Good girls have some naughty toys.

DM/HG NC-17… what the hell. Better just say R for voyeurism, and consensual sex.

Guess everything I've written is AU since DH. But not in my mind. :)

Summary: Draco tries to blackmail a good witch with some naughty toys. You think he'd learn by now, she didn't earn that title of smartest witch in her class for no reason.

I guess it's just a better reason for me to write a good smutty voyeurism fic. Enjoy.

'This trip to Knockturn Alley is just what I need' Draco thought to himself. His cousin Charles was working there, in a store that had only been open for a year. Draco had been anxious to stop and see the wares. He had been waiting for a shoppe of this type for some time. He had almost decided to venture into muggle London to see if he could find what he wanted, but he had gotten the owl from Charles and knew that he would be able to provide exactly what Draco was looking for. Getting Dumbledore to give him the pass off the grounds had taken some persuasion but he knew that it would be worth it.

Draco pulled the cape down from his face as he walked into the store. There were a fair number of customers inside, and Draco waited patiently for his cousin's attention. He browsed the store, looking at the different products on display.

Butt plugs? Rubber ball gags? There were some sick fucks out there. He found the dildos and vibrators, and to the right of them he found what he was looking for.

Pocket pussy. Guaranteed to feel like the real thing, or your galleons back. Realistic vibrations.

"You know, that's one of our best sellers." A voice said to him.

Draco turned to find his cousin standing behind him. A quick glance also told Draco that they were now the only two people in the store.

"But how realistic is it? How can plastic feel like the real thing?" Draco asked his cousin.

"Well, as close to the real thing as you're going to get. But why are you shopping for this anyway? I thought you and Pansy were still sleeping together?" Charles asked.

Draco grimaced. "Sex with Pansy has become too predictable. Besides, she spreads for half of Slytherin, and I really don't want to catch anything. She also thinks that just because I fuck her that means that we can be a couple. I just rather stick with something that understands what the words 'no commitment' means." Draco said, motioning to the box.

"Well, let me ring it up for you then." His cousin said, taking the box and walking towards the register. Draco followed him, looking at some of the more unusual things that were kept behind the counter.

"Holy shit. What is that for?" Draco asked, pointing to one of the more unusual models. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. There was a phallic shaped object in the middle, but connected to the bottom of it was a long tail that looked like little balls.

Charles smiled as he took the package from behind the counter to show to Draco.

"It's called the Scorpion. Nasty little bugger, or so I've heard. Has three separate speeds in three separate zones. See, this part here is for the clit, this is for her pussy, and these beads go into the arse. Each zone is controlled separately by this remote control here."

"That's quite a toy. Women don't actually buy it, do they?" Draco asked, almost shocked as he looked it over.

"Are you kidding? It's actually one of our best sellers. You know, now that I think about it, we sent one to our mystery shopper at Hogwarts." Charles told his cousin.

"Mystery shopper at Hogwarts? What are you talking about?" His curiosity was getting the better of him.

"Don't say I said anything, but someone at that school of yours spends quite a few galleons here each month."

Draco had to laugh. "Professor McGonagall? No wait. Hannah Abbott. It's got to be her."

Charles shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know who it is. They only order through the mail and they pay up front. But they ordered the Scorpion just last week, and about 2 dozen enchanted batteries."

"Charles I'm begging. Please, you have to tell me who it is." Draco pleaded.

"I'm telling you, I don't know. The forms are never signed with a name, just a set of initials."

The gleam in Draco's eye was almost maniacal as he pleaded for the initials. After much begging which was so very out of character for him, he finally got the initials that he wanted.


Draco made his way back to school, anxious to try his new toy, but also anxious to find out whom H.G. was. His immediate thought was the goody goody Granger, but she wouldn't do stuff like that, would she? He closed his eyes and tried to imagine the Head Girl with the Scorpion in between her legs, bringing herself to orgasm. There were several other girls in the school with the same initials. It had to be one of the others. There were also a few guys with those initials, who shouldn't be ruled out. They might have female friends who got off on that sort of thing.

He had to wait several days for an opportunity to get his hands on the master student list. He knew there had to be more than one copy in existence, but he doubted if Professor Dumbledore would just hand it over if he asked for it. So Draco found the easiest opportunity available to him.

He waited until Peeves created a good distraction, and then snuck into Filch's office. Draco wasn't exactly sure what the Poltergeist did, but he knew that Filch left his office running. Draco quickly snuck into the office, found the file, and muttered a copying spell onto the blank parchment he had been carrying with him. He was back in his own dorm and his bed before he bothered looking at the list. After carefully scanning it more than once, he found 6 names. Two were males, and the other four were females. One of whom was the goody-goody Gryffindor. He would save her for last. He highly doubted that the stuffy bitch ever got herself off.

Two weeks later and Draco Malfoy was still curious as to who it was. On top of that, he was also frustrated. The first name he had selected was Hamilton Grant, a third year Slytherin. He was obviously gay. The other male on the list, Heaton Grayson was a fifth year Hufflepuff who was single and for good reason. The guy was more pathetic than Longbottom, and even more homely.

He moved onto the females, wondering why he had chosen the guys first. Deciding to start alphabetically, he started to study Harmony Gillford, a second year Gryffindor. He studied her for almost three days, seeing nothing that made him think it could be her, but he wasn't sure exactly what he should be looking for.

Next on the list was Harriet Grace-Black, a fourth year Ravenclaw. Draco was quite excited with the prospect that it could be her. She was very attractive with long legs and blonde hair. She also had an enormous rack. But Draco's hopes were squashed when he realized that she was a prude. He happened upon Harriet in the library with a very amorous fellow student, and was disappointed when she constantly slapped the boy's hands as he tried to cop a feel.

Going down the list, he skipped Granger and decided that it had to be the next one. There was no one else left. Except for maybe house elves. He shuddered at the thought.

Hannah Green was the last person on the list. A mildly attractive fourth year Ravenclaw, he quickly crossed her off the list when he found that she was more poor than the Weasleys, if that was possible. She was the oldest of nine children, and her mother had died only a few months before. He doubted that someone with such limited financial means would waste money on sexual toys.

And then one morning at breakfast, Draco got the break he was looking for. When the morning post came in, he was surprised to find a letter for himself. He opened it, finding that it was from his cousin. He told him that the 'mystery shopper' had placed another order for more batteries, and that they would be shipped the next morning. He described the colors of his own personal owl, hoping that it would help Draco in his quest.

The next morning Draco almost choked on his bacon.

The owl that Charles had described came in with the morning post, carrying a box. The owl made its way to Hermione Granger, dropped the package and flew off. Hermione casually picked up the package and shoved it into her book bag. Either her fellow classmates hadn't noticed, or didn't care. Hermione picked up the Daily Prophet that she had been reading and continued on with her breakfast.

And across the Great Hall, Draco developed a plan to humiliate the mudblood.

During dinner that night, he was still trying to figure out how to get into the room. A cloaking charm could work, but would make taking pictures difficult. He planned to take his camera with him so that he could capture several pictures of her, so that he could continue to embarass her for weeks to come. He would save the cloaking charm and use it as a last resort. His second option would be to transfigure himself. Ever since Professor Moody had transfigured him in the fourth year, he had experimented in changing himself into different animals. He found that changing himself into a ferret was actually quiet simple. Carrying the camera in would prove difficult though. He knew that he could just transform the camera into something simple and carry it in with him, but then he would have to change form when he got into her room, and he didn't want to be seen.

His plan was to take as many pictures of her as he could, and then to send them to her, one at a time. He thought about maybe extorting her. But he doubted that she would have anything that he wanted. Maybe he would make her do homework. Or fail a test. Maybe he would tell her to have Potter throw the next Quidditch match. He hadn't thought that far ahead. It was just the thought of knowing that he held something over her head that made the entire thing exciting.

All of a sudden, the answer came to him; an invisibility cloak. He would be able to take pictures through it, and if he needed to use a flash, she wouldn't be able to see it. Best of all, if he needed to he would able to get very close to her.

Two nights later found Draco Malfoy hiding under his invisibility cloak. He was waiting outside of the library for Granger. His plan was to follow her to her quarters and to listen for the password. If he could, he would follow her inside.

He would wait until she got out her newest toy, and then take as many incriminating photos as possible. He just hoped that she would do it tonight. He would much rather be doing his homework than taking pictures of the mudblood, no matter how much amusement he would get out of it.

Right on schedule, Hermione walked out of the Library, right before Madame Prince. She pulled out her wand and quickly began the trek to her quarters. Draco tried to walk as closely as he could behind her, worried that he might lose her. It was several minutes later when she stopped in front of a large painting of Boris the Snake Charmer and uttered the word 'tempest'. She quickly walked in and Draco followed. She placed her book bag on a chair just inside the door and then continued on to her bedroom. He hesitated before following her. He would give her a few minutes before going into her room.

He listened for a telltale sign, and he heard none. He thought he had probably waited for long enough, and followed the same path that she had only minutes before.

Reaching the door to her bedroom, he was surprised to find it already open. It was only a few inches, but it would be enough for him to squeeze in.

She was no where to be found. He heard the faint sound of splashing, and guessed that she was in the adjoining bathroom. He slowly crept towards the door, shocked to find it open too. Either Granger was confident that she wouldn't be disturbed, or she didn't care if she was. He grinned at this knowledge, adding it to memory, in case he needed extra ammunition to embarrass her.

He was mildly shocked when his eyes found her. She was in a large bathtub filled with bubbles. The smell was of jasmine, with a hint of sandalwood but it was almost floral at the same time. There were at least a hundred candles surrounding her, and the smell was intoxicating. Her head was reclined against a soft pillow, and her eyes were closed.

After pausing for only a minute, Draco crouched down opposite the bathtub. He held the camera at the ready, wanting to get a few shots of her when she stood up. He hoped that it wouldn't be much longer.

Almost as if she could hear his thoughts, Hermione's head came up from the pillow. She reached for her nearby wand, and muttered a charm at her lower section. Draco didn't recognize the spell at first, then it came to him; a hair removal charm.

She stood up slowly, and reached for the nearby towel. Draco's finger hovered over the button of the camera, waiting for her to turn around. She turned, drying her body. Draco's ability to hold the camera faltered as he saw her naked form. He was half expecting the mudblood to have a hideously malformed shape. He was shocked to see that she had a beautiful body. Her breasts were exactly the right size, for him at least. Her hips had that small curve in the middle, giving her that hourglass figure. Her behind was round and firm. Her skin had no blemishes or flaws, not even a mole. Her freshly shaven mound was enough to make him swallow hard.

Draco felt a familiar stirring in his pants, and quickly ignored it. He would take a few quick pictures, follow her into the bedroom and take a few more, and then he would go and try out his new toy.

She finished drying her body, and then approached the small counter attached to the basin. There were several bottles and jars on it, and she took one, applying a creamy substance to her body. She began to rub it in using small circles and then long strokes. Draco had to fight a groan, as his dick once again reminded him of the sight before him. Her body bent and curved to get the cream to cover every inch of bare flesh. He had to fight the urge to reach out and touch her ass as it moved in front of him. Pulling his hand away was difficult, but he finally managed, and snapped a few more shots, forcing himself not to moan the entire time.

She hung the towel up on a hook, and walked towards her bedroom, waving her wand behind her. The candles quickly extinguished, and Draco found himself in darkness.

He slowly walked towards the open door, readjusting his bulge as he went. He found the Gryffindor surrounded by candles again, lying on her bed. Her head was back, and her eyes were closed. Her neatly manicured fingers were tracing lazy circles across her body, teasing one nipple, then the other. She moaned out loud, and her hips gently rose off the bed.

Daring fate, Draco slowly crept forward. His erection was becoming painful against its current confinement, and Draco considered wanking while he watched her. He knew he wouldn't last long, but he was afraid that somehow she might figure out that he was there.

Her hands made their way towards her hairless apex, and Draco swallowed hard against the lump that was forming in his throat. He had never seen a girl who didn't have hair between her legs. Her mound was beautifully clean and looked incredibly soft. Most of the girls that he had been with thought that shaving their pubic region was too difficult and painful.

Draco bit down on his own hand when he saw her spread her own folds and slowly insert a finger into herself. Her eyes were still closed, and her head was still thrown back, making the entire thing incredibly erotic. Draco shook his head, trying to bring himself to his senses. He put the camera in front of him and took several pictures.

Hermione stopped, sitting upright. Draco almost thought that she had somehow heard him, or sensed his presence. She reached over to her night side table, and took out a plastic object that he had seen once before. The Scorpion.

He watched as she pulled out a bottle of lube, and coated one finger. She slowly inserted the digit into her bum, letting out a deep, throaty moan. Draco had never seen a girl actually do this, and was shocked to see it for his first time from a prude like Granger.

She made several strokes, apparently trying to stretch herself out. She removed the finger and pulled out the lube again, applying a liberal amount to the beads attached at the base. She bent over onto all fours, and reached behind herself, inserting the beads one at a time. She cried out as each one entered.

Draco's hard on was hurting him so badly, that he had no choice. He silently undid the fly of his pants and removed his rigid prick. He gave it several strokes before stopping to take more pictures.

When all of the beads had made their way in, she carefully flipped over onto her back. Hermione picked up the remote control, and moved several switches. Draco became aware of a faint buzzing sound and realized that it must have been the Scorpion. Hermione inserted the other part into her soaking pussy, and let out a loud groan. Draco stroked himself quickly, amazed to see the Gryffindor fucking herself in this fashion. He was also shocked when only a few short minutes later, an orgasm rocked through her body. She cried out, her body arching upwards. She fell backwards, collapsing on the pillow and removed the toy from herself.

Her body was covered in sweat, and her breathing was ragged. Draco was surprised that she had been able to get herself off so quickly. He wondered if he could get her off that fast, but then shook his head. This was for blackmail purposes.

He snapped several more shots as she tried to gather herself.

Sure that she would now fall asleep, he waited patiently. It was only a few short moments later when her eyes flickered, then closed. He watched her chest as her breathing became slow and even. Her lips pursed into an o, and he knew that she was finally asleep. He slowly tiptoed out of the room, desperately needing a wank.

The Room of Requirement had exactly what he was looking for, go figure. He was able to head straight for the room's location, and able to enter after only a few paces. He had developed his own pictures many times before, and was more than familiar with the procedure. It took him only a few minutes to get everything ready, and then he was able to pull the film from the camera. The images went through the different washing chemicals and then he hung them up to dry. It was only moments later when the magic properties of the film took over and the character began to move.

Every picture was of Granger, in all her naked glory. For being a mudblood, Draco had to admit she really did have a great body. He half expected the mudblood to have some weird growth or a nasty rash or green skin or something. He felt a familiar stirring and quickly returned to his task of hanging up the other pictures.

Draco grew mildly disappointed when he noticed that some of the pictures were out of focus. In a few of the pictures, Hermione's body was cut off, almost as if someone hadn't been paying attention to what they were aiming at. Almost.

'Great.' He thought. As good as the pictures were, some of the best shots were the ones where the camera had obviously been faulty. 'Stupid camera'. Draco would have to force himself to go back and take more pictures.

But first, he would have to send an owl to the Manor and demand that those stupid house elves send him a better camera, since this one was obviously not working properly.

The new camera arrived the next morning, along with a note begging for forgiveness for such a stupid blunder. Draco smiled as he slipped the package into his bag. Once again he found himself looking forward to his evening.

He saw Hermione a few times during the day. He couldn't help but follow the sway of hips. He stared at her chest, licking his lips as he thought of the treasure that was held beneath that confining blouse. He noticed the gaze of some of the other boys, and had to fight a smile. Maybe instead of blackmailing her, he would sell the pictures to his fellow student body. He could make a bundle.

He waited until after curfew, and grabbed his invisibility cloak. He knew that she had patrol that night, and hoped that maybe he would be able to beat her back to her room. When he arrived at her quarters, he let himself in. He was shocked to hear moaning, and realized that she must have gotten done with her patrols early. As quickly and as quietly as he was able, he crept into her bedroom.

The position that he found her in made his prick instantly spring to life.

She was on all fours, her shapely ass sticking straight into the air. Her face was against the sheets, attempting to stifle the moans. She was rubbing herself furiously, her hips slamming up and down against an invisible partner.

Draco quickly approached the bed, taking several shots of the Gryffindor in all her glory. He was so close with the camera that he could see the moisture on her folds, and it took everything he had not to reach out and feel it. Thinking that she sounded close to her orgasm, he took a step backwards, not wanting to be struck if she happened to convulse.

One cry was almost on top of the next, and the tone had taken a higher octave each time. In a swift and sudden movement, her head shot back as her body rocked through the throws of her self induced passion. Draco quickly snapped pictures of her in this most vulnerable moment.

His heart stopped beating for a moment when in the middle of her bliss, she cried out a name.


The pictures were much better this time, but Draco was having problems getting her cries out of his mind. Maybe he had been imagining it. Or fantasizing. At least the camera worked this time.

Developing all of the photos without getting himself off had proven to be a challenge, but he had managed. When he got to the ones where she reaching her climax, he could actually read his name on her lips, making his erection pull painfully.

He put the camera down in a safe place, unable to resist temptation any longer. He looked at the moving pictures in front of him, and pulled out his now aching cock and gave it a hard stroke. He let out a hiss, not realizing the extent of his need. The stupid mudblood had gotten him all worked up, and he she had given him a terrible case of blue balls.

His orgasm was incredibly quick, taking only a few short strokes. It was definitely one of the most intense orgasms he had had in a long time and he inwardly cursed Granger again.

'Stupid bitch. I'll show her.' Draco said to himself as he cleaned himself and the floor, trying to rationalize what the witch had done to him.

After waking the next morning, Draco grabbed a piece of parchment and his best quill and started to think of the best way to word what he was sure would be the first of many letters.

'Who knew? Want to see some of the others?'

He enclosed a copy of one of the pictures from the previous night. One of the pictures where she had the scorpion deep inside her bum. Breakfast would be fun for once.

Draco watched Hermione as she ate her breakfast. He couldn't help the grin that crossed his face as the morning owls came in the open window. Hermione took the scroll from the owl and opened the letter. She discreetly looked around the Great Hall, as if she was trying to figure out who had written it. When she looked at the enclosed picture, her cheeks blushed. Then, she glanced in Draco's direction and gave a wink.

'She knows it's from me.' He thought to himself. Racking his brain, he tried to figure out his next move.

Draco almost choked on his oatmeal the next morning when an owl landed in front of him. Granted, owls came for him quite often from his mother, and sometimes from his father, but never a school owl. His mind raced through the people in this school that would want to send him an owl, and his first thought was a housemate. There were several girls that were always trying to stay in his good graces, so they could get into his pants and weasel their way to the legendary Malfoy fortune. No one reacted when he looked their way.

Then it came to him. He looked across the room and saw Granger trying not to look at him. It almost has to be from her. Well, there was only one way to find out. He quickly broke the seal and unrolled the parchment.

'Tonight's performance should be legendary. Don't miss it.'

He rolled up the parchment and quickly burned it. Granger wanted to play back, hmmm? This was going to be fun.

His thoughts had been occupied with what he was going to blackmail her for. Homework might be good. There was a huge ancient runes project coming up. But what would stop her from making sure that he failed? Maybe he would blackmail her for sex. That could be interesting. It almost sounded like she was flirting with him, if her last note was any indication. Whatever he decided, he knew it was going to be a lot of fun.

After patrols, he made his way to her room. He almost smiled when the portrait of Boris the Snake Charmer winked at him. He walked towards her bedroom and found her standing in front of her vanity, naked. She was rubbing a lotion onto her skin in a very seductive manner, and Draco had to fight the urge to grab her and throw her onto the bed. He threw on his best cocky smirk, and gave her an appreciative glance instead.

Already sensing him, she smiled before she spoke. Her voice carried an incredibly seductive tone when she asked "What, no invisiblity cloak tonight Malfoy? I'm rather dissapointed."

"How did you know it was me under the cloak? It could have been anyone." Draco said, wondering how she could have possibly known.

She stood and walked towards him. Reaching for his tie, she started to undo the knot. "Please. You're the only person in this school that wears that scent. You're probably one of the few who could afford it. It wasn't that hard to figure out." Her fingernails made quick work of the buttons that held his shirt together, and she opened it, running her fingers over his pecs. "Not bad Malfoy." She took the shirt off the rest of the way, and tossed it into a nearby chair. "So did you bring the rest of the pictures?"

Draco nodded, gesturing to a bag he had brought with him. Wandlessly, she summoned the pictures, and began to leaf through them. She smiled at a few of them, and her eyes grew wide at others. "Nice. Very nice." She started to unbuckle his belt and he grabbed her hands.

"Uh, what are you doing Granger?"

"Well, you were going to blackmail me for the rest of the photos, weren't you?" He nodded. She smiled. "I just thought we could make it interesting." He took matters into his own hands, undoing his belt the rest of the way and unzipping his pants. Quickly dropping them around his ankles and stepping out of them, he tossed them onto the same chair that his shirt was on. His shoes and socks followed and he walked towards her, reaching out for her hips.

"Uh uh Malfoy. We're going to make a little game out of this." She told him, gently pushing his hands away.

Malfoy raised his eyebrow, wondering if this was all just for show. Was she a tease?

"You see, you came into my rooms, without my permission, and without my knowledge to a point. I could run to McGonagall, but I won't." She let her statement sink in for few seconds before continuing. "But only if we do this my way."

"I'm not doing any kinky stuff Granger. You can go get Weasley for that."

Hermione rolled her eyes and chose to ignore his comment. She laid down on her bed and slowly stretched out, spreading her legs ever so slightly. She ran a hand down her chest, tracing one finger lazily over her already hardening nipple.

"I noticed that a lot of those pictures were pretty close up. You seem to be fascinated with my pussy. Would that be a correct assumption?"

Draco nodded, his attentions now being focused on the finger that was now tracing its way down her stomach, towards her core. Hermione smiled.

"Well, why don't we see how far that goes? Why don't you come over here and have a taste of what you wanted so badly, hmm?" She told him.

Draco didn't need to be told twice. He made his way over to her bed. He crouched down, kneeling before her. He placed one hand on each thigh and deeply inhaled. Her scent was intoxicating. His tongue snaked out for a taste, and Draco smirked when Hermione's hips bucked off the bed.

Before she could change her mind, Draco's toungue began to lavish her hairless mound. He snaked one hand up her body, and began to massage her breasts, trying to give each one the attention it deserved. His dick twitched every time that she mewled and when she cried out his name, he could feel his own orgasm inching that much closer. He began to trace the letters of the alphabet with the tip of his toungue as he inserted two fingers into her hole. She grabbed his head and pulled his face in deeper when he reached the letter H and she screamed when he reached O and Q. For a brief moment, he wondered if she had cast a silencing charm, and was then surprised to taste the tang of her cum on his taste buds. Her body was still convulsing as he sucked on her nub, trying to drive her orgasm on for that much longer. She pushed him away, panting for breath. Draco watched her, fascinated. He had never seen a girl react like that before, ever. A part of him briefly wondered if his other conquests had been exaggerating their pleasure. Hermione propped herself up on her elbows, and looked down and the blonde boy who was still on the floor where she had pushed him.

"I will say Draco, you were a lot better than I thought you would be." She grinned, and Draco felt slightly embarrased.

"Let me show you just how much better I can be." Draco told her, pulling himself upright and walking closer as he stroked himself.

"Freeze." She told him. "Not yet." He stopped, and looked at her, not really sure what she game she was playing at.

"Why don't you come over here and lay down on the bed?" She stood up, and patted the spot where she had just been sitting. He sat down and reached a hand out for her.

"Nope." She pushed him down against the bed and slowly stradled his form. Draco fought to surpress a grin. Hermione Granger definetly had no inhibitions about sex, and he found it a nice change from the norm. His hands once again reached for her hips, and she swatted them away. She reached behind his head and pulled the pillows out from underneath his head. Her breasts were suddenly in his face and he couldn't fight the urge to take them into his mouth. He wrapped his arm around her back to hold her in place, while he tried to suck the hardened nipples into his mouth. Hemione let out a deep moan and Draco thrust his hips upward in response, the head of his shaft almost making contact with her ass.

In one swift and sudden movement, Hermione shifted backward and impaled herself on his length. They both cried out at the contact. Neither one could move with the sensations that were wracking both of their bodies. Slowly and very deliberately, Hermione started to shift up and down on his length, resting her hands on his chest. She began to quicken the pace, and then she would slow it down again. Draco's hands moved to her hips, and helped her move her body. He started to counter-thrust on the opposite stroke, noticing that Hermione's moans were getting louder and louder. He reached one hand around to her ass and he began to search for her puckered hole. Finding it rather quickly, he pushed his finger against the entrance. Now it was Draco's turn to cry out, as Hermione's cunt began to spasm. It was clenching so tightly that he didn't want to move at all, but Hermione had other ideas. She continued her tortourous ride up and down his length, bringing his own orgasm that much closer.

He finally joined her, tumbling over the edge of bliss and turning into a puddle on the other side. She was an absolutely amazing bed partner, one that was definetly worthy of his time. He would make sure that there would be a repeat performance. This was too good to waste.

Draco closed his eyes, waiting for the sensations to die down before he attempted another go. He felt Hermione unsheath herself. He was surprised though, when her pussy was shoved against his face and both knees were suddenly wrapped around his head. She began to mash her sex into his face, and Draco had no choice but to toungue at the flesh before him.

He had never actually tasted himself before, and when his other conquests had attempted to do it to him, he would quickly push them away, or kick them out of his bed. Draco was surprised at the taste of his own fluids. It was not what he was expecting, although he wasn't quite sure if it was because his fluids were also mixed with that of the witch on top of his face.

He lapped at the juices, knowing that she was sensitive from her two previous orgasms. If her moans were any indication, she was definetly very close to another orgasm. He shoved his toungue as deep as it would go inside of her, and alternated between licking and sucking on her nub. His teeth barely grazed the swollen flesh and she once again reached her climax, bucking roughly against his face. Draco almost wondered if her thrashing would break his neck. 'If it does, man, what a way to go'.

Hermione collapsed next to him, her head facing the opposite direction, her chest heaving. Draco grinned inwardly that he had actually made her shut up for once. He reached his closest hand over to her leg, and began to stroke his fingers up and down the length.

The witch rolled the other way, and off the bed into a standing position. Walking towards an armoire, she pulled out a pair of slippers and a short fluffy robe that barely covered her ass. She turned and looked at him, smiling in a way that almost made Draco nervous. Almost.

"Well, it's been fun Draco, but I've got some homework I want to get done, and I need to bathe and get this stink off me so I can concentrate." She told him, the same smile on her face.

Draco was confused. She was dismissing him?

His confusion had apparently shown on his face, "What, you can't show yourself out? I think you know the way." She told him. He propped himself up on both elbows. Now he really was confused. Normally, a witch wanted cuddling and snuggling and whispered promises that he had no intensions of keeping. And now here was Hermione Granger, kicking him out of her bed. No one had ever had the audacity, and it really caught him offguard.

He opened his mouth to question her, when she cut him off. "I'll contact you about the rest of the pictures later." She started to walk out the door, then stopped. "Thanks, it was fun." She turned again, and walked towards her bathroom, shutting the door.

Draco got up slowly, still trying to understand what had just happened. They had some mind blowing sex, and then she kicked him out. No begging, pleading or whining involved. He went to the chair that held his clothes and started to put them on, still trying to rationalize it all. He took one last look around the room, and then turned, walking out of her quarters.

On the other side of the bathroom door, Hermione held her breath and waited for the sound of Draco's shuffling feet. She heard him dress and leave the room, and then she heard the potrait open and close. She waited a few more minutes, wanting to make sure he was gone. When she was confident that he had indeed returned to his own quarters, she opened up the door and then double checked that he was definetly gone. Satisfied, she locked the door and then made her way over to one of her many bookcases and pulled out the tiny digital recorder. She hit the button that that stopped the taping. The magical device had cost her a small fortune but she had a feeling that it would be worth every penny.

She also had to remember to send a copy of the tape to Charlie, along with a big thank you note and a generous tip for letting her know about the newest muggle-wizarding device.

'They really don't call me the smartest witch in our year for no reason, Draco Malfoy. There could be many more tapes where this one came from.' She smiled, and decided that a hot bath was definitely in order. Along with a fantasy about what she'd make him do for the next set of photos.


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