, almost reverently. He frowned.

"And who are you? That would be a nice answer."

"My name is Angel. I am your Guardian. I'm here to protect you, Rufio." I sighed. His eyes immediately softened. This was against the rules. Then he smirked, finally lying down.

"I can't believe it. This whole time I've had my own Guardian Angel watching over me." I chuckled, wiping the cloth over his forehead and putting back in the bucket of water.

"And here I shall stay, dear Rufio. Just remember, 'when you're lost or insecure, to look above shall be the cure'." And with that he slept.

I jumped from tree to tree, silently following my charge as he ran from the Lost Boys in another war game. He ran into an empty clearing, surrounded by the Boys. He looked shocked, scared that he may have finally lost the game. Until the log traps I had set up swung down, scooping up three boys at a time and throwing them across the field. While the boys groaned, rubbing their wounds or slowly getting up Rufio looked above, to me, and I smiled down at him, from my branch, waving lightly. He smirked, and we both went back to our duties. He as the leader of the wild and rowdy lost boys, and I, as his Guardian Angel.

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